The Alchemist

  • @watergirl18 I don’t know your whole story. I empathize with how you are feeling. Just want to ask a question-When was the last time you focused on daydreaming? Indulged, in wasting time- just imagining all your dreams, focused on living out your wildest fantasies.... ?

  • @watergirl18
    I think you need a good laugh🤡

  • Maybe a night in a New Orleans karaoke bar. I heard it from a friend

  • @blmoon hello 🙂 I am not quite over this crud but am feeling much better than I was and my energy is slowly lifting. Sorry for being such a downer - it's amazing how fatalistic I become when I am running on empty. I am also feeling much more at ease with accepting where I am right now. January was indeed very tough! I do recognize the need for a job that better suits my energetic needs, but I think maybe I need to stop focusing on that and instead focusing on what that job would bring into my life - taking the macro versus the micro perspective. That being said, there is a LOT of drama going on at the workplace. Fortunately, I am not the brunt of it this time, but I am somehow involved - feels like a higher up is using me as a pawn in a political move against someone else. Anyway, thanks for putting up with me and I hope your February is going well 😘