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  • I am seeing another option....door number 3? But Spirit is not jumping in with answers. The only definite is moving on from where you are now....and to keep an open mind to accommodate new directions. I am in the same boat! I do see an influential male standing near you welcoming where ever you are going you have a new male advocate......he feels new. This man likes you and you will find it refreshing to not have to but heads with a big ego. I am shown that in the past male authority figures have not always worn their true colors. Everything is fine as long as you do as your told. They are charming enough to fill their position but are also masters at manipulation. Spirit just showed me a car salesman! hahaha! Also, you haven't found your female mentors much. Just those who feel threatened and pretend to be friendly in a dry way and pretty much ignore you. I think Spirit brigs this up because you need the faith and confidence right now to know you really have changed and a new direction really is earned. You are valuable but often try to be too excellent team player and negotiator. As you wait for the future to get here start using "words" to move you along...make a list of your capabilities and assets. Make a list of your boundaries and your non-negotiables. Remember "in the beginning was the word". You only need to share with the universe......maybe put the list in a nice respectful place....with stones or cards.....something respectful. Also make a list of blissful things you'd love to do if money was not a problem or need. A dream list. I get the 16th has some significance.....and I'm shown a on a letterhead....or drawing....a symbol of sorts. Lean trunk but a full wide top. It is eye catching nice. Not sure if it is real or represents a place with environmental conciseness. BLESSINGS!

  • Haha! The current guy is a total car salesmen. Says whatever he thinks the person needs to hear to make the sale but as soon as the words leave his mouth they are forgotten. No integrity. That's not the type of sales person I am. I build relationships. I'm fair to both sides and negotiate what works best for everyone involved. I do what I say I'm going to do when I say I'm going to do it so people trust me and that's why they give me their business.

    I keep getting the number 3, but there are also 3 of us in the office who are thinking of jumping over to this new place. The guy that is coordinating it all is fairly new to me - just started a few months ago. He's nice and he seems to be impressed with me. He says the 3 of us make a great team and is trying to negotiate us all coming over as a package deal. Maybe he's the new guy? His initials are DP.

    The "new guy" at the new company (whom I have not net yet) is named Jeff. Because you said it I tried pulling cards today on if this opportunity is the right one for me and they came back bad. However I have been extremely ticked off today (still from yesterday) and they also pointed to me needing to clear my energy.

    I have been getting the tree thing too!! I keep seeing that Angel card with the woman that's a tree with all her arms/limbs stretching out. It's in two of the decks - in one it's called The Universe and in another it's Goddess of Oneness and says that someone you love is thinking of you. And one of the weekly readings on YouTube of a person I follow - he mentioned a tree too and also said that the trunk was lean but lots of branches - full and wispy.

    Yes, always manipulative men in my jobs. And also have never had a female mentor. Mostly because I was blazing the trail at being a woman in those positions so there was nobody above me to help. Then female "friends" at work who were actually frienemies and threatened/jealous.

    Remember the Lee Harris Energy videos I used to share with you? He will be in Vegas this week - a one night event called "Energy Tune-up." I purchased a ticket months ago and it is timely that it is happening this week. It's this Thursday night (the 13th) and I can really use an energy tune-up!! The 16th is a Sunday which I usually spend at home so we'll see what happens on that day.

    Now that I am on board with leaving, the problem is I want to leave NOW. Haha! That's how I am, I will do what I can to make it work, continue to work hard and be patient until one day I'm NOT and then get me the heck outta there! Plus I already turned down one offer. If I walk away from this one, then I will be left trying to find something and/or waiting for something else to appear. I've lost my faith in the Universe operating on a time table that works for me, LOL. The "what next" question is completely open as my first career has been shown as the past - that's where all my experience and knowledge is. This current job is a 2nd industry that I really don't know much about. So if this potential job is not it, then I'm left wondering what the next direction is. I have no clue. So far, the guidance is a tree 🙂


  • wow...Spirit did come across for you! I felt a spark about your Lee Harris ticket!! Perfect timing! I'm glad I could validate energy right now is good....despite my own uncertainty at the moment. You are so right.....very hard to hear Spirit when emotional or desperate! I get your all or nothing leave now feeling! I am so like that.......I will negotiate.....speak my mind

    have patience for awhile but when I'm done it's in an instant and I do not care about a paycheck even if I should. There is an instant detachment. I got sucked in before by not staying away. The last time I left my job I resisted all excuses to meet up one more time. Over lunch to return a key? No thank you.....I left it with an employee. Happy Adventure! You earned it.

