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    Well my Wed. sucked as well. My Angel card was the dreaded upheaval and no it never feels better that the message includes the don't worry, this rough time has a good purpose and the Angels are behind a positive change! I just have this strong urge to purge my life on every level and hit the road. I am so over the marriage thing. I went for a healing service tonight hoping for an energy lift. Actually, the healing part WAS nice and I could feel it, the healer tonight was good but the message part, that so called psychic was so lame. It's kind of rude to walk out before everyone gets their message so I sat and prayed between impatiently asking myself...WTF am I doing here!. The temple on it's own is a nice vibe, it truly is a sacred place and it's not crowded and the lights are low so it's not the usual claustrophobic vibe of some gatherings. You are right about my psychic gift being much sharper than a few that work there! I haven't been the last two weeks because I didn't feel the need. I did do a group thing about a month ago with others who thought they MAY be psychic. I enjoyed that as they were a very positive group. The guy who leads the events I like is not the usual ego driven guru butt head I've met in the past. He does attract a good group. I guess it's a personal improvement I haven't picked a butt head. Some of those gurus seem to attract needy people who are afraid to speak up..I'm going to one of his on Sunday that is about colors and how psychics interpret or use for affecting mood etc....actually, as a poet this idea is a common thing. I mean it's all metaphor for a poet. Medically, it has a name SYNESTHESIA to associate colors with senses like taste and feelings. Also it's considered a neurological condition. Really? Anyway, I love digging into these deep thoughts with people who are not full of sheet. This whole mood today is just transitory and I'm sure will pass tomorrow. When you talked about the talking to you got then the nice buddy talk....I heard good cop bad cop! HAHAHA! You may be right not to trust that event. As for repeating just seems that in your business it is the bungle in the jungle. Really, you are above that situation and not trapped in it. I still see a turn in your favor. Right now it's a game and someone is keeping score and you feel like I do right now. WTF am I doing here and let's just get on with it!!! As for your nephew, best to give them room on that one. You spoke up and you had to but it's not your battle. Someone is getting arrested real soon.When it comes to the hard stuff, everyone rolls. No one rolls for pot...hahaha! I can not believe his parents have not found evidence...unless they don't know what it looks like. Addicts get real hostile between fixes. You mentioned his friends are well off? Stimulants like aderal or coke are usually the wealthy choice. If he's into opiates they had to see it....opiates have THAT look! They nod out and get thin and literally start looking like death. Hopefully we will both have good news soon. Hey, I don't see a number five! Oh, but I see a house you like and the number 3....three weeks? Third choice the charm? We will see. Because, not so sure you are staying there in that area. You may have a distant offer coming.

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    Oh boy did you just make me laugh! I remember for a while I kept getting the “Blessing in Disguise” card. It really ticked me off after a while so I renamed it the “Sorry but everything sucks right now” card, 🤣
    Everyone I know is over their marriage right now. I believe Mars going retrograde is the culprit. And you’re right...the WTF am I doing here seems universal as well. It has been a rough month. To be honest, it’s been a really rough year so far. I wish I could say July was going to be better but the universal energies are not pointing that way. You are wise to go to your spiritual retreat location. I think that’s all we can do....ride it out as best we can and be diligent about taking those times out for ourselves to relax our nerves and fluff our spirit. Hope you had a better day today!

  • Hope you are doing better Blmoon. The energy this week was tough! I just realized that not only is Mars retrograde, but it is retrograde in my sign. Also, the two eclipses coming up are in my rising sign and sun sign. Think it's going to be a bumpy ride of a month and I will need to channel my inner Bette Davis!
    Anyway, leaving on my Alaskan Cruise this Friday and sooooo looking forward to a week of peace.

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    boy you planned that trip just right! Unless you hit a retrograde iceberg and we all have seen the Titanic. Actually, as a poet I could really appreciate the beauty of an icy land. Kind of goes with the whole sick of you do not touch vibe! Yes it's cosmic....haven't talked to a married girl friend yet who ain't feeling it. Universally, yes we need to pump up the female power or let humanity be ruthlessly trampled by a very out of bounds male dominance. HE has no reverence for the female and does not accept or appreciate her gift I guess the energy to change the universal vibe starts in a collective personal way! So are we feeling it? F'n A. I gave out advice to others about this time and for all those who have been working very hard towards a goal, this is that last mile....the one that is going to test how well you've kept yourself healthy. It's a blessing, if you choose, to shut out, detach, ignore all those sticky clingy distractions of other's wants and needs! GET HER DONE! BLESSINGS!
    PS Watergirl. Your inner Bette Davis is my Dorothy Parker! And for me she actually visits and has given me some great things to say.

