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    You are right, both of us were tired weeks ago but we had to resist losing steam to take advantage of the cosmic timing. I definitely went into overdrive. Right now it's ok to take that break. We have to. This is what I've been working to pump up. TIMING and body management. And personal boundaries so others do not absorb my down times! I don't think I'm too unique on this quest....seems to me it's a universal human thing we all struggle to manage. And oh yes....I know what NOT to touch at a thrift! I've spotted awesome things from afar but as I got close, it was pure repulsion! My granddaughter has that to watch her reaction to things. She does the same thing...lets out an interested wow...then reaches for it but suddenly pulls back quick and shakes her head no. Forget sageing....I just do not even touch bad stuff. I am not confident that saging even fixes attachments like that. My mother had an antique shop and I often worked there and she would laugh at me when I wouldn't touch some of the things...specially furniture that came in with icky energy. I hated it! My kids were small and I was broke otherwise I absolutely hated it. I had my own flea market business then and would clean out estate sales. Boy that was interesting.....seeing all that is left of someone's life....their stories. I learned definitely what not to keep if you don't want strangers or children to see it!!! 😀

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    That’s so funny you would say that - I have ALWAYS stated my doubts that sageing works in those instances! A friend of mine had something very dark enter her home and she did the whole salt and sage thing and I thought, REALLY? THAT will get rid of it???
    OH - and I always think that when I go through a house cleaning purge and get rid of stuff - the things I would not want other people to find or go through when I die! Hahaha!
    So the 5 may have been both the “after the 5th” and my 5 symbolism as well. I did get some clarity this afternoon. They held a meeting at 2pm at my property of choice (I was not there today) and announced who they had hired for the #2 position. Someone from the outside - the company that our new VP came from. I had already known she was bringing someone in so that was not a surprise. She also told everyone they had someone in mind for the #1 position and hoped to have them there by the end of July. I had texted a friend of mine earlier in the day that I knew an announcement was going to be made and to text me when it happened. At first she was laughing at me about my “hunches” but so far I have always been right and I was today too!
    Anyway, it suddenly dawned on me that I had had clarity all along. She came in knowing who she wanted to bring with her into those positions. How silly of me not to realize that right off the bat! And she is the snake woman I was supposed to be watching out for of course. She is NOT considering me for the position - just interviewed me for appearances. The kicker is that the person she is bringing in for the #2 position is getting a certain market that will be taking a good chunk of my market away from me so I’m getting totally scrwed once again.
    So you’re right - I have learned the lesson of not sticking around in a bad situation…HOWEVER…all this job hopping on my resume is really what’s holding me back now (with regard to getting a decent offer from anywhere else). I think I may have to stay put for a while. It just s
    cks because the lessening of my territory is going to make it next to impossible to make my goal so they will start treating me badly (that’s their M.O.) AND if they do bring in the person I thought they would for the #1 position I will be extremely insulted. It will be hard for me to work under her.
    Blech. Oh well, have a nice rest this weekend!

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    I do use sage when my house gets heavy but I don't think everyone realize that sageing is temporary. It's not a cure. I had my early on (negative) haunted house lesson. Walk away. It amazes me some of those shows were folks are being terrorized by active scary SH it but don't want to move? We literally signed our house over to the mortgage holders! Looking back I now get all I learned about myself and it did serve me later. At the time I was young and thinking I could turn off my gift. Wrong. That Spirit hood my granddaughter picked? The company that makes them donates to saving endangered animals. What a nice thought. Interesting about the number meanings! I like what you said about the number 9. My psychic back then brought it up so many times I think I started to half listen. Yea yea yea number 9 again. I like your description better. I just thought it meant change. Well hunch women.....the other shoe will drop soon. You do get the drift yet expect a surprise. Do be rested as it has two not a big surprise....the snake will initiate a POKE but you will not even flinch. The other is positive. An unexpected opportunity is about to cross your path and it comes pretty much gift wrapped and you will not have to do a thing to chase it. I hate waiting on new moons! This no action time is always my challenge. The moon will always lead me "wherever". HOWL HOWL!

