I'm confused

  • hard to get the words together but I just joined and picked a Tarot reading I don't understand the answer. I am looking, I guess, for specific help and everythng seemed so generalized. How do I interpret what the cards say?

  • Hello,

    Cards show us symbols for the energies we are emitting out..... If there si much Fear & anxiety in your life- a Card will fall with something close to the Fear energy you are putting out- but also the card couldbe your future - allowing you to see what is coming ahead-

    I would recommend a gifted Tarot card readwr to interpret the card meanings....

    We put trust in other things-- books - tarots- psychics-- All Good - don;t get me wrong--

    but answers to many of our questions - lies within us- We should know who we are- we should know what kind of energy we are putting out there-

    when confusion steps in- it'swhen we lose ourselves in thought & in good light energy--

    it's like our light bulb went on OFF Switch.... LOL

    it's pretty simple- life is how you are creating it- we have choices YES We do

    I can be positive or i can stay in the neg. either one - energy will cause a reaction to how we live for that moment

    QUOTE EVER HAVE A BAD DAY- get to understand what these words means..... know how you desire your day to be like

    traffic - co workers- boss- and just people you meet--

    we can accpet all the bad & neg- and bcome just like them sour & bad ass attitude ..

    or we can become the Better Person-... We can create & we can paint a much happier rainbow beautiful sunlit day.. full of peace love & light....

    CARDS are just one method to recieve mesages- sometimes it might not be the answers we are wanting to recieve----

    it's up to the indivual, andhow they are manfesting their own light source-

    i trust first my own vibrations- & howi feel for that moment - i can switch on & off my energy from Good to Rotten---- if i wanted -- it all depends on how much BAD i want ---


    well anyways .. life is how you want it & how you live it...

    i hope you found my message helpful....

    be well be safe

    live love laugh always..


  • Very nicely put MilleFeori.

  • Nanaof10 . . . .I don't know a great deal about Tarot, I always enjoy getting a reading myself. Most of the time it is the generalities that intrest me, because they leave room for me to find my own way, my own ideas of what they mean to me when I compare them to my life as I remember it, and what they might mean in the most positive way for the way I want my life direction to continue in. If you are looking for the step by step guide book to a happy life I wish you luck, and ask that you share with us all what you find. As for me I will keep hoping for the best in general and try to keep my intention to do well by myself and all other people and creatures of this world untill such time that I depart. Ask yourself what would you like your life to be? and then head that way. Peace and Godspeed. Afalara

  • Hello Alfalara...

    cute name... what does it mean, ??

    I believe for the most that more & more people are spiritually re-awakening.... That we are attracting the synchronistics SAME LIGHT - with people who share the same...

    example- me looking at myself- But i'm looking in the eyes of another... But Yet i Still See Me....

    i can SEE with my Touch.... this gift is new - I'm almost afriad of what i will See-

    So Far this energy is manifesting when i tap lightly touch hubby body....

    instantly an image appears....sometimes it comes in so fast-- i can not even figure out what i saw....

    I know i am opening up my 3 rd eye- BC nothing else can be explained --

    tho i keep my gifts private to (ME ) alone... no one in my family knows about what i can SEE Taste & Smell --& the energy of Empath is also very strong.....

    Does anyone here.. share some of what i am experiencing... & what are your methods of control ... i meditate- but doing so i sense i may be allowing the energies to grow even stronger.....

    Need HELP TY


  • My bad with the name I was very tired when I created it, It should have been spelt Alafara, thats a westernized version of the chinese dragon that converted to bhuddism. It also contains the first 4 letters of my name in their correct order.

    As to what is happening with you I can only say wow!

    My theory is that as we round the galactic corner and head for that opening that will expose us to all the energy from the center of our galaxy, we are beginning to realize who and what we truely are. I haven't got it all worked out in my own mind, but the connections between us and our ability to see and understand each other gets stronger everyday and so do our pyshic abilities.