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    Oh I love Dorothy Parker!! Wait, she was the one who had constant all-night parties and a quick wit, right? How grand that she visits you! Kindred writing spirit?

    It’s a short week with Wednesday off for the holiday, but I’m still wishing I was leaving tomorrow instead of Friday. A glorious week in the grandeur of Mother Nature.....and no phone calls or email!

    Love this...

    By the time you swear you're his,
    Shivering and sighing.
    And he vows his passion is,
    Infinite, undying.
    Lady make note of this --
    One of you is lying.
    ~Dorothy Parker

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    Thank you for that! I so needed her today. True to her quote this day began "what fresh hell is this? She is famous for her sharp wit. I have many poems dedicated to her and wish I could post here but they have all been published and I sure don't wan't this post coming up in a google search! Neither do you. Her life is very interesting and a bit tragic. She was too smart for a woman during a time when writing was a man's world. Still can be! She had horrible taste in men yet was aware of it. Her childhood was pretty much barren of parental nurturing. She was part of the Algonquin group (the round table in New York) and was very well respected by the best of writers. I have been blessed to have been complimented for my wit in comparison. And my taste in men? Similarly tragic! We can't undo our childhoods. Anyway, most people don't know that she also made money writing for Hollywood. Which she hated. You know all those old black and white movies with the great smart ass one liners? That was her! Before I knew that I used to watch those movies just for the wit. She drank a lot and despite her talent turned out too little because she was such a perfectionist! She mostly worked for a newspaper and was so loved by others they sent her money all the time. Otherwise, she had no desire to give a sh it about money. When she died she left her estate to the NAACP. Her biography is a good read and there was a movie made of her. Remember her quote "men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" ? So true! It's lonely out there all you too smart ladies!

  • @blmoon,
    Halloo! I’m back from my trip - it was surreal it was so beautiful. The morning we went up a Fjord to one of the glaciers was incredible. The whole front of the glacier fell off with a huge crack and thunder. The narrator said he had never seen anything like it and I believe him! Wish I could post the video for you…

    I hope things have gotten better for you these past 2 weeks. The first of our three eclipses was last Thursday. Fortunately, I was on my trip so I was in my cocoon of safety. I thought of you when I stepped off the plane - it was SO HOT and also now humid as our “monsoon” season came early this year. The “What fresh hell is this?” quote popped into my mind - only in this interpretation hell was literal (haha!)

    Although I was in my bubble of serenity, much had been going on at home. My sister apparently is now also mad at my other sister because she gave creedence to my intuition about my nephew. She is the peace keeper so she is really upset about it. I feel badly now that I even told her. And today I received a call from the police dept. that an arrest has been made. Another robbery occurred about a week after mine with the same vehicle I identified. It led them to an address and an arrest was made. His voice mail said he had some jewelry he wanted me to try to identify. I called back but got a busy signal. I am extremely anxious about it. On the one hand, if I was wrong about my nephew, I will be endlessly persecuted by my sister. On the other hand, if I was right, then he could be in big trouble is his friend implicates him. I hate to admit it, but I think I’m more worried about being wrong due to all the family drama that has ensued. That makes me a terribly self-centered person doesn’t it? Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me...