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    That’s how I got with the number 5! Yeah, yeah, yeah, 5 again, WHATEVER!! Ha ha.
    You got the Friday or Monday thing and I think it’s both. The announcement Friday (designed, I believe, to happen on a day I was not there). And now Monday prob them telling me they are going in another direction for the other position. The poke from her will most likely be her telling me it’s bevause I’m unworthy in one or more ways (she already did that during the interview!). Fortunately her opinion of me bears no weight (at least for me). I can accept once again being underestimated but I’m not okay with again being in an impossible position with unrealistic expectations, unfair judgments, and feeling like Sisyphus pushing that boulder up the dang mountain! I just can’t seem to put my finger on why I always wind up here with that stupid boulder (and fending off snakes!). Understanding why is the key to resolving it and I’m clueless. After all these years...still completely clueless. Grrrrrrr!
    I hope you’re right about the gift showing up out of nowhere but I will admit that I’m a bit cynical 🙂

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    Cynical is in the air for me as well but I know for me it's just the down time. Being tuned into outside energy has it's plusses but also it's negative. During rest time I feel very stalled because all that outside energy behind me has rested but it feels like something's wrong when it's just the end of a cycle. Knowing something and adjusting to it are two different things. I see myself as too impatient when it comes to personal goals. The beginning of this last cycle had a lot of energy then when it winds down I am too ready to self judge. Yesterday I tended to a few chores but mostly loafed all day. Even took a long nap. My nemesis side was not happy and it sounds funny but I actually imagined I'm fatter and gaining weight! I'm a water retainer and go up and down in a day and I know it but it doesn't take much to feed my body image demon. My higher self knows that cycles include indulgences and it's not all or nothing yet down times are supposed to include some rest and indulgence without fear or guilt. Right now I want to do something and see an accomplishment. I want to pull all the weeds in the yard....clean out something. I want to feel the reassurance of movement and reward. Rest is a failure feeling and I don't think I will change....but I am aware. So I get your angst about finding yourself in familiar situations and feelings and I feel the boulder myself at the moment. But my higher self understands the boulder is me trying to push against the universe. I want a job...NOW. Even though so far unpredictable money gifts come my way....I want something more in my control. Today my morning Angel card of course gives me that urging to surrender to God's higher plan and stop looking for a road map. the card shows soft little bunny tracks. Really? When there is a bulldozer inside me wanting to move something big! Whatever is ahead I can't even envision at the moment. So I am in that surrender place and trying not to THINK too much. What I know is the new moon will come and I will feel it immediately. The situation you are feeling as repetitive is really not as personal as you imagine. It's just life. It goes on all around you. Obstacles and different energies that cross our paths are just challenges to navigate around or flex a muscle. Awareness is the true measure of success. You can only be trapped as far as you can't see why! Right now you are flexing your lesson learned muscle. You will not be trapped even though you logically see how this may play out. Your energy has changed for the better and as long as you mind your energy. Keep tabs on fear or desperation you will have the energy level to hop the spiral when it crosses your path. And you will take that leap! Feeling the impossibility of your current position is actually a healthy thing. It's your need to know NOW the escape route that can zap you.. We suffer the same impatience. When the universe is saying just let it play out and the law of energy or personal growth will move you along, it is only heard in relationship to our belief in ourselves and faith in our spirituality. Easy...huh? 😃

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    Are you howling at the moon?? Or is that just at full moons? Haha.
    So I got my poke yesterday with a change to my territory that really HURTS and makes my financial goal next to impossible. Of course it was just rolled out again without any conversation or even a heads up. That was yesterday. Today I got a calendar invite from her assistant for a 1 on 1 meeting this Thu. Isn’t it a bit late for that??? Of course there’s probably something else up her sleeve that she’s going to hit me with...
    And tonight as I turned the corner while driving home my eyes locked in on a matte black car parked in front of my house. Couldn’t take my eyes off it and had a weird feeling. When I started to pull into my driveway I saw that the front door had been bashed in. I stopped and called 911. They told me to drive down the street and wait for the cops. I drove down 4 or 5 houses, looked in my rear view mirror and the black car was gone. The house was ransacked. All my jewelry and the living room electronics taken. But all the GOOD electronics in my home office were not touched. I’m pretty sure I interrupted him and the black car was his.
    So speaking of sage...I gave the house a good saging tonight but not sure it did the trick. Sleeping on the couch tonight cuz my bedroom was turned upside down. My nephew came over and boarded up the front door.
    NOW WHAT???? Sheesh!

