Number 11

  • Does anyone keep seeing the number 11 everywhere....11,111,1111,811 10 11 etc I seem to keep comiong across 11,s on digital clocks etc.....What does it mean????????

  • Number 11 is the Master Messenger. 11 tells us to BE AWARE--step up to the plate and be ready--because the BIG SHIFT is already upon us. If you are noticing 11's--I say that's the Universe telling to "pay attention---it's coming!!!!"

    Time for all who have gifts and are living/working in, with, and for the LIGHT to come together and work together to create the CHANGE we need everywhere on our poor beleagured planet today!

    I have an 11 Soul # in my primary chart. One of the hardest things for me to learn in my life--as a Cancerian woman who was the only girl in my family and raised to nurture and help--was that the reality of #11 is the MESSAGE!

    It is my job to give the Message--to let the horse know WHERE the water is, point the horse to water--but to know I cannot make the horse drink. THAT's up to the horse.

    What a relief when I figured THAT one out!

    But we are in a time where all of us who live in LOVE and LIGHT must focus together! Yesterday--I listened to an unprecedented virtual conference: the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers--a group of women elders who have gotten together with a message and prayer for the World--were LIVE online, talking, praying, and giving the message of healing and inviting all to join with them/us!

    So if you're seeing 11's everywhere--remember as a Master number--11 is the Spiritual Messenger. I believe this Message is not of the mundane (everyday personal) "pay attention" message to you. It is a message to you Spiritual Self--to step up, be ready, and pass the message along with all your Body-Mind-Spirit to help HEAL our planet!

    Tomorrow--all day and especially in the afternoon--won't you join us all--from wherever you are in the World--we who will be praying and meditating and focusing on Healing the Waters of Our Planet have a powerful time of energiy in which we CAN CREATE POWERFUL CHANGE!

    Love and Light to you:)

  • Hmmmm, i have been seeing 11:11 and 1:11 on my digatal clock a lot here lately also and the strange thing is to that i have found my self becoming at a point in my spritual life where i finally " get it" my thoights i find are on god almost constantly thanking him for all of the little things that i know come from him, also the captain told me this year is going to be an 11 year for me.

  • hhmmm, I have seen that number too. comes up on my digital clock, microwave, dryer, it seems to come up a lot, and yes it does mean change. I have endured a lot of changes the past 2 years, and well I am still getting that number 11, and I still don't know what to make of it.

    I do not believe it's about a big revolution, or the earth will evaporate, and many of us will die in the year 2011 or 2012. that story is bunk, and life will continue on the way it always has been.

    it's about personal spiritual evolution, and the world is not coming to an end.


  • MsSunny,

    I agree with you that 2011 or 2012 is about spiritual evolution & that the world is not coming to an end. I feel we are looking for spirituality or a need to belong. We are all seeking personal growth, a change and connection. I can feel that we live in a time of cultural starvation and we want to find our connections or center.

  • I've been seeing 9-11 repeatedly, almost weekly, for about 3 years now. On clocks, license plates, everywhere. I first thought it had something to do with the attacks of that day, and haven't ruled that out. It's becoming more frequent, even to the point of getting a photo from someone, and the clock in the photo read 9:11. Then I thought it might be my family, as there are 11 of us all together. I know a charismatic who told me 9 is the fruit of the Spirit (LOVE), 11 is judgment and 1 is unity. And if you add 9 and 11...20 is redemption. I've read everything I can find on this site about it.

    I totally agree with RisingPhoenix about paying attention. To how you interact with others, what you say and do, your actions, and the impact you can have on others, positive or negative. Have you noticed a very distinct line between those who are, and those who aren't? The ones who just complain vs. the ones who are trying to do something? Fear or love, and which one you choose on a daily basis? And that you can immediately tell the ones that are faking it, how something gives you a hint? I don't know what this is, but I've made some major adjustments in the way I live my life on a moment to moment basis. I've become increasingly aware of my own individual impact 'out there'. I've had blasts of razor sharp clarity, and even people I've known for years are dividing into 2 distinct camps (fear or love, paying attention or not). People I haven't heard from in forever are calling out of the blue. It's like some weird carnival ride.

