The Alchemist

  • @blmoon,
    You picked up on a lot of things! Firstly though, what you said about being in a situation that takes more than gives…I have come to the conclusion that this is every job out there! I don’t know of anyone who does not feel that their employer takes more than gives. Does it exist, this equality?? And what you say about handling the situation DIFFERENTLY is my conundrum. In my youth I was very outspoken and did not put up with any crap. It got me in trouble. So I learned over the years to temper what I say and pick my battles. So what is the DIFFERENT route to take now??? I’m not sure. This is what keeps me in winter…maybe I SHOULD run for Mayor, LOL.
    Have I been getting blackbird visits?? Or have you just been seeing them for me? I’m still not sure I understand what Spirit means with all the white roses either, haha!
    You are right - there are very few people around me who understand my humor and so I am misunderstood and my humor gets taken the wrong way (sigh!). It’s frustrating.
    I think part of the survival mode and walls up was due to the office situation I was placed in. I was moved to a different office last October and it was HELL. The person whose energy was the most difficult to deal with (very bipolar and needed constant attention - positive or negative; very chaotic energy) has left so things are a bit better. FOR NOW. They will be adding 1 or 2 more people in my area and it will become hellish again even without bipolar energy. It’s just too many people in a room for my sensitivities. And there is literally nothing I can do about it. We are busting at the seams and office space is cramped.
    When you say to listen to my urge to get mouthy or inappropriate do you mean to let it out or just notice it? LOL!
    It’s funny because I said something a day or so ago in front of two women in the office - one (the only one who really gets me) started laughing hysterically and the other one said “I want to be her when I grow up!”. Haha.
    So the biggest thing you picked up on is what has recently occurred at the office. Important for me to recall two things: (1) last year I interviewed for a leadership position and the new VP basically condescended me and told me I wasn’t capable of it and then brought in two of her own people from the last place she worked. (2) Another executive told me in February that “good things were coming my way”. Well, the two people my boss brought in are not working out and I believe there were talks of replacing one of them with me. My VP has been protecting them so no changes have been made - you picked up on that loyalty and her resistance to betray them. She recognizes my talents now - mostly because everyone else at her level keeps pointing it out to her (to the point of shoving it down her throat, lol) BUT she is the one that betrayed me on the money issue recently. On one level we work well together because of my experience and talents that she needs. On the other hand she takes me for granted and I do not trust her AT ALL. She is out for herself and herself only. It actually shocks me that she is protecting those two other people. But I think it’s mostly to save face as she is the one who chose them. The interesting thing (or should I say confusing?) is that when she recently betrayed me, I had it in writing that she reversed a decision on me. So I forwarded that email to her boss asking if he was in agreement with the reversal. He is the one that most people pick up on as the non-emotional one who can be trusted. I told him if he agreed I would drop it but I needed to know from him. All he needed to do was give me a simple "yes, was involved in the decision and I agree." But he NEVER responded which also ticked me off. He avoided me for a few weeks - several times we bumped into each other as he was coming in and I was going out or vice versa. It was funny. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. And now this week he has reverted to replying to emails with how wonderful, capable, smart, etc. I am. Give me a don't need to kiss my arse, just respond to my flipping email!!
    So this is what is bringing me to my crossroads. Stay put or move on without knowing that anywhere else will be any better. Out of all the other hotels in this city I have chosen one that I think would be the best, but that doesn’t mean it would be any better or that they would even hire me. It would definitely mean I am choosing to remain at the level I am, but with better pay and benefits. There would not be opportunity for me to advance. But do I really need to at this point in my life? Not sure. I am a bit bored with what I am doing and literally every other person in the office comes to me for the things they should be going to our boss for. I’m good at it. I know this. The door has just always been blocked for some reason. So do I try to bust the door down or just take the hint from Spirit that it is not the right path for me…
    I think my biggest problem is this conundrum I am in so my energy can’t manifest. So how do I get clarity on what is best for me or what is even possible for me? I think once I get clarity, I can pour my energy into it and then I may get out of SIBERIA. 🙂