  • WOW...that job description sounds so seductive. I know it can honestly exist but I also know about fluff. Cringe. There's fluff and there's passion. They can look alike from a distance. That school I worked at would have all kinds of noble worded events but I hated the pretense of true passion. All show! Hard not to be cynical but I have been jaded! I would love for it to be a true vision. And full moon in Aries....oh my! My moon is in Aries so it should be an interesting day!!.Maybe I will look up Rosewood resorts! I am waiting patiently for a job hookup. I am trying to practice feeling safe. I think wherever you interview for your intuition will be strong. As long as you can believe in actually getting what you want........Spirit was strong about NEW DIRECTION. OH, and I read an interesting bit of info today.......that men still get paid better than women . And that investor on Sharks stated that in her company she has found that women rarely ask for raises even when they work harder than men! She said her male employees all ask for raises! It really sticks in my mind!

  • So my boss paid a surprise visit to our office today - flew in and did not let us know he was coming. I was working from home so he called me and asked me to come in. Remember when I said our only hope was if they put a particular other person in charge of our office? Well he was there too....the baton was being handed over to him. Only problem is I think it's too little too late. They also told me that they fired the DP guy and are searching for a replacement for him. DP is the one who was trying to spearhead all of us leaving for the other company.

    I didn't really get a good feel for the guy who will now be in charge of our office. Well, what I did get was I'm not so sure he and I will actually click.

    Anyway, just more drama and chaos to muck up the waters for me...

  • I try not to laugh but DP guy is a derogatory name from growing up in stands for dumb polock. I of course do not call people DPs anymore but seeing it after all these years is funny. Good for you you are already detached. Keep smiling and cashing that check! It will get weirder I'm sure before it's over. I learned from my boss that when she really did not want to say yes to a request shed say with a smile...let me think on that for awhile and get back to you. You may find yourself saying that for awhile!

  • Hahaha! The funnier part is his family country of origin isn't Poland but one of the countries adjacent (can't remember which one) :). He also suffers from what I call CRS (can't remember sh#t syndrome)!

    Meeting with new guy today and we vocalized all our complaints and frustrations. He kept saying let's wipe the slate clean and start over with a positive attitude and he will spearhead the necessary changes. Told him we've been hearing that for over a year and I will have a positive attitude about change when I start seeing it happening! He didn't much care for that response (tee hee hee)

  • You mean you didn't clap and say yeah----you're the man? ; ). CRS syndrome ? I think my man has that one.....although he is selective about what he stores in his head...he forgets what I tell him...but remembers.facts and figures....lists of trivia.......I tell him he is that postman in CHEERS who had some irrelevant info to say in every conversation. Yet he has a genius IQ. And he IS Polish.

  • Oh, forgot! For a few weeks now I've been saying that I feel like I'm on the Titanic and I have to decide whether I'm going to be the guy playing the violin until he is engulfed by the icy cold water or if I'm going to be one of the people who gets their butt onto a lifeboat!

    So today at our meeting, new guy says (regarding the changes that need to take place), that it'll be like we're on the Titanic and we'll make the turn, but it will be really really slow. I started LAUGHING and said you know the Titanic sunk, right?

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  • OMG! FUNNY. You ARE kin to the crow. That is so my life! Only I hear an inner but audible howl. I have burst out laughing in public all my life because of such psychic synchronicity. The private joke that appears at the most inappropriate times. It's not always a guides doing. At times I sense the presence of a past over very loved smart S. But sometimes it's just the trickdters crow and coyote that follow me. I have felt both blessed and am I crazy? I'd say you are very much continually getting that validated guidance promised you. My dreams have been odd these days. Usually, I can translate them but some times I have to wait until I walk into it....some future day. October is the month when our dreams are most prophetic. BLESSINGS!

