The Alchemist

  • Hi Blmoon,

    How is your job manifesting coming along? Notice how I didn't say job SEARCH? Haha. I think we have both earned the right to have things come TO us instead of actively searching for them 🙂

    Not sure if this is the hidden agenda or not, but spoke with my old boss and the job she wants me for actually is HER job as she has accepted another position elsewhere. She has only been there a month or so...thinking maybe the hidden agenda at first (before she got the new job) was because she needed someone good and couldn't find anyone and now maybe she feel the need to find her own replacement because she feels guilty for leaving so soon. At any rate, although she is recommending me, it's obviously not her decision so not sure what will happen. But did confirm with her today that I was interested in speaking with them and she told me she would start the process - the person I will be speaking with is her boss who is a man. I knew she was trying to "sell" me on the move, but she did paint a pretty picture of living there and mentioned how the work-life balance is much better than at the company we both worked together before.

    I was reading over your post from when you first mentioned "door number three". You did say there would be a welcoming man there who would like me. Both job options have a man! Don't know about the man that would involve the move yet since I haven't spoken with him. The man at the job where I am now seems to like me and I actually kinda like him too - I feel like our personalities click in a way. I did have the stomach cramps, nausea before but I wasn't sure if it was because of him based on the timing of it and I have been having them a lot lately so it might be because of my current job. All I know for sure is that I want to leave where I am and one of these two options will hopefully work out. I am less confident in the move now since it's no longer a given that I can have the job if I want it. We shall see!

    Oh! And that post of yours I was re-reading said the 16th would be significant. That was back in early October so I thought it was that month, but maybe it was November. That's next week 🙂

  • funny you ask because just yesterday I did feel a bit impatient about WAITING for something to come to me. Right now I am juggling finances and kinda have my own personal ponzi scheme know, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. I have very good credit so I can float this sad boat awhile longer. The messages I get are mostly pointing towards a three month window as of last month before I get some kind of bailout. I had two dreams last week about my old job that were unusual. Usually when I dream about being at work my female boss is with me even though I worked alone. I dream there is lots to do and I actually wake up tired! I have those dreams I believe when my boss is doing my job.....most likely on a weekend and hating it. They replaced me at first but the person lasted 6 months and my boss has been doing it herself since. Not twice a week like I did to stay ahead but now she waits until a big event that requires the whole campus to be in perfect order. and coming in to prep the campus for the public. The teachers have been on their own since I left. The two dreams recently were so different....I was busy but had everything under control and actually enjoyed myself and my Mr Volvo boss was in my dream and was actually in awe of my talents. That was different! I get the feeling I'm going to hear from them. Maybe it isn't literal but my gifts will find a more appreciative situation. Mr Volvo got stuck with my duties as well but I got the feeling he at first thought it would be easy to get another me. I took care of all inventory and distribution. Before me they had issues with theft. A teacher got caught stealing hoards of supplies. And I heard the person who replaced me got fired for stealing and mr volvo was so paranoid about her hours being honest he put in a time clock just for her! I heard they fight a lot after I left.. I am waiting I guess for someone who will appreciate the kind of loyalty and independent problem solving I have to offer. I was also in the two dreams with the students and had them organized and happy. As for your two male possibilities. The one you met with already who has the strong Taurus vibe...not necessarily his sun sign but it's definitely there. He likes you but he hates decisions unless it's things he knows well....anything relating to his job description he is good with but at other times he will drag his feet and put off decisions....but he knows it so he trys to have a loyal smart female to trust with stuff he hates. He would not feel good about leaning on another male as that would make him look weak. You really would be dealing with his queen bee more than him....a lot of your happiness with the job will depend on her. When I try to pick up on the man not met yet I see high energy....which comes with a little moodiness. His employees at times can't figure him out......he can project somethings wrong which makes others worried yet mostly it's just him. He is not an open book but you have that intuitive advantage and I think you would figure him out pretty quick. He does strive to keep up the positive energy. Some employees find it too much at times. He has an odd sense of humor that also irritates some but I think you would enjoy it.....he goes back and forth between silly or so intelligently dry it goes over some folk's heads. The bottom line is this man has a strong personalty. He enjoys not being an open book and at times a defensive person can feel he's messing with them. He has the social Spirit of a Sagittarius with a Leo mix.....I think that is were the contradiction of his moods come from. He's definitely not for someone who is too serious or has to always know what he means when he says odd things. He is interesting and charismatic when he needs to get the job done . I think his only irritating habit for some is the mood swing thing....but as I said it rarely has anything to do with others. We will see!