  • Sandpiper that is a set of BEAUTIFUL questions everyone should be asking ourselves right now! Especially TODAY! Yes! Yes! Yes! If I could post a new post with an "everyone should read this RIGHT NOW" I would:) What you suggested:

    About paying attention to your interactions with others

    and the "distinct line between those who are and those who aren't"

    the complainers and the doers

    Fear or LOVE

    and the CHOOSING!!

    I've noticed many around me on this weird carnival ride, and a LOT of people not heard from in ages "calling out of the blue." And the two distinct camps. This is a time where allowing one to pull you in or the other REALLY DOES MATTER to how you'll be living your life!

    9 IS LOVE and the end of a cycle. Life is filled with cycles. The plants have 'em, our human bodies have them, the PLANETS have them--and that's why we're all here on this site--trying to learn and share and make sense of the cycles and patterns and the "different" ways we can get information!

    For all those who "don't believe" in shifts--just look at history. ANY human history you read shows shifts. We're at the end of the first decade of a new century! Just look at the happenings in this moment in time in ANY decade! Always shifting--or we wouldn't be alive, vital, growing!

    There will always be those who focus on or talk about the doom and gloom, the "ending of the world" --but more like the song says "It's the end of the world as we know it." And hasn't that already been happening??? Things HAVE CHANGED. The World is ALREADY CHANGED--now it's just up to US to balance within those changes!

    Of COURSE crazy things are happening! Crazy things always happen when change occurs--whether is a shocking earth change like an earthquake or a natural easy one like a change of season--imagine! When Ocean does a "regular" change from high tide to low tide, tide in to tide out--there's always that moment when the ocean is STILL then shifts and goes the other way.

    Then there are the tsunami's... FIRE changes are "more shocking" and can be destructive--I live in the land of wildfire--I am fire proofing as best I can!!! Or air changes like wonderful balmy breezes or twisters, Santa Ana's, hurricanes--

    Yes--we're on th changing of a season--and cosmically even bigger changes!

    Little Lioness--I so agree with your comment on the hunger after our time of "cultural starvation!"

    Many many are seeking. Many many are confused.

    I'm not sure about 11 as Judgement--the only way that "feels right" to me is if you take the lesson of the Judgement card and come from a place of LOVE--LOVE for yourself, the other, the situation--and it becomes more about Discernment and CHOICE

    of course--those who CHOOSE to live in FEAR--and there are already many who've made or are making that choice--Judgement is a whole different ball game.

    For all who are finding your awareness heightened by a constant noticing of 11's--this 11 Soul gal says:

    it IS a Message to you--to take on what it is your power and destiny to make a positive difference in this world at this crucial changing time in our lives.

    Ms Sunny--life always and NEVER continues on "as it's always been!" People who expect that, try to hang on to that no matter what are those who find life "passing them by" or being stuck in some past instead of living in the present!

    Though I do get your saying that in context of so many predicting the end of the world.

    We are riding a wave of CHANGE and those of us getting the 11 messages are being told PAY ATTENTION--what will YOUR PART in helping (y)our world change and be better?

    Get ready--here it comes..It's HERE! Happy Solstice everyone.

    Be blessed and blessed be!

  • rising phoenix wrote>>>Ms Sunny--life always and NEVER continues on "as it's always been!" People who expect that, try to hang on to that no matter what are those who find life "passing them by" or being stuck in some past instead of living in the present!

    Sunny>> you are soooo melodramatic. I believe you knew exactly what I meant. Life will continue on and the earth will always provide for us. in other words, the world is not coming to an end, as in the movie 2012, and the Road says it will. both movies do not tell you the truth, but it's only for entertainment purposes only.

    If you enjoy that kind of thrill ride for the sake of an endorphin rush, by all means continue to enjoy your fantasy of how the world will come to an end.

    what I said was... and if you had read it, you would have understood what I was saying, is that the world will continue on as it always has been, BUT it is a spiritual evolution that will impress upon us humans.


