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    was thinking about you! Specially with this wham bam full moon. I have had some very unusual but delightful occurrences all week! I also applied last minute for a residency for poetry. The Poet is also a musician. And there will be a music producer as well there. He has produced people like Tracy Chapman and also performs. Even though if I get in for Poetry you are allowed to participate in the other groups. Each group has about 8 people chosen. It's always a reach because it is an international call but I have been chosen 3 times before. I almost didn't apply as I was tired and the deadline came but I said if for some reason the deadline gets extended I'm going to go for it. So yes went online and they added two days to it! Around that time I had so many odd animal visits! I will skip those. Yesterday I was taking moon pictures and a blue orb got in my view. It was darting around moving fast I thought I was trippin! But my grandaughter saw it too and I caught it on camera and posted it. I've have been receiving lots of gifts and luck. I need some CASH! I was wondering if you got your vip call yet. I still think it's going to drag a bit but you will make a decision by end of May. That promotion carrot has some Strings attached and I still see you not happy with the proposal. You will feel like you are being handled and best response is to speak up and ask questions. In fact you may be in a timing hook up spiritualy, you may need to hear the details of this proposal first before getting a better look at the other outside offer. That one is not sure about where to put you and the person assigned to that phone interview is not affected by you he is just doing his job and has other irons in the fire and is saying to himself....geez must they put this in my lap, I got enough on my plate....this is not my problem. I feel like the person there who needs you is more the next step. Keep an open mind on the promotion offer as don't forget how they negotiate. The put that thought out there and pride themselves in knowing what you want. As I'm writing I got a big beautiful owl hooting at me from my magnolia tree! He's been here for weeks and finally showed himself. I felt something watching me the other day in the yard looked up and there he was! Not startled at all by me. Today I went out earlier and we stared at each other for awhile! I had a poet friend who passed a few years ago in her late eighties who collected owls. I think of her now. Although owls have always been Spirit messengers. This is the first time I've had one just stare at me. Usually they take flight once you see them. Also, this one hoots during the day which is odd.. Monday is the 20th? Sounds like a replay. I think the place you are at know is going to piss you off on Monday. I can't wait to hear all about it!

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    so exciting ....when you have a little more time would love to hear about all the OTHER animal odd visitors! And the very unusual happenings going on all week.

  • @blmoon, that's awesome -the poet residency! When will you hear if you have been selected? Do you receive any funds for it??? You said you needed cash 🙂
    I love those animal visits. There was a while when I was constantly surrounded by hummingbirds. They are such special, joyful little things - and the power in their wings!!! I do love owls too, but have never had a visit. I love the snowy white ones (like Harry Potter's owl, haha!). The guy that I was supposed to talk to - first time he got called into a budget meeting that went long. 2nd time his assistant reached out and said he had a family emergency or something like that. There is a VP in charge of the department - but she has 3 executive directors as the department has 70 people. Each exec director has 20-some people that report to them. The guy I am supposed to talk to - he has 2 openings on his team. One for the job that I would consider a step down (although they may not), the other is what I would consider a lateral move. The friend that recommended me - she loved it there and regrets leaving. She left for a rise in title - to come work for the company I am at now. That is how we met. I feel like the pay is going to be similar for both options. So it's either the promotion or someplace new...where it will be a lateral move at best and unknown territory. Unknown as in I really won't know if it will be a better environment, workload, people, etc. until I get there. I'm still really torn, but then again, I haven't received the offer yet or talked to the new place yet. So I guess I'll just have to be patient. I work a full week this week and it's going to be a busy one - lots on my calendar. But next week I will be on vacation - taking my pup to San Diego!