  • @watergirl18
    I believe the white roses where for ME from your guide who says she's gone horse from whispering in your deaf ear. And yes those ballsy urges DO follow through. They are not just for taking notes. I will ignore your bit of a cynical edge right now! No good job never......nothing better NEVER out there...Jeesh! I'm not sure this person I'm getting with the loyalty issues is the same person. Maybe it's because when you describe her seems like she has many contradictory sides! So I guess it's a wait and see. Also, in tune with speaking up, Spirit says confronting the boss with that e-mail was the right move but you should have left it at that and had no comment other than expecting the usual perfunctory "e-mail received" . Left it in his lap. You are not good with it! are you really? even if he agrees. By saying that you gave him room to think his power was a trusted power. So yes instead of calling in to discuss this he instead decides well it's ok with her if I approve (is she pissed? or just asking?) so he 's going to play good friend and by not making a commitment to saying yes I approve. Which I definitely know he did. You know he did.when you finally do decide to "strike" you go for the juggler but this whole doing things different calls for at times temper your strategy. Things do get amped with waiting too long. Also, I thought about that card you get.....could also symbolize an "invitation. Anyway, as you wake up your gift for clarity will return. I gave you a lot. It will unfold and make sense when it makes sense. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon, haha! OK, got it. Thank you.

  • @blmoon
    Oh my what an eventful week! Firstly, it was announced first thing Monday that the big boss (the one I sent the email to) is being moved into another role and the person replacing him is that sneaky snake of a man I got away from last year by transferring to my current property. He has the new COO totally snowed so he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Gives me pause to say the least...
    Secondly, the person who got the leadership position I interviewed for last year is being transferred to the property I left. So my VP approached me Thursday about a promotion. It's to the #2 position where I am. Which in and of itself is fine. But she said she wanted me to do #2 for 6 months and then get bumped up to the property I left last year. I don't want to go back there! I've been a little torn about it but decided to accept this first step and let her know that I do not want to go back to the other property. My hope is that I will do so well that she will not make me move again. I will just have to jump off that bridge when I come to it. A new contract will have to be signed and I am in for a fight on the salary increase, but at the end of the day I need this position on my resume.
    Another company in town that owns multiple properties just played off a LOT of people this week so there was definitely something in the air.
    How are you?