  • I know, right?!? So very funny, Plus, what a moron for using that as an analogy. He's trying to tell us that we should be patient and have a positive attitude because everything will get better, but then telling us we're on the TITANIC??? A better analogy would have been something like, oh I don't know, maybe "ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY"? Sheesh!

    Maybe my paternal grandfather is the crow....he passed before I was born or when I was just born, but I'm told he was filled with humor and mirth. I feel close to him although I never had a relationship with him. A few years ago I remember thinking he was around and I told him that our sign would be a fig tree if he wanted to show he was there. The next day I met with a client - he gave me a card and his company logo was a fig tree - haha!

    Went to the Lee Harris thing last night. There were only 30 people there so it was quite intimate, but I felt out of place. I just can't seem to find "my" crowd. I'm not one to just sit with a smile on my face for no reason - always distrust people who do, haha. They always look to me like they should be in a white strait jacket 🙂

    Anyway, he had people come up on stage to ask questions and he gave an intuitive read, then closed with a channeling for everyone. I wanted to get up and ask a question, but it had been such a rough 2 days at work I just couldn't find the words to clarify my question. Plus I've been feeling like I'm supposed to be learning how to find my own answers (which would explain why I have NO IDEA where I'm supposed to be going next). Anyway, normally the group will have a vibe and you will hear what you need to hear through someone else's question, but that didn't happen. They were all either at a place I was years ago or at a place where they were the "shiny happy" people which I am not. The only questions that came close to my situation were of people who actually knew what was next or what they wanted and just had to push through the fear. My thing is, what the heck is the next thing for me? Oh well, it was a nice few hours anyway!

    So, yes, I am continually getting validation that I need to leave. Wondering when the guidance will come that says where I am going...

    Oh, forgot, your husband and the CRS....I've never met a man who did NOT have that kind of selective memory with his mate!!! Argh! I think they do it on purpose to drive us crazy 🙂

  • Forgot something about CRS...

    When I entered the meeting room last night I was immediately drawn to a specific chair - strongly. Sat down and then discovered that each chair had a card on it with an affirmation.

    Mine was: I AM MAGIC AND POWER.

    Lee said that card meant I was going through some big transformation at the moment. Tell me something I don't know, LOL

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  • wow.....the card on your chair was the most amazing part of your visit! Although walking into your past and feeling out of place is good to validate your advancement. I hate that feeling of looking forward to some special connections only to realize I walked into a group who were interesting but too needy and being led by some butt head guru who mostly talked about himself. I don't see Lee Harris like that but think it was the group that was not your level. I just pulled my cards before going here and one was a double tree....joining spirit and matter and the last of three cards was the perception card. I already forgot the first card! I still have short term memory issues but I trust my conciseness got the message.....I'm pretty sure it was one of the release cards. Your experience echos the perception card! When you don't fit in it can be seen from your self confidence level either as a positive thing or a self depreciating event. Last night I pulled cards and was told to ask Saint Michael for confidence every night. I do a daily pull from the Angel Cards but on occasion when needing a tough answer I go to Saint Michael for the serious stuff. And my favorite Fairy cards . And my surrender cards. Lately, I'm feeling a pull towards self-employment rather than job hunting. Long before my years at the school I was always self-employed...a jack of all trades kind of scenario. I didn't always like some of the trades I got paid for but at the time I needed the money. I have been employed other times by others yet my position was always more like self employed so i think by now it's obvious I work well independently. I think I have a lot to offer a group but it depends on the group.....I can end up wasting energy if the group is not ripe for growth. I am an excellent problem solver....but not everyone rewards you for fact insecure people can punish you for it. You know...if Harris would have offered you the floor and others asked you questions I bet you would know what to say! BLESSINGS!

