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    When you described your boss popping in on that meeting and you getting attention I was inside her and connected just long enough to feel her discomfort! She has not let that go! I feel that is the event spirit was giving me......that's the vibe. Although, it's continual for her but that definitely was the last straw for her. Now that I connected to her I remember giving you a reading when you first went there and remember her vibe as the one who was over ruled about you. You know, she's very transparent in her circle as far as management goes and I see snake man with this sneaky sly grin. He pokes her! They know her weakness and she does get poked. Snake man though takes it farther than most. I wouldn't worry about the change coming as it is not a bad thing. I saw your environment changing to something with more distance between you and others and was shown you sitting in a less crowded room. You have more breathing room is what I'm hearing. That new position they are creating is on paper and may very well eliminate others but the plan is this position is supposed save money and pay for itself. That's the plan but reality will be a trial thing although I got a positive on this position. Of course I could be just tapping into the list of qualifications that's on paper. They want a well seasoned mediator, a watch dog without ego agenda. I think someone or maybe several people really do have a good handle on the gaps in the management end.. I don't get that they are looking in house, or I just heard spirit say they have been careful to keep that intention via the grape mind. I'm seeing poker face on that one. This of course has added to your bosses anxiety. If anyone knew it was being considered in house the powers to be decided it would bring out too much crazy in the management circle. It won't be hush hush too much longer as I still get August as their deadline for all these plans on paper. I did see the man question! But drew a blank. hahaha! I hated to tell you that so decided to wait. If indeed this is a "do over" then spirit will be mum on my end as you are the one to use your intuition with new knowledge. OR he can be a very guarded person with a strong wall. I do lean towards that. I think that would be your type anyway. WICKED WIT shared can be an intimacy shared with safety of still keeping a safety lock on vulnerability. I almost asked if he was gay! I got that vibe off of your shape shifter, which you hated, but that vibe is not just a gay thing it is often a vibe that comes off of men who have high fears about women whether they know it or not. We can not change the types who really ring our bell, we can only choose a higher evolved version who is aware of their condition. You can work around issues in relationships if both people are aware of their issues. Your shape-shifter had no desire to change and preferred the safety of keeping his relationships suited to the needs of his safety zone. Your past experience has brought to light the boundaries he silently laid out all the while extending one hand out to you to come closer. I think you should enjoy and definitely be your 100 percent self from day one. Spirit does say don't worry, you will never repeat that shape shifter lesson again. You will cross their paths yes and something about them may ring your bell for awhile but the moment the lesson flags reveal their level not being your equal your bell will be hell no. Trust yourself. As for my WICKED WIT poems I may include my e-mail on my bio if they allow. They haven't requested it yet. The announcement is on the PUBLIC POETRY site based in Houston. I'm listed under the editors picks for inclusion. They did have winners and posted the winner which was damn good. I don't mind not being a winner if the winning poem is really good. When I saw a call for wicked wit I said to myself If I can't nail this somethings wrong! One of the poems has already been published several times and the other is newer and was published last year once. That poem was a gift! Came fast. Most poems take a long time to polish. I was working on a deadline and hashing over another poem when in the middle of my chaos glued to the desk I had tree work done! My rational brain said what the F am I doing. Not now. But you know how we psychics roll.......hop in spirit take the crazy wheel. Glad I did. Good to connect with you again! I'm sure we will have more to talk about. HUGS!

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    Hi again 😊
    After I posted last I remembered that the meeting I spoke of was the 2nd time this had happened. The first wasn’t as bad because he still acknowledged her presence, but it was clear that he had formed a liking for me. And, yes, snake man is totally grabbing her by the tail and swinging her around a bit. We had a meeting this week with her, snake man, and everyone in my position from all the properties. She looked like a scared puppy in moments and when I asked to side bar with her on an issue after the meeting had adjourned, she pulled him into the conversation. I felt that it was out of fear.