  • @watergirl18
    wow. I was wondering if anything eventful DID come. Now I can see why getting your "game on" was so wake up immediate. And really? that position you wanted......the WINNER? ended up at your old property? What I get right off is you can't count on anything!!! You know not taking the second part of that deal will have to be in writing. I don't think you doing EXTRA well will be the reward you hope. They do have a game plan. And of course they are not going to reveal their intentions. The snake man is going to be a problem. He is too egocentric and mixes personal with business. He is secretly insecure so pumps himself up and his back up is hoping to manipulate a power behind the throne. He needs a good worker in his pocket. He uses people then spits them out when he's done. He also looks for his fall guy.. Wow watergirl, looks like you've got yourself a real game of CHESS going. BUT the rules change! I think you are all in the throw it out there stage so expect some more changes by first week of May. The first Friday of May is the 3rd. There's your number 3! I hear the other shoe will drop. Your best prep in the dark is to make a list of what you will not do. And a dream list. What comes next is dependent on the players in this part of the game to walk in blind and hopefully already on the hook with plans and tasting the bait they threw everyone. Oh, I'm hearing that the boss you e-mailed was deemed weak AND all his e-mails are NOT private. The exact words I hear said behind his back is he's too passive and not enough leadership hardball. Weird, hardball? Who talks like that anymore? I just got a flash of someone saying that around you and you spitting out your coffee! I know you gave them a good fight on the last contract but they in the end figured they would get their way later. They already know THAT you will hold them to it and you will keep score so this contract will be tricky. Actually, depending what comes next Friday this will all be mute. I think it will be your psychic antenna that determines your next move so really really pay attention and get lots of sleep and quiet alone time. You have to play your ace! I also see someone whispering in your ear. Like hey, you may want to hear this. So, if you think last week was a lot to think about a lot more is coming at you. I am getting that this re-organization plan was not a total agreement and at least 3 power players were not totally happy. Everyone has there "people" they favor whether its in a good way or just needing their obedient minion. I'm getting a repeat of that last reading about someone making a loyal personal decision OR going with GOOD business. Depending how that goes and if you sniff it out you can grease that wheel. I still see that fork in the road waiting as May plays out. A whole different direction presents itself. I see that envelope, invitation again so this may be an offer. Right now you are only trying to navigate what is on the table for now but the vibe I'm getting is if that contract does not fit you know how to drag it out because there is another direction you will be offered. You know the drill. Stay empowered. Stay out of cynical self talk. Like there's a manual out there for how things can only be. Pump up your confidence. Don't be desperate or get into fear. How am I? Freakin busy but it's a productive busy and I am being more obedient about rest time. I get that rest Angel card and still go well uhg FK! Because I usually do have plans and feel just fine but that's why listening to outside guidance is the game changer so yes it is true if you just stop and do jack for a couple days it shortens that downtime coming that sneaks up with you. I'm also getting close to the financial edge again, waiting on something to come in because my last abundance bump is at it's end. Anyway, I'm singing the gratitude song more lately! Got to get that abundance coming in. The only big news is my oldest son in Houston. I think I shared how I hate Houston! Yet , I want to spend more time with him. He swore he was not moving again! I kept getting messages that he would but I considered it was wishful thinking. Anyway, he got a job as president of marketing and sales for a software company in AUSTIN! He said they are letting him work remote for awhile so they may be moving to Austin. BLESSINGS!!!

  • @blmoon,
    Yes, it is a huge game of chess with a few players who will win at any cost. The person who got the position I wanted last year - her transfer to the other property - I am being told it is just because they temporarily need someone there and then they will bring her back (which is when I would transfer there), but I also know that there were several key players who were not happy with her and that was why the discussion of moving her started. That is one of the loyalty issues - my VP bringing her back is based on her loyalty to her. BUT I know that other power players at my property wanted me and not her and this shift is partly because of that as well. My game plan was to accept this first part knowing that I can always reject part 2. Since it is for a different role, it would mean a new contract and I do not have to accept it. I also think that by proving myself - my VP may have no choice but to keep me where I am as others will not support my leaving. The big thing is the new contract. I need to see it so I know what I'm dealing with. If it is similar to what I already have then I have an out. The #1 position contract is much different and at that level they do put in the contract that they can move you around as needed.

    You are spot on about the new guy. He is a total snake and I KNOW he will be a problem. Not sure if my VP sees it yet or not. She may be keeping her true feelings about it from me, but she did mention him when we spoke because she knows I have a distaste for him. The man is ALL EGO, absolutely uses people to make himself look good and then makes them look bad so they can't call attention to it (seriously, an evil genius), and yes, it is all fueled by insecurity. He has manipulated the new COO as they were working together at the other property before the COO's promotion (and I personally feel they are both in the closet and have the hots for each other!). The job he just got - he manipulated the new COO into giving it to him. Another loyalty issue. And he definitely would have told the COO that the guy he got pushed out was "too weak". That's his M.O. Manage by fear and manipulation. The other guy you could have a reasonable conversation with. It is troubling that he will now be over my VP. I think she knows this.
    I need to give her my answer tomorrow. I already told her last week I would need to see something in writing which clearly defines my responsibilities versus hers. She is juggling 2 jobs at the moment so I know the tendency would be to dump more on me. They also have a policy of no more than a 10% salary increase but I am going to ask for almost twice that in the hopes that we will land closer to 15%. So the salary request and the contract will drag it out for another week or so.
    Stay rested! I got hit with major allergies on Friday and have been in bed all weekend with flu symptoms. Ugh.
    Congrats on your son!!! Not sure I am familiar - the mental picture I got I think is San Antonio or Ft. Worth. Maybe they are similar...

