Wondering if this relationship will last.......

  • I started seeing a man who who is an Aries, and I am a Saggitarious. We started seeing each other a couple of months ago, both of us have a lot in common and our energies are boundless. I am now living with him. i am concerned though because we have both told each other we would like to take this slow and see where it goes because we have both been hurt really bad by our past marriages. he seems to be genuinely interested in me and I know I am in him, but the one thing that concerns me is his knack for joking a lot. I can never tell whether he is serious about things or not. I so badly want to tell him exactly how i feel but i have a fear of pushing him away, plus I would really honestly like to tell him i like him a lot more than he thinks I do. I really really want to know if this relationship between the two of us is going to last..........PLEASE HELP!!!! I am hopelessly falling for this man...Here is a pic of us if anyone can please tell me what to do>>>>>>>>>>>

  • they seem fun to be with, Aries male I mean. But that's just me. I do know some Sag who can be serious when they don't need to be and not serious when they need to be. So maybe you two can sit down and talk about it, see what he thinks about you, before telling him what you think. there might be a reason why he does what he does because I've never met Aries that jokes too much. They are always lighthearted, if that's what you mean. if anything I will be the one that joke in the wrong time 🙂 you are taking it slow anyway, so sitting down and talk about it wouldn't hurt. Sun sign wise I don't know any Sag Aries couple but there is always possibility and you didn't say anything that annoys you aside from his knack anyway. Good luck.

  • I am a Sag woman and I was married to an Aries man for more than 12 years. We had a GREAT time! However, it did end abruptly after three years of issues that he said were his, but definitely affected me over time. My husband was a great caretaker as well, handy for someone like me. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

    On the speaking out - since you are already living together after a couple of months (hey, I can relate), you obviously have a strong bond. I think an Aries man would not take that step unless he already really cares for you, and I think he will be very loyal. Maybe he has a Scorpio placement (Mercury) which makes him tease a little too much, but just be honest and he will respond. He wants to know all about you right now and has plenty of attention to give, so now is a good time to be open about your feelings. As far as lasting, though, I mean, drive that car as far as you can but don't obsess if it ends someday.

    My best advice would be to try and be clear about what life goals you have and MAKE SURE the Aries man shares a committment to reaching those specific goals. Otherwise, he will just say he is interested, and when the rubber hits the road, he will not really be there to help in a meaningful way. Luckily, it is my experience that much of life (home, kids, business) can be accomplished without a solid partner in those endeavors. Seriously, though, we had a very fun time for a very long time. Good luck!

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