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  • Hi Blmoon - I hope you are well and will pop in to the Forum. Trying to get used to the new format 🙂 Mercury retrograde is over thank goodness - now just need to get through the shadow. It was a doozy for me this time around. I do have a decision to make soon - options have presented themselves on the job front. Just taking it one day at a time and seeing where it all leads!

  • @watergirl18
    Was thinking of you! Happy new moon. I sensed that May change was now in play. Haven't gone back to last reading but do remember the job option coming to you and your choice being a bit of a leap out of your comfort zone. A lot of irritating events will be pushing you in the direction best for you. There is a fine line between choices out of desperation versus some universal push which can feel uncomfortable at the time. Timing is something you have gotten stronger with. Keeping the Peace has been a challenge on my end! It was a wild ride for me as well but yes, the new moon is a welcoming energy! I also remember mentioning your health and the importance of being at your best health facing this phase of your path. Right now your personal intuition is strong and you can trust yourself to solve some little energy zappers that you have suspected but brushed aside. Mostly, diet related. Sensitivity and cravings. Now is the time to take your body needs and complaints more seriously. Working harder is in the immediate future so be up for it. It won't last but has a pay off....on a personal level it will boost your sense of confidence. If aging has been nagging at you this is the time to prove yourself the exception. The bottom line change right now is to see the CHANGE in yourself. You do have a history of crash and burn and energy imbalance but you have worked hard on that so it's ok to trust that change. Mostly, understand that you are never cured but you manage yourself very well. Stuff that comes at you will always be is not a validation of failure. How you deal with outside events is your power. You are much more inclined to not get stuck as long by situations that demand fixing. This really is a very empowering time for you. Just resist feelings that you have gone back to the past. Don't go there. Believe in your growth. Avoid impatience and trust in your path. Guidance is good right now and will peak in May. Any feelings of indecision or impatience is a signal to rest. Even if it is just a one evening quiet time.....silence and emptying your head will connect you again to your psychic gift. I see a holiday experience in June that will be more personal than work related....altho it may be work related that got you there it will be a very needed fun time. This is part of that new path energy you are offered in May. Your world should continue to feel bigger with possibility through November. November will be an important turning point and again you will be faced with the opportunity for a big change in direction or a personal desire that becomes a passionate goal. Next year can be very profitable for you! Abundance is open to you and is part of this hard work right now in taking care of yourself....mind body Spirit.. All these little changes you have been working on the last 6 years has been an effort of self love. Next year is your year 7 in the cycle. When you cross a 7 year finish line successfully you reap the change and move up. You are almost there! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon thank you! I’m on my lunch break - will pop back in tonight to reply...

  • @watergirl18
    HEY....hope you didn't eat any of that bad lettuce from Arizona! I check in but this new and improved forum doesn't seem to invite much new activity. It took me awhile just to find your last post! Much easier to just click and see my own activity. Instead I'm scrolling through too much. At least someone seems to be stopping spammers right away which was really all we wanted. Anyway, sending you a's stressful right are not alone! Hang in there! BLESSINGS! Gets some rest.....PEACE and quite .....alone time.

  • @blmoon Sorry for the delay - what a week! Your comments on health were timely as I had a follow up appointment with the doctor this week. A lot of things in my bloodwork have improved since the last tests. Of course, it could still be better! I am feeling a lot better than 6 months ago. They did change my thyroid medication - my T4 levels are great, but my T3 were still really low which means my body is not converting the T4 into T3. So they put me on something else. My bad cholesterol has dropped a lot, but the good cholesterol dropped a bit too so need to focus more on it. Although my blood sugar is significantly down, I am still at risk for diabetes so more work to do on that front. It’s the sugar cravings that are the most difficult - I have had a sweet tooth since a child, but was off sugar completely for a few months prior to going back to work. The stress of being back in an office environment had me reaching for sugar in 2 weeks, lol! I’m back off of it now - feeling motivated by the 14 pounds I dropped since February 🙂 I do notice the energy zappers at work. Most of the time there’s not much I can do about it except give myself extra nurturing time at home. The food sensitivities have been difficult because I can’t seem to pin it down. The sugar is obvious so I know to also avoid starchy carbs. But other times things that should NOT affect me do - healthy food items! It’s like the stomach issues just come and go regardless.