  • @watergirl18
    Holy SH it!! I thought I was having a not very nice new moon morning. The sage does remove the energy those bottom feeders left. It works for that. Because you are psychic don't be surprised though after the shock wears off that you pick up on these guys....may even have some dreams. I see three involved but two entered your house. I see some kind of an argument between the three and another vehicle involved. You were both unlucky yet VERY lucky. These guys are very unstable, I also see a girl connected as well who is passive about it but knows. They are going to get caught I see that as a positive.Very soon. Did you come home a little early? Or maybe those guys were not the brightest bulbs. I ask because usually before a break-in like that the thieves case your habits first. They look for people who have a steady habit of leaving and returning at a certain time. They are supposed to move fast. Maybe I'm seeing the third person as a look out who was supposed to watch you at a farther away point and call in as you were leaving for home. Of course drug addicts get pretty dumb after awhile. At anytime driving home did you get a feeling of being watched or was your mind mulling over work? HAHA! Really, it wouldn't have mattered. I got no warning at all this would happen but really can't imagine how any warning could have stopped it. So, are you unlucky or lucky? I'd say you are very lucky. I had the same question to ask the universe a few weeks ago when my husband got rear ended AGAIN . He just got his car back and was done recovering. This was a young guy out at 5 am. He hit my husband, stopped then acted disorientated and drove off...missing a tire. When the cops found him turned out he was hard core diabetic and needed a shot. I'm like what the F? Why us but once I calmed down I got the message that this was some kind of could have been very bad situation that got stopped. He was about to kill himself or someone else and this wasn't the first time. His wife showed up later when he got out of sight. It didn't take long for the cops to find him.. When the cops showed up they noted a little girl and there was some question weather she was in the car or not. She said no but I think she was. Anyway....I do think that as the days pass you are going to get psychic impressions of this event. Sage for a couple days. You are going to see these guys in your psychic place for at least the next two weeks. It will make sense to you. They will not be coming back. In fact they will be caught. May have already been picked up. I'm very sure all three are already on probation...repeat drug offenders with theft convictions. The girl is in a position to turn her life around so she may slip through and not look back. Sorry this happened to you. As for the job are still ahead of the insight situation which really puts a kink in the company's plan for you as the intention is to keep the employee off kilter. We discussed this way back. I do recognize this woman as the early prediction before negotiations. That vibe you got from all the sad employees. I saw her as that one authority that made a lot of promises and the result was a lot of trapped employees. YOU outsmarted that trap but as you expected the game was not over and you would have to keep up the DEFENSE state of mind. You are being groomed to be put in your place. They prefer you be in a grateful frame of mind and a trust in their choices for you. They are hoping you felt a depressing blow and a hit to your self esteem. Thank God you did not sign that contract. The theme for you right now is DODGING BULLETS. I'd say for two weeks you will be aware of that feeling of being on high alert and keeping a clear head. This is all strategy. They wanted you to feel the intended worry as you became aware your earning power was in danger. Spirit says...smoke and mirrors. You know I don't give positive predictions just to make you feel better so go into this next phase knowing you are not going to be trapped into anything. A position you will be happy with is coming to you. Keep yourself in full power and you will be there when it presents itself. Despite the bosses intelligence know their weakness. (they work on the predictability of others weak spots) You really are smarter. I am not just stroking your ego. Your intelligence is very attractive to me! I am drawn to very intelligent others. Above average intelligence....I appreciate brilliance. As a brilliant person myself I can testify as to how unfortunately such a gift is not always embraced. To the insecure you will always be a threat and it's not very lucky in the romance department either! Takes a very special man to allow a strong smart woman her free reign. Keep your poker face and keep them guessing and refuse to be in a position to desperately sell yourself. And do not worry about your resume taking a hit. This opportunity is coming regardless. But for future thought....people who change positions are not always considered losers. My son is a CEO and yes he trys to gather credibility and has put up with jobs in the name of timing but he ALWAYS has his resume online posted and ready. The higher you go the more open you are to something better...ALWAYS. Be honest but not too revealing on your resume. Expect reviewers to ask themselves...why did she leave so fast? Leave them not wondering. On the resume you put....Reason for leaving: Position looking for became unavailable. Something to that get the drift. And that makes sense to anyone in the same game.

  • @blmoon
    The funny thing is it didn’t even phase me. The cop was in disbelief that I was so calm and unemotional about it. Both he and my sister said something about how it’s the feeling of “violation” that is the worst and I laughingly said “hey, I work for XYZ company - I get violated on a daily basis so I’m used to it!”

    This is also the SECOND time this has happened so I guess it isn’t as shocking when you’ve already been through it. The first time was back in 2012 and they were caught. A kid across the street and 2 of his friends. The kid across the street was “troubled” and recently released from prison for some other misdeed according to his step father (who testified on MY behalf at court) His cohorts were his dark-skinned male friend who had priors of ARMED robbery, and a female side kick (who according to a witness "looked like a dude" haha!). She is the one who rolled and why they all went to prison. They actually had staked out my house and watched my comings and goings and broke in right after I left for work. I wondered briefly last night if it had been them again. I also wonder if that’s who you picked up on and if it was from last time or this time…

    I actually was getting home LATE! However, I had ordered some of my pups favorite balls online from Walmart and I got a delivery notification just after 5pm yesterday. I got home at 7:30pm. The timing just seemed odd. A little voice in my head said it was the Walmart delivery person who had knocked and when nobody was home took advantage. Probably has been doing this to many people! So I am giving that info to the police today. They already got the car description last night both from me and a neighbor who had seen it as well. They did get fingerprints in the house so maybe they will catch him/them.