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    I had a professor (mr. shapeshifter) take a similar cruise but on a private rented vessel as he was a seaman and he came back with photo slides (remember those?) and shared the pics in class. That was during the Clinton administration when grants flowed and the economy was so rich! My professor got a grant to publish a book logging the trip! YES the pictures were breathtaking! Specially, the ones that traveled between smaller channels with the large ice glaciers on either side. You are right it's surreal looking. He was a photographer as well so his photos were awesome and sitting in a dark classroom seeing them on a big screen is impressive. I miss those Clinton years! I chose the right time to go to college! I enjoyed so many programs and events paid by the grant surplus! Timing is relevant I learned. You picked a good time to retreat! But you have been listening well to guidance and keeping a cool head mostly. As for the robbery, you knew that was coming, it was a very clear prediction the fast arrest. They were dumb! And they were meant to get caught. Don't worry about being wrong. The situation with your nephew regardless of the robbery is and was going to get ugly regardless of you. He is floundering and and his situation can lo longer be hidden. His parents are angry more about the helplessness of their part and emotions get messy and misdirected. Having been there the first stages of denial about your child is pretty hard to grasp. And it's very embarrassing! Later, it's more real just how many families have one but keep it on the down low. Lay low for now. Your sister needs to know that despite the drama that you are not out there as a big mouth enemy judging. Once they get over the transparency of the situation and realize it's not the end of the world and in the end you are there for her it will smooth out. Right now it will get worse before better for them but it's necessary they get REAL about there son so they can help him. It's easier for others to see the signs parents find unthinkable. And also some outsiders do make ridiculous assumptions so it's hard for parents to keep an open ear. I had untrue sheet come back to me when one of mine was in addiction. It's like they know something is wrong but nobody is talking to them so they make up their own assumptions. I had a relative ask if my son was doing crack?! I had to tell him the truth that my disabled son on disability was abusing his pain meds! Yet my relative insisted.... am I sure it wasn't crack.? UHG! It only made me more resolute to not discuss it. Didn't I give you a reading at least six months ago about family drama? I only remember it because usually your family never comes up in readings but suddenly it comes to mind giving you a warning about there being a family drama that would possibly suck you in but to avoid getting too close and it would blow over.Anyway, the emotions will run high awhile for them but it will help them most if you keep things as normal as possible with them. They have a lot to deal with. You were right to say something then drop it so don't regret it. You did the right thing. This event will make more sense years from now. The weather here is hell! Thunderbolts everyday. HOT HUMID and my yard is out of control! It is miserable trying to pull weeds and vines in a tropical UPSWING....THE SHEET GROWS OVERNIGHT! I worked out there three evenings in a row last week just to see my garden! Most of my plants are pitiful except one gorgeous rose bush that is blooming like crazy. But gardening in Florida is a real test of will. Winter time here is a true gardener's the summer it just survives. I swear this winter I am going to landscape Arizona style.....f the grass and go all stone and ground cover. I can't bear to use chemicals to kill weeds and vines cos we get our water from the aquifer and that sheet is so deadly to the environment. I tried natural remedies that work a short while but Florida is brutal. I was wondering what you'd be coming back to on the job front. I'm not seeing much. The only thing I'm seeing is that coastal tropical flower image again.......breezes off the coast and Hibiscus waving. No number five though. haha! I sense a health change...a positive goal? You will be on a roll with weight loss or a work out plan. OK I just heard laughter so hope that wasn't a joke...the exercise plan! OH just got a job vision....someone is leaving and someone new is coming in....I'm seeing the snake lady in the center of this. She is not happy. I see her sitting in a chair arms crossed and pouting like a child. Something happened beyond her control and she is stubbornly and silently insisting in her head that no.....she ain't budging on her end on something but something that was going on before you came there was brewing behind the scenes. I'm hearing...long overdue. That she has left a long trail of unhappy oppressed people on her path and somebody plotted long and hard to return her some karma. I'm hearing someone who seemed NOT to notice was watching. This energy feels like the third man I said who did not play chummy...very professional. I saw him as a Lion. Calm cool confident and deadly if need be but professional. Don't know if it's him but a similar energy and another person, a young woman who is the main effort behind outsmarting the snake. I'm sure once you get a whiff of this back scene drama your psychic antenna will be working very well and you will enjoy it. You are going to think...Jeeze I'm gone two weeks and it's a new ballgame! I also have a Spirit here with White flowers for you....big blooms...roses or magnolias very beautiful. This usually means a loved one on the other side is around you. There is great Love attached so it's someone you loved very much. BLESSINGS! PS. I just realized it's my dear best friend's birthday today so it may be for me but REALLY I feel it's just a coincidence and it's an older woman for you. The energy is very very sweet. Enjoy!

  • @blmoon Hi! First week back to work was ROUGH. Lots to do and soooo tired. I think I'm fighting off an illness...woke up with a fever blister on my lip yesterday and my throat hurts today.

    Yes, I remember photo slides, LOL!

    I have called back the police several times, the number he left me kept ringing busy or didn’t ring at all. So I called the main number and she said that the officers turn their phones off when they are not on duty. She left a message for him but he still has not called back. It’s frustrating. I mostly am just anxious about the ties to my nephew, not any of my jewelry that may have been recovered. I honestly don’t want any of it back at this point.

    I think you did warn me of family drama. I think it came up in some other things I did as well, but I usually just ignore it as, like you said, there is normally no family drama for me. I have remained in the shadows so to speak so don’t know what’s going on with them at this point.

    It’s HOT AND HUMID here as well! Our early monsoon season continues. I have mostly desert landscaping but that does not free me from the weeds so the grass is not greener, hahaha!