  • @blmoon,
    well, some of what you mentioned has already happened! First thing Monday I went to the VP of the other department that has been on my side and asked her if any of the discussions she had been part of had mentioned the part of the plan where I get shipped off to the other property. She said NO and then said she would not support that happening and would be vocal about it. I then went to my VP later in the day and said the first part of your plan is fine, but the 2nd part is not acceptable and I will refuse that promotion if it comes with the caveat that I transfer. She immediately said ok, no problem you don't have to go and asked if I would take the role at my current property. I said yes. She's desperate. But I still don't trust her word. The fortunate part is this first promotion - the contract does not state they can transfer you within the company at their will. So, I can take this first role and not be forced to move. I also told her that I would be giving her a good fight on the salary and be prepared for it because the amount they are suggesting is unacceptable. So the ball went back into her court.
    The next day I received a random phone call from another property in town asking if I would be interested in interviewing for a position with them. A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that she gave the VP my name and told him I was the best and smartest she had ever worked with. So this person was calling to get me on the calendar to meet with him. I told her I would be available this Friday (and just now am remembering you saying that Friday May 3rd would be an important day!). She said she would check his calendar. That was yesterday and have not heard back from her yet.
    Today, my VP asked me for some info she needed in order to submit for my promotion and get the ball rolling on salary discussions, etc.
    It is all happening very quickly and it is a difficult decision if I get an offer from the new company.
    On the one hand, what I am being offered at my current company is a promotion. However the new snake of a boss is an issue. So is salary and bonus potential.
    On the other hand, the new company would be offering me a lateral move instead of a promotion, however the money would most likely be better and they have AMAZING benefits. However, it is an unknown what the office is like, how the management is, etc. and I could just be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. There's also the small issue of my contract and my non-compete which technically prevents me from taking an offer with the new company for 6 months.
    Whew...two more days this week...let's see what else happens 🙂

  • @watergirl18
    I get the promotion looks good on paper but at what cost and really you are motivated by using that promotion to move on to a better job. This is where your psychic gift can help. Now I get that part about seeing blackbirds on everyone's head and the push to really READ others because so much is hidden. I remember you getting another offer and your contract would not be an issue. I think you just have to wait for more to be revealed. trust you will get more clarity as it plays out. Don't get rushed. I still see more being revealed. Spirits not really adding much more than you just got. I don't get any warnings other than the same advice. Stall til your sure. Stay out of cynical thinking. Expect the unexpected and keep enough distance to hear intuition but also at work really pay attention I can't wait to hear the next surprise!

  • @blmoon , you are right it will look good on paper only but maybe that is what I need as my next step? Still not making any decisions until it plays out further. The other company - an Exec reached out to me on Friday (there is your May 3 🙂 ) and asked which position I would be interested in since they had a few open. I told her and she said she would forward my resume to another Exec as the position would fall under him. They both know a good friend of mind and really like her which is what opened the door. My current VP has submitted her "plan" to corporate so i am awaiting their offer. Not pushing it as I need more time to see what might happen with the other company. The big question for me is whether the promotion I have been working toward for so long will ultimately be worth it.

  • @blmoon, Also, this week things will really start to amp up at work as the person who has been transferred starts at her new location on Monday. I have a feeling I'm about to get a lot of extra work dumped on me. They are desperate as they have nobody else they can promote and she needs someone fast. I can use this to negotiate terms in my favor, but the new snake in charge can let his ego get in the way of sound decisions.