    Funny thing is I have been going through the rubble today and found some interesting things! One was a tie of my ex-shapeshifter. I was shocked to see it and immediately threw it in the trash! The other was notes I had from a reading back in 2004. I really liked this woman but she went on sabbatical and I lost touch with her. She was telling me how I was coming to the close of a cycle and had about 1-1/2 years to make a change in my career or I would remain in stasis for a VERY long time. HA! That turned out to be true. She kept saying NOT sales, NOT sales…counseling or something where I help people with my natural gift. I did go back to college and got my Psych degree but could not finish the graduate work - the years of burning the candle at both ends plus my undiagnosed thyroid disease had taken a huge toll on me. Today, in-between cleaning up the mess (I need lots of breaks - it’s exhausting), I have been daydreaming of living on a secluded beach or just having my own little store somewhere (no idea what kind!) so I can live a quiet, peaceful life. Ha!

    Also found out last night that my nephew had a biopsy scheduled for today - a mass in his left pec. However the doctor this morning did another sonogram and said to wait 6 months as the mass was small and “squishy” I think he said.

    My 1-on-1 appt for Thursday was cancelled today by the snake. Not sure why. Really don’t care at this point. I think their strategy has backfired. Now I wouldn’t take that job if they offered me a 7-figure salary to take it. I feel like she is just trying to force me to the property I don’t want - and not even in the leadership role. The other person I share a desk with at both properties is not working out (I knew he wouldn’t right away). So I think they want to get rid of him before his 90 days is up and that would leave me as the ONLY dual property person. They need to force me to one property and I think they are trying to force me to the one I don’t want (1) to put me in my place as you say, and (2) because they just can’t get anyone to work there! There are two positions open and they have not had barely anyone to interview. It’s much easier to find people for the other property.

    I’m so sorry your husband was rear-ended again! Weren’t you rear-ended too? Isn’t that how you got your whack on the head?

  • I did remember you moving once because you had crazy who you felt was threatening and dangerous. Don't remember you ever saying you got robbed but yes it could have crossed reference with this since it's similar. The people I pick up are troubled for sure. I see drugs and in an out of jail for petty theft. The girl is young and not a hardened type just easily lead....she's connected either as a girlfriend or a sister. She got in over her head and would turn on them if she gets questioned. I do see them getting arrested. Very soon. So we'll find out if it's a mix of both events. If you got home later than usual then there definitely was a lookout following you but apparently they weren't an A team! He was supposed to let the two in the house know when you were getting close. Druggies get very sloppy bold and dumb. If they live long enough they always get caught. Their drug habits only get bigger and they just get very stupid and slow. And someone always turns on the others because going cold turkey in jail is a great motivator to roll. That's funny about not being traumatized or feeling violated! You are right about that. And definitely the event calls for a sense of humor! Considering the alternative. Also, I'm sure your psychic antenna picks up their consequence. Jail is a gift for them considering their drug habit. I'm curious about your meeting. I pick up laughter actually.. Spirit shows me a crow! Sounds like the trickster will be paying a visit. I can't wait to hear about this one. I love when the crow shows up! I usually hear the coyote howl when I get a trickster visit. Will she wipe that smile off your face? I remember telling you not long ago about seeing someone reveal themselves in a way they assume is hidden. I think this is that event. This person is going to feel uncomfortably naked. You will be very psychic. I am also seeing a deck of cards and it seems weird but its as if you two are drawing cards and you pull an ace but you don't even look at know it's an Ace and you show it facing her. I don't see her pulling a card! Interesting.

  • @blmoon
    So I’ll have an ace up my sleeve? Lol.
    OR, will she be wiping the smile off my face?!
    Frankly, I’m just tired of their games and wishing I never even let them know I was interested in moving up. I feel quite certain the attempt to “put me in my place” is part of the scheme to force me over to just the one property instead of both. I don’t like being treated like I’m an idiot or being played like a pawn.
    My meeting with her was cancelled but she seems to be keeping her appointments with everyone else. I really don’t care but part of me just wants to get it over with.
    I started looking for a new house today - going to see one tomorrow on my lunch break as it is very close to work. It’s difficult making a decision on such a big purchase with the job situation being so tenuous. The location is an issue as I need to stay close to my sister’s house cuz I drop my pup there in the morning. I just don’t particularly care for the homes in her area. The ones I would find acceptable are too expensive and others just need too much work. Hope something falls from heaven...

