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    TAKE A NAP INDEED! Looks like Dorian did change course 🙂 Hallelujah and Amen.

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    It's been busy here....I'm feeling the same is true for you. What has been going on? Let me know how you and yours are doing!

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    so, did anything come up with the 15th date? I was supposed to touch base with bean counter on the 15th but took a pass. He knows my number. Beside's I'd rather do next semester instead as this one is too short now. I would be pushing my shoulder and I'm just now getting much better. That CBD oil works! Pricey if you want to be guaranteed it passed an independent outside inspections as it is not regulated yet. Boy, big pharma is going to push back on this stuff. I had to take more than the lower dose but it is not toxic so you have to find your dose. I use the drops. It is a feel good without the hi. I can see it helping anxiety for some. It has been proven for seizures and a list of things including helping addicts get off of opiates. I've been using it for PAIN. It's been about 3 weeks and today has been the best. I am still taking supplements for inflammation as well.Turmeric curcumin, billbery, etc. What's new on the job? I see an accident or serious health issue with a female over you. Spirit shows me this woman dressed in business suit style, navy blue, skirt and matching jacket and hose! So, either it's literally how she dresses or it just symbolizes someone of authority or old school. Someone is going to have to carry more load. I don't see an immediate replacement as she has a contract that will cover her but there will be change and others filling her responsibilities under the promise of just a short shift but I don't see that being so short. This effects you whether it is in your current job or your next offer. Snake man should be less a problem right now. He has personal drama outside work and is in a low point for now. Can a snake get depressed?:😃 Have you heard from your sister? Something is going on with her but you may get that news second hand. Spirit is bombarding me with visuals! This does not feel like your girlfriend with the white roses. This is a male. I'm assuming you know him but may not know he passed. He's very energetic and talks fast, very animated and will talk to strangers. A fun guy yet will wear you out if you had to be with him too long. For some reason I get he knew you as a teen. He seems like a young persons energy. Wish I had some! I'm done for the day! Hugs.

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    Hi there! CBD is amazing for sure. My mother uses a CBD cream for her arthritis. Pricey but worth it! She fell flat on her face a while back and was badly bruised, her face a dark purple from forehead to below her cheekbones - used her CBD cream and the bruises were almost gone in 3 days. I get very painful therapeutic massages (or I can't move!) and he used CBD oil once and I was not sore at all afterward. My niece has anxiety and her husband got her the drops to put under her tongue and it works like a charm 🙂 I am glad you found something to give you some relief! Did you ever get a new scan of your shoulder?

    I forgot about your 15th prediction! Nothing happened that I can recall. My boss did email out my official job responsibilities to the team last week - on the 16th or 17th. It's a lot! But so far I am settling in well with it.

    I never heard back from the other place - the guy that was out for surgery came back and did not reply to my follow up so maybe I am where I am supposed to be right now. I have 6 months to figure it out. mid-January through end of February next year is when I would have to either sign a new contract or leave.

    The only female above me is my VP. Everyone else is male. She has been carrying an extra load for a while now and the stress is visibly getting to her. She was relieved to be able to dump those responsibilities on me. She has my counterpart at the other property hired now as well. Could it be just the stress you were seeing and the recent dump of the workload? Not sure what her health issue would be and I hope it's not an accident!

    Snake man has been much more cordial since my promotion, but I know not to get sucked into that facade. He has seemed a little subdued...wonder what his personal issue is. He is single (which is why he works 80 hours a week, LOL). I personally believe he is in the closet 🙂

    My eldest sister is having issues with her husband. They always have but now that their son is in college it seems to be getting worse. They just don't seem to have any affection left for each other. Oil and water. I feel badly for both of them. Makes me grateful I remained single!

    I have no idea who this new spirit could be! If I take the description without the age I would say my paternal grandfather. He died before I was born or while I was still an infant. He had a larger than life presence and filled the room with it! He was very energetic, outgoing, funny, full of life, etc. Everyone loved him I moved out here when I was a sophomore in high school. Can't think of any male I was really close friends with that would be appearing. None with that energy any way Hmmmmm....intriguing!