    If we can all get on the same page as this happens, then I believe a miracle will happen for this whole world and we will all be in a much better place.

    It's coming fast so hold on.

  • I know this .. and i am torn between two realms of

    Earth Time here & Space time out there....

    emotions are tugging at me ...Serious emotions, that i quickly shut out..

    scares me.. & i feel lost & trapped- the escape is only one way out...

    & i have been wanting to Escape....

    & i don't know what to do with this energy--

    the Fears are deep for the human race population


  • Aaah AlaFara..... pretty pretty.... is it possible to create a new Tarot account...???

    shame that your choice name is not the one showing... .:(

  • Hi again, MilleFeori,

    yeah, real shame I was so clumsy with my name, I've asked the support people for help, but so far. . . . . nothing.

    I know what you mean about fear for the human race, but I don't think you need to be.

    I read a strange book years ago, a little blue book, that talked about all of this thats happening. the strange thing about that book is I don't remember where I got it, I think I bought it somewhere but I don't remember buying it, it was just there on my coffee table one day, and second strangeness is I don't know what happened to it, when I finished reading it, it disappeared, when I asked my wife about it, she said she hadn't seen such a book. kinda spooked me. that was about ten years ago. It was full of what I considered non-sense, lots of stuff about martians and the lost civilization of atlantis and how we are climbing the ladder of spiritual enlightenment, by living countless lives and each life has a lesson to be learnt, and how we the people of this world where approaching a time when a great event in the history of the universe is approaching. A time of mass enlightenment by millions of people who would asccend inmasse to the next level of spiritual awareness, something that had never happened before in this universe or on any level of being. Something that had attracted the interest of advanced civilizations from all over the universe, and they had gathered around our world to observe this monumental event. Thousands of sheilded space craft and interdementional craft and people who could simple bring themselfs by simply willing to be here.

    I thought this good fiction and didn't put much stock in it, just another nut rambling on nosense, but he swore every word was true. Then I read the last chapter. according to the author, the possiblity of an intire population of a planet , asccending at the same time was such a phenomenal event that the spectators from around the universe gathered here. And to make sure that we would get the chance to ascend in mass they where preventing anything bad from happening to this world until the completion of this mass accension. He went on to name a few supposed events that had alread been prevented, a nuclear war that was supposed to have resulted from the cuban missle crisis, a comet that was suppose to hit the earth was made to dissapear, and the one that got my attention, the one that made me question my sanity, a huge solar flare from the sun that would spew out from the sun and burn the earth to a crisp, this was averted by the onlookers by sheilding the entire planet with a huge force field.

    Why did that get my attention you may ask, well this event was suppose to have occured in the summer of 1971, and in 1971 I was 19, and because my great grandmother was clairvoiant and my grandmother was clairvoiant and my mother was clairvoiant, I got some too, and for nearly 3 weeks of that summer, I saw a great solar flare erupting from the sun and burning us all to ash, I was teriffied by this reoccuring vision, I saw it everyday and then suddenly one night I felt it, I burned right down to my bones and the pain was agonizing, it was as if every fiber of my being was screaming, and in this agony I cried out to god and asked for help and when I had finished my meager utterance, "dear god help me" I felt as if my whole being shifted to one side and the fire passed through me without touching me. After that the visions stopped.

    When I read in this strange little book the solar flare, I was stunned, I knew it had happened, I had foreseen it, I had felt it, I and the whole world had been spared, and suddenly I realized that perhaps the rest of the book was true. Since that time, I learnt that there was a comet outside the solar system that was inbound and would cross very near earth orbit, it was being tracked and kept track of on a daily basis till one day it just wasn't there any more, blup. . . gone. And a special I watched on tv about the Cuban Missle Crisis said that at one point a wing of sac bombers had received the wrong orders, and instead of flying to the artic circle and turning back had continued on into soviet air space and by some miracle remained undectected by the soviets until they could be called back. They where just a few minutes from being to far away to reach.