  • The ace was a club by the way. After I logged off I kept hearing that but resisted doing a PS cos this sight is still a bit clunky to me. I also expected the meeting cancelled but didn't say anything. Maybe because you get her strategy on that point! I had a very OFF day yesterday. About to sage my house. It's looking a bit dim. And too many high emotions going on. It's been great that someone finally moved into the creeper home next door and understood what she was getting into. They definitely took charge but the creeper is not gone and when she sages it just walls itself up in the center of her kitchen OR F'N wanders here and since I do not dwell on it it catches me off guard. How do I know where it hides there? She insisted I come inside after she moved in to show off all the beautiful work. She was frustrated that none of the neighbors dropped in!!!! And she was surprised so many workman refused to do work there. She's young so let her learn. Anyway, the house was beautiful but when I walked across a small area in the heart of her kitchen my stomach turned and I had to leave! I hate that creeper! I mostly try and not think of him or connect and have thought of moving but honestly as a psychic medium I know spirits are everywhere. As you search for a new home consider your attractions. Anytime I have made the mistake of misjudging an attraction it was because a Spirit was involved and sweet talking me. I use the word Spirit loosely to deliver messages but honestly, for anyone out there just learning the medium-ship thing be wise to know that a Spirit guide and just an everyday spirit are two different things. Some spirits are just crossed over folks and should not necessarily be listened too. I HAVE bought an item or two thinking it had good energy only to eventually get rid of it because I had to admit it really did not fit in logically and realized that some well meaning spirit who wasn't bad just wanted me to give it a good home. This rarely happens but it does. Same with choosing houses, you may have nice well meaning spirits calling pick me! You may feel that as an attraction but you must be more in tune. I just see it as experience. You can be very analytical so you probably have a better defense for that. Lately, I so feel like selling my house and buying a place by the beach! As for the boss dangling the meeting carrot. Resist any emotions. You are intuitive on that one. Spirit shows me cat and mouse. Ever watch a cat corner a mouse then play with it awhile until it's too tired and dizzy to move? Same game. And honestly this is not new or unique to you....this is the game. It's business and the world you are in. Not to say that you can't conquer that world and rise above it but the truth is that you have two choices, to learn to outsmart the game or be self employed. And there is the law of attraction. You will attract a better playing field as you resist these smaller roadblocks that mostly represent your manipulation vulnerability and THAT is so tied into confidence and fear control on your part. Right now the game wants you on the defensive....wondering, worrying and imagining the worst. And do NOT regret seeking that higher position! You had to open that door! You are just picking up her thoughts.....that yes you did a no no and get back behind the line! Everything you did was right on. Messy but essential. She has done this so many times that she can count on the reaction. Perhaps that is your trump card. I do not see that meaning (this is my head talking) but Spirit assures me it will make sense to you and it did matter it was a black club card. Not hearts, not diamonds but club. The advice is to use YOUR power of visualization. Just as she has it in HER HEAD the desired reaction from as well have that same power. Resist seeing anything negative or even thinking of her too much. If you do choose to imagine her game plan for you....why not take your cue from the crow and turn it around. Imagine the most unlikely but desirable meeting. Have fun with it. Visualize her sitting there in awe of you.....hear her offer you what you want....go ahead shoot for the golden ring. If your laughing then you get it! Actually, she finds you harder to read than most. You are already ahead of the game.

  • @blmoon
    Hmmm, not sure what the Ace of Clubs is supposed to mean, but I will ponder it and see what comes up. So creepy about that spirit living next door to you! Why can’t we get rid of these things and make them go away???!
    I’m not emotional about the games the boss is playing with me so much as I’m just not wanting to play if that makes sense. I think I’ve just gotten too old for the BS - weary of the game playing. It does make it clear to me that I don’t want to get promoted though - not in this place - because I do not want to cozy up to someone like her. I want to work in tandem with someone and have a trust level. Not going to happen at this place! I have tried to do other things though in the hopes that I would find something better for myself, but it has never worked out. I would love to be in business for myself but have never had a specific desire or talent/hobby to pursue. So I have wound up back with what I know. I will just have to try to make the best of it again and see what comes my way. Like you, I am dreaming of living on a secluded beach somewhere!