    My environment changing – sitting in a less crowded room. I thought on that and it had just happened when you posted! My boss left our office space (she was not supposed to be there anyway) and went to the corporate headquarters where snake man sits. It was the biggest office and she told me to move in, but I gave it to a peer that works in the same office space. She has been there for 10 years and I felt she deserved it. So I moved into my peer’s office and gave my office to my #2. My new office is not as busy, has a better energy and feels a bit more removed. I have felt more able to make forward thinking plans. It was much too chaotic for me to do this in my old space. I am in the midst of trying to decorate it (I had not done this to my previous space) – picking up pink and gold tones to make it softer. I found a beautiful hummingbird picture (has special significance to me, the hummingbird) and it should arrive on Monday. I will try to post a pic of it.

    Also with regard to being surrounded by less people, I will most likely need to lay off two people in my department (that was the main focus of the meeting this week). Honestly, I have two weak links that can go and I do not feel too much guilt about it….one just doesn’t have the right personality or capability for the job and would be happier doing something else; the other, although the personality is a good fit moves like molasses and has said in the past there is another career that is of interest (and I think it would be a better fit). Do I sound too cold-hearted and cruel? Sometimes my Aquarian, Queen of Swords energy comes out too much.

    With regard to the man, I have managed to fizzle that one out in my head, haha! I really don’t think he was interested anyway so it wasn’t much of an issue. It was nice to feel an attraction for someone though! Your statement about shared wit providing intimacy without having to be vulnerable was a huge eye opener! Hit the nail on the head, LOL. The shapeshifter I still don’t think is gay, but he is extremely sensitive. He used to hide it with a façade of his ego, but he has taken some hits and now it is not hidden very well. He seems like a lost puppy now with very little self-confidence left. The man at work I was attracted to is very self-confident and yes, has a strong wall. But he, like shapeshifter, I think has a fear of intimacy with women. We never spoke of it, but I think shapeshifter’s mother was a battle ax (haha) and his sensitive nature did not do well with it. He did indeed pull me in with one hand while holding up the other to keep me away. Although the new guy is a no-go, like I said it was nice to feel an attraction and I was 100% my true self with him which was also a good feeling. I have kept my 100% self in the dark for quite some time now both in relationships and at work and letting her out has been liberating on many levels.

    I looked up your site and have narrowed down to 4 possibilities 😉 My intuition has failed me (think I was trying too hard – or I’m just not supposed to know!) I have not given up though….