    So I started thinking that perhaps something wonderfully amazing was approching. All the signs since then have pointed to something coming, something big, more and more people I know are starting to wake up, they are beginning to feel it coming and some are starting to have precognitive events, others are beginning to wonder about things that had never occurred to them before, strange things, strange thoughts, strange new abilities, new emotions, new insights, all these changes happening and add to that the termoil of pending finacial collapse, on going war, threats of more wars, terrorism, pandemics, global warming, polution of the oceans and countless other threats have spread fear like a heavy woolen blanket across the world, and people are beginning to feel trapped and smothered by fear, fear so thick and heavy it's almost like a hammer blow, and everyone is afraid of what may happen next and I would be too except, I have already been in the fire and I was saved. Recently I read something that has brought me new understanding, joy and hope. In the new testiment it is reported that Jesus had said to his disciples and to others these words, "Fear not for I am with thee" no less than thirty times.

    Fear is the weapon of the advisary of truth and light.

    My grandmother used to tell me that she envied me, because I would live long enough to see Jesus return to us, she told me that when I was eight years old. She also said that I would be sixty when this would happen. I'm 57 now, I'll turn sixty on febuary 21, 2012. She told of many other things that would come before then, as I watched each of my grandmothers prophecies take place I checked them off my list, at this writing only two remain.

    Fear Not, MilleFeori. . . . something amazing is coming. . . .

    I have been trying to reach out to people. through my thoughts and subconscious, I believe that we are all connected. I have recently been shown this in a remarkable vision which I saw and experienced at the same time. The subconscious mind of man appeared in my vision as a great lake of golden light set in a deep cavern far below ground. In this lake of golden fire I preceived many many others, and as I entered, a great sense of peace and awareness enveloped me as I slid below the surface. I felt myself join with the spirit and minds of millions of souls, as on the surface of this beautiful lake a ripple circled out in all directions and was felt by all, a gentle tug on the collective consciousness. The experience was holy, and when it ended I was saddened to weaping. I have come to realize that joy is often accompanied by sorrow. To experience joy and sorrow simutaniously, with each increasing exponentally to the other, harmoniously and balanced perfectly against the other is like being in the presence of god. Since this has happened I know that I need to keep sending out ripples of hope, of peace, of love.

    I deny fear, it is the enemy of truth and enlightenment, it is it self the cause of all we fear, fear breeds fear. It can be faced, it can be beaten, and it can be allowed to fade back into the nothingness of the dark from which it comes.

    Hold onto your hope, your faith, your joy, your love, let them flow out of you into all things, nourhish this world and all in it with these things. Lift up all those around you and you will be uplifted. Give comfort to those fearful and you will be comforted.

    A line from one of my favorite songs.

    We are stardust, We are golden

  • Oops, got a little carried away with the post.

  • Dear Alafara, No No No---- you spoke as your angels guided you- your words your thoughts your feelings emotions--- ring truth- Via our Ascended Masters our teachers - our guidance--

    all is good when we know that we are protected----

    Thank You for this wonderful touching truth- Alafara, you put much time to write me-

    this is beautiful of you & loving of you to be so giving of yourself towards me (L)

    i believe all that you wrote- I believe our Celestial family is hard at work to keep our Earth Alive Safe --- I knowabout the Solar Flares - the Suns raditation that is depleting our Earths prtective shield ----

    though the dimensions energies have made themselves known to me

    • I know it- i feel it-- & I can't calm down --

    no matter how or what i do- even sleep dream visions are getting weird--

    By the Way-- Alafara All this time i thought you were Female.... ( blush ) you have a soft touch a lovely heart for a man.... Hmmm i hope that you are not offended by that....


  • Hello alafara. I agree totaly with you and mille,What a beautifully written explanation of what life has in store for us all. You are very gifted indeed. Leonida

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