  • Interesting what you say about self employment. I already know I can create an income but the magic ingredient called "a fire under my ass" is missing at my age. Seems as long as the bills are paid the lights are on the car is running the air is cranking and a baby don't need shoes I'm not motivated to HUSTLE. A lot of my self-employed income I generated when my four kids were small was not anything enjoyable. As for being talented BOY I did a lot of trips to the library for how to books or sat in book stores getting a freebie read up on how to books. I self taught myself to do chair caning ...a brutal freakin skill that tortured my fingers and was never worth the pay but it was money. Same with furniture refinishing or redoing rush seats on old chairs. Repairing paintings...that was a bit satisfying yet stressful because there was always the chance I couldn't pull it off. Desperation is a powerful motivator. And all that god awful buy and sell when mostly I could just give it all away. Right now I have some things I know I can get money for if I load up my truck and start hitting the antique shops but it brings back memories I prefer not to relive. I will probably just drop it all off at the Goodwill. I truly need a purge right now. It really does bring abundance. I thought getting an "edgamakation" was my ticket out of hustle and my self employment options did change. I did editing, computer skills...a lot of paraprofessional college gigs and yes despite classes I took I spent lots of time in the computer lab self learning to get an extra edge. I didn't even own my own computer at the time. DESPERATION was my can do. But really my passion is in creating. I think money comes to me because I do provide services of a spiritual nature. Poetry does not pay!

  • @blmoon
    YES!! Being our own boss sounds great in theory but the reality is it takes a lot of hard work. But it’s not just hard work alone…it needs to start with some flash of inspiration, a creative spark. I have never had either and as you said, at my age, I am losing the motivation to work that hard. Not that I am lazy, but I no longer have the desire or inclination to have a single focus on work to the exclusion of everything else in life.

    Have you ever thought of teaching poetry? Is there a university near you?

    I think the burglary of my house actually ended up changing the energy in a good way. I wound up tossing a bunch of things when I was putting the house back together - mostly from my dresser and bedstands. So between that, the sageing, and having the salt lamp on 24/7 next to my bed the energy in my room has been quite refreshing. I have been sleeping really well!

    Now I just need to find a way to do the same for my desk spaces at work. I REALLY could use a shift in energy there! There is no inward flow of business and that needs to CHANGE sooner rather than later.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  • @watergirl18
    I've taught poetry as part of my job at the school when I was employed there. I've done volunteer poetry workshops in public schools because they have no money for that! As you know the school system teaches the dead poets, age old poetry curriculum that has never changed. Most English classes never even introduce contemporary poetry relevant to today. I did not know what contemporary poetry was until I went to college! Even then it's the generosity of famous poets of our day that visit universitys to promote the art. They get paid for visits yes but make a living doing something else, usually as professors of creative writing. There are poets who hustle poetry. They charge for a series of workshops for poets trying to make it. I have a male friend who published a how to book that did so well he received credentials that allowed him to give classes and award recognized certificates to poets who finish his course.. I respect his choice but I'm so not him. I did have to go to college and hone the craft but it's just as important as an artist to detach from the education system or risk sacrificing their unique voice by over comparison. Comparing is the downside of education. It can kill creativity and the kind of ingenuity that steps outside the box. I do not have a teaching degree. I have a very impressive resume....not saying I'm great but saying I documented all my hard work and kudos.I I was Montessori trained when we had one classroom. Ten years later it's the priciest and most accredited school around and no teacher gets in without two degree. I have my state required hours to work with children. But there I was. My life is like that. I'm very accepted by academia yet I am a Free spirit.. I have always been a servant to the Arts and a children's advocate for the arts. You would be shocked to know just how little time schools devote to the arts. It's the first thing to go in a money crunch. When I ran the after care enrichment program I had an Art project every day. After five years I left that position and no one after me did that. Which is why successful artists often make it an honor of gratitude to give back to little artists, most without a clue how to fit into their gifts!. Any money I earned was in little bits of little jobs! I made money at photography but mostly took event pictures for non profit projects or grant programs. I'm not selfless in an unhealthy way but I am very much a giver but it's more of paying it forward because every wonderful blessing that came to me was from a person who was a servant. I love talking to you WaterGirl. You get it! And funny how so many folks are getting the purge vibe. I took a load today and it was busy. I've had several friends bring it up too that they are getting rid of stuff.. Do guardian Angels all get a memo telling them to whisper purge while we sleep?If I empty my purse will the money come? HAHAHA! Anyway, the job thing for me? I know Exactly what I need to do.

  • @blmoon
    Well I’m glad you know what to do! I just thought of you teaching part time at a university - one or two classes but they were the most popular and coveted ☺
    It’s been another challenging week at work. Feels like a month has gone by in 3 days! Someone was fired Monday night. Not sure he deserved it. And today more favortism was shown to the people that come from her last company. I had to draft a contractual letter today and sent it to her first per her request so she could review it. I knew she would try to find a million things wrong with it. It must have killed her cuz all she could do was change some formatting! LOL.
    One of the two men she works closely with - the one who is filling in as an interim #1 - has not been able to look me in the eye this week. Soooo, I’m sure something is afoot!! Sigh.