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    Have you considered it a bit ironic that your friend left a place for a rise in title and regretted it? And here you are facing the same possibility. Is she above you or your contemporary? I'm trying to get her vibe in all this. Is she looking for a different position in the company you are in now? I just am not getting your current place is a consistently happy stable place. That their MO is reorganizing every time their expectations are not met for six months. I get that it's a high turn over environment Did you spend time with this friend because I'm seeing a big blackbird on her head. That if you tuned into her with your gift you will get info about the new place. Taking in mind her view of things and personality you would see past that and get a read with some intuition tid bits that might help when you do get your real interview. .I still get that the person in the new company that you need to talk to is not the one who had to cancel. I feel your real hook up is female. A female you will have a good talk with. Like beyond the protocol of .business you two get each other. That's what you are looking for. Soon as that happens then you will know you are on path. The rub is that this will be something new for you and part of it will be out of your comfort zone. Under the good vibe of connection with this person you also after a few days will feel a bit of panic because she will present you with an adventure outside your comfort zone You will have to step up your game. This isn't the same as the usual extra weight on your back as a company raises quotas. This is a crossroads were you really must put yourself out there and step up your game and be rewarded both by someone you respect in the company and you will feel good about yourself in a fulfilling way.. This person can offer you the right kind of incentive to believe in yourself.. You have capabilities that you are sitting on. If at some point you do feel panic or anxious it's a positive good sign. This always proceeds a leap. We can interpret these feelings as a warning but the truth is it can also signal something good is being offered but it puts us in a position to really test our confidence. A lot of talented people resist growth for that reason. Just before that leap comes some discomfort with a mix of excitement and lots of panic attacks. So, going with the stay in your spiritual power zone, because you will have to be really in charge of your emotions and SEEING with your higher knowing so you do not self sabotage or bale. This is not just the higher title but many layers of something higher you crave. You want something better on all levels. I hope you get this. If you get this I think the next series of events will take on a new perspective and your radar will serve you better. I'm so happy you took your vacation. Perfect timing! Really, it's helping. I was tired last reading but have good energy tonight so hope I can explain it better why your psychic gifts are your Ace and you must integrate it into your job. It's who you are. It has to fit in somehow. I know you are familiar with Jung. I'm sure you are familiar with his notion that success is the ability to find the balance between Heaven and Earth . Your spiritual life and your earthly life are relative. Put equal amount into both and success will have meaning. Your earthly self wants a better title a title has a meaning. Equally your spiritual self wants equal meaning to be in successful balance. Think on what that means to you............. to feel a spiritual meaning. That's what spirit meant by the stalled feeling you got at first with new place and spirit asked me to ask you if you knew your desires and are you intently putting your desires out there. Your friend was probably going through the same universal desire as you. Success. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon , yes, I have! She left for the title - even when they offered her more money to stay - more than the new title was going to pay her. She was the #2 spot at the property I left behind and refused to go back to. She found another job last year that did not conflict with her contract and she is happy now. The thing is, she is an extremely positive person - almost too positive. She tries to make toxic situations seem like they aren't so bad 🙂 So this new company - the one she recommended me to - a lot of people say how terrible it is and she talks about how much she loved it. I can't ignore all the other people who say it's awful. There was a time when my current company hired only people from that company because they knew they would be able to handle the crap they would dole out. So it's just not a simple decision for me!
    No, my current company is not a consistently happy stable place. But there are no guarantees that the new company will be either. But yes, they have been reorganizing almost every 6 months for the past year and a half or so.
    The person I will be talking to tomorrow - the male - he is one of 3 as I already mentioned. The first one I spoke with was female and was the boss of the friend who recommended me. She really liked her, but admits that a lot of people don't like her. She thinks we would get along though. She also said the man I will speak with has a reputation for being a good boss. Ultimately, they both report to the VP and she is female. She also has quite the reputation and not a very good one. But I think that once you get to that level most people don't like you no matter what - it just comes with the territory. It's funny because what you are describing - the offer from this woman - it sounds like what I am being offered from my current company. The step up will take me out of my comfort zone and I will have to step up my game and use some gifts that my current job does not tap into. The work itself will be more fulfilling to me than what I am doing now...I've been doing it so long it has lost its charm for me. That being said, I do crave more balance and do not want to work myself to exhaustion. But there are no guarantees that I won't have to work just as hard at the new place and I worry that I will regret not taking the chance at the promotion. Argh. I'm tired. Hopefully our telephone call will actually take place tomorrow morning and I will have a better feel for it.