    You mentioned a holiday experience in June - I’m all set to go on an Alaskan Cruise in early July - I leave just after the 4th holiday 🙂 I signed up a while ago and just made the last payment last month. Going by myself so it was EXPENSIVE. Cruises charge double for just one person in a room. While at sea, there will be Abraham Hicks seminars to attend which I am excited about as well.

    The new VP has started at work. She seems energetic, very smart and capable. But I feel like I shouldn’t let my guard down so I haven’t. Still wondering if they are talking about me behind closed doors for the Director spot. I did tell them I was interested. However, my old boss who had offered me a Director position in San Diego last year - it did not happen because the decided to promote from within - well the spot is open again as he is now leaving the country. She asked if I was interested and although I was hesitant since I’ve only been at my current job a few months and the cost of living in San Diego is incredibly high, I told her yes. I thought why not just see where it goes? Not sure what will happen with either opportunity but hoping SOMETHING happens for me. I am tired of doing the same old job I’ve been doing for a decade!

    How are things for you since the new moon? Mercury went direct last Sunday, but this week was pretty dramatic for everyone I know. Hope it calms down this week!

  • @watergirl18
    Good to hear from you! Your energy is good. If blood sugar is still a problem there is a natural supplement that works as well as the metaforam (not sure of spelling) they prescribe. I take Berberine by WellBetX and started ordering it from AMAZON because my health food store runs out of it. It comes in 500 mg dosas and is taken 3 times a day just like the diabetes drug. I researched it well. The only caution is knowing if your blood sugar is too low. Mine is very good and I test everyday. I've been taking it since October. I've lost about 30 pounds so far. When you said that about finding your food sensitivities and may be the healthy's exactly my discovery. I kind of suspected at times certain healthy items where causing problems but then thought how can that be. For me, I stopped buying the Heavy whole grain and high fiber stuff even though the carbs were lower. I think too much wheat bothers me and I actually do better with less whole wheat. A lighter bread made with oats seems to work better. I used to by a lot of low carb taco shells but noticed they raised my blood sugar despite the low carb numbers. I have tried yummy low carb treats from the health food store only to feel icky later and despite the low carb number they raised my blood sugar or gave me stomach upset. I wonder if it's the sweetener source they use. Anything I crave but later makes me feel bloated later I've given up. Oddly, I often craved tomato soup only to feel sleepy and bloated later. I think it's the additives. You should trust your gut about that woman you mentioned feeling cautious about...she may be that woman spirit brought up awhile back. Boy, something about that California area keeps calling you! I so get the stress related sugar thing. For me it's not just that carbs sedate you but as a psychic empath my body wants a nice fat layer of insulation when I don't get enough alone time. I have heard that many psychics have to fight the urge to build a fat barrier. At first, I felt a lot more anxiety dropping weight because it was uncomfortable picking up so much around people. It forced me to start practicing other habits to help deal with that. I know the best of psychics all deal with the same issue. There's no easy comes with the gift. You already know how much better you would feel with less office time. The energy of others will always be an important factor to consider to stay healthy and in full power. Oh, another sugar demon for me was being born in the fifties....when sugar was the rage. My mother used to feed me sugar straight from the spoon if I was fussy as a baby! For years every time I visited my mother I had to stop and get something sugary on the way home. It wasn't just my mom doing that then.......I heard some mothers put sugar in a hankie tied up and called it a sugar Ti tty and gave it to their babies. I guess in the fifties sugar was the bomb. I'm so glad you booked that trip.....good for you! I have been getting a work offer vibe coming my way. I almost feel my old boss is going to offer me something very different than my last position and the dynamics will be much different. Like you and many others on the same will reflect a change earned and put in motion years ago. I'm also getting divine reminders to get back on track with my dream manuscript. The last three weeks had a lot of disrupted energy scatter my are right last week was both a last straw and a turning point. We have unusually great weather here and I've been really enjoying the yard fairies......putting in more garden time. Doing some photography. That alone time that helps ease the anxiety of shedding weight. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed clothes. To see something you really like and it fits! BLESSINGS!

