Boyfriend overseas -keep him or leave him!!

  • Hi! want to say Thanks for letting me join your site...Heres my problem and i need a reading ..dont kn ow what to do about a boyfriend i have whose far away.. been seeing him for 1 year now, we been communicating thru tex and emails, I been wanting him to come home, but he keeps telling me he will and gives me a date but never shows up. Im tired and really scared cause i don t know if hes actually married or having an affair over there. I need to know if hes on the up and up and hes not truly lieing to me. He says he believes in god and god will make a way for us to be together his job keeps him busy all the time. My b irthday is 7/22 and his is july 18 we both are cancers. Please can Mikiocan you please help me and tell me if am wasting my time with this guy ..I am gthinking about dating others but he keeps popping into my mind. Help please! Thanks alot

  • sonia123,

    I feel that he be involved with someone else over there.

    But I also feel that you already knew that long ago,

    this relationship can be interesting and exciting for now

    but as for future-wise it may only lead to dramas, hurt ect.

    Did you both move a little fast as well ? as for getting to

    know eachother ?

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