    I am getting back on track with my eating - went off the wagon during the cruise 🙂 Yes, laughter with the exercise program. I just don’t know how to fit it into my day with my toddler pup to take care of. This heat makes it impossible to take him outdoors for exercise. I get up early, but that is for work and the commute makes the days too long. It will be easier once it cools off a bit.

    I think the snake lady you saw was someone who was fired while I was on vacation. She was the #1 spot at a third property that I do not represent. I didn’t have a problem with her but apparently her staff did not like her and she was rough around the edges. It normally takes them MONTHS to find replacements but her replacement was announced almost immediately so this was definitely in the works for a while.

    My snake lady gave all of us new goals this week as they are not replacing a few of the people they canned. Mine went up SIGNIFICANTLY - not sure about everyone else but nobody seems to be happy about it. She sent me an email on Tuesday saying we would discuss on Thursday. I saw her Wednesday night and she said she was surprised I hadn’t replied. I didn’t reply on purpose 🙂 I told her I didn’t because she said we would talk Thursday. She said she was concerned because “I really like you and I don’t want you to leave.” My interpretation was “I don’t like you and want you to leave.” HAHAHA. Just can’t tell when that woman is being sincere and she normally isn’t. Anyway, I was nonchalant and then threw her for a loop. Everyone was complaining about their goal so I told her the new goals were fine, but we needed to talk about my bonus structure. Basically, I’m asking for double the bonus (since I now have double the numbers). At first she acted like she couldn’t do anything about that but I smirked at her, like “yeah, right” She reviewed with everyone on Thursday EXCEPT me. Came to me at the end of the day and asked me to email me what I told her Wed. night because she “thinks it has merit.” We’ll see.

    The #1 spot was filled at my preferred property (finally announced it yesterday) and it is indeed the person I thought it would be. She had her picked out from the get-go so my interview was just for appearances sake. Maybe she has changed significantly since I last saw her, but I just can't see her handling the pressure. I actually kind of worry about her, lol. I am actually glad to not be saddled with it now.

    So maybe the ocean breeze and magnolias was about keeping the nonchalant attitude 🙂

    The white flowers sound lovely. Not sure who it would be. My paternal grandmother has passed but we were not close at all. Never met my maternal grandmother. I did take a pic of a beautiful big white bloom of a rose while on vacation…I’ll try to upload for you here.

    Hope you are surviving these dog days of summer!

    ![0_1532201423839_IMG_0875.JPG](Uploading 99%) ![0_1532201405885_IMG_0865.JPG](Uploading 100%)