  • I am fighting to lose my 'fat barrier'. It just won't budge, no matter how much I exercise and eat well! ☹

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  • @blmoon Hi! Did you get that job offer you felt coming your way? I’m still doing well with my weight loss and have had to buy smaller clothes. The event you saw coming in May - the one that ticks me off - I believe happened at the beginning of the month on a personal relationship level and is happening right now at work. I just don’t understand the Universe any more. Not much I can do about it so just trying to accept it. Hope you are doing well!

  • @watergirl18
    you been so on my mind! I remember that May prediction, so been waiting for an update. I believe it made sense in relationship to making an otherwise hard decision or a decision you may have normally under sold yourself on. Whatever the irritation or the whack it is, it is meant to motivate you to not overthink a certain offer but inspire you to go ahead and take a leap. A good leap. I started this reply after seeing your post,( last week?) then got very interrupted. I'm surprised it got saved! As May is closing out you should be getting more clarity about your possibilities. Whatever you have been going along with or waiting to change is not enough for you as the moon does your impatience as you suddenly get a great surge of F this! It will be different than any past experiences.....this is really NOT the same old same old so don't go there. Your actions will be with clarity and timeliness even if you can't see that yet. This leap is very much for the moment into the great unknown . And you are up for it. Stay close to Spirit and listen for the is around you. You have been working towards this change for a long time and it is a part of you now. Avoid exhaustion. That's your nemesis. But really, I get that you know this WELL. And your guides will direct you towards rest. Try not to overthink this current situation but just follow your own intuition and the small signs. Logic does not always serve you just feels safer at times. I'm not saying that you should drop your logic about people's motivations completely as that is also your gift....great insight. But, avoid logic that overtakes your faith in a positive future. The choice you are facing will be a LEAP and no logical safety net. It's just you knowing it's right . I want to say, stop listening to others but get the feeling your already tuning out. Let me know when the dust settles how you are doing. Spirit is not giving me details so I'm very curios where this crossroad takes you. I am still moving towards the right job. Spending time connecting at the Spiritual Camp. Started attending Healing services again. Been awhile! I hooked up with a member of the camp I really feel a connection to. Over the years I would try out a group thing only to go home feeling no connection. Mostly, I would end up in the presence of some ego based male who gave off that annoying don't question me energy!!! I would find the tribe of female followers around this rooster to be VERY capable interesting woman I wanted to get to know. Many had very interesting jobs and talents yet they seemed locked into following some self righteous narcissistic butthead of a man. My mistake was my self criticism for being there! Then I'd give up. When really, I could have seen it as a pat on the back and a good lesson. Anyway this last event I attended was all it should be. The psychic leading the event was very secure and his ego healthy and with that the group...fairly large gave 100 percent participation! I felt safe. Great energy. I have been paying close attention to the message services and how each psychic for the day works. I'm considering going in that direction. Last week, after the healing service I prayed that if I received a message could it please be an answer to my purpose right now. The psychic gave everyone a message that night. When she got to me she said "You are a very good listener" if you are considering your purpose in are a healer and that is your purpose in life. Tonight that male psychic I liked is leading the service and I'm going to the healing service. Many years ago I would go to the healing services often. Don't know why I stopped. I always went home feeling so good. It's a beautiful old Temple and a very serine vibe. Usually it opens with a guided meditation. They always have a huge display of fresh flowers . Really over the top blooms. It seems flowers raise the vibrations of places. While everyone sits quietly, people can take turns going to the back of the temple where they have healers standing behind a chair and they silently pray over you....moving their hands above areas of your body. Sometimes I can feel the warm energy. It's really very nice! I also, considered the job issue going in another direction and made some connections as well back into the education system. I feel whatever I'm moving towards has been well guided and I just need to show up but I do not feel I need to force anything. My personal life is chaos, my man is very ill and we have been to the shrink every two weeks trying to adjust meds. The cards I pull ALL are positive with the emphases on maintaining my psychic power . Being in control of my own energy despite any outside influences. Sound familiar? ; )