  • @watergirl18
    A contractual letter? Hmmmm. I looked up the meanings of a club ace even though normally I do not question reading info I get but I really got curious. The only meaning I could find was a legal document or legal event. I was wondering if it meant you held the trump card she couldn't match because you didn't sign the original contract but thought no it's more. Then thought maybe the break in will bring a legal document but, why would it involve her? But what you just said fits it more...the fact you were smiling and so confident you showed her your card without looking and she just sat there and didn't bother picking a card. And the document you said was a contract?. It does fit with the emphases on your intelligence and communication skills! You do know your stuff! Although the trickster did show up so it may pop up as something clever and funny. I imagine there is no avoiding feeling toyed with for awhile longer as you know you have put a kink in her expectations. You are too unpredictable to her and she has to find out how to use the best advantage you can offer her yet be not so powerful you fly over her head. The fact you advocated so strongly for your self during hiring has made it unpredictable your response should she decide to just fire you. You fought the contract so will there be a backlash?. Mostly, fired folks just move on but on occasion a person does fight back. I don't see you wanting to go that route but she doesn't know that. So far, she can't figure you out. That's the best defense against abuse of power. The temporary, is trapped and very confused! What he imagined as a wonderful opportunity has started churning his stomach. He looked up to possible mentors but he realizes his dream position is not in line with his personal sense of ethics. He's already bit his tongue and joined in conversations about you that were wrong......his conscience is in turmoil! Good lesson for him. If he stays complacent in that he will end up on the receiving end himself. The more you describe that workplace the more it resembles my first impression of that organization filled with a lot of hopeful trusting employees who were just plain mislead. (by a powerful two faced woman)Promises were broken yet mostly each disappointed employee ends up taking on responsibility for their failure. Usually, you must get the lesson of the situation or get the muscle to move on. So far you are on top of it. I have not heard you make any self depreciating excuses for this situation and that is awesome for you! Next move? Well, she's tried intimidation and power play. Has she used that "pretend" you can talk to me I'm your friend or at least a safe human just like you ploy yet? That's her most confusing face she's used with others. Alternating that with her cold stone detached face that leaves employees up at night asking I in trouble. She is sneaky about letting peoples guards down to the point they engage in inappropriate conversations. Once you compromise yourself like that to the wrong person it really eats at you. Plus, then you fail her loyalty test! If she baits you to have naughty fun conversations about others do not bite. I do NOT see you as getting eaten. I still see opportunity on the other side of this just as long as you maintain your full power so when it crosses your path you won't be preoccupied to distraction. If you've had any urges to make a phone call to past hookups follow that urge but there's nothing to push right now. The balance is in being open to your guidance yet not desperate. I like your vision for me! That would be ideal. I'm still purging and last night feeling very rudderless in open water I came across all my old writing treasures (correspondences) from old connections....beautiful cards and notes and poems from mentors who have passed. I had forgotten that ME!

  • @blmoon
    Haha! I had never heard that, but I also wasn’t sure what element the suite of clubs was supposed to represent and then forgot to look it up. I sent her another contract this week (this one was 20-some pages long) that had an exorbitant amount of changes requested by the client. I went through it and received approval from our in-house counsel on items, then sent it to her for final approval before I sent it back to the client. There were a few things that weren’t really up to legal, but up to my/our judgment calls. I purposely left a few things open because I was tired (explanation of that to come) and thought that since it was a judgment call no matter what I did she would change it anyway. She sent it back with multiple clauses circled with “legal” written next to it. She failed to note that the email from legal with the approved changes was attached 🙂 Anyway, I have grown tired of her and really just don’t care anymore what she thinks or says. She has tried the chummy thing with me a few times. I don't take the bait.

    Mr. temporary has no ethics or conscience. He would throw his own baby under a bus if he thought it would get him ahead. I just secretly laugh at him because he fancies himself a VP now and he has absolutely no experience in what we do. He knows very little - just enough to scrape by as the temporary. Yet he thinks he knows it all. His ego is too big for the door!