  • @watergirl18
    Love the white rose!!! Funny, how the vibe was in my mind tied to us both. That's happened before. It definitely is not your grandmother. The fact you took the picture does put you connected. My favorite rose is the JFK white rose. They will not be found at your usual local stores and I so need to make the EFFORT to take a ride to a big nursery and find one! They bloom big and smell heavenly. I resist going to the big nursery because it overwhelms me with TOO much beauty and if I got any money it will get spent. It is such a retreat kind of visit. Beauty everywhere and shops and ponds and chimes and ceramic pots.......want it all! I had a JFK once in my garden wiped out during a flood season 20 years ago! I am enjoying the game between you and the boss who just don't get you. You are very unpredictable to her in how you respond! The lady who got canned at the other property definitely sounds right. As for the police response....made me laugh. If people had a clue just how dysfunctional the criminal justice system works, understaffed underfunded and very unorganized, they'd be afraid! It's a crap shoot for the accused....easily convicted over a paperwork snafu or easily let go for an error. I have caught paperwork being changed! I know how to get into the websites to view paperwork filed. Most people don't expect to be caught or challenged on that. For one....there's no one to complain to! Unless the person arrested has a REAL lawyer who knows how to get a response so much is not done properly. People THINK it's a fair game to get a free attorney! Often, the accused gets a five minute meeting before going to court! Most inmates with a free lawyer are sitting in jail right now not having a clue what's happening. I swear I am not exaggerating at all. Last year I was part of an event and got a Spirit nudge to look in the documents online and was shocked to see a statement I gave had been rewritten! They left the original dated seal on it but reworded it!!!!! I was so hopping in my chair pissed! The original had been right....I saw it earlier but later got changed. I called the accused's free lawyer who was young and new and not jaded and HE brought it to the attention of the judge. But if I had not seen it it would have gone unnoticed. The parole officer woman who changed my honest statement was not charged in any way but boy was she ticked. The person I wrote a witness statement about was told to stay out of that county because outing her was going to not be forgotten and they would have it out for them. Anyway......this is the kind of stuff that keeps me a VOICE for the truth. Hard not to be hardened by all that I know and see. I think the average mind believes too much TV versions of our court system. I do see the event that happened to you as being in guided hands. It went down like it was meant to and all involved are being offered a needed intervention if they choose to roll with it in that mind set. I wanted to respond on another post about your answer but will do it here. Funny you were the one to respond the perfect answer. I read the question over card pulling confusion and thought...OH HONEY, stop pulling cards you are pushing too much!. I started to answer then said no someone else will handle this one. Perfect answer! I know that feeling when it's time to put the cards away! Yucky place of great impatience. No secret I hate the lul in the cycle. Rest is not my cozy place. I am getting a vibe on your nephew. Although you are meant to keep a distance right now you may be picking up distress signals from him that are hard to ignore. Know that your intuition is right and he is very much in a high emotional state and feeling pitifully.... oh so alone! You feel the tug because you are you but there is nothing for you to do about this. You already know how to cut such cords family wise.....we both are a lot alike in that department....yet this drama was kind of forced on you closer than you are used to. There will be a time when you can be helpful but not right now. So the exercise jibe was a "no sheet" comment? HAHA! I do get that it would help if you began a habit...made room for SOMETHING. Maybe try not thinking so big. Start with a ten minute ritual of a smaller effort. I get the dog walk heat issue! OMG it is humid hell here. I started walking my pups up and down the same block later at night trying to get those past cool evening breezes of Spring. I've been out there by 11 at night...they are panting and I'm sweating but getting it done! Now I'm pushing myself to get on the treadmill. I always feel so much better when I do that. But have not since my accident. I think I am ready. Last time I did well I had tacked a hotdamn pic of a certain famous hunk jogging shirtless down a board walk! I'm still purging and organizing. The feeling is to be ready for a possible move and to declare priorities. As in...were is my writing space exactly, my art place music place exactly? Organizing is pretty much my theme. And down to the writing space being more organized as far as having all writing in one area. And sad to say last on my list facing me right freakin resume redo! My intuition is still saying not to push yet because something I already planted is in process and coming to me.I will send you some patience if you send me some likewise! Keep up the cool head with your snake lady....good job! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon,

    Hi Blmoon,
    What a week! Two weeks back from my vacation and I finally feel like I have my head above water. Still super busy, but at least I now have a handle on where everything is, what I need to do, etc. I really hope this flurry of activity is going to pay off as my revenue goals are quite large this quarter!

    I was thinking about the white rose (I am familiar with the JFK rose!). If not a grandmother then who I wonder? I remembered that quite a while back someone else told me that there was an older woman there with her (for me) who had a very tender, sweet loving energy. Didn’t know who it was then either. Must be someone from another lifetime or an ancestor that passed before I came along. Sometimes I wonder about my best friend in college. She was hit by a car while riding her bike to work and was in a coma for quite some time. She finally did wake up but had brain stem damage and no motor function or short term memory. I finally stopped going to see her as another friend’s mother who was a nurse told us that it was distressing for her. She would remember us from the long term memory, but if we left the room and came back it was like seeing us for the first time and we would have to keep explaining to her what had happened to her. I do wonder if she is still alive. It has been over 30 years so somehow I doubt it. She was a kindred spirit. When we met we became fast friends. But making friends is easier when you’re younger for some reason…

    Still no word from my sister and no idea what’s going on with my nephew. I do feel something is going on and wonder if the arrest made in regard to my burglary was indeed connected to him. I have managed to let go of that anxiety though.

    The heat was terrible this week. 114 and above on a few days. When it “cools down” its 110, haha! It doesn’t cool off at night either. Still triple digits even after midnight. I’m afraid any REAL exercise will have to wait until September. I feel so guilty leaving my pup home alone all day I just can’t bear to extend it another hour to go to the gym after work. He looks so sad when I leave in the morning and looks scared when I get home 😞 I know, I’m a such a sap!

