Blmoon ,can you ,please :)I miss him so much ...

  • Dear Blmoon,can you help.

    I'm missing him so much,we were good friends, and I think we both wanted something more...but he just ,,,didn't do anything about that.I was waiting fro him to take action,maybe I was wrong?

    He dosen't call me, or smth...Huh .

    I just want to know does he really likes me,why he dosen't try to contact me?Shoul I wait for him...

    our sign :my vitgo,his libra

    thank you 🙂

  • I know your pain feels urgent and real but spirit tells me you are love sick in a way you can't understand yet. You are in love with needing to be in love and set yourself up for feelings of loss and rejection. You choose unavailable men. Sorry to tell you this as you want so much to hear this man is all you imagine. Your need clouds your vision--you hear signs that do not exhist. This man in your eyes stands shiney and powerful and almost fatherly. His smile enough to make you melt. This man is not interested in love. He likes his life tidy and organized and without drama. Buisness is his marriage partner. He is and will always remain in control. His wife will be a perfect wife and if he wants passion he will get it outside marriage but it will not mean anything important. He is kind and sweet to woman on the outside but really very indifferent. NO STRINGS ATTACHED is his creed. You deserve more and you deserve to understand better why you are attracted to empty spoon relationships. You are nursing an old wound. Make healing your focus--you are the same little girl who DESERVES to be loved. Choose love. Blessing

  • Thank you 🙂

    I must say ,I was so sad when I read this,and still I am,...This is really true ..''You are in love with needing to be in love ''

    I need somebody to love me,and it seems I can find it..He was really nice to me,and always around me,giving me some hope...

    I hope I will find somebody who will really love me 😕 🙂

  • Love yourself---when you can't love yourself you can't see real love even though it is out there. YOU ARE LOVED! If you fixate on not being loved by the wrong source you miss seeing true love all around you so please do not mourn this as a loss---choose love not abandonment or rejection. Spirit says you will feel better if you recite the grateful list before sleep---An example is to really feel the moment---I am gratefull for my toes--feel your toes--grateful for my feet--flex your feet---keep going! grateful for my comfy bed--my room etc. This energy of gratefulness will bring you what you truelly desire. The energy of constant loss and rejection only attracts more pain. YOU ARE LOVED! BLESSINGS

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