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  • Oh Blmoon, I am so so so sorry. There are really never any words that help, but oh how I wish I had some for you. I did a couple readings last night and was tired, but you came into my thoughts and I felt compelled to pull some cards for you. They weren't good and then I felt like I was prying because you hadn't asked me to read for you so I put them away. But the nagging feeling came back and I pulled an Archangel card for you and got Family. The sense of family came in strongly but also grief. But again, felt like I shouldn't be doing it so just pulled the Sabian Symbol card for you and posted the meaning in the hopes that it would help. The original cards I pulled I will try to post for you. In retrospect, they sum up the situation you are in. Two of the cards are obvious, but the 3rd one, I just kept getting witchy sisters, witchy sisters...a close bond. Please let me know if I can do anything for you. Sending you love...

  • The first card didn't not come through! It was Mend a Broken Heart Fairy...will try to resize and post....

  • After posting I had a visitation from my soul sister and the world wasn't so empty. I'm sure she was close to her husband at first so he could get the hard things done. These are the times when being a sensitive is a blessing. I felt her loving presence. She expressed her love for me and thanked me for lending her my energy that last phone call. She claims it enabled her to have that last jamming party and she took it to the limit. That explains my few days of feeling breathless. I get that after someone has drawn energy from me. She is mostly an energy giver herself so I would not have expected that. The only other time I was aware and willing to give her energy was when she had cancer. Anyway that really chimed with your Scorpio message! She also mentioned was positive! And money has been an issue this year. And you are so right I would not ask for a reading for that! So far I have lost two not related but soul sisters and two soul mothers or mentors. The's are special connections. I so feel like the witchy sister in the middle! You really have a gift for serving God. Thank you. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    I'm so glad you had your visit with her, although I'm sure the grieving is still there for you. Wish I could give you a hug...

    Also glad she gave you the message about money being on the way...I did get a sense of that with the part of the Sabian Symbol message that said help was on its way 🙂 Have you submitted any of your poetry to be published lately?

    You reminded me of a visit I had once when an Uncle passed. I did not get to the hospital in time and had not seen him for a long while before his death. He was a bit of a black sheep as they say. I felt badly for not making it and whispered to him that I was sorry when I kissed him good-bye in the hospital. He came to me in a dream, although it was not a dream really. It felt like a scene in that movie "Contact." I was driving in my car, going rather quickly and came to an intersection. He was standing in the intersection and as I was passing through my car just stopped and floated as if time had stopped - felt like I was in space with no gravity, no sound. He leaned in my ear and said "it's ok." I could feel his breath on my ear. Then I was instantly pulled back into the fast paced speed of traffic and he was in my rear view mirror.

    Thinking of you and sending you love as always.

  • UGH! MY POST...A LONG ONE DISAPPEARED! I will be back!

  • Oh no! Are those your cards for today?

  • was my reaction to my posts disappearing yesterday. I've been having problems with that. I was sending the universe a message yesterday. I came back today. I could have re wrote the post to you but already spent my energy. My cards today were very lovely! Blessings under rainbows and Faith and Heart's desire! Good stuff. Are you having any problems with posts disappearing? Anyway, your uncle story touched me as at that time I was feeling friends husband called about funeral which is today but I did not go up there. Oddly, during my last phone call with my girlfriend we discussed funerals! Still, I felt pulled to be there but I know it would be bad for me. I'm very aware how I need rest and Peace right now. Talking to her husband just made it real all over again and the grieving on Monday intensified. Yesterday was confusing....a re-peat of is this really happening and lots of reminiscing. Today is more peaceful....I rested mostly yesterday....let out some tears and as the sun set I did some yard work. I love evening pitter patter in the garden! The Fairies are my friends.....Sounds crazy? I'm sure I am not the only lucky one who is blessed by yard Fairies. Anyway your uncle story reminded me that being there was never expected by my friend. I do not need to feel bad for taking care of myself. I am a very strong person yet also extremely sensitive. I know that if I am meant to partake of a hard calling the Angels will back me up and I will be strong enough but if its not my call.....I could suffer very ill effects. I don't remember what else I had posted for you. Thank you for the prayers! BLESSINGS!

  • There seems to be an issue with the forum threads when going to a new page - I've noticed it a lot lately so it's not just you 🙂

    No, you certainly did not need to go to the funeral - you had your visit with your friend and she doesn't need you there. Funerals are mostly for the people left behind to help with the grieving process. I totally understand the sensitivity part - it can be overwhelming and you were right to protect yourself.

    Still wish I could do something for you...

    I have a meeting with the guy at door number 2 tomorrow morning. I had decided to just drop it and never called him, but he called me this morning and wants to talk. I figured I should just go and hear what he has to say. I do need to leave where I am, I know that for sure. Only problem is where the heck is door number 3? Lol.

    Thinking of you and sending you hugs...

  • oh, and maybe those cards are blessings from your friend 🙂

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  • I get the feeling your current new boss is going to have some kind of odd sit down with his peeps......a divide and conquer? Odd vibe because he's expected by those who hired him to bring the team together. I'm picking up under that got it together peace maker face he's got a very controlling streak. He can't stand not knowing what each person is thinking. If it hasn't already happened expect a very odd conversation with him. Smile a lot!

  • Ha! Yeah, not a big fan of the current new boss. Big ego that he tries to disguise in a "nice guy" facade. Not buyin' it.

    Interview with the potential new boss and company went "well" I guess. Just not sure about it. I know it's prob better than where I am now but not sure I will actually be successful (and therefore happy) there. Told him my "price" and he didn't show any signs of flinching but we'll see. Told him I would not go lower. He also has a guy ego but in more of a "let's git'r done" kind of way. Didn't get the micromanager feel from him. I'm just concerned about being successful with my efforts as I have not been at my current company. I won't be happy if I can't produce and feel productive. And if I can't then I'll be looking for a job again!