    I was at a work function this week and the new #1 was there. Her first day is next week so she wasn’t there on our behalf. She was walking toward me and I smiled and started to say hi…she looked right at me and abruptly walked away. I thought, oh so this is how it’s going to be! She probably doesn’t remember me but I was standing under our company sign so why wouldn’t she introduce herself? It was very strange…almost like she was running away from me. I just don’t understand the people the VP is bringing on board. It appears as though she is bringing in people she knows she can control and won’t be a threat to her. Such a cliche…

    Yes, we are both in the dreaded patience mode! I have been trying to just have fun on silly things, like putting up pics in my office of a famous hunk I have a crush on 🙂 I never thought much of him when he was in his prime, but now that he’s “mature” with some wrinkles, a little salt in his hair, etc. I think he is YUMMY!! Alas, like one of his American counterparts, he finally settled down late in life (boo hoo!). But he too married an accomplished intelligent woman!

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    I so get the sad pup thing. That's how I ended up getting another dog when I worked! My dog then really got upset with me taking a job after having me around for her first 2 years.....she was good in the car so I took her everywhere. I could leave the windows down and she would never run off. When I went to work she would seek out items that belonged to me and chew them! If I left a hair clip on a table she would reach up and get it. Anything directly connected to me like my shoes. Once I got another puppy she bonded with she stopped chewing my stuff. You should consider a buddy for your dog. Scary huh? When you described your friend she came forward immediately. What a sweet energy and yes she passed. I'm picking up kidney failure and blood clotting complications . Pneumonia as well. Just a snowball of organ failure. She claims you did not upset her and you actually brought peace to her when you where around her. Her predicament upset her. She says those days were terrifying and long. When you were there she felt peace despite any times of distress. I really get the short memory loss upset even though mine was not so does get you very upset when you realize you can't remember what you just said or did or what someone else just said. It leaves you feeling out of control. If I'm overtired or stressed I will get bouts of it but it has improved a lot after four and a half years. I can't imagine it being as bad as she had! To not recognize people in the moment! How terrifying. She says her passing was a relief and not any kind of tragedy. It was her time and her bright sweet energy is the kind I pick up from guiding spirits so it would be likely she communicates with you when you do psychic work. That is probably the kindred spirit connection you described. I once helped someone search their family tree. She was writing a book that went back hundreds of years She had a lot of research but had missing links so I did have spirits come forward. They gave enough info so that the person could find the records. That was interesting but I had to stop after awhile because too many spirit visits! What was interesting though was realizing that some spirits in her family history had returned in later lifetimes. I kinda wonder if your friend has more than one life time connection to you. As for the run in with the number one someone who you already knew. I wonder if she is that someone from your past coming in I saw that would bring a change offered to you. I really was thinking you would get an offer from the past by now. At least a phone call. I think her blank self absorption you saw is just part of the overall shell shocked state of worry that weighs on everyone there. You are right about the vibe of the power holders, it is an oppressive one, the intention is to keep employees guessing. There is a price for safe control over others. It's like clipping your own wings! A successful team flourishes when a leader can confidently delegate. You have to relinquish some power to others or they can not really serve you well. That's where you belong! A confident team of truly team players! Not an easy place to find. Although I do believe if you live in THAT kind of energy you will attract it. So far you are maintaining your confident energy. Patience indeed! I am getting the number 30, so could be the 30th is eventful. An announcement I think. I see important paperwork coming in the mail as well. Monday or Tuesday? Soon is what I get. A mess of paperwork is what I hear. Hmmm? Mess? On that note, you will get news about the thieves within the week and there will be clarity for you. Happy Full moon! Howl Howl!

  • @blmoon
    Thank you Blmoon. I knew she had passed but never had confirmation so I actually have been going through a grieving process. I feel badly that I stopped going to see her now! I kept getting the urge to go but told myself I was just being selfish. I hope she did not suffer long and passed a long time ago. I used to think how terrible it was that they took such heroic measures to save her only to have her be in that awful state. It would have been better if she had just died instantly. She was such a bright, joyful and quirky gal. I have missed her. It’s a nice thought that she is with me as a guide. I think we must have shared at least one other lifetime together because we connected so quickly and like we had known each other all our lives.

    The run-in with the #1…yes I know who she is. You actually told me a while back that when I found out who it is I would laugh and I did! Finding out it was her is what spurred me to finally apply - it ticked me off! I really don’t have anything against her…but I just don’t see her in that role. Her first official day was today (the 30th), but there was also another announcement today. The snake temp #1 has been placed permanently over us. He did not get the title of Director of our department, but was promoted to a role that that position would report to! The kicker is they are not going to hire a Director of our department. So, in essence, he is our #1. Ugh. Most of us are in a state of denial about it - NOT good news.