  • You know, MsSunny, I've had people tell me about the 'rapture drill', and I've heard of churches telling people to stock up on stuff and take money out of the bank. The movies that show the end of the world just feed this. (Note that in the story of the grasshopper and the ant, I've always been the ant. But I learned a big lesson in 2000 when normally sane people were putting plastic and duct tape on their windows and buying tons of bottled water.) I repeat, I do not know what this is, but I know I'm fighting for all I'm worth to ignore/dispel the palpable fear I sense in the people all around me (without isolating myself completely). So that not even my inner thoughts or energy can feed it. It's taking a lot of concentration/meditation/prayer. And there's some people I just can't talk to any more.

    Rising Phoenix, I thought I was doing really well with the judgment thing until I gave up judgment for Lent this year. I was shown on DAY 1 just how much work I needed to do in that area! It was actually funny. So I don't think it's so much that there's some jury 'out there' judging you, but more like looking in the mirror at what you're reflecting?? Maybe? Paying attention to your thoughts, and 'cleaning house'? I have an old necklace with a heart on it, and I've started wearing it every time I leave the house to remind me. It seems insurmountable, until I read something like your post, and realize I'm not the only person doing this. Thank you so much.

  • for the last five years i always see at least twice a week 10:16 and 1:14. do these numbers have any meaning?

  • Ms Sunny--no melodrama. I agree with "the world not coming to an end" the way many people are freaking out about. I just can't get with "it will always be as it's always been."

    Because too many humans thinking that way are in denial about change and living fear-based (taught by religions that focus on FEAR rather than LOVE) They're either just freaking out or freaking out and digging their heels in rather than adjusting to present life, living, and contributing.

    The world "as we know it" in our little lifetimes has already come to an end. We just happen to be experiencing life on the shift. The World periodically does that when major shifts occur, as we are experiencing now. If by the world continuing "as it's always been" you're taking in those "big shifts" and changes that are shocking to us in our relatively short cycles of life on Mother Earth, compared to HER life cycle--then we mostly agree--except:

    Climate change is a regular part of Mother Earth's cycle. It's always created "dying-out's" of species--animal and vegetable--and changes in mineral.

    Relics of wars found in ancient archeological digs show us that human beings have made war for many thousands of years--thus killing off huge populations.

    While climate change has been a "natural Earth cycle" the truth is that with our human "technologies" and 19th-to-20th Century Science we speeded up the "natural" climate change cycle very unnaturally--and now are living with the "unnatural" ones human beings created artificially. Ergo the hurricanes, twisters, floods, heat waves, cold spells, and floods that are indeed taking more lives. This is not environmentalist mumbo-jumbo--this is now known and agreed to by both Cosmic-types--looked at by some as "prophet's"--and by hard-nosed Scientists.

    In the 1960's--some became aware of the "dawning" of the Age of Aquarius.

    Now we are in it's morning light. So yes--things HAVE changed and some of us humans are adjusting and assisting others with adjusting to the change.

    And some continue to live in FEAR rather than in LOVE. This why spiritual leaders around the world are connecting and working to help raise up human consciousness. Which historically periodically happens at times of great shifts too.

    I'm just concerned with all the people I see digging their heels in and insisting it HASN'T changed and not changing with the times.

    So are many Spiritual leaders--like the 13 Indigenous Grandmother--Elders from around the world who are traveling, meeting, teaching and praying to help people change with the world's changes. And the 17,000 people in 86 countries who participated in their first virtual

    Council ever--for the Summer Solstice are concerned, aware, and working to help those who are choosing "stuck" in "nothings changing." That these Grandmothers were able to link with such a great piece of the world virtually is certainly not "the way things always have been!"

    Sandpiper: Wow--you sound like you're on an interesting moment in your own evolution! That you gave up something for Lent tells me you follow the Christian path. I was raised that Pagan-Christian that my people have lived with for over a thousand years and I always resonated with Jesus for His role as Prince of Peace and his teachings of Love. While I'm not Christian by my own Path--I've read the Bible in 3 languages and many English versions. I often think that many churches who are teaching a Fear-Based Christianity forgot His teachings of Love.