    So I definitely know now that you had picked up on the first robbery of my home. My intuition/spirit guide had been pointing me to that car and also giving me the vibe that this was definitely not random - my house was targeted/selected, and that it was teenagers. A couple of things stuck in my head. First, was the officer saying that they REALLY wanted to get into MY house because they had to work so hard to do so and did not just give up and go to the next house. Second, a co-worker of mine has a cop for a husband and he said 9 times out of 10 it’s someone you know. I just couldn’t shake that it was targeted. I went to my sister’s house Wednesday morning to drop off my dog and her teenage son who normally smiles and gives me a hug - even when he’s fighting with his parents - couldn’t look me in the eye and I got the chills and suddenly knew he was involved. He has been in a downward spiral for the last year after getting involved with some ne’er do well rich kids. I believe he gave them my address and when I picked up my dog he texted them to let them know I was on my way home. But like you said, they were stupid and took too long. I called my sister to tell her it was a gut feeling I had and to check his phone for texts on that day. I told her that they are probably doing this to all their family members and he is going to get caught and go to juvenile hall or jail. I wanted them to use this as an intervention to try to scare him straight. Her husband flew off the handle and is ticked off at me for even suggesting it. I didn’t know how to say it was a psychic impression - especially since both do not believe in such things. My other sister then told me that the kid has been selling stuff on Offer up and has been stealing from his parents to do it. So I don’t know why this would be such a shock to them. She also told me that he has been having impulse control/anger issues - he tore up his parents bed sheets after a fight, hid his father’s toiletries after a fight, and vandalized his father’s golf cart after a fight. CLEARLY his father is in denial. My sister has tried, but says nothing works with him. They tried to force him to work and he just doesn’t show up. They ground him and he takes off anyway. The day he wouldn’t look at me he asked if he could have a pool party and his parents said no. He had it anyway. Got busted because the landscaper called his father. He then just left the house a mess and didn’t even clean up - showed up again 2 days later. But for some reason I’m the bad guy in all of this.

    I’m exhausted.

  • WOW
    Its not even a full moon yet! You are right about your nephew. But I knew as time passed you were going to pick up details on your own. The parent's reaction is part of the problem and pretty much textbook enabling. Stealing from loved ones is a drug habit thing. Getting arrested would be a blessing for him. Enablers let embarrassment hold them back from intervention. Funny how you described the temporary. I felt him as weak and lost and he had sold his soul sort of speak....thinking he was on his way up. Your description is just as accurate but not so sympathetic! I guess he HAS crossed that line and sad pup he is, there is no turning back. His inflated ego just hides a very spineless man always afraid he's going to be found out. You see through him. Ironic, that by chumming up to her only revealed to her he would indeed throw someone under the bus. Boy he's dead in that place. She may USE him awhile but that's as far as he's going. Who's the other man you mentioned earlier as part of the trio? Remember I said I saw her and a man talking trash and joking together. But you said there was another man....a boss? I see him as not playing that game and he's very professional. He is cordial but doesn't get chummy. He is very focused on his job and stays busy. He is aware of things not right at times but tunes it out until it goes away. She has no control over whoever that is. He's where he is because like you he sees through people and has been burned in the past. If this doesn't fit someone you already mentioned then he's in the future but I think you know him. You are doing the right thing not to give much thought to her. Shes just a distraction. Shes expecting you to ask for a meeting. Your lack of VISIBLE frustration puzzles her. Did you get that phone call yet? You should be getting a call from a past job connection. I'm hearing Wednesday will be significant. Not sure if it's the phone call or something else but something unexpected comes this week.. Good luck!

  • @blmoon
    Hi - yes, I’m sure my nephew is doing some sort of drugs. His parents think he’s “just drinking and smoking pot” but I can tell a change in his demeanor and know it’s something more. They are both mad at me now so I am just keeping my distance and waiting for the truth to come out.

    The temporary does not deserve sympathy! He crossed the line a long time ago. Funny how you said he’s afraid of being found out. I am convinced he’s in the closet!!

    The 3rd man in the trio you mentioned - yes I know who it is. He is the one I negotiated my contract with - she had not been hired yet. Both she and the temporary report to him. He seems like the sane, logical one but I have also been told that he can be a snake in the grass too. He has disappeared a little bit into the background - letting her do her thing.

    Can’t remember if I told you but I was pretty sure my counterpart was going to be fired and that would start some backlash with me. Oh yes, I did tell you! That’s what would start the issue of them trying to force me to one property instead of both. Well, the first step happened today - they did let my counterpart go. I was at the other property today but the temporary came out and made an announcement about it. He then immediately called me into his office and shut the door. Proceeded to have a “talking to” with me about my attitude. The 2nd in command was there as his witness. I stood my ground and refused to let him make crap up about me. The 2nd in command came to me afterward and said she didn’t know that was going to happen (not 100% sure I believe her) and that she was so proud of how I stood up to him and she needs to learn how to channel me. Haha. It’s like 2014 all over again. Almost the exact situation as the last time just before I quit. I feel like it was done purposefully right after the termination announcement to try to make me afraid for my job. Next will be the conversation about going to just one property and I know their plan is that I will be so shaken up that I will just agree to it out of fear. They can all kiss my you-know-what!

    So it’s Wednesday and you said it would be significant! I didn’t hear from anyone in the past about a job but a situation from the past repeated itself. I was so wishing it would be good news that came my way this week!

    How are things on your end?

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