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    I forgot about your grandfather! Yes he did visit once before and you did say you didn't meet him. His energy was young and more suited to a young man, how they walk around feeling manly! I wonder why he popped in? If he had something to say. I got the message about your sister from him but don't get a sense of him being concerned as much as him sharing. OMG! I almost fell over about your remark about snake man! After reading you say you did not know what was up with him. A voice in my head said maybe his latest crush is a man whore! Then you said you think he's in the closet! Funny. I saw the female boss health issue as immediate so the stress issue would effect her and be part of it. . I don't see an accident exactly, I saw a complete stop whatever it is. So in that sense it felt it could be something like that. It puts her out of commission.And yes I saw her work load trickling down. Your spicy gramps just popped in again to say he wanted to tell you about your sister's plight and give you a pat on your back! Funny! You already said that. He says there will be a surprise coming. He talks so fast and I don't know what is real and what is sarcasm. He says you are the smartest prodigy of his gene pool contribution.!

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    Hi there! Hope you had a good week. How is your shoulder?
    I may have never met him in this lifetime but I feel SO connected to my gramps and just love him SO much! I don’t always feel him around. I think he pops in and out - must be others he is guiding and I also think he is sticking pretty close to my father. I’m very curious about the surprise he says is coming! Hmmmm, what could it be????
    I have taken a lot off my boss’ plate so hopefully her stress is easing. So far things are going very well and I’m enjoying it.
    Let me know how you’re doing!

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    oh my goodness, so much time went by so quickly. too much to relay on my end - really just wanted to pop in and see how you are doing? please let me know....

  • @Bloom
    I envy you. CBD does nothing for my pain. I used CBD when my back is out and for mussel soreness and I order mine after reading this although it works to a certain extent it's no miracle cure-all.

    I admit that I probably don't do it enough but I do prefer THC and the CBD isn't that much cheaper it cost me $71.20 for 450/mg.

  • @thepoorguyharry - please stop trying to peddle stuff on this site.

  • @blmoon - not sure you will be popping in at all, but wanted to drop by and say hello and send my love. Soooo much has happened and I have been reflecting on how much help you have given me in getting me to this emotionally balanced place I am in. Would love to give you a longer/detailed expression of it all, but for now will simply send my love for you to the Universe and hope it makes it's way to your heart.

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    I have been sending you mental hello I can't get the hell on this site messages! Suddenly today here I am. Hope you check in and find me!

  • @Blmoon
    WELL HELLO!!! Really good to hear from you 🙂
    I have been so busy since last August and have not been on much the site much at all. I just assumed you were over it and taking a break, haha.
    So much has happened I wouldn't know where to begin.
    AND, this virus thing has turned my work life upside down. The past 3 weeks have been a blur - nonstop calls and emails that I just could not keep up with. Answer one call, and get three more voice mails to replace it. I kept getting deeper and deeper in the hole and it was extremely stressful. Finally shut my phone completely OFF and put my out of office on since Thursday afternoon. We all just needed a break for our mental health.
    How have you been???
    How is your shoulder?
    How is your husband's health?
    How is the rest of the family?

    XOXO, WG

  • @watergirl18
    been doing yard work past week. I'm the one armed wonder. Still taking the CBD for pain. Not ready to explore another doctor yet. Not sure the improvement is real or I'm just getting used to it...haha! A lot is shut down here. My poor son with the new baby is a cook so no work. We only have drive through for the big chain restaurants. No gatherings and no freakin toilet paper because people are nuts! Actually, the whole social distance suites me just fine! But I get a SS check every month so not feeling that kind of panic. I mostly avoid any news other than my morning paper but bed man has CNN going all day so his mood is more miserable than usual. About to go out and work in the yard before dog days set in and Florida turns into hell. My Texas son surprised us with a visit just before things shut down and I had the best time. I had all 3 of my sons together! It was good and felt so healing as they are all in a good place. I was looking forward to a poetry event in April. I really worked hard to get in and it is now cancelled of course. A lot has happened. I guess you will get your working remote wish?

