3 card spread on relationship (Lity's suggestion)

  • Hi All..and Lity, if you're here!

    I had an earlier post where my outcome was 2 of cups and I rejoiced that this is a sign of reconciliation. Lity suggested it would be clearer if had more than 1 card per position...so I chose a major arcana card at random for my outcome...unfortunately, it was the Tower. I took this to mean either 1) we're totally over or 2) it'll be a difficult road toward reconciliation or 3) the cards simply reflect what has already been the outcome of my relationship path--a break up.

    So I wanted to clarify if reconciliation of a relationship is possible at this already broken-up stage. I separated the minor from the major, chose 3 cards from the minor and then chose 3 from the major as a pair.


    1. The relationship as it is now: 7 of Wands + The Hermit

    2. The obstacle between us: King of Swords+ The Moon

    3. Chances of reconciliation: Knight of Pentacles+ Lovers

    I have NO idea what this might mean. Please help!

  • hi-

    I was just wondering why are you making this weird reading-

    you are not supposed to pick and choose your cards- you should have them together.

    In this case you will not get an accurate reading. Also, what happened with the former reading?

    If you got one reading you need to wait before you do another one. If you want to clarify you do not do another reading about the same thing.

  • HighP09

    My previous reading is posted as "2 of cups outcome" in the forum...have a look if you'd like to input please! I'd appreciate it. But basically, question to the cards for that reading was What is the path of our relationship. My outcome was the 2 of cups, which I took to mean reconciliation.

    This reading I might have done wrong. Maybe I misunderstood Lity's suggestion. I basically parted minor from major, and chose two cards from the different stack to go into one position as a pair.

  • 7 of wands I always see it as the battle..fighting for what you want, the hemit is taking time to mull things over. The obstacles. I always see king of swords to represent a stern man maybe an aggresive one, and the moon represents confusion. Reconcilliation..the knight of pentacles I see it standing as a need for patience, or lack of it. But it could also mean a refusal for giving up. The lovers could stand for the love you two share, or the fork in the road.

    I think your both struggling with this and taking time to think things thru. That there is alot of confusion and a power struggle concerning who is right or who has the power. It could be one sided?? I think that You need to be patient, and not give up. I think in the end if you both are patient and willing you can get your love back on track

  • "I basically parted minor from major, and chose two cards from the different stack to go into one position as a pair."

    And it's very well done!

    First, it is not a "weird reading", it's a very common reading.

    You don't need to put together minor and major. In spreads with 2 cards for each position (one major first and one minor next) you must have major separated from minor.

    Some people use just the 22 major cards in spreads, some people use all of them together (one per position), and some people use one major and one minor per each position.

    For a lot of people this kind of spread is the easiest to read, because the major shows the essence of the situation, and the minor shows in which exactly situation the power of the major is showing.

    By the way, it's not recommended make more than 1 spread for a same question, you must wait 1 month to do the next. (but the time can depends of the kind of spread used and the progression of the situation asked).

  • 1. The relationship as it is now: The Hermit + 7 of Wands

    It shows a distance between you both, you're isolating, but it's positive because you're going to face your own challenges, own battles, wanting to really win all of them.

    You're going to reflect a lot, and will be more mature when acting again.

    2. The obstacle between us: The Moon + King of Swords

    The moon hide things, create illusions, projections.

    I think the obstacle is you waiting some attitudes from him, with a kind of desperation, but he's a very balanced man, rational, defensive, sometimes even cold when facing these things. It will let you very confused.

    3. Chances of reconciliation: Lovers + Knight of Pentacles

    This reconciliation is a decision parting from him. Still have yet true love between you, and this knight will have to choose between two paths to follow.

    Be prepared, because the knight of pentacles is a very slow man, but he's very dedicated, centered, generous.

    For the whole spread, I'd say this separation will be good for you now, because it'll make you grow, and these cards about him shows he knows to wait, be balanced, controlled, and at the same time he worries about you, even if he doesn't shows it the way you like it to be.

    What may bother him is exactly that, you projecting your own things on him, with your instable feelings and attitudes, exaggerated, generated by your lack of security. He deals with it in a very rational way, not emotional, so he realy dislike it.

    I think you can be together again. Take advantage of this time of separation to grow, as the Hermit says, and give him the time he needs, don't charge it. He likes you, feels love for you.

  • Thank you Lity...how "slow" is slow? do the cards ever suggest a time period? it seems like there is some form of coming together...but i really don't know when. i'm not sure how to use the cards to interpret that...if that's even possible.

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