  • Vindication can be sweet, no? At least you know they NOW appreciate you even if they didn't then. Their loss, someone else's gain! That someone who will appreciate you and treat you, respect you and compensate you for your worth.

    I think my choice may be made for me already. The ex-boss truly has zero say in who replaces her and I feel it would be silly of me to let this other opportunity go while I get jacked around by her and whomever she works for. She intimated today that he wants someone who has already had the title (which I have not) and that there is another candidate he is looking at with that qualification. It's a letdown for sure. I was fully prepared to pick up and move - saw myself happy living there and successful at the job. Oh Well!! Letting go and moving forward with the other position...

    Have a great weekend!

  • trust your gut but I think you shouldn't get stuck on his title have a good work history and if he really likes you he can be swayed. I know you have a time constraint but if you get an interview with door number three soon enough I think you should at least try then make a choice. Spirit leads me to believe the personalities of either are not new to you! Why is your friend leaving yet cares enough to help? References? or is that the cynical option that doubts just a lucky break?

  • I am sending my resume as requested, but it triggered something in me. I spent most of my life trying to convince a romantic partner and even some employers to pick me, choose me, see me, value me....once I finally got the lesson I REALLY got it and now I have ZERO interest in doing that with anyone in any circumstance. You either see me or you don't...want me or you don't. There's no gray area for me. I'm seriously done with playing second fiddle.

    I think she cares not so much because of me but because of her guilt. She just took that job a month ago and they paid for her relocation. She feels an obligation in some way to find them a good candidate. I'm really the only person she knows that isn't tied down with a husband, kids, etc. and would be able to move. Sounds cynical of me, yes, but I do believe it's true. That doesn't mean it's not a spiritual gift/lucky break as well.

    So now I have to go through the pain of learning the word processing software on my Mac. I've always had a PC - resume is in Word and I need to update it!

  • Yes...I get it now. They relocated her and that means she had to sign a contract. That's bad baggage. Thats why I told my last boss first I was job looking because I had a long work history with her and if she took offence she could really hurt my reference. On the outside she has stayed in touch in a seemingly nice way but there is always that bit of doubt.. as for your insights I don't get cynical....I think you are right about the circumstances of this opportunity and I agree that doesn't mean it isn't a gift for you. I agree with your perspective too. In fact my card pull today was God of indulgence.....Angel of Communication and yuck....Angel of self worth. It could be your pick as well! It so echos your post. Today is my dead son's birthday! ugh!! Trying to honor him but it's like pushing a boulder up a hill. You will do fine on computer....isn't word the same on either pc? I used to be such a wiz on computer the college would pay me para professional free lance for giving one time lessons or assisting teachers who were not so good. I mostly excelled at publishing and graphics on the mac but have never owned a mac.....have always had a PC. My man has a hate vendetta for Apple! He builds his own pc and is into the techno side....I am creative and just use the damn thing. Mostly word. That triggering thing in you may be related to that Spirit message that the men you will be dealing with you already know. It's you that have changed! That is why you will be successful in this choice. I think if you do get an interview with this new one and feel dazzled avoid a contract no matter how good it sounds. Honesty is your best friend.....and that includes being true to yourself. Stick with your current is a good energy. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    So sorry about your day today. It must be painful no matter how strong of a person you are. I pulled a card for you and got Goddess of the first I thought, huh? But it does make sense in a way since you are re-experiencing feelings of loss. Pour it into something creative if you can.

    The Mac version of Word is Notes. I seem to have figured it out - at least enough to type of the resume, but for the life of me can't figure out how to SAVE the document, lol. I'll figure it out...

    Much love to you today...

  • Thanks! the card is right on. I get it. ........and if you can't find save try right clicking on document. or paste it to an e-mail and send it to your self. Macs must be different now.....I used one at the college for years and it had word on it. Maybe you have to buy it. And boy they overprice software big time! My dark side? My "say it like it is" sharp tongue. A gift really as a writer but often I will delete (recently did that!) thinking I will start a riot ; ).....and my intense passion and the depth of emotion......I fear it at times but it is the gift that a creative soul needs. I just need to spend my fire in a positive direction. Yes.....I had my tears but now I will use that pain to build something. I just got a weight bench and am remaking a workout room....including my treadmill etc. My son was into fitness and broke records lifting and he won many awards. I have paint for the room....and tonight is the night!

