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  • step up your magnesium calcium vitamin E and vitamin D. I have also had muscle joint pain all my life but right now it's not a problem. I used to spend a lot of time at the chiropractor. Mostly, I had an issue with tensing muscles and causing misalignment...also I work hard. But now I'm not so hard on myself. For me.......severe pain up back of neck is a sign that an earth bound spirit has it's hooks in me. To remain earth bound they feed off of people. Unfortunately, they seek out the the people with the most life. They do not travel far from their chosen area....they are possessive. These are spirits who when alive had issues with closed hearts....they refused love and loving others. Since God IS love they do not go towards God when they pass....they do not know love. I have picked up hauntings when doing readings for others....they do not like being outed and will grab your energy and leave you with a painful feeling up the back of neck. I have lived next door to one....he usually stays there. No one ever stays long there. Someone just bought it and has been renovating but the last two years the house sat empty and I had to chase it away a lot. I sense it's presence because I'll get that heavy feeling...feel tired and then the neck also likes to cause arguments....every couple that has moved in that house ends up fighting. The house has been renovated so many times yet it falls apart. I try not to give those kinds of spirits any thoughts but if you are a psychic who has magic and power you do need to be aware of this stuff. You can make them leave by just commanding they leave.....tell them it's your house and they must go. You can say a prayer or ask for Angel help. Cleansing with sage helps or laying salt around the borders of your house. They don't like to get noticed and prefer to hide in an area of clutter or mess. I keep the side of my house facing the neighbors extra tidy. I also visualize the yard Fairies dancing a protective ring around my property. I so hate that house! The city condemned it finally but here in Florida it can still be offered for sale. The only people who lasted in the house were single men who were drunks....the kind that pass out on the sidewalk but otherwise never bother anyone. I so wished the place would burn down! I started sitting outside at night praying to the fairies to please heal that house. I did this for many weeks and one night about two months ago when I got up from my swing this huge luminous white butterfly flew out of nowhere! It had a very bright glow! and glowing swirls around it.....then it disappeared. I was thinking wow did that just happen? I went to bed thinking boy something really magical was going to soon happen. I was in the house all the next morning.....when I went out to check mail....That big yellow Spanish house had been painted white!! There have been workers there for a month now working......some investment group is trying to flip it. I'm still chasing that spirit out of my house but not so often. I wish he'd just cross over!

  • I don't think it's a spirit - it's happened before and has felt differently to me. Also, the pain is going up both the right and left sides of the neck, not the back. I can tilt my head forward and backward without a problem but side to side is impossible. Today I had a really painful muscle spasm in the palm of my left hand. Soooo painful! When I look at it now I can see the crumpled looking muscle underneath and it not only feels bruised but LOOKS bruised as well. Like you, the chiropractor helps me with the misalignment that occurs from the severe muscle tension, however I think my left lower hip/sciatic is from years of sitting crooked.

    Ugh - I don't envy you with your neighboring house and its problems! Although I love the white luminous butterfly 🙂 Didn't you have a haunted house you lived in for a while? I think that was you...

    My neighbor was shot and killed by his son earlier this year - back in Feb/Mar or April. The son didn't live at home any longer, but had come home to get his college tuition money from his father. The dad asked to see his grades from the previous semester and it came out that he had dropped out of college and had been pocketing the tuition money. The father was a really mild mannered man - not a hot head at all - but he was understandably angry. The kid had mental health issues - bipolar I believe and untreated. The kid just snapped and emptied the gun into him. I had to tell the father he had died and at the hand of his son - he was hanging around the front of the house by the police tape and was really upset that his son had been arrested. I told him his mother was waiting for him and to cross over, but he hung around a while - worried about his wife and kid. He visited me a couple times and each time I got such a blinding headache so I'm pretty sure the kid shot him in the head. I felt so badly for the wife/mother. She witnessed the incident and in one fell swoop lost her husband and her only child. I felt her depression for a while afterward - so badly that I thought it was my own. Thankfully, she moved out and another family member took over the house.