  • @Blmoon Oh LORD don't even get me started on the toilet paper thing! WHAT did people think was going to happen?? I'm with you - I hope the 6' of social distance never goes away, haha! It's glorious 🙂 Why is your husband watching CNN??? I remember when people were calling it the Clinton News Network, LOL.
    Frankly, all the media channels are horrible now. Remember the days when you could turn on network news and actually TRUST what they were telling you? It's all about bait click and ratings now. Nobody cares about the truth or actually fact finding - just crafting a message that suits the political leanings of the owner.

    Are you taking CBD pills or just using ointment? I love the pain relief creams for my sciatic problems, but a friend of mind has gel caps that she takes and says it helps with inflammation.

    Yes, I'm working remote for the time being. It's been a month now. However, the past 6 weeks has been a blur. I have been crazy busy and working so many hours I hardly know what day it is or even what time of day. I am just starting to get on a normal work schedule thank goodness. Thankful for a job, but holy moly this has been beyond exhausting. The only thing keeping me sane right now is the daily hikes with my dog. It helps me clear my energy and keep me grounded. It's starting to get hot though so I worry a bit - I do not do well exercising in the heat. Someone told me once - may have been a doctor I don't remember! - that I was more sensitive to the heat because I had heat stroke as a child. I believe it.

    The shapeshifter turned back up at the end of January. He showed up to a business lunch on my birthday and tried his old tricks. I just laughed/scoffed at him. Couldn't believe he thought he could just show up again as if nothing had happened AND, can't remember if I told you this, he got married again 2 years ago so this time he showed up flirting and wanting to start something and he's freaking MARRIED. What a loser. Can't believe I ever felt anything for him. All this time I thought he would show up again, but with an apology. Instead I got this crap!

    Other than this coronavirus crap everything else is going well. Despite the current climate, I have been enjoying the new job responsibilities and have been enjoying my girl friends, time with my dog, etc. Really nothing to complain about!

    Hope you are still well - can't believe it's been almost a month since I last checked in!

  • @Blmoon
    Hey there - hope you are healthy and doing well 😊. I have a situation I would love your input on if you pop back in! Not sure if I’m moving toward a new chapter or repeating an old pattern, LOL.

  • @watergirl18
    This must be important. I'm here!

  • @Blmoon
    Haha! I was hoping you would pick up my Bat signal! Too soon for a Batman joke? 🤣
    Soooooo, there’s someone at work I have some pretty strong chemistry with. I don’t believe he’s interested in that way but we have some very fun witty banter. I was glad because there really hasn’t been ANYONE to float my boat since the shapeshifter so I thought it was a sign that I finally graduated from that lesson. But then I thought about it and wondered if maybe this new man represents the SAME dang lesson! If so, WTH?????
    How are you? ❤

  • @Blmoon, oh boy, I think I reached out to you because of something that was about to happen (and has now happened.) My female Corp. VP has turned very ugly. I am sure she is nervous about the future given what is going on in our industry with the economic shut down, however I do feel more targeted specifically. Things were humming along so well so I'm feeling a bit deflated that I have to go through something like this again. It started subtly about a month ago. At first, she was singing my praises but then began to do little things that were really more control-freak type things that I just let slide. She is the textbook definition of passive-aggressive and it is tiring. I have a great relationship with all of my co-workers/peers and my GM - she really likes being the center of attention and I have a feeling she doesn't like it. Things are a bit ugly with our business right now and she is using it to try to bully me (and gets extremely frustrated when it doesn't work). We had a meeting on Friday and she spent the entire time trying to belittle me. Every time I tried to speak about what I was doing to turn things around she cut me off - didn't want to talk solutions, only to speak "at" me and insinuate that I was a failure at my job. She discussed an email she sent me the day prior - I responded to it - and she was ANGRY that I had responded. It was a bit funny as she was totally projecting and telling me that my response was defensive, but I was just answering her question. The 5 responses she sent me afterward were unbelievably defensive (and for no reason!). It sucks. I really love my job now and more importantly, love the team with whom I work. Would love your input if you can tap in...
    Thank you! (hugs)