    I was kinda hoping that someone from the past would have arrived by now too, LOL! I am starting to wonder if I have the wherewithal to endure this in the long term. I would love for the Universe to orchestrate an offer that comes out of the blue. Wishful thinking? 🙂

  • Oh! And I forgot to say that I think maybe that's why you saw my VP as pouting that she did not get her way. I don't think she wanted the TEMP to be in that spot but he outmaneuvered her...

  • @watergirl18
    Don't feel bad about not being more present for your friend. Easier said than done! I know.. I've been through similar situations were I had to let go. During low days I WILL add it to my self flogging days. Some situations you can't tie a bow on that turd. Truth is that eventually she spent most of her remaining time sedated. Unfortunately, with a brain injury any stressful irritation causes more harm. And there is no way not to be under stress so that's why brain injuries are so slow healing..At first they avoided sedation hoping for signs of improvement. A neurologist told me the prediction for improvement is based on any signs of improvement, He promised I would get better because I had gotten better but he was blunt in telling me it would be very slow. Brain cells do not heal. If you are lucky the body and brain works to compensate. Her injury was catastrophic. I believe they were hoping after the swelling went down there would be improvement. The fact she was awake was hopeful but any injury involving the brain stem usually is very bad. Most people die immediately.They still do not know enough about the brain. I had a girlfriend who had a stroke in her thirties and remained in a coma or vegetable state for twenty years. Your friend assures me not long after you stopped visiting she was sedated. I do not see her living long. I was curious about the older lady near you and I know it was not your one grandma and I did ask your other grandmother several times to step forward if she had anything to say but got if just not there. I suspect she she came back to earth and even considered you two had met this life time. Everyone I know has had a bumpy ride for July. August has ALWAYS been a fresh beginnings time for me. Usually, anything I commit to in August ends up paying off. I do not see your current job situation staying permanent. Nothing is permanent there! Keep in mind that there is no tying a bow on that turd either! Your experience is more about personal advancement than trying to make it work. Survive with confidence and stay out of the fear swamp and you will be moving on. I think you will be getting an odd request from a man boss that means absolutely nothing. Whatever it is wait at least 3 days to even react I still see news this week getting news about the robbery. I get Friday as a news day....not sure if it's the robbery. It may be work related because it leaves you hanging before the weekend and ticks you off. If it is job related.....remember your nemesis for now is avoiding the way they keep people on edge. I'm seeing those Hibiscus again.......a vacation peaceful feeling. California. Do you have friends on the coast who own a shop near the ocean? There's a bell on the door when you walk in.

  • @blmoon
    Thank you. I think I have adjusted now. I pulled out a few photos of the two of us - need to get frames for them. I am glad that she is no longer in that horrible state. And now I know I have at least ONE person on my side on the other side 🙂

    I had a few things happen this week - normally if it was just one I would have just brushed it off as coincidence. But it was THREE so it made me wonder.
    The first: while driving to work the DJ's were talking about Tom Jones and one of them started to sing "What's New Pussycat". I started laughing and immediately thought of a girl at work and had the urge to sing it to her. She came in my office shortly after I arrived and I did - she freaked out saying it was a thing with her and her departed father.
    The second: My assistant director at one of the properties (one of the good people!) has a deck of oracle cards in her desk. She was having another girl pull some cards - I walked in on them unaware, took one look at the cards and said, "Oh, your job here is over and you are going someplace else". She looked up at me with her mouth dropped open. She has had a 2nd interview somewhere else and is expecting an offer to come through soon...
    The third: The VP (snake lady) came bounding up to me Thursday toward the end of the day saying she was going to an open house this weekend as they are looking for a new house. She told me the area and I had a flash of a house I looked at 20 years ago in that area that I really loved. I explained to her the floorpan, etc. and she said "THAT'S IT!" She then showed me pics on her computer and it was indeed the exact same model I described.
    Is there something going on in the ether???

    I haven't received that odd request yet. The one man boss (the good one you spoke of with the steady energy) has been on vacation. The 2nd man boss (the manipulative self-serving one) left for vacation yesterday.

    The only news that came in yesterday was an email from the VP boss lady about a #1 position open at another property - telling everyone if they were interested to apply online. It's a crap property so not interested 🙂 Besides, asking people to apply online means they already have someone in mind and they are trying to make it look kosher with the appearance of opening the opportunity up to everyone. Not falling for that again 🙂

    The issue of my increased revenue goals and my bonus structure is still out there. She is playing games of course. Whatever.

    A weekend retreat to Southern California might be on the horizon...just can't take this heat this year! I don't have any friends there, but that shop with the bell on the door sounds lovely!!

    I hope you are right about August. I could use an uplifting month (as I am sure we all could).