    And many who are freaking out about the rapture are not even realizing how many of the Bible's prophesies about "false prophets" we're already living today. And how living in that Fear-based "spiritual teaching" they're not even realizing that perhaps the leaders they're listening to and believing in ARE those "false prophets!"

    What a powerful thing to decide to give up Judgement for Lent! The Bible does teach "judge not lest ye be judged" and you hit it right on the nose--about it's not "some jury 'out there' judging you, but more like looking in the mirror at what you're reflecting." BINGO! Congratulations! You GOT IT!!! Ditto on the "Paying attention to your thoughts, and 'cleaning house!!!'

    Isn't it an amazing gift that the teachers come when we need, the lessons and tools come that way too?

    That you found that old necklace with a heart you started wearing to remind you tells me you're following your instincts and intuition WELL and connecting to the great need right now to SHIFT from FEAR into LOVE!!!

    For LOVE is what we need to shift back into to help our world change for the better:)

    One reason I write these long posts is BECAUSE so many people tell me they feel like it's some very personal thing only they are going through-- and when they realize "Oh--this is a common experience in our present moment--I'm not the only one" it becomes easier to keep on keeping on with the changes!

    It DOES take a lot of concentration/meditation/prayer to balance where we are right now. So MANY living stuck in FEAR and afraid to LOVE. MANY people are finding that there are some people who they "can't even talk to anymore" too. You're not the only one there either!

    Present day social Scientists have actually done studies that "happiness is contagious: people who hang around happy people are more likely to be happy."

    We now have the SCIENCE to prove what metaphysicians have known and taught oh...forever?

    Kind of like what your parents taught you--if you hang with a "bad" crowd, you're likely to act "bad," if you hang around drinkers or drug-takers--you're likely to drink or take drugs, and if you hang around smart kids who are working towards succeeding in life--you will go there too.

    You can't CHOOSE for anyone else whether they live in FEAR or in LOVE.

    You CAN choose who you hang around with and are influenced by.

    So choosing to avoid the influence and energies of those who insist on staying stuck in FEAR

    is a pretty healthy and positive choice per me:) You're right about those two distinct camps. A lot of people are telling me that is their experience too.

    And Ms Sunny--here's where you're right on the "as it's always been."

    Because in times of great shifts and change--whether it's Earth-based as in natural cycles--or human-created--as in politics or religion--for which we go to war--people tend to polarize into distinct camps. Which has broken up families, friendships and communities if they go into the different camps.

    LOVE is the Message I give.

    My part and a BIG part of the answer to the questions many are now asking.


  • hehehehe! Cosmic coincidence?

    I was replying on page 10, thought my post would go there----looks like my post took up Page 11!!!

  • I am glad you and I agree the world is not coming to an end. I wasn't real sure what you were conveying, but again, it's not the earth, it's a spiritual shift that will help humans evolve and move towards the light. I really feel this will be a quiet shift, nothing melodramatic, as the change is more internal than external

    I hope I am making some sense here.. The earth shifting and changing will always happen, as it's been happening for thousands of years. no argument there. earthquakes, flooding, and wars are nothing new and catastrophic events will continue to shift the earth as we move towards spiritual evolution or enlightenment.


  • 9:11 this AM on the computer when I looked at the clock-AGAIN. I just laughed.

    There are people in these forums predicting cataclysmic stuff. I have to ask WHY. What purpose does it serve? What is their intention behind it? If someone in a prominent position (like a preacher) tells people to pull their money out of the banks, then, yes, I see how the banks could fail. If someone who is already anxiety-ridden because of bills, or lost their job, or just got divorced starts listening to all this fear-based stuff flying around, I can see how it could push them over the edge. I've seen it happen. But you can't isolate yourself from all of it. There are many people out there who just need a kind word, a smile, some reassurance, and it can turn their whole world around in a moment. I've seen that, too. Done it. With total strangers.

    RisingPhoenix-yes, I'm Christian, but feel like I need a disclaimer with that. I'm Methodist, and they're the hardest working people I know when it comes to helping the needy. I practice it with a Zen approach. I don't argue dogma or rules. And I don't preach at people, exclude them or condemn them. I don't think that's what Jesus meant for it to be, ever. I've yet to find a single thing Jesus said that Buddha didn't, regarding how we're supposed to BE. I have many friends who practice many different religions, and probably half are agnostic or atheist. But if you respect people, and love them, it's easy.

