Shy girl needs help interpreting tarot flop please!!

  • There is a guy I have the hots for (for months now) he works in the same building as me, and were both shy, but only with each other. We got to the point that we were nervous even speaking to each other (he has a hard time maintaining eye, blushing..ect) and it makes me feel awkward too...but the crush or strong feelings I have for him wont go away....

    I tried to do a reading on myself but I had 5 card flop out of the deck all at once and assumed they were meant for me. They were 10 of wands, tower reversed, 4 of wands, 9 of cups and 2 of cups. Im thinking that it means he feels the same, that I will get my wish, but I have to let my budens (nervousness or fear) go. I need some help interpreting these cards with the tower reversed please???

  • im new here and i cant help you with the cards but im super shy and ive been hanging out with a shy girl as of late. yes it was VERY AWKWARD at first. if hes that shy around you........HE LIKES YOU. trust me thats the way i am also. talk to him a little bit and maybe ask him for his phone number and ask if he wants to hang out sometime. then if u cant really say what u want to say by talking. start texting its easier. thats the way me and this girl have talked about ALOT OF STUFF and it makes you not so nervous when you are around each other and more open to talk in person. take the risk of making the 1st move i think he will come around and well i hope i helped a little bit.

  • I think if you both stay shy it will be difficult. What exactly is the cause of your shyness? Are you shy because you like him? or are you shy because of some things that happened in the past? I am shy too but not to everybody. I used to be shy to just anybody when I was younger. But when I met my husband and I realized there are other girls who liked him, I knew I had to fight. I have been hurt before and I knew I didn't want to lose this one man. So I just went up there and asked him to marry me. It took a lot of me because I was shy and unsure if he would say anything in my favor. But he said yes and for 9 years we have been married I can't imagine marrying anyone else and be this happy. I'm only average person, not the brightest in class, not the richest person, not the prettiest anywhere, never earn big salary or winning anything significant. so don't worry if you are like me, you like him, that's all that matters.

    But think of what you may have lost if you stayed shy. Ask him on a date. Ask him now, don't wait. If you are too shy to say it. Write it down, e-mail, or a piece of paper. make sure he gets it though, don't do it through your friend. It's you and him now. You know he will say yes, so don't wait. one of you has to start, why don't you be the one?

  • I think these cards mean that if you manage your challenge then he will become your boyfriend.

    Your challenge is of course to go against your fear of making mistake or getting rejected. Go against your shyness and you will be all right. Start by just saying hi to him.

    If this is so difficult, what about doing this: Go to him and say; Hi, I have a crush on you. I would appreciate it if you would allow me to be your friend. That would make me feel very happy. Thank you for making me feel so good inside of me. You are a really wonderful person.

    At least he has gotten his compliments then. He probably will say hi to you next time he sees you then. Haha, after getting over the shock over the wonderful compliments!

    No, I am just talking my mind now and dont really have any other advice than just to say hello to him. If the two of cups is the last card you got, then I guess this is the potensial in this situation. That means that it is a high possibility that this guy is your boyfriend in some near future.

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