The Alchemist

  • Has anyone read this book by Paulo Coelho? One of the famous quotes from it is "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

    Of course, this can be blocked by our own limiting thoughts/beliefs.


  • Hi Watergirl,

    I have not read the book but know a little about it. I heard about the quote too. I believe when something is supposedto be then all energies are behind it so that it cannot, but, to happen. It is like those smooth relationships vs the bumpy ones or when one candidate is the favorite vs the other one. I need to read the book before commenting :).

    Have you read it? What is your view of the quote?

  • Hi znl - I have not read it but want to. My puppy doesn't leave me much alone time though! I saw an interview of the author on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. Very interesting. I've seen this law in action but I've also seen the opposite. The author said the key was our own limiting thoughts and beliefs.

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  • When something unflaverful is in motion the universe may not be all out to stop it. Such complicated matters. Makes you think faith has a lot to do with it.

    I am sure, I will read it at some point. I used to read so much, but somehow, in the last few years I have had difficulty in concentrating enough to read.

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  • Well, I want and frankly need a certain contract to come through and am asking the Universe to conspire on my behalf please!!

  • Thinking of you and your wish Watergirl. In oneness with you and universe for your wish.


  • Thank you znl! Hope you are well this fine Saturday morning!

  • I think you have done all you could do to make it happen and now it is in the hands of universe! Trusting what is best for you. 🙂 xx

  • Hmm, it seems to me like we should do for ourselves, ie we should be our own creators of the life we want and only we ourselves can block it coming to us. I believe the Universe wants the best for us and lends us advice and support, but that we must stand on our feet and not ask but actively make what we want happen by our thoughts. We will know if it is not right for us by the consequences and/or the disappointment that come with it.

  • Yes, we must do our part and take the action required. His quote says that the Universe conspires in HELPING, not that the Universe does it for us.

    He said in the interview that he had published one book and it had been a success so the publisher asked him to write another - The Alchemist was his second book. It sold one copy right away and then nothing. Then, 6 months later one more copy was sold at the same book store in the middle of nowhere so they assumed it was the same person and a friend of the author. The publisher told him they were no longer going to sell the book. He had a gut feeling that they just did not give it enough time and asked them to wait. They said no.

    He then thought, I wrote that quote so I must live by it. So he took out a list of publishers and chose one that he felt drawn to (listening to his intuition). He went to him and said this book was published and did not sell, but I think it will if given the time. The publisher just said OK and published it. It has sold millions of copies now. He asked the publisher years later why he said yes to publishing a book that had not sold any copies and he said he didn't know. This was the Universe conspiring to help. He listened to his intuition telling him to go to this publisher and the publisher listened to his gut and published it. But none of it would have happened if first he had not written the book and secondly, if he had given up and not sought out another publisher.

    I do notice, however, that sometimes we cling to things that maybe are not meant to be - especially in relationships. So my question is, how do we know the difference between strengthening our faith versus clinging to false hope?

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  • Watergirl, thanks for the interesting thread. I have thought often about the same thing(s).

    ". So my question is, how do we know the difference between strengthening our faith versus clinging to false hope?"

    I wonder if I am being too simplistic but at some point we may start ignoring all the signs that universe is not allowing things happen the way we want or hope and put effort into it. Perusing the same path will lead to unhappiness and more disappointment. At some point "our ego" becomes the focus instead of accepting the faith and detach.

    I would like to think we put all our efforts behind something so that there is not any regret if things do not work out and without trying the universe is not alerted for getting behind it and make it happen.

  • I think that, when making choices and decisions, we have to learn the difference between asking for what the heart wants (what we hope for) or even what the head tells us is logical and correct (what we think is right), and the true voice of our intuition which doesn't ever lie to us (what we know deep down in our souls is authentic and good for us). Listening to your gut instincts will never lead you astray.

  • It is true.....everything we need is out there. It's hard to see past our own pain that a part of us chooses pain. This is a hard one. Where the focus goes grows is the basic law. If your lights just got cut off and you are in fear mode it takes a lot of discipline and gratitude to stay in the moment. Fear traps you in the future or the past and neither exists. We read the right guru books but it is divine push of our own free will that puts knowledge to work. I've pulled that card plenty.....time to put knowledge to work and stop searching for a magical missing piece. It is my experience that living in the moment is the power we seek and it is the door that opens us to what we desire. Everyone is on their own journey of enlightenment that eventually brings us to that leap of being safe in the moment. Early on in my life that first leap started with taking responsibility and releasing myself from victim mode. A lot of lessons follow. And now with the wisdom of the crone I am practicing living in the moment with the mind's door open. When I catch myself sitting with my wheels spinning I am suddenly aware I am no longer present! So I stop my mind.....look around.....and find a present joy and just savour. Maybe it's just my sweet beautiful joy givers. Or a favourite painting I love but forget. I savour it. A door opens to the heart's desire and instead of your own voice talking circles in your head......that drowning chaos of the silence of now and joy......the spirit speaks and is heard. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    You must have really done some digging to find this thread underneath all that spam! How are you?