    And the whole judgment thing was funny because it pointed out how I was categorizing people, not necessarily thinking good or bad, just forming opinions without all the facts. Kinda like thinking a person is crazy because they're talking to themselves, but you don't see the bluetooth on the other side of their head. I found that every single opinion you can form about a person can be just like that, you don't see the whole picture, ever, unless you ARE them. Now, if they pull a knife, it's probably best to walk/run away. You have to use intuition and common sense.

    I'm digging deep. It's like everyone is having their character tested. What are you really made of? What do you really believe? Down at the core of your being? What do you draw from to get through the rough patches? If someone asks for your help, do you try, or do you just say 'I have my own problems' and turn away? Do you hold a pity party, or go out and try to DO something? ANYTHING? To make one little something better. If you have a business, do you treat your employees like servants or people? If you're upset, do you yell at someone who doesn't deserve it? What is really important to you? These are all CHOICES. You control them. And every single person has a role to play, regardless of how helpless you might feel to change anything. You choose whether to feed insecurity, greed, hatred, fear, or turn it around. It can be like alchemy. Kum Bah Yah, people. We really are all in this together.

  • Absolutely ...lovely, thank you.

  • Sandpiper--girl you keep diggin deep! You are on such a great role! And no disclaimer necessary for me--though I get why you might feel you want to make one:-) My grndmother often told me how my great-grandfather the Russian Orthodox priest regularly had dinner with the local Catholic priest and the local rabbi and they talked God and philosophy and shop talk happily into the night with no conflicts. Used to be like that in Moorish Spain too--the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews all sharing culture and ideas. We just got into this fear-based xenophobic moment and unfortunately it's the "my religion is better than yours" types that make what my Bab used to define as :GOOD" Christians feel they have to disclaim.

    Its ALL about CHOICE! That free will we are all born with. Just some people are choosing to live in fear and that breeds all those greedy insecure negative attitudes. LOVE LOVE LOVE is the answer. You're so right about kind words, smiles, and respect.

    And Ms Sunny--sounds like we're on the same page:) Though it's not going as gentle into this good night as I think you'd like. Many are taking the shift hard. We will be OK--LOVE is the answer.

    Today's my birthday friends. I just launched my completely NEW site that I've been redoing since 2005 and a whole new sister site. I launched my kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on I BEAT TOXIC CHEMICAL INJURY A Master Storyteller, A Story that MUST BE TOLD! so if any of you want to help spread the word--it's like public tv or radio--make a pledge, get a reward. Only it's an all or nothing proposition--if I make or surpass my goal by my target date--everyone's cards get charged and then I have to go to work and deliver. If not--no ones card's get charged and I'm back to scratch. But I think people will join in on this one. kickstarter is a dot com for those of you who don't know how to google.

    I did the video myself--it's ME--and I'm a novice--but I'm seeking funds to hire pro's to help me with vid--so I thinkit's OK. They say don't worry about the quality--just be sincere and tell people what you want to do and why. So I did. Was up last night til all hours getting it done and loading it up. Before dawn this morning to write my blog post and finish getting my sites published. PHEW!

    Now it's a bath, and a ride to friends who are making me a family dinner and then a 1924 silent movie screening Aelita Queen of Mars--in a classic theater with friends. I 'm looking forward to the down time and some fun! Keep it positive and HAPPY.


  • Happy Birthday Phoenix!

  • Happy Birthday Phoenix!

  • THANK you Ms Sunny--and what a BEAUTIFUL HEART!!!! You know--or maybe you don't--I was BLIND for more than 5 years after an accident--so SEEING BEAUTY is such a wonderful JOY for me. THANKS for bringing joy to my heart with yours:)

  • I have been seeing it all the time since my son was born. He was born on 4/11 at 5:11pm. Now when i look at the clock at least 4 times a day it's 11 after whatever hour it is. And I see 11:11 a lot on the clock too. I was always curious to know if it meant something myself???? Any thoughts?

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