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  • Hi Addictedtotorches

    I have read some of your posts and wonder if you can help me. I'm just a woried mom who,like other moms, frets over thier kids. My son Jeremy. dob 2/16/77, has been really hurt and lonely since his wife took off over two years ago. I am wondering if you see a good relationship coming his way soon. He is a nice hardworking guy but so shy and has necer been good with the ladies. He really wants kids and sometimes is really down. So what do you think? Anything good coming his way? Thanks so much

  • cathylee,

    Sorry to hear about your son, May he be Blessed.

    Cathy I feel your son knows something was'nt right

    he spends alot of his time still searching reason WHY?

    i feel he is asking but why... instead of moving on

    and indirectly she may have effect his worthiness

    and self-esteem with feeling confident with relationships.

    I feel he will meet someone and it will began slow

    but there will be a third party there to assist and get

    things rolling. Does he work, or go to school or looking

    for a job, S0METHING, I keep seeing a pizza man in a Pizza restaraunt serving.

    im not sure if this a a clue or what but I feel in a public

    environment they will meet. Someone more dominant

    than him and has had a share of past hurts, they will have things in common.


  • Sorry to butt in on ur thread but i wonder if addictedtoriches sees anything for me regard:



    what man for me




  • Hi addictedtoriches. My son deoes work at a grocery store so I don't know hwat the pizza thing is except he goes to a pizza place quite often. I relly think it does not help that his ex, who is now remarried and has a child, stays in contact with him. I can't figure out why but I think it hols him back from geting over the whole thing.

  • cathylee,

    Okay, i felt he worked in a environment of that sort.

    with busy people around. His reasons for not getting over the relationship

    is obvious is a hard stage to go through with anyone, he will have

    his time, its a lesson in life for him, but you need to encourage him and support

    him not dwell and feel badd for him that will only make him feel bad for himself.

    I feel him and a new girl will meet in the work area slowly but surely.

  • Cwb,

    I would prefer a precise question, it helps for me to tune in

    directly to something specific, and I recieve more specific information.

    ex: when will i find love, should i move on.. ect.


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  • Hi Addictedtoriches


    Which man charlie or alden?

    Who will help me to work

    what work will i b doing

    Who helps me to reloacte

    do i relocate

    when will i fall pegnant

    whio is the father

    who am i gonna marry

    was this what u had in mind dear?

    cwb 😜

  • Cwb,

    uuummmm.. Are these REAL questions Cwb ?

    Lets start with the first one, I feel Charlie and you

    are connected through on a more social level

    you guys image together look well, and things on a intimate

    level only satisfies for so long, then I feel Alden is a bit different

    things intimately are sparks but socially you guys dont have the

    social things in common such as interest but its negotiatable. I feel You want Charlie more ? Because he is a little of a challenge for you and thats exciting Alden I think hes a nice guy

    Cwb, I feel you stalled something in your life, im not sure if it was love, friendship

    family. but i feel you put something on hold in your life for a better purpose

    what slowed you down ? Was it eduacation ? I keep hearing education, education, education.

  • Angelwings86

    In giving relationship advice, i try giving advice logically and with my intuition.

    So you can recieve better advice and guidance in more than one area,

    Do you mind providing the day and month of both of your birthdates.

    or your signs ...


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  • Addictedto riches

    YES they are REAL questions REAL persons

    the stall is my preminitions n psychic messages affirmed by others regard relocation to a different country. education is NOT stalled at all, its indeed my plan B.

    Charlie a challenge well yeah because i still feel he n i have UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

    Alden n i are swimming along nicely, when the boat is rocked its useally us borh that rocks it lol

    anything else?


  • Cwb,

    At first i was feeling that education was your plan A,

    because the word was being hammered in my thoughts,

    but maybe the message thats trying to come across is

    education FIRST ? I dont pick up any information as far as your new move

    sorry hunn, Its all up too you what you choose to do and donot do,

    you are in control of everything. And just because your provided

    with some of your desires dosent mean they will all satisfy you

    in the long run. I feel Alden is the guy best suitable here.

  • ThaNK U Addictedtoriches ;-D


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  • Angelwings86

    Im so sorry for the late post hunn. bless you,

    Okay, I instantly feel you are alot of people comfort, or

    people come to you in times of hurt, pain, troubles ect.

    you accept people and try your best to help them and sometimes

    it may seem as if thier taking advantage, I feel you are very loved.

    its the same thing with this guy I feel he has a very masculine appeal about

    him.. that makes you feel protected in some way i also feel he dos'ent always

    tell you the whole story but in some way you are fine with that and dont always

    dig for deeper feelings and thats what he likes you guys relationship has balance

    and he feels comforted with you.

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