  • @watergirl18
    keep your radar SUPER open. I think you will be moving on but you must meet with them and get your clarity. The planets out there are in a re-organizing mood! It will pick up through May, For some this is a golden timing they have been working towards but for some they will feel it as chaos, too much change too fast. I'm reaping the golden opportunity of it myself but a lot of ready to let go and face changes and try new directions has gone into this cosmic influence. The company you are in now is a good example of the differences employees will have over the big change. As you know that ripple can go on a long while. I don't get any new heads up for you other then the original reading. Just a big reminder to go BIG. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon, just logged back in as I forgot an important tidbit...remember you telling me that the big boss' emails were not private and someone was monitoring them? I got a flash this week that the new SNAKE boss was doing this to me. My VP said he mentioned something to her about one of my accounts...she was confused because she didn't know about it. This was about a POTENTIAL new account and I had not told anyone about it! The only way he would have known is if he had been reading my emails to the client...
    I hear you. Still trying to figure out if going BIG is going for the new responsibility or making the move to the new place. Hoping more activity this week will bring more clarity!

  • @watergirl18
    Good radar!!! Maybe that VP was part of that whisper in the ear tid bit I got. Going big for YOU means going for what you normally might consider is not that realistic to be reaching for. .. I feel like you have just been waiting for a move out of there. What I'm sensing and hoping for you is that the new company IS taking advantage of the planets and has been sticking to some patient visions. Where as the company your in now is not a united effort towards a vision at all. They are not organized at all and they just shuffle folks around trying to keep there own job secure and easy as possible. What your list of desires should be want a more unified group effort.. These are often timely events to get into a place at the right time. Does it last? Not always . But great while it lasts and lasting connections are made and usually there is more freedom in these environments. When most of the company is feeling secure it gives everyone the freedom to challenge themselves. I think you are getting closer to that offering! You are ready. BLESSINGS!

  • @watergirl18
    good luck

  • @blmoon, hello 🙂 My great niece had a birthday this week and I was so busy I missed it by 2 days...she is too young to notice but I am feeling self-absorbed 👿 You are a Taurus too if I recall, did I miss yours as well?
    Nothing really new to report on my end. After the initial call from the recruiter I had a short conversation with an Executive Director at the new company. She passed me on to another Ex. Director as she did not have anything on her team that suited my experience. Have not heard from the 2nd guy yet and now wondering if I will. In the meantime, my current VP told me yesterday she had submitted paperwork for approval on my salary/promotion...saying I haven't forgotten about you and sit tight. I just cocked my head...I initially told her I would not accept their standard percentage increase for the promotion. We never had a follow up conversation so how does she know I will accept what she submitted??? Like I'm just going to jump up and down, say yippee and accept what she offers?Sometimes they are so delusional!!!
    Another colleague approached me at a cocktail party we had to attend earlier in the week and said that "everyone" was excited about my pending promotion and that they all have egg on their face since they clearly made the wrong choice last year. Ha! I told her it was not a done deal as I told them I would want more money. She said oh will be disappointing a lot of people! I think part of everyone's problem that has been given the role comes in thinking they are the savior and everyone else failed because they were not them. Hubris. The dilemma is I really like the team and the other department heads, it's just the top management/ownership that is the problem. Anyhoo, we will see what transpires in the coming week.
    Are you considering moving to Texas now that your son will not be in Houston?