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    I'm glad that the picture I'm getting makes sense and you hit on it all. Being able to see your friend"s journey is a relevant puzzle piece because understanding her plight navigating herself in the same pond as you and what motivates her and gets in her way is an exercise in using your own gift . I'd say that yes it looks like her positive attitude can have some blind spots and she craves a place of least resistance and success but like most of us defining what our success really looks and feels like is often a blind spot. And you hit on that blind spot that in every corporation there is a reality to that partnership idea of being liked by the boss but if you truly do not want to be disappointed or feel betrayed or hurt at times you must understand the unspoken rules of the boss"s needs to maintain their position. I have had that lesson and it will present itself again I'm sure. In the end the boss wouldn't be the boss unless they had a very stiff boundary between friendship loyalty and job position. Job position will win. That's why I do best in start up environments and smaller groups. That building stage allows me to use my Ace and the relationship are truer. Once things shift into a corporate setting it becomes a fine tuned machine at best but communication and intentions start blurring. I in the past stay too long because I did not really make the shift and suddenly my sense of service can lead me into doormat land and suddenly as well that FRIEND boss thing gets sticky. I think they changed but no. Their vision and my vision may have complimented at first for years but at some point no I was forced to start defining my Vision in the job part of my life. That's where you are at, tired of the same circle and yes you want financial rewards to increase and you also want a resume that will cover your next exit plan. I puled the PLAN B Angel card yesterday. ODD as I never pulled that card. I am so faith orientated and listening for guidance to navigate and to be told that perhaps I need to have a plan B right now has given me lots to think about! I do not think your destination is important as the journey. Relationships will be important for you this next part of your life. The corporate survival mode you know well works but leaves out that other half of success. This is new territory for you and a leap but it is necessary as I'm getting that networking in a more personal way and actually making deep spiritual bonds the next 3 years will be important and juggling that is your challenge. I'm getting that purpose for you will manifest in about 5 years at it's best and you will do well. I know early on I mentioned seeing you finding success in more of a self employed partnership eventually but you did not see it. I still see it. But right now you have steps leading there so of course that vision does not feel relevant. Neither job choice will be permanent. The advice I'm most hearing for you is to include the spiritual connections path and not just the job survival efforts and desires. Can a spiritual life and the corporate life jive together? And what does THAT look like? Some of my most influential and lasting Spiritual bonds were made in a bad environment that sent us on our way. So, after licking my wounds and focusing on were the job went wrong now I see the equal sides of it and realize that what a great success on the spiritual side of things that bad ending had! And that just as much as a bigger resume I left with it was the other folks like me who left a bit beaten themselves that continue to be an asset to future opportunities so I think if you include close bonds with your success vision you will do fine. But you will squirm a bit and panic because CLOSE BONDS are scary for you. TOP OF YOUR GAME!

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    I know I just posted a big post earlier but have to tell you this big PS. Cos you get it. I now get exactly the plan B (for me) card! I think I mentioned that before applying to that residency I was very tired at the deadline and decided not to apply. I pulled cards on it and got the God is in charge card and the you and your loved ones are safe card. I said fk it and went to bed and in meditation I thought, maybe they will extend the deadline. It happens. Sometimes the master artist is not happy yet with the bunch or it's a lower turnout. This one is a bit scary cos it calls for bringing your A game. I will be playing my guitar everyday till october if I get in. So I tell my self yep that will be the sign if it gets extended I will apply and part of me was woohoo and another was ass dragging and I decided not to over sparkle my application with perfection and just approach it from my true self. I think there is a formality in all worlds including the etiquette of writing submissions and applications. Besides I was still tired and had one day left. I did not keep re editing. And yes once it left the submit launch I saw two glaring typos! yuck. Ok, angels make those invisible please. Well I just checked back on the site and Holy God was in charge the freakin date is now extended to June 2nd. .Why did I not go big? God told me he had my back and it was safe to rest. I let my logic think that 2 extra days was the best expected when damn if I just follow my REST signals I should have taken my rest as needed and that mad dash was not necessary! Feeling safe and rest are my nemesis. I hope you are taking notes from my foils. God had a very generous plan B waiting for me and I was lacking in entitlement! MOVING ON!

  • @blmoon,
    "That's where you are at, tired of the same circle and yes you want financial rewards to increase and you also want a resume that will cover your next exit plan”


    And, yes, I do get the boundary thing with the boss. I learned that a few times along the way and I have also been in the boss position so I understand it can be difficult. You can’t make everyone happy all of the time. I think that issue I had last month with the bonus money was a test of sorts. I knew when I told him I would accept his decision even though I would not be happy with it that that is exactly what would happen. But it was a mastery course for me in this very lesson and also was a test on their end to see how I would react and handle myself. I did not have an emotional tizzy about it and that was noted by them.