    I tried for a while to combat the spam by posting new threads in the hopes that the "real" forum members would participate, but our community has dwindled. I'm not sure what bothered me most, all the spam or all the "bumped" threads with no actual content added to them in years.

    I don't do readings any more and honestly not sure what I believe in any more for that matter. Remember that song with the lyric about "losing my religion" ?? I identify with that in a way. So I've just been trying to focus on being at peace with where I am and finding moments of joy in the little things. I work hard, but the results don't seem to come and it's too upsetting to come up with an answer as to why. So I just get up every day and do what I have to do and try not to think about it. I was focusing on the little things to be grateful for. For instance, the new job that I felt guided to take (which was a huge leap of faith) may not be going well, but it did give me the opportunity to work from home which I loved. This also allowed me to get the dog I had always wanted. But now, because my work is not producing the expected results, they don't trust me and I have to go into the office again. So the gratefulness has to shift to something else...right now the best I can come up with is I have a paycheck (which is nothing to sneeze at)!

    I got a new kitty along with my puppy. They were born exactly one week apart and came home 2 days apart. They are adorable and the puppy especially just lights up my life. I said I wanted a pup I could train to take to children's hospitals and hospices and he has turned out to be totally in love with all humans and they all love him too. This afternoon I was driving somewhere and took him with me. At a stoplight I noticed a woman on the other side of the road walking with a sign that she had 3 kids and needed to pay rent. She was skin and bones and had a look in her eyes that made me believe her. Then I noticed my pup, who had been somewhat sleeping, perked up and was looking at her intently...I swear he looked concerned. I took it as confirmation that I should do something, but didn't have any money on me. So I drove a few miles to an ATM, then drove back, parked my car, and started to walk down the street looking for her. I did catch up to her and gave her $100 and a big hug and told her things would get better. I started to bawl on my way back to the car so I must have picked up some of her sadness. I hope it helped - that her story was true - and that she used it to pay rent or buy food instead of alcohol or drugs or gambling. When I was walking back to my car, someone drove by with her window down and yelled to me that she was inspired by what she saw and would pass it on so maybe that was the purpose.

    Anyway, I'm babbling, it's been a long week! Hope you are doing well and it really was very nice to "see" you here again.


  • oh....helping others is a tough one. I just had a woman come to my door......I didn't open it but opened my window. She was in a state of desperation and said her lights were off and she had no car and was just trying to do the right thing by asking for work....anything...yard work.....anything. Her state of being was real and as an empath that is the reality I absorb and unfortunately, this often clouds the truth. I really am not in a position right now to give money without purpose. I talked to her awhile and gave her some solid options for getting help but she had a roadblock for every suggestion. She thanked me and I said all I had to offer her was prayers. I almost ran after her as the guilt ate at me......yet a part of my higher self had asserted a voice that there was a lot hidden. Later after the empath residue wore off my psychic side kicked in and I could see the truth. If I had given her work or money it would open a door that would be hard to close. Any money would not have helped her as she was incapable of doing good for herself and if I gave her work she would cling to me in way I would feel trapped and also would be inviting her world into mine. I know it sounds harsh but I am really overly generous to a fault. I have a deep need to be of service and am drawn to people needing saving. I have an early history of giving too much...whether it be money...time or energy. At my age now I finally have found a more self loving balance. Just because you FEEL another's need doesn't mean it's your burden to intervene. I think for you Giving that woman the money was not a bad thing but really she was a drug addict.. What a painful desperate state to be in. Your money bought her another day of surviving . Your gift bought you some relief of FEELING her pain. You too are made for healing and being of want to be meaningful. You are a very special soul! I'm not saying I no longer give hand outs but I now stand back far enough to hear spirit out so I know which handouts are productive. Sometimes not intervening is a blessing to them. You have a beautiful open heart! May a mighty male sword always keep it safe! I say that prayer for myself as well!

  • Watergirl, you haven't lost your religion, just acquired the true one which is about living peacefully and trying to help others. We don't need an organization to believe in what is right and natural.

  • Thanks Captain. I have never really been religious, so the "losing my religion" thing is more about questioning what I believe - spiritually speaking. Just not sure any more. I know what I no longer believe, or question. But nothing has replaced it so am still in the in-between or void state. This does help keep me in the "one day at a time" mode however!

    Blmoon, yes, she may have been a drug addict but I think maybe I have been in need of some compassion and mercy and chose to experience it through giving it to another. I spent most of my life as the cynical one who would never give a dime to someone on the street. Sometimes it feels better to just be open hearted and hope that it will somehow do good. My money is hard earned and right now more is going out than coming in so the giving was an act of faith on my part that somehow my future needs will be taken care of as well.

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