Captain may I please have a reading?

  • Hi Captain,

    I have read a couple of your threads and was hoping that you would be able to do a reading for me?

    I was born on the 23rd June 1983 in New South Wales Australia at 12:24pm

    I am at a confused state in my life and would greatly appreciate your guidance.

    Thank you in advance,


  • Emma, you were born with a high level of personal sensitivity and there is everything to indicate you will find great spiritual enlightenment and a genuine enjoyment of life's rich experiences. Likely to be both enchanting, warm-hearted and inspirational, your greatest pitfall however will be an excess of idealism, most especially romantic idealism. There is a danger you might become involved in harmful escapist activities like addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, or relationship dependencies if you are not careful to control your attraction to magical or ecstatic experiences. Though you yearn to connect with a soulmate, lover, marriage or even business partner, you can also consider yourself a bit too good for anyone. Climbing down from your self-erected pedestal from time to time will be useful as will the willingness to join in with others in shared activities and projects. And while applying your natural objectivity to yourself and developing a greater willingness to admit to some normal human failings may be hard for you, as a whole you are likely to find considerable success in this life. You will need to break yourself of the habit of over-indulging in fantasy however and find the courage to look ordinary life squarely in the eye and take it for what it is.

    Your destiny is to find yourself in the small things in life, to find the lessons in ordinary experiences. You can become so preoccupied with your goals and mythic ways of living that you often don't know your real self. A simple basic lifestyle will teach you everything you need to know. So keeping romanticism to a minimum, controlling a certain snobbishness, and 'getting your hands dirty' as you join ordinary mortals in the business of real life should be your goals. I know this will be difficult for you since you were born with a big personality and large ideas, feelings, and ambitions. You like to do things on a grand scale. When you get upset, it's an event of volcanic proportions. When depressed, you exist in the blackest of states. If you want something, nothing stops you from getting it. Trouble is no amount of material possessions will make you especially happy. What will be missing from your life is yourself! The truth is you are clueless as to who you are and what makes you tick. You can be so focused on the more titanic aspects of life that you forget to pay attention to the details, and one of the details is yourself.

    On this lifepath, you must redefine your essential self. This means embracing as many different experiences as life offers you. For it is in getting to know yourself through these experiences that you will come to better understand your own most basic nature. Exploring, testing, probing, trying, and failing will all provide invaluable opportunities for growth. And it is not necessary to travel to faraway places or spend years at university in order to find yourself. Rather it is in the most ordinary of circumstances and events that you will find the most illumination. Release any identification with your image and become open to a variety of experiences, no matter how small. Focus on the people around you, too. Listen to what they share about their lives. Find adventure and romance in the simplest of moments and you will be a happy person.

  • Hey Captain

    Your work is impressive. I feel like princessemj, except Im a bit older!Not too much though. I was just wandering if you could help me out a tad, cos theres someone whos now moved away and I wish they will come see again, I thought we were close,- enough - anyway, its not that hard to travel a little to keep in touch, but I just cant work out if they want that too, or if i am enough for love, through their eyes. What you reckon captain for a saddge.

  • Captain, Hello. I am fairly new to this site and would love a reading from you. I was born at 1:13am on July 5th, 1968. I would appreciate it soo much! Thank you!!

  • Captain, Im wandering if you need my date of birth, its Nov 28, around 6pm, 1975. Itd be wicked to hear from you...regarding my above post with a question. Ei Ei Captain!

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  • Captain,

    Am I ever going to find love & happniess again and when..I met a man 2 weeks ago and we both feel in love with each other an became a couple...but then I read some thing on one of his sites that he was in a relationship with another girl 3,000 miles away and he met her 5 days b4 me..I confronted it to him and we got into a big fight about it and he dumped me the next day...Why wud a guy tell you that hes inlove with you and ur his world and then when he gets caught he dumps u and not her...I dont understand...and now I saw another girls name on his yahoo profile...His bday is May2 1972 & mine june 30 1963 and yes hes way younger then me but hes mature for his age.. well i though he was...So can u tell me if we are ment to b is he going to forgive me and come back to me or should i just let go and move on.. Thanks Roni

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  • Hi Captain,

    You couldnt have been more spot on, thank you so much!

    Sometimes I just need a gentle reminder to get back to the basics and not let it all get to me.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and I wish you all the wonderful blessings life has to offer!

    Thank you again,


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