  • @watergirl18
    Well the full moon is here! I've been very focused on my writing and just now taking a break. So far my new year intentions are in full force. In December I did something outside my comfort zone but it has paid off. I think last year we talked about big change intention and how it always comes with stepping outside our comfort zone. I was juggling a lot of debt those two years my man was bed bound and yet still going to work just enough not to be fired. Anyway, I think we both were questioning a pattern of finding ourselves in the position of some life problem that sucked us dry. My fear was borrowing on my house. I made this vow to not do that but in Dec. I got a very nice equity offer and just did it. I had a good credit score but literally was juggling so many cards it was a daily job.and the interest was a big expense that ate at me I tapped into less than a third of my equity and paid off my debt but left my cards opened but empty and raised my credit score even higher. I decided that I can't let this happen again because the burden of business keeping was not giving me room to write and submit or even do other things.. I just got my acceptance last week for my submission in January. I have two poems coming out in the fall in an anthology called WICKED WIT. HAHAHA! I just sent out a full book manuscript last Sunday and a few weeks before that I worked my ass off on a fiction piece 20 pages.. Years ago twice my husband wiped out my hard drives and it's only recently I went through sticks and hard copies and got into organizing. I feel like I'm back in the writer seat as a priority. So that's my how I am doing update. I realize if I let my boundaries down or allow energy parasites in it's my fault. I have had more time for my spiritual work as well and been serving . Your situation with this boss is a healthy sign is what I'm hearing. She does represent your nemesis and her NEED to have you more in her pocket is her issue. All you did was be your best you. Her comfort zone is at best when her peeps are all damn grateful to have there job and enough fear to keep them from overshadowing her. She's not looking to nurture anyone to their full potential. You are to serve and not question her. Also, she definitely does not want any shining stars being noticed by management. Somewhere recently you have been noticed and you put her out of her comfort zone. Good things have been said about you. Truth is you are her golden goose although she ain't going to reward you for that. I'm seeing you were a topic from higher up twice in the last 5 weeks. Her first reaction was fear based and she went for the being your ally and wanted you to feel loyal to her but she realized that was not going to work at all on you. You know when you are being patronized. Then the second time your name came up she's desperate to put you in your place yet she can't tick off her own boss. There is one person she has to answer to that she absolutely hates yet she sucks up so yes, specially with your psychic gift the vibe off her is exactly as you feel it and seems excessive for what she's complaining about. The poison arrow thing comes in. You the psychic trying to remain your best despite another's vibes. Boundaries. Once again you must read between the lines of her actions.Right now she's the biggest noise in your work environment , don't let her drown out other things happening. There is some kind o shake up she wants to avoid. She likes things just like they are. But there are big rumblings going on in the company behind the scenes and a possible total reorganization. Which you knew coming into that company that is a pattern. She is unhappy and scared. AND angry. So it's not just you that is the root but Change is not her friend. Your resilience annoys her. I think very soon if not already you are going to get "the drift" of possible offerings for you. It will come from somewhere above her or within her circle. Prepare yourself as usual for the pre shake up fears and possible sabotages so now more than ever. Trust no one unless Spirit truly tells you otherwise as I'm seeing their are two possible advocates for you. One is really looking at you and has advocated another ally.. I see the number 5 so may be tomorrow the 5th will open another door. The biggest message I'm hearing is not to let this one boss monopolize your attention. Keep your antenna up because other stuff is going on and you need Keep centered right now to navigate the next phase. I see deadlines and plans have already been laid out. The bulk of the shift will be in Jully but starts now. Decisions will be made by the end of this month, the shift is in full force through July and August is the goal date. Also there is a major position to be filled. This is a new position created. An upper management position. Actually, Spirit shows a positive on who ever gets this will be good. So sounds like buckle up watergirl, yes it's company polotics again and familiar but it has nothing to do with your past relationships other than this boss will always cross your path. It comes with the territory. On a long-term prediction your work environment will change around Nov...Dec. You will be in a position dealing with less people. Hope this resonates. HUGS!