    I intended to go to the mountains today with the pup but woke up to thunderstorms. We never get rain so I enjoy it, but it did delay the trip! The cooler, wet weather got me in the mood to cook - for some reason I had a hankering for stuffed cabbage!?! I thought of you - it's a polish dish, haha! Went to the store for all the ingredients (making them with ground turkey) but by the time I got home it was too late to make them (2-1/2 hours in the oven).

    Taurus guy was true to his word and had his HR lady call me today - message in my voice mail. I will call her tomorrow. Need to sit down and write up my questions first regarding insurance, benefits, etc.

    I've been thinking about a creative outlet for myself. I've always wanted to learn glass blowing so will research again - the last few times my search came up with zero options in my area. However, I also want to start writing. Not sure what kind. I'm definitely not a poet, but maybe song lyrics. Or a blog, lol. I would love to write a book - children's book even - but quite certain I'm no J.K. Rowling! And just now I had a thought of jewelry - making jewelry with crystals and gemstones. Something else I would need to take a class and learn the basics at least.

    Have a good night and hope you are doing well today!

  • from what you say it sounds like your pain is tension.....but then a hand pain as well that is mostly muscle can mean a deficiency with your minerals....dehydration. Or dietary. I once did the atkins diet and lost weight but started having weird joint pains and tender areas like never before. My wrists and tailbone hurt non stop and my belly was tender and often bloated. I finally googled my symptoms and found blogs with others similar complaints and many that fit with my new symptoms were connected to SPLENDA the artificial sweetener. Lots of that stuff in the atkins diet! Soon as I stopped Splenda all the symptoms went away ..... dumb! I use stevia or organic agave now. Actually a packet of plain old sugar is safer than that chemical stuff.Thanks for sharing your haunting story. You do get it! I used to make jewelry. Not for sale but gifts. stone beads and feathers....not big ones. Maybe one stone on top with small baby feathers. I once looked for glassblowing too!! No....didn't find any. I love tile work. Stained glass. Someone showed's not complicated. He did a lot of business doing repairs on the green side of town. Stained glass is profitable. If you just journal.....the genre will show itself. i'm tired. Going to bed! BLESSINGS!

  • Funny you should mention Splenda....I too gave it up a while back and now use honey or no sweetener at all but will use the plain sugar pack if I absolutely have to have it. But yesterday I was given the wrong drink and got someone's coffee instead of what I ordered - it was yuck so stopped to sweeten it and for some reason put SPLENDA in it!!! Haha. I normally use coconut or almond milk which has flavor to it so I don't need to sweeten. I think my entire back from sciatic to neck is just in knots from tension. The muscle tension in my upper back gets bad and pinches the nerves which causes the arm and hand spasms. Ugh!

    I will try journaling and see what happens.

    Spoke to the HR lady today and proceeding with a personality profile test and talking with Taurus man again next week. She said if we move along at a normal pace we should plan on a start date of beginning of 2017. Fresh start in January for the new year. We'll see. Still have questions and things to be worked out.

    My cards for the day were Daydream, Play and Fresh Air. Good vacation cards!!

  • A personality profile test huh? ; ) That could be entertaining. As for that tension....maybe you need a good twitch?

  • Well, I could use a good something, (haha)

    Blmoon, last night the poem Funeral Blues (W.H. Auden) popped into my head. It reminded me how deep my grief was at a point in my life when I lost someone. The poem helped me let the tears out, but for a long time I would read it or recite it and just sob. I hope you are doing okay. My heart goes out to you...

  • Actually, I did listen to some blues with my headphones on and cleaned up a few messes. I love cleaning house after midnight. Music changes everything!

  • I'm glad...was worried about you. Music really can be magical in that way. Hope you had another good day!

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  • Door number 3 has arrived!

  • For more understanding of how putting something out there to be answered is wonderfully explained in a documentary movie called "The Secret". You can catch the movie on Netflix and possibly Hulu. I have watched it, and can tell you that it works, IF you BELIEVE. You must have FAITH. You must speak aloud what you need. A prayer, a request, a spell....all the same thing. If spoken aloud from someone with a lot of FAITH will be heard. The answers can come surprisingly fast sometimes. I personally, have had a "miracle" happen in as little as a half hour. Sometimes within 24 hours, you could get the answer. But remember that it will not grant your every wish, but it can answer your "needs". But you must have the faith of a child! If you want this to work for you, you must build your faith and belief. We and the Universe are a whole. In some ways it's like learning how to tell a once paralyzed part of your body to cooperate for the first time. you first have to believe that that part CAN function before you can get it to move.