  • oh my gosh...when I said to channel the energy into something creative, after I hit the "submit" button on the post, I had an afterthought that I was supposed to tell you to paint. Haha!

  • must be psychic......; ) Can you give me the lotto numbers?

  • Haha! Still don't think of myself as psychic :). How did the room turn out?

  • Read this today and thought I would share:

    If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.


  • That is the head in the basement bottom line for sure! Forgot what painting was like! WORK. Every muscle...twist turn bend ...unbend..reach. I am in the thick of it. Out with the soothing turquoise comes a bright but subtle peach...just enough to pump things up but not too much. Good choice. Being happy with paint choices is touchy. I think the name your price whisper is intended for both of us....I think when presented with that next salary we need to go bigger and bolder than ever! I'm not just echoing a feel good seminar on this....I really feel it and am lately seeing what it looks like. Well tomorrow is the light of my girlfriend passing the 15th and me telling you the 16th I considered it was meant for me. We shall see! Spirit does show me you laughing .....some very strange event....job related...may be an interview? or what was supposed to be a heart to heart got weirdly strange. I can't wait to hear whatever that is! BLESSINGS!

  • Well, the temporary new boss has been in the office for 3 weeks now and I am to the point where I just can't stand being in the same room with him. His energy makes me want to crawl out of my skin when I'm near him. Thank goodness after tomorrow he's GONE.

    The corporate boss is in this week as well and I think that may be what you saw. Yesterday (the super full moon day!) he lost his temper with me and I just calmly responded and made him look like a fool. He's not normally one to raise his voice or lose his temper - actually swings in the other direction of being too much of a pushover - so it was kind of funny in retrospect. He apologized an hour or so later and I told him not to worry about it, BUT I was getting VERY TIRED of things in general. He yelled at me because he thought I was being "negative." To me, being negative is in general having a whiny, complaining attitude. In this situation, someone (the new boss who just started this week) asked me a direct question and I told him the truth. I think he (the corporate honcho) just didn't like that I was giving the new guy a dose of reality.

    I'm supposed to talk to the guy at the new company (the one located here) on Thursday or Friday. I just can't shake a nagging feeling about it though. Like it won't be any better. But right now, given only two choices of staying where I am and going there, I'm not sure. Just a few days ago I was sure I would go. Not sure what happened other than the nagging feeling that keeps coming up.

    That brings door #3. I sent my resume to her Sunday night and she said she would forward it to him, but she (like she has done so many times in the past) went from trying so hard to sell me on the job and the move to now being very passive. I know it's because she knows she doesn't have any say, BUT not hearing anything (yes, I realize it's only been two days) makes me think that maybe this door has closed for me.

    So now I'm left wondering if there actually will be a career change or move of some sort in my near future or not.

    I love turquoise!!! But you were probably tired of it or just ready for a change as well, no? made me think of the 80's! I used to wear that color all the time 🙂 And yes, lots of seldom used muscles get used while painting. Be sure to soothe the aching muscles and pamper yourself when you're finished!

    OH!!! Maybe the laughter will occur tomorrow....will be having lunch with my once shapeshifter. No big deal - I actually called him. Having all the arrogant testosterone in the office has been wearing on me so I've been calling everyone setting up lunch dates so I can get the heck out of the office for a little while LOL. HIs office is close to mine - we've met for lunch before. No danger involved for me - that ship has sailed around the world a few times by now and I am way over it!

  • OH, and when the corp. honcho yelled at me yesterday, he said something to the effect of "if you are going to continue being negative then maybe this isn't the right place for you." Shortly after, I left for lunch and he went back to his desk to discover a resignation letter from my colleague. So now I'm the only sales person left. HAHAHA!

  • Geez, I keep forgetting stuff! Here's a funny pic I saw today...

  • ; )

  • Those are great!!!

    Pretty uneventful day today. The only two things to say are (1) THANK GOD the head honcho and the DUFUS left town today and (2) my lunch with the ex was BORING. I can remember a time when I hung on his every word - today I had to conceal my yawns while he talked about himself, LOL.


  • Haha! Yeah, it's been that way for a while now. Not sure why we're maintaining a friendship but we are. We travel in some of the same circles and have mutual friends. It's harmless now that there's no residual heartache.