    My phone call this morning went reasonably well. He really didn’t interview me - asked me no questions. Just talked about the positions they have available, specifics with regard to market/territory, travel, bonuses, etc. Told me to think about it and then we could meet in person after our vacations (he is off next week as well). I was right about them thinking of me for a position that would technically be a step backward, however it is not as bad as it sounded at first. The issue is that the lateral move has a market that is a grind and will be a slow, painstaking process in building it. This means it will take longer to start earning bonus money even though they have set the goal much lower to compensate. It also involves more travel - and to the east coast which I despise (the long travel, not the east coast per se!) The other position, although technically a step down is in a much better market and I would be earning bonus money more steadily and more quickly and little to no travel. But it would not be a challenge for me - it’s exactly what I am doing now and since it is for a lesser title the base pay will be less. So looking ahead at my next exit plan, the more appealing market with lesser title is not a good move. The lateral move also does not do me much good. So it appears as though sticking where I am for the promotion is best in the long run. The raise I will get would be about equal to what the new company would pay me for the lateral move. I am not hung up on titles, but I do want to make the best chess move for my future. Having a little more longevity in my current company with the promotion will help me with what comes next. The question is how long will I be able to take it??? Haha! I will still go talk to the new guy when I get back. They have amazing benefits…all medical/dental/vision paid for. AND, it’s not just the monthly premiums, but ALL costs - nothing comes out of pocket. That’s incredible. He was telling me it included up to 8 dependents and I said I just have one child and he has four legs and fur and he told me veterinary insurance is included too 🙂

    The friend of mine - Pollyana, LOL - she is a close bond I formed from being in the toxic place so I get what you are saying. This new opportunity would not be available to me right now if not for her speaking so highly of me to them. I had applied to this company many times in the past and never even got a screening interview from HR. Now, with her recommendation, he calls and doesn’t even ask me any interview questions…

    That’s so cool about your PLAN B card! I have too many options in front of me though! Not one of them says YES that’s the one! LOL. Hope you get into your group - how long after the June 2 deadline will you know???

  • @watergirl18
    Getting that hook up by way of a close bond is exactly validating the tone for the next 3 years. Do some more of that because it will land you into something more permanent and rewarding. Wow, those are stellar benefits! And boy we don't see much of that anymore. Since no one twists anyone's arm anymore for that it does feel like their core value does include fair share care about employees. I am surprised you didn't get THAT phone call yet from your current place. I didn't expect anything much more enlightening from your new place call yet, in fact as I picked up before the guy you talked to was not terribly attached to the process, just doing his job and following protocol. I still see that your real hookup from there, one that gets your radar flowing strong will be a female. I was getting a strong vibe that yesterday the current place call would come and it will irritate you and you will biting your tongue just not to scream, WTF, you think I'm an IDGIT? I just feel that so imminent. I get so much how despite psychic gifts and connections, NO we don't just get a road map with all answers! BUT you get lots of guidance to pass all wisdom needed to grow into your next move. I used to get frustrated at times when I'd get my reading once a year and it always felt good, kept me on track and gave me a heads up on many future crossroads but no. I still had to grow into it. Many of the predictions didn't manifest for years. For you, I do get that you will keep moving forward and you will not stagnate. I still get a positive that the decision will play out and be decide before May ends. And that travel to the East coast made me shudder! NO I don't see you there. Anything's possible but I got a very negative response in my gut on that. In the end, it will be as Spirit has been leading you towards. You will be lead by your intuitive KNOWING on this one and that foundation will continue to grow and take you to that place where you will settle into and find your home nitch. A place you can remain past retirement if you choose. As for my residency, now I am over it. Thats why I rechecked out of impatience for a reply date. I did consult one of my close bonds, she's the one who encouraged me to go for it despite the short prep. She is a writer as well so knows the drill and she's very spiritual so thinks outside the box and she works as a grant writer so has the best of both worlds. I told her the date was extended and yes like my perfectionist gut reaction she said well do you want to contact them and see if your application was already acceptable and should you send another? I laughed cos that was my first thought but then she said, but you were happy with it right? I said yes. Other than the freakin two typos. The actual place that takes the applications has no say in the choice, they run the facility and actually I know them all in a distant way as a writer. The actual master artists who come there for the residency haven't even seen the applications yet. Here's my feelings as of last night, MOVING FORWARD. If it's meant to be it will happen and I no longer feel anything either way! I feel like detaching from the whole thing. I considered sending an e-mail today and asking them if my application was ok and would it make a difference if I resubmitted? So, psychic as I am I don't get that direct answer yet! My friend did suggest that the whole bums rush may have influenced my application in a good way. I was less formal. As I said, she is both very professional yet can think outside the box. Friends like that are Golden. OH and not to change the subject but had one of my "shapeshifter" dreams last night! UHG!!!!. I still have one , once or twice a year and I hate them because I wake up with a mixture of emotions. WTF? I know you know all about that! Let me know when you get that phone call!

