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    My son and I have moved into a new home recently i.e. about 2 months ago. Our main door is located in the N/E which according to his Kua No.9 is unlucky for him. As there is no way in which we can change the main door location, I would be happy if someone could suggest some cure. Since the past one month i.e. from around 5th of this month, he has been falling ill frequently and his work has suffered. This has caused some issues at his work place. Besides. due to his health, his performance at his work place has dropped and this is a cause of concern. I placed a 6 metal rod wind chime in the north area, to remove the ill effects of the yellow stars, but this seems to have brought more bad luck instead of alleviating the situation. The wind chime is suspended from a piece of wood. Could this be the cause for problems? Today, I told my son to remove the wind chime and watch what happens.

    The home we purchased was a brand new one. However, the builder placed a family in our flat temporarily. Could it be due to their energy that we are facing health and other problems. How do I clear the home space. Can I use incense sticks to purify the home ? Will washing the floor with grain salt water help?


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    I agree with sealaskalady - a consultation would probably be well worth the money. In the meantime you could use a smudging stick to cleanse the home. They are usually sage plus another herb, you light the end they give off smoke, they also drop cinders so be careful to have a bowl under as you move around the house. if you Google smudge stick you will come across plenty of info on house to use them.

    I also moved into a new build and had difficulties with my son's health and behaviour since the move. The electrician who had worked on the house said that it had been so fraught with stress that his marriage had broken down, another of the team had had a nervous breakdown! So i guess even new build comes with a history.

    Good luck with sorting this out - I'm sure if you if you investigate you will get to the bottom of what is causing his ill health.


  • Ask about land clearing as well because the building that was there before the new building wasn't cleared or had maybe a building with history of ill health. It's the conciousness of that area. Before I got my condo cleared, I learned that the person before me had money problems and that is exactly what I experienced for years living here before I discovered Feng Shui. Also, look at a Bagua map and see what is in the health sector of your home.

    Go to:

    She has a good map and it's easy to figure out

    When shopping for a consultant keep in mind that each has their own interputation and training of Feng Shui so ask about what school they are coming from.

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