  • @watergirl18
    thanks for sharing your THREE stories! Welcome to my world and good for you! It's a positive sign you are in the flow AND being in your truth. It is who you are. Specially loved you sang the Tom Jones tune. Often us messengers of healing service must risk playing the fool without proof of validation. Nice that she responded. One of those psychic meetup group things I attended the speaker stated that in public he never uses his gift and considers it unethical FOR HIM to invade others psychic space without permission. I didn't respond with attitude but did say....what if Spirit tells you to? He just said for him it's not an option. He also gave that not all spirits are meant to be listened to. Which is true but those of us who are meant for this know the difference. So I said .....well, how many people here can say that a stranger said something to them that truly was a gift....something that made their day. Gave them a healing thought about a loved one lost? Of course they all raised their hands. They were all there to learn about their gifts. I just wanted to put that out there because I'm sure there are other psychics who have that calling even if not all do. Actually, the speaker wasn't insulted or felt he had to argue he just said FOR HIM giving out impromptu messages to people who didn't ask was not HIS TRUTH. I love that you get it! I think your day of synchronicity is a wonderful validation that despite your career issues you are still very successful at doing what you do best! I have no idea why the Friday prediction was off unless it's not real yet. You know....I've seen that bell over the shop door before for you. Wonder if it's symbolic? We will see. Same with the theft thing. Maybe it's off a week. I try not to second guess these things or I would never be able to do what I do. You can't fret over being right. The ego and spirit don't mix well! Since you are so in tune I have a question for you. Usually, I am very good at getting dreams but would love your vibe if you have one. I always tell folks if the visual of a dream doesn't make sense to always consider the feelings. This was just one of those short snip-it dreams. It started with reality, my latest purging and I was enjoying the recent completion of organizing a few areas in my home. In the dream though I felt I was in a new home. Good feeling. Next scene was a bit funny. I was on a bed on my hands and knees crawling across to get off when my husband came up behind me as if trying to be "friendly" ...very unlikely! I heard a voice say in my head...oh he's just kissing up because he wants something (not s e x....something else). That made sense because the day before he was unusually cheerful to me and I had thought that! Next scene I'm outside going to drive off somewhere and instead of my truck, which I love there was a very sharp muscle car...looked to be a dodge challenger or charger and it was this most vibrant unusual green. Not too lime. It was unusual. It had no fancy stripes or add ons...just sleek and I was in a state of wow! This is awesome I thought and I felt very happy! I also thought of my youngest son thinking boy he will like this. Then I woke up. I could not shake the great feeling. I tried analyzing it logically but it doesn't fit in my real life because I am not wanting ANY new cars. I am in love with my big Ford crew cab. I am a car freak and have always been interested in cars in ways most women aren't. I know a lot about engines etc. I love the classic cars. I have no waking desire to own cars right now. BUT I always thought if I ever was lotto rich YES I would buy a few beauties just for the indulgent pleasure. Well I was thinking this is all positive but later today started overthinking it and wondered if it had a deeper hidden meaning..only because my youngest son was mentioned in my thought and we had a minor disagreement awhile back and I expressed my take and then let it go expressing that despite the disagreement over money. Not a big amount but it's the point of disrespect I feel. I just wanted to keep a relationship with him and if I was right about something he was wrong about karma would sort it out. So now I am wondering if the green car represented a solicitation for envy? Sorta blows my whole happy happy vibe! Of course, if I win the lotto tonight no interpretation needed. HAHAHA!

  • @blmoon
    Oh, Blmoon, I'm not very good with dreams! I also tend to clench when I am trying for a specific answer. The things that happened this week - I think they came through because I wasn't trying. I read your dream over a few times yesterday and found that I was indeed "trying" too hard so dropped it and opened the door for the Universe to send me inspiration while I was unaware. So far nothing! Just read through it again and have two things to point out. First, you know that cars can be symbolic of our life/life path. So a shiny new car sounds great, haha! Come to think of it, the NEW house goes hand in hand with that new car. Also, green is not only for envy. I think of envy green as darker, cloudier than what you described. Green is also a healing color and a color for PROSPERITY. I would stick with your original feelings - before you started to overthink - and see it as a happy harbinger 🙂
    So did you win the LOTTO???

  • @blmoon
    So do you have any more clarity on your dream? I am very curious...
    I am feeling the build-up to the eclipse this week AND of mercury retrograde! Had to bite my tongue on a few occasions. Hope you have been able to maintain your happy vibe!

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