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  • Hi All! 🙂 I have been seeing this guy on and off for quite a while now (me being a pisces and him being a gemini)..We have had our ups and downs but are both trying to take it slow, and I am attempting to practice extreme patience since he is a bit difficult to decipher at times. I have basic tarot knowledge but am a little confused by this reading since I am not yet at a more advanced stage where I can really make sense of the card combinations..Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank youu!

    Present Situation: The World

    My World: King of Swords

    His World: Knight of Pentacles

    Nature of Issues: 9 of Swords

    Obstacles: Temperance

    Lessons and Signs: Knight of Wands

    My Hopes/Fears/Desires: 4 of Swords

    His Hopes/Fears/Desires: The Magician

    Challenges: 5 of Cups

    Outcome: 6 of Wands

  • Hi

    I am a tarot master, and have studied the art of tarot for over 30 years. I gotta be honest, according to what you have said about him, a Gemini needs to take it slow?? no way, a Gemini is not going to take anything slow, and he needs a lot of action. good luck with trying to hold him down.

    And additionally, when you do a reading for yourself, 9 out of 10 times you do a tarot reading, it's not going to tell you exactly what is going on, it only forces you to look at it from your objectivity, intuition, and your heart/mind is TOO subjective. so you will only take what you want to hear, not what you should hear.

    I will give you some insights, and you take it as you see fit.

    Present Situation: The World>> you are very open, nurturing, and you want to share your life with someone who is interested in the same things as you are. don't be afraid to leave your corner of your world for a chance to find what you yearn for. be it a job, love, or marriage/ feel you have found the right man, and are hoping he feels the same. this also indicates travel, you may love to travel or have a desire to travel.could be that you 2 have to travel far or often to see each other.

    My World: King of Swords>> this describes you on the intellect level, and that's important on how you communicate with him. you want to be fascinating conversationalist, and with this relationship, it's important for you to not become overly emotional and scattered. You may come off as someone who is rational. This is a time of order and best now for you to be calm, cool, as coming off too emotional will scare this Gemini away.

    His World: Knight of Pentacles>>About someone who is very responsible, and can be trusted, but this personality does not reveal himself on the emotional level. he keeps his feelings very close to h is heart. does not wear his feelings on his sleeves, and is extremely difficult to understand at times. he may come off as cold and reserve, and this could throw you off balance.

    Nature of Issues: 9 of Swords>> The nature of the problems between you 2 is constant thoughts on what is wrong over small things. depression could be a factor from him, or you and be careful not to obsess with what he should be doing or not doing. could be that you 2 are trying to change each other and with little success. frustrating!

    Obstacles: Temperance>> this is about harmony when 2 people are together, and that you both should work towards peace and acceptance for who you are,and for who he is. trying to change him is NOT GOING TO WORK. The obstacle here is the chance of being together for the long term. I really feel that you 2 are on the edge, and this slowing down could suddenly erupt like a volcano and without warning. are you sleeping well, or are you constantly worrying what could go wrong here? there is a lack of joy deep down. plagued with problems, and much of it is exaggerated.

    Lessons and Signs: Knight of Wands >> is about action and wanting to move forward , but it also represents someone running away due to fear of emotional intimacy, and simply not being ready for a "relationship". the signs are there, are you seeing the truth of your situation?

    My Hopes/Fears/Desires: 4 of Swords>> you are afraid or have thoughts he won't be able to take action. you fear silence from him, and that scares you. you want him to take action towards your ideals of how this relationship is supposed to be and what you need from this man.

    His Hopes/Fears/Desires: The Magician>> This is about someone who believes in their own power, are able to make it happen. it someone who takes charge and the will power to make magic happen. those are his hopes, but he does have fears that he could fail. he want to be able to change as he is very interested in you, and he has the ability to channel positive energy. He has a magnetic personality and he is learning to hone in and focus. focus is a problem for him.

    Challenges: 5 of Cups>> the challenge here is not to repeat the mistakes of the past, or same unhappy patterns will emerge, so be careful not to have high expectations too soon. emotional setbacks are inevitable.. and not going to sunshine everyday in a relationship.

    Outcome: 6 of Wands >> This is a possible outcome.. there will be small successes with progress. just keep the expectation reasonable, and there is a good chance of a good steady relationship with this man, and be open to change, cause Gemini's crave intellectual conversations, as well as variety.

    Blessings on your spiritual journey.. Sunny

  • Thank you Sunny! That all makes a lot of sense- the advice and guidance is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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