  • @blmoon, Haha! Yes, irritating events have been pushing me. Not sure if I had shared, but shortly after I started this job I was approached by the Corporate execs asking me to change my role - and not in a way that I considered a step up. So I told them “no” and that the only way I would consider going in the direction they wanted was if I was placed in a leadership position at the property of my choice. At the time, the #1 position at both properties I represent was open as well as the #2 position at one of the properties. They had a closed door meeting after that and 2 weeks later rolled out a new deployment and I remained in the position for which I had been hired with no change to leadership. They never followed up with me - just rolled out the new deployment without a word. However, all 3 leadership positions have remained open. So was I to assume that their silence meant they did not consider me appropriate for the open positions? In my mind, yes. So I just carried on, happy that the change they suggested was not forced on me. I also thought they might be waiting until the new VP was hired and since it was Mercury Retro at the time, I thought it would be better to wait anyway. But then a corp exec announced at the end of April that an offer had gone out to someone for the #1 position.

    For the past few weeks, rumors have been flying around the office (at the property that would have been my choice) about who is getting promoted to the #2 position. It suddenly hit me - how much more experienced and able I was than these candidates - and I got ANGRY. Then the new VP they hired had a one-on-one meeting with me and asked why I had left back in 2015 and why I came back. I was honest with her. She then said she was considering having TWO #2 positions at the property (and said it in a way to imply that one person had already been identified). But I was still insulted because based on the #2 candidates, I am definitely #1 material! A week later she (the new VP) announced to all of us that the #1 and #2 positions were still open and if anyone was interested, they should apply on our internal website. I didn’t know what to think or what was going on, but I was fed up so I went online to apply for the #1 position. BUT BOTH POSITIONS HAD ALREADY BEEN PULLED and this was 24 hrs. after she made that announcement. So I sent her an email and explained that I could not apply as the positions had been pulled. She asked me which position I wanted and I told her that although she had mentioned #2 in our meeting, I felt “the depth and breadth of my experience and ability is more suited...” to the #1 spot. All of this occurred over last weekend. On Monday she brought it up to me again and said to apply for the position at the other property just to get the application in and she would figure it out. I questioned her again on why the positions had been pulled and she then told me that they had identified a candidate but no offers had gone out yet and she did want to talk to me. I told her I would do it that evening and I did. I sent her an email Tuesday to confirm this. Haven’t spoken to her again this week. And still, every day the gossip is flying around about potential candidates. It’s really ticking me off! I did finally realize that I should stop letting the gossip get to me so your comment about not listening to others is spot on.

    At any rate, I was inspired to take that LEAP and apply for the top position (a few months ago I was only considering the #2 spot).

    ALSO, today a person who is designated as my assistant copped a total attitude with me out of nowhere and in a completely disrespectful and snippy tone basically told me that I was there to support him and not vice versa. He’s an admin assistant and I was asking him to do something clerical! He just started this position 2 weeks ago and had no previous experience so I don’t know where he gets off throwing such attitude my way! He was lucky I was at the other property today or things would have gotten much worse!! So yes, the IMPATIENCE bubbled up in me. Just another incident though pushing me toward wanting to be more in charge so I can outline just exactly his position is and is not required to do and NOT receive any backtalk.

    And, yes, the episode today with that little snot resulted in me eating a bunch of crap when I got home and now I feel like crap. But I have been doing much better than in the past outside of one or two times like tonight.

    Just wish I had a better read on the new VP - she remains a bit of a mystery to me as she has a pretty strong facade up. I honestly don’t know if she’s being forthright with me about the position or just leading me on.