  • i sense another try yet to come before you truly get excited. Not getting a new door for sure as it could be within your already connection circle. Whatever this offer is you will know immediately whether it's right or not. This last guy may ask for another sit down....I pick up Taurus energy from him strong in his chart....he's a good leader but really sits on decisions awhile......he genuinely tries to be fair but can hide his head in the sand when he needs to address difficult people. Kind of an all or nothing guy. If he does lose his temper he's a real bull but he mostly keeps peace. He believes in loyalty and hopes he has the kind of people around him he doesn't need to check on. He doesn't find females threatening. He tends to have females around him that keep his world orderly and puts distance between himself and the trivial dramas he hates. He puts a lot of energy into his work and hates being distracted. I'd say there is a queen bee in his office hive and she's the one that determines the happiness of others. I think she enjoys his praise and mostly keeps things running well but will not be too nice if she feels the boss shows attention to another bee keeper beside her.

  • Hi Blmoon,

    How are you feeling? Thought about you a lot this week. I am experiencing some physical pain I have never felt before. It has kept me from operating at 100% so to speak. But I am now on a week off from work and intend to rest, recuperate, have fun with my puppy and hopefully be recharged afterward. Driving up to the mountains tomorrow for a day of fun with the pup.

    I'm not sure what the 3rd door is. Although, it could have already appeared. The way I see it I can:

    1. stay where I am (NOT gonna happen),

    2. go with the guy I met with this week (seems like the best option so far),

    3. call my friend who had reached out to me a month or so ago about joining her parents' company (between this and the Taurus guy I met with this week, I think the Taurus guy is the better option), or

    4. go back to the hospitality industry (I think this work makes me happiest, the most fulfilled, but it's a lot of hours and does not leave much room for a life outside of work, plus I would have the complication of the puppy and having to leave him alone for at least 10 hours a day).

    So, like I said, seems like Taurus guy may be the best option. But I'm going to let it all sit this week and see how I feel next week.

    Starting a new job is never fun for me. New people, new environment, new politics, etc. But I know I need to start anew somewhere.

  • I'M feeling fine. Forcing myself to rest and be peaceful. I hadn't told friends yet about my friend passing but my very psychic Scorpio friend sent me a card....I knew he would know something was up. It had a white feather on it and it said for me to be gentle with myself. And he wrote a little note that was very intuitive. I was going through a box of paperwork last night looking for vet records and came across last year's Halloween card from my girlfriend AND next to it my son's death certificate! I had no idea I had one and I've been through that basket many times yet never saw it before! THAT was weird. I had been lamenting the loss of those cards of love my girlfriend sent me.....I put her last years Halloween card on the mantel as if I just came ; ). What kind of weird symptoms are you having? I get no warnings. You may be picking up stuff from someone you are reading for. I used to read for a woman who had fibromyalgia .......I had to take breaks because whenever she had a bad flareup I would get shoulder pain. Tell me your pain and I will see if I can see were it's coming from. BLESSINGS!

  • PS...I was just on a thread where you are doing readings and there is a post from someone I have physical issues with. I feel great empathy for the person and have read for them several times. Recently they asked for more and I have not been able to answer again......their energy is so introverted and low and their outlook is extremely negative in a very hopeless way. The depression is very heavy and there is a lot of body pain! Feel very bad for the person but do not see any advice helping.

  • I'm glad you still have friends to be there for you. And how nice that your friend and your son are together - that's what I saw in the box, that they were side by side sending you love. I can't send you a card so attaching a Halloween pic for you (hope it's the right size to come through!).

    My symptoms this week have been a combination of pains I struggle with that ebb and flow coupled with some perimenopausal stuff and the "new" pain. The perimenopause is pain in my ovary/fallopian tube area. I'm not a medical intuitive, but what I get is that my ovaries are dumping a bunch of eggs at once and it's like they are getting clogged in my fallopian tube. It's very uncomfortable! I also have a chronic issue in my sicatic nerve area/hip. It has flared up in the past week, but not as bad as it has been in the past. I also get neck pain when I'm stressed and haven't gotten good rest - starts in my shoulders/upper back and goes up my neck. It's the neck that's bothering me the most. It's also the "new" pain as it is bothering me in a way it never has. Extremely painful on both sides of my neck - not a muscle ache pain in a way that I am used to. Almost feels like I have been in an accident. It started before the readings (I'm pretty sure anyway). For a while I was doing a combination of chiropractor with deep tissue massage and it was helping a lot over time. But I stopped when I had to start going back into the office instead of working from home - had to rearrange the budget to cover puppy day care a few days a week. I think I might have to go back for a while at least until I feel like I can physically exercise again. I know physical exercise helps, but right now getting on the treadmill makes me feel like I need to be in traction afterward. It's probably just a message to me about self care.

    Yes, I know who you are speaking of. I have spent much time giving readings to this person, but it's never enough. Constantly seeking more readings, more to read, more to analyze, more to brew over. Analysis paralysis is how I have described it. When you gave your reading I was relieved because it was a recap of basically everything I have been saying for what seems like years now. I thought maybe NOW it will be heard, but no, asked for more readings again. Readings aren't a help for this person any more. It's sad. The energy is so low, so stagnant, victim mode. I wonder how low it will go before rock bottom hits so the upward move can begin. Maybe then all the advice that has been given will sink in.

    Let's have a good week! Let me know how you are doing...

  • And there goes the disappearing post thing that happens when going from a full page to a new page! Hope this post will push it through!

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