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    Love the humming bird! They are a symbol of perseverance, new beginnings with well earned progress. I have a good friend in Oregon who loves them and I send her humming bird gifts. The native American tribes around the upper coast used a lot of humming bird symbolism. That would match my room. I went pink with subtle golds and two white desks. Sounds like you definitely made sense of my images for your reading and how nice of you to be generous with the room so more happiness could be spread.As a psychic this is he hardest part of giving messages without trying to solve it for the person. I try just to give what I'm seeing or hearing without making my own conclusions. If the person gets worrisome expectations spirit will add some later add on to get clarity. That reading I paid for months ago was like that in that later I realized he was very on point with info but added his assumptions. I almost wanted to tell him that much later that his connection was excellent but he should just leave it at that. BUT maybe that's why I resist opening shop, customers want to get more to make sense when really it doesn't always work like that. Case in point my friend in Oregon he hit on her, she is a very strong spiritual presence in my life we met here as teachers. He says to me "do you hug trees?" Says I should hug trees! Then he starts talking about the upper part of the state that area so he just assumed I would go there. My friend up there is a tree hugger literally. She posts herself hugging trees. Then he says I should pick up leaves more and used leaves when I read. Actually, I have an older mentor female friend who passed and we exchanged leaves. She sent me fall leaves and I picked up fall leaves from a rest stop in Louisiana and sent her them n a card. Other writer friends have done that in the past. It is a spiritual gesture for sure and I think he made a great connection to my energy but really I felt my friend stepped forward to say hello and showed the leaves. He should have just said, spirit is showing me leaves and let me make sense of it. Several other things he did like that. I think people like to be direted so he worked hard at that. As for my poems TREE GUYS. and Mating Waltz.....You have been to college so you had to have had English Lit. Theodore Roethke wrote a very famouse poem called MY PAPA'S WALTZ. So if you read mine you would think hmmmm the meter sounds familiar. It is probably my most published poem. I pulled it out of my ass in English honors to save my grade. The dean taught that class and did grading by the book. Your grade was calculated by percentage. Certain percentage for participation, assignments and these damn surprise end of class essays! I freaken hate essays. As you know there is a form to them. He would spring these on us in class and they as well were graded for content and form. My content was A plus 100 percent but my form broke all the rules. I got where I could intuit when one of these was coming and actual dissed class. To do an essay at home I would excel because I'd edit it right but on the fly, a poet will go full stream of consciousness first round, it's how we work and we can be profound. Anyway my prof who also was a good friend said look you got three essays missing and I can give you a redeem but it's going to be really a tough challenge in all fairness. So he offered me to write a poem using the exact meter and rhyme of that famous poem Papa's Waltz AND it also had to be about a difficult relationship! And I had a short time to do it before next class. Out of that came MATING WALTZ which I dedicated to Dorothy Parker. I got an A plus for the semester and that is now a very popular poem. Male professors called it scary good. That teacher ended up dying from cancer at 50. He is a big influence in my life. If you send me a facebook message I will give you my e-mail. Also, been meaning to tell you my blackbird story! During the time I was busting ass on my recent submission. the fiction piece I honestly didn't think I would pull it off. I actually left it unfinished years ago after a bummer workshop with a writer called Philip Deaver. He was the writer in residence at Rollins and had a lot of awards under his belt. I really liked him. Very smart man and also a poet not just fiction. It's a small world among writers we all know each other . I was in the mood for a change so took a private workshop with him at the lead and a group of 8 of us I think. I was the odd one as these others lived in the fancy part of town and mostly Jewish. We met every few weeks but worked at home and exchanged online. What attracted me WAS that Philip included himself in the challenge and he was writing as well. I thrive on that kind of challenge. Long story short we get to the end and I start feeling that no I'm not finished and something says no don't share. I e-mail this to him and he strokes my ego back at me and insists I should share what I got. My gut says no. He again praises my writing which I feel sincere as in the past he had sent me his drafts for feed back. Well I cave and e-ail my unfinished story and we meet and I do not like anyone's story really and he's giving critiques and gets to mine and really does a number on me, oh the writing is pure excellence but where am I going with it, and just odd shit and I'm thinking, WTF the ending is missing.
    ! THEN we are all ready to hear his great story and he packs it up and says oh my story needs more work so I will not be sharing !!!! Boy that burned me so bad I stupidly put mine in a dark place and never touched it. To be fair it's not like masoganism in wring circles is no surprise. Women writers face it all the time. We expect it and roll with it. By the way he died of a horrible brain degenerative disease eventually.So I saw the Raymond Carver contest being judged by Pamela Houston! I love her would like her stuff. She won a award at an early age for her collection called COWBOYS ARE MY WEAKNESS. I got to meet her a few times and had dinner with her and faculty years ago. In fact, I remember her reading at Rollins and outside afterwards huddling with the local writers and over hearing Mr. Deaver just tearing her down. So critical. Then he invites us to his house for drinks. He gets drunk and actually is entertaining. Like I said, creatives are a very odd bunch! So, when I saw that call for submissions with her as a judge Spirit says, I got unfinished business! So yes I dig my story up and think why did I dump this over that event. I had so much digging to return to that voice and my ending. I prayed a lot. Then this big ass blackbird starts visiting me. Everyday I'm working on that piece I go outside to feed my fish and fill my bird bath. This giant blackbird which was more a raven would circle around me then sit in my bird bath. It was huge. Everyday I worked on that story he visited me. The day I submitted he was gone! I kept thinking of you! And your blackbird friend!

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    Ahhhh, the blackbird, I almost forgot about my old friend! Glad he paid you a visit, lol.
    A friend of mine that has been giving me energy clearing/chakra balancing for years gives me messages as she clears my chakras but she also normally places her own judgments/assumptions/etc in them. She can be very accurate and other times - I realize later what it really meant like you just described.

    I am really glad you finished your piece after so much time passing. I bet it's fabulous 💟

    I had it down to two and now it's one! ☺
    Howling at the moon made me chuckle..
    I'm not much of a FB-er, so when you get a strange request from someone without any friends or photos, that's me, LOL. 🍁

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