  • @blmoon,
    Still no word from my boss but that’s a good thing cuz I need more time with the outside job prospect. I sent him a quick thank you yesterday and told him my availability for a face to face but he has not responded. If this is supposed to be wrapped up by the end of the month then it would be with my current employer. The earliest I would meet with the new place is June 4 or 5.
    Someone had told me about the benefits at the new place but I thought she was exaggerating- she said her daughter had 3 operations and it didn’t cost her a dime. But my Pollyanna friend confirmed it. The ulterior motive is to keep the property non-union. So the owner offers the best salaries in town and better benefits than the union offers. Kinda genius...
    I hope you get good news on your submittal!!!

  • @blmoon -OH! And the shapeshifter dream...YUCK!!! I get them once in a while too but thankfully it’s been quite some time.

  • @watergirl18
    not sure if it makes a difference but what I exactly heard was you would make your choice by the end of the month. And you may get an e-mail during your vacation time. And I like genius when it's productive!

  • @blmoon Hi there! I am officially on vacation 🙂 No news or event that ticked me off this week so we will see what happens next week. Also, no news on the $ offer from my current job and no response yet from the new company. I am going to forget about it and enjoy my week off! Enjoy the holiday weekend, Blmoon. Hope you get good news on your artist group 🙂

  • @blmoon, cards I pulled for myself today...thought it was so interesting how the High Priestess and High Priest (with their cat and hawk) were facing each other and the card in the middle. I have been getting that "Follow the Voice of Your Soul" card daily 🙂
    0_1558815664697_IMG_1227 2.jpg

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    YEP! It's the trend for you. Your decision will be made from the place of power of your gift. A balance is called for. Great cards! I think vacation or not you will hear something more. Enjoy your quiet time. I'm headed to the beach and I'm jumping in! I love the time before sunset. Been craving a swim for so long!

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    PS. I just had to go back to the ACA site and check and sure enough I was right about what they are waiting on. They removed the two writers as no longer open. BUT left the Grammy winning producer musician! I bet all the extended deadline got them was a landslide more for the poet and I applied for. I just know there is a lot of performance anxiety going on over him! I should find out soon and I'm both excited and scared because I put myself out there as ready to combine poetry and my music talent! My other psychic radar is the poet and him are more than friends. Anyway, like you the psychic waits! HAHAHA!

  • @blmoon, that's fantastic! Any word since your last post? You could become the next great songwriter in the U.S. We sorely need one!! My vacation with my pup was fabulous. The weather was perfect, the location ideal. We had such a great time. It was hilarious to see my pup in new surroundings. He was like, "whaaaaaaat? what is this place? what is that big blue shiny thing that moves with the moon?" LOL. The day we drove in we got there around 5:30pm, checked into the hotel and our room had an incredible view of the ocean. He ran to the window and just freaked out and started whining to go outside and check it out 🙂 We went on long walks every day and I took him with me when I went out to eat as the restaurants all have outdoor patios and allowed people to sit outside with their dogs. Very dog friendly city. I was in heaven. When I pulled the suitcase out to pack to come home, he just sat by the window looking depressed. After the drive home he just looked at me like "what fresh hell is this?" He got so much attention from the hotel staff and the other guests - he got a bit spoiled 🙂 So back to the real world and work again on Monday. I did not receive any emails while I was gone and the month is now over. I think the decision I made by month's end is that I am ready for this to be over. Tired of being in limbo - this started back in February. Good, bad or ugly, I just want to move on to what's next and get started already!