  • @Blmoon
    Blmoon! I am so happy to hear of your focus on your writing and finding a solution to your debt so you have been able to do so. I know how freeing it can be to not have any debt hanging over you like the sword of Damocles (funny I should have that come to mind – more on that later 😁 ). I can’t wait for the publication of your poems this fall. I will have fun reading the anthology (where will I find it?) and trying to guess which are yours 🤔 And a full book manuscript!!! You are on FIRE!!! That “Girl on Fire” song by Alicia Keys is playing in my head…

    With regard to my boss – you nailed it. It’s funny because she has always paraded herself around as being the “nice” one that is quirky and fun yet I have always seen through it. She is a Leo and has a NEED to be the center of attention and portrays a fake persona to get it. She also then uses it with her peers to “keep people in her pocket” as you say. But her underlings? Yes, a total NEED to have them grateful to her so she can use them as pawns. I was never her choice which is why it took over a year to get the position I now have. She chose someone else although other people campaigned for me. When her person did not work out, she then came to me, but out of desperation of no other choices. So now that she perceives I may “overshadow” her, the true colors are coming out. I do not want her job!

    I’m not sure good things have been said about me per se, but there was a meeting a few weeks ago that she joined because she happened to be in the office. It was a leadership meeting and the top dog passed over her in the meeting (I don’t believe it was on purpose) and called on me - also made a comment to his new 2nd in command about how funny I am. It was not a big deal, but she likes to be the one who is the center of attention so since then her claws have come out. She has been trying to “put me in my place” but the belittling and bullying have slid off of me like I am Teflon. I just refuse to ingest it. It bothers her as you pointed out. She is used to minions who are upset by this behavior and then kowtow to her to get back in favor.

    Oh! And the person she has to answer to that she is afraid of? It’s SNAKE MAN!!! It’s ironic as he seems to no longer have a target on me. It’s possible that he is one of the people who has said something good about me (which I find hard to believe, but someone else has told me that he speaks highly of me). But honestly I just think it's the top dog making comments about me in meetings. She's so insecure 🙄

    All this being said, I do worry about what could happen – my Sword of Damocles. Due to the economic shutdown things are not good on my financial reports and she is doing her best to make it look like it could be better if not for me. On the one hand to point the blame away from her so I will be the sacrificial lamb, and on the other hand because she is trying to “tame” me. I do believe she is on edge as her position could easily be eliminated in order to save on payroll – and feeling pushed out by me at the property level has rubbed salt in that wound. If her position is eliminated, she would want to come back to the property level at my property and in my position.

    The new 2nd in command I mentioned earlier has returned to us from another property and he was one of the people who had campaigned for me in the past. Another reason she is feeling insecure I am sure. I really like him, but also not sure I can really trust him so I am walking a fine line. I feel that one of my peers in a department I work closely with is an ally (a female). She is very close with the 2nd in command who has returned so possibly he is an ally as well. My intuition is failing me on him. Too much has gone on in the past which has given me trust issues and slight PTSD 😀 The only other possible ally I can think of is our top dog – but it’s really just about my humor and I think if he is told that I am “failing” with the financials he would easily let me go.

    As far as something new for me – makes me a bit nervous. I really like where I am and I don’t believe there is any way “up” for me to go from here. So change for me feels like it would not be something good. I do not want to be transferred to another property. Dealing with “less people” could be just that as the other properties are smaller. Or it could mean I will have to lay off a few people in my department which very well could happen due to business levels. A new major position to be filled seems so unlikely given the financial conditions. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next weeks and months.

    The past relationship question was about a MAN in the post prior to the one about my boss. I know - it's been so LONG since I have asked about a man LOL. The WICKED WIT reference made me laugh as my question about him involved very witty banter between us. Still curious about him if you have time, but OK if you do not 😊 I think he's a bit of a player and therefore probably my old pattern showing, haha!

    Love you - so happy for you and so glad to hear from you ♥

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