  • @watergirl18
    My birthday was the 9th and it was awesome! I told you I was pumping up my abundance mojo...well sweet Jesus I have been gifted from all directions! I mean very never expected. My brother who came from NC gave me a most bodacious electric guitar. It's beautiful shades of blue. AND following synchronicity my cousin in Chicago sent me a pair of guitar pick earrings in matching blue! A lot has happened, but you get the jest. Spiritually, the events had me realizing something important about myself. My first reaction as I was gifted was I felt so much the urge to gift back SOMETHING! And although I forget a lot of gifting suddenly I'm hearing loved ones remark about something I gave them in the past. Anyway a voice in my head said stop needing to give, it's ok to RECEIVE and it is a gift in itself to allow another the joy of giving. As for your post. Your radar is good. I agree with your observations. I can add to that party atmosphere impression. You were being seduced. They have all been through the drill. They know very well the next step is getting down to the table and pen and making that ball sweating decision. In fact you should be comfortable with that group. You have a lot in common on some energy level to be together. They are mostly the hard working bunch and yes it's their side and then there is the authorities and no, you all are not going to be equal because the objectives of each group are polar opposite. (haha just realized polar is a snowy metaphor)You are at a possible leaping point and you fit in were your at because that is your world, the one you know well enough to navigate but your satisfaction with just navigating has got to change. You are not happy at all with it. . Where do you want to go? You have met up with the other place but not feeling it yet. Your DESIRES may not be sparking big enough yet. I see a third option being presented possibly by Monday Tuesday. Not sure if it's the same place your in. Kind of feels like it. I just see you hearing something and you thinking...HMMMMMM sweetening the pot are you? BUT this sweet offer is full of holes in your mind Anyway, don't get overwhelmed with TOO much decision or bait. Your psychic gift is your ACE.

  • @blmoon, well Happy Belated! Sounds like you had a good day - a well deserved one at that 🙂 That guitar sounds amazing and guitar pick earrings? Very cool! Turns out my niece's birthday celebration was postponed for 2 weeks as her grandparents are in Europe right now so I didn't REALLY miss it (at least that's what I am telling myself, haha). I think you are right about my desires not sparking big enough. I am having a hard time connecting to everything I want as some of the desires seem contradictory. I also have a push-me pull-you thing going on with the new company and current company. Current company we know is not really for me, but the promotion is something I have been working toward for a very long time. The new company is the same job I have been doing for a long time so I wonder if I would be bored. Curious to hear what Door #3 will have behind it, LOL!

  • @blmoon, just heard from the Exec at the new company. Trying to set up a prelim phone call this week - I gave him a time I’m available for tomorrow and Thursday. I keep getting the feeling that they are looking at me for a position that would be a step down for me. Maybe I’m wrong...

  • @watergirl18
    During your phone meeting you will pick up more and of course the night before pray for a back up, I invite ST Michael! Be honest if your fear is you are taking a step backwards express that. Write down your questions night before. Sometimes we get distracted. Do not be afraid of meeting up with a written list. It actually looks good and also the interviewer is ALWAYS in negotiation mode and knows how to keep the conversation away from areas of doubt. That's how I got blindsided by the "pay my own taxes last minute info" after I already said yes to the job. They were of course so my friend but leaving that out til last was ALL BUSINESS. Luckily I went in with a bottom line offer and they exceeded it so I let it slide as a future lesson for the future. Always ask all financial details. Never assume anything. I know most people are afraid to talk money but cover it all. But really, your main objective must be also about the general vibe of the work place. Their pay habits, benefits and just plain how you are allowed to do your job. So you really need to connect with that. What does your friend hook up say about the environment. OR does she have her own motives for getting you there.? I'm still getting that there is another offer from your current vp and it's soon, tomorrow? That's the one I feel like you will be not buying it and feeling like you are being "handled". Spirit is not giving me a direct plan as it is not meant to be easy but more of a guide for you to help yourself with the skills you have. You can do this. You have been right on path for this and this crazy planetary situation can be perfect timing. Try not to overthink this but instead keep those antennas up and really listen to your reactions. In fact keep your pad handy and anything that pops a feeling even on the phone write it down. Use your ACE. I can't wait to hear from you again!

  • @blmoon
    Hi! The phone interview with the new place has been delayed twice so now we are scheduled for Monday morning. Meanwhile, my VP said she should have approval on Monday to move forward with whatever she proposed. I didn’t even ask what she proposed because she can’t change it now and I think it’s laughable. I’ll just have to wait and see and then either accept or reject or attempt a counter-offer. I do feel that this promotion is manifesting now with a bit of help from the planets/stars and the opportunity will not come again for a good while. So the real decision for me is will I be ok with walking away from it after all this effort to get there.