  • @watergirl18
    what a nice vacation! I miss road trips with my Luna. She was my road buddy and loved to ride. She's been gone almost 4 years. My male dog gets car sick! What a bummer! I thought he'd out grow it but no. I was wondering if you got that e-mail yet. Interestingly a very close friend of mine from the school we worked got canned yesterday! She had been there 17 years! She had been looking but wasn't decided. Not only did she get that surprise on the last day of school but they tried to get her to sign paperwork for a pay off if she agreed to tell the parents her departure was mutual! They do not want to pay out workmans comp. Of course, I'M SURE they waited until all the other teachers signed their contracts before dropping that bomb because everyone loves her. She used to be the lead teacher before they took that away 2 years ago because the boss decided the teachers were not allowed to be socially involved with each other. My friend could not shift gears between being a fellow teacher advocate problem solver to a more corporate setting of do not socialize or become friends just do your job. Every April the teachers get burned out and we used to call it the crazy month. Well the boss accused my friend of giving her a dirty look! Called her into the office demanding an apology. My friend said she was out of her mind that it was April and they have the same conversation every April and after 17 years she was tired and no apology. The thing is there never was a boundary between them like the newer crew because I trained her when the school was small and family like and my friend was her right hand employee. I can not tell you all the summers my two bosses left the school in our hands while they vacationed. In the summer there is camp and after that all the rugs get cleaned and floor professionally done and that means every classroom gets emptied into the courtyard. The other teachers all hauled ass but we did that shit. We ran the business end as well. But like we discussed before things change when a business grows big-time. I wished my friend got out sooner. She is like a daughter to me and she deserves better. She's seeing a lawyer. They will definitely out lawyer her but I think this one is going to bite them in the ass. I'm sure when you go back to work your decision will be waiting for you. Oh, the Poet I applied for I just found out we share the same birthday. Interesting.!

  • @blmoon - couple things about your friend. My niece was laid off from a company - they offered her a severance which was not bad - but she contacted a lawyer anyway and got MUCH more. Also, my sister's company was just sold. She had been there almost 30 years and was worried about losing her job. I kept telling her it was a good thing because her employer was stingy with vacation, etc. The new company has kept her on and transferred her seniority so she now has twice the vacation time. Sometimes these things happen for our own good. Your friend will probably be better off somewhere else and if she gets legal help she will get a much better pay out than they offered her!

  • @watergirl18
    I think she has the upper hand as well. I tried getting her to leave for years. But it's more than a job for her, she loves teaching and is damn good at it. She gave up having children and gets her fulfillment off of her job so she blows off the annoying politics of it.The fact that despite any personal reasons the owner has with her she is a top notch employee. 100% professional really makes it hard for them to find fault. And yes, the families that adore her and expect to get her is real. They are cheap so you are right, they are going to low ball that offer. I told her she should get double, with a glowing written reference and Mr. Bean counter can wash her car every Sunday.. I love her because outside of the workplace she is outspoken and a wild one but at work she is disciplined to the max. I don't know how this is going to affect me teaching guitar in the Fall. When I was there last fall I made myself invisible and put my energy into my guitar class and collected that nice pay. I also, did not say yes or get sucked into any thing less. When bean counter asked me in January to teach in March I know it was because of parent pressure. Their kids were dazzling on the guitar and they wanted more. By March I think it died down and I suspect bean counter told them I was not available. I think they really thought I would do it for less. I noticed they stopped using the outside INDEED site for jobs! They would never have offered me that rate. if it had not been posted off site. I know my friend would do better and it is a blessing, her problem is that was her only teaching job she ever had and like for me there was a time when it was a great place so it is hard to let go when you think it will change back., she came straight out of college. I wondered if her getting that news by the end of May got mixed with you! But I still think your vacation was timely and something final for you has happened and Next week will reveal a decision you will not have to think long on. I still get that you are on a path that's been in the works for awhile. My friend said when they pulled out the paperwork to sign she wanted to throat punch both of them! That's the feeling I got about you as well, an offer or remark from a boss that shuts a door for you. I think it is about trusting your gut and getting a nice vacation has centered you. I am very curious to see were you land. HAPPY JUNE!

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