  • My ex-boss from my last hospitality job called...she moved to the Pacific Northwest and offered me a position. She said I could do it in my sleep but it could be a stepping stone and a chance to move . But also told me that she has been interviewing and would be leaving soon - thought I would be a good replacement for her. I realize that decision is not hers and she is using it as a tempting carrot, but it is tempting! I also feel really drawn to the location. The property sits on the water - there's a yacht club and kayaking. It's mountains meeting water. It feels heavenly. Taking some time to think about it though. I met with the guy at the potential new job where I currently reside and had terrible stomach cramps and nausea afterward. Could be a coincidence, but I did take note of it.

  • WOW! that fits exactly into what I saw for you......explains the confusion about not quite getting it as a new connection yet didn't see it as your recent connections. I did get a good vibe on location immediately My question is her intention. You know her......consider your first reaction. I think you are being tested here to balance desire with other's possible hidden agendas BUT you were assured by Spirit that they got you covered on this one and all you had to do is stay faithfully calm so you can hear their guidance. Which you have been! On that note do not ignore that gift of physical reaction to that last interview....... as you know.....nausea and stomach cramps is a very strong warning for psychics. I would think that a dream would have followed. I trust Spirit's original promise to you and you will get clarity on this third door. As you know sometimes we get led to our goal one stretch at a time. My feeling is whatever choice, you are well beyond being trapped. You have grown a lot in that department. Spirit says you have earned the leap to having people and experiences COME TO YOU. I am in that same boat at the moment. Your goal is a balance between fear based cynicism and that card with the veil that says ok you are moving towards something but it's ok if all the details are not reveled at the moment. . Maybe it's not the job but the move that is the main benefit for now and there is no mistake if it moves you closer to even a 4th door. That's me talking. All last week I kept pulling the psychic ability card at it's peak but no one had any questions! I have been following Spirits advice to rest.....and with your advice too about paying attention to that I am listening. I have gotten so many "be gentle with myself messages", been really trying to give a lot of thought to what that truly means. I do feel an excitement for you and it feels near future so this is the month for something to come to you! BLESSINGS I can't get that mountain water vision out of my head.....oh I could so be there!

  • Yes, I did get the hidden agenda, but can't quite figure it out. If she's leaving, why would she care to have me come on board - enough so that she would dangle the promotion of replacing her when she left? It's definitely interesting.

    But I also got that it didn't really matter because I feel like the job isn't really the issue - feels like the MOVE is why this is happening. And I also had the thought of door this move would lead to other things for me. There's a mystery around it, but definitely some other reason or reasons I am being led to this place.

    That being said, I looked up real estate as well as rentals (homes and apartments) and it is very expensive. Would definitely have to rearrange my life to accommodate. But the draw of how BEAUTIFUL the place is overpowers the economical issue. Need to stay grounded, that's for sure.

    I am blessed that all three options came to me instead of me having to seek them out. It is definitely a change from the past and I do appreciate it.

    Oh, and this place is 15 minutes outside of Seattle (and sooo close to the Canadian border) - a place where there are a lot of glass blowing studios and classes!

  • pictures come through really tiny...maybe you can download and they'll be bigger...

  • AWESOME area...I had a dear friend take big leap two years ago and left Florida to live in Oregon...close to Washington. She left a close knit family but loves it up there....she posts such beautiful nature pics....she wanted a place that had like minded beliefs......she's what they call a hipster. New age hippies. She is a very sincere and loving soul. She was there for me after my son passed. She is mother earth conscious and is into living green. She is a teacher and really gives her all. Where she lives they actually have free bicycles for use in town and people are trusted to return them. It's a very Artsy interesting area. I'm glad you already get what I pick up as well. HAPPY ADVENTURE!