  • Yes, you're right. At first I was kind of neutral in my feelings about it but the next day I started to feel like maybe I didn't fit in because I was the one who was not up to everyone else's level. He spoke about how he used to come into the room full of people and focus on the one really depressed person, trying to lift them up and then later realized he needed to focus on lifting everyone else. He also spoke about how "light" people are magnets for the depressed or low people (in speaking about empaths). I started to think, OMG was I the low person in the room??? Haha.

    Thanks for your confidence in me. Although I'm sure I could have done some readings and they would not have been terrible, his gift far surpasses mine! I do like how he keeps it all grounded and practical.

    I'm not sure I could be self-employed but know that I am better as the boss. That may sound like a big ego, but it just always seems like I know the way to do things better than the person for whom I'm working and it's frustrating. Especially when they treat me like a peon.


    Are you arguing with your husband or any other family member at the moment? You don't have to answer if you don't want to - just what came through with the cards you pulled. I pulled a Sabian Symbol card for you and got Scorpio 11 (and your hubby is Scorpio if I recall). The Scorpio 11 description is:


    This Symbol shows the ability, or the necessity, of helping others, being on hand when they need it and rescuing and bringing a sense of life back to people. It can show a rescuing nature; a counselor, therapist, life saver, etc. Of course, it can be that you need “Rescuing” in some way, whether it’s through counseling, getting a much needed loan, or having stress and strain lifted so that you can breathe freely again. This symbol often shows someone overpowered or overcome by their inability to cope emotionally .Often we feel like we are being suffocated, by our marriage, job, friendships, life path or the lack of these things. Know that help is at hand and soon you'll be able to breathe easily again.

    Resuscitation. Regaining one's breath. Being rescued. Finding life renewed. Salvation. Finding help in times of crisis. Ventilators. Oxygen. Dependence. Last minute reprieves.

    The Caution: Panicking to draw help rather than learning how to cope. Unrealistic reliance on others. Getting into deep water on a regular basis. Not wanting to save yourself.

    So if it's not about an argument with your husband or other family member, I think the message is just hold on! help is on the way!


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  • oh watergirl! After posting yesterday I got a very awful phone call! The husband of a dear girlfriend told me she had a sudden massive heart attack and had just died! We go back 30 plus years and she moved away but we had one of those deep psychic bonds and always remained close. We had so many good times! In my younger days we played guitar together. And when fellow musicians were in town she would host an all night jam session. Wild good times! She never had children but I had a handful so visits to her home were such food for the soul. She was a builder too....and a gardener...we shared a love for creating beautiful spaces. Since she moved she would surprise me with a very timely card or gift and I did the same. We could not be near each other without laughter...the kind that makes you choke and scream. I just spoke to her! She kept trying to get me up there and I so wanted to but I do not have that freedom. She sounded strong as ever but was stressed out about her man who was growing older too fast......I felt her angst! Our once mighty men have both run out of steam. Mine is bipolar and yes this whole year has been very hard with him but I am not one to helplessly whine about things.....just deal with it. She was a very strong hard worker! She survived cancer over twenty years ago. I did not get any sense of her dying but Spirit would have not let me know....I was protected so I could enjoy the last of her. She had given up music after her brother died....he used to play guitar as well and would travel down to surprise her and of course we would have an all nighter. I always was sad for her loss of not only him but her joy for playing. Anyway the last correspondence I got was a text from her on the friday of the hurricane here a week ago....she was excited and said a musician friend was visiting her and she was calling a jam session party! She wished I was there! I was jealous but so happy to hear she would be jamming. Her husband said it was a great party. He said yesterday they went to the flea market and she felt sick. After going home she went to hospital and by the time he ran in to get help she was gone!!! I am devastated yet happy for anyone who gets to die like that! The day we talked we joked about our men killing us!! Then she really dies? Mostly, I have been practicing peacefulness. I did have a couple days of feeling like I couldn't get a deep breath but as an em path I live with so much of others rubbing off on me that I wonder who it belongs too but brush it off. I knew this moon was going to be a doozy but never dreamed anything this tough. I feel a great emptiness. Thank you for the message! BLESSINGS!

  • post is on previous page....also ps. If the relationship strain is not my man which covers most of this year .....more currently my youngest son is going through some sheet I mostly stepped away from.

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