    Your Spiritual Camp sounds heavenly! I wish they had something like that near me. I TOTALLY think you should be one of the readers there. I do NOT understand why you hesitate - your gifts are strong!!!

  • that last reply was me, by the way 🙂

  • WOW!
    You are doing great! Thanks for sharing. You are definitely on top of everything. They ARE messing with you a bit on the application process for that position. Spirit shows me a carrot dangling in front of a horse. Remember, the game has changed in your new energy. You are in the shark tank. They already know you are a hard bargainer. The higher you go the more this is a required trait for ambition. Ambition is not a negative thing. It's only bad when it dominates to the point of sacrificing one's moral character. A healthy ambition is a successful expression of owning your true self worth. That's what you have been working towards. Don't let them set you off kilter.....when you feel like they are messing with you just detach until that distraction passes. Behind the scenes, I see two conversations going on between two people who can trust each other so they talk honest the things not shared in open meetings or with other top honchos. I am seeing a man and a woman. Very chummy and they laugh a lot together. They both like you for the most part but it's ALL business. They want you yet they must be sure if your leadership qualities will be ALSO subservient and not go rogue. This sounds odd I know but they are wondering if you can get what you want in a quiet clever way. Which takes a cool methodical plan. They like your ability to stand firm in what you want. The man was a little bit ego bruised and thought for sure you were going to take whatever. He said something to the woman, like, I should teach little miss in charge of herself a little lesson....then I hear the woman laugh at him and make a smart ass joke about his ego showing and gave him an "awe" did the strong woman step on your manhood! These two are very smart people. But really so are you! You fit in. They don't see you as disappearing. Stay cool for now. I'm still seeing the full moon bringing more clarity. I'm really proud of you. They prefer keeping you guessing during this negotiation phase. It is just a strategy. This is were your intuitive gift becomes a big plus for you and them. They may not recognize the whole psychic thing but they do recognize a valuable HUNCH man or woman (they always prefer a man). Every winning organization owes a lot to a leader that makes very good hunches. That will be your advantage. In the past you were not put in a position to be recognized for that. You need authority to flex that muscle. As for me. Yes, I know I could do many things with my gift. I'm trying to find my nitch. Watching other psychics do their thing in a open forum. I have always been a self learner and a very keen observer. I observe a lot for awhile first. It's easier to see things in others than fact I see myself more clearly in others! It's true that in helping others we cannot help but help ourselves. The women in the past, I have life coached with readings through the crossroads they were ready for have all shown me parts of myself that served me as well. Even in my early writing days I always was hands on and never afraid to approach those I admired and I AM a very studious listener! I'm also wise enough to know after the lesson I must return HOME to ME because although there are some aspects to one's journey that are universal, in the end we must be true to our own unique style. Right now, I don't get being able to connect with a message for EVERYONE in a room. But maybe I have to try it. We will see. I'm in it! I would like to get into the workshop possibilities. Been a long while but THAT I have done and is very natural to me. I've done it on many levels and made money. Why not extend it in a Spiritual directions? I think we both are having a year of possibilities. Notice the plural!

  • @blmoon The two conversations with two people….there are actually two different men she would be speaking with about this and most likely at the same time as they like to operate as a committee. The first is her boss - the one I negotiated with for my current position. He has a calmer energy and is thoughtful and logical in his approach. Makes decisions without a long delay and gets things done which I like. The other is also at corporate, but not above her. He is sitting in as the “acting” #1 at the property I do not want. He has hinted many times since I came on board about me applying for the position there and I have not taken the bait. He is also the one with the ego that gets out of control. Back in April when they wanted me to choose one property I'm pretty sure they were trying to goad me into the #1 position at the property that I do not want which is why I told them only in a leadership position AND at the other property. I felt like pulling the positions at the property I want and leaving the #1 position open at the property I don’t want was a manipulation on their part. But there wasn’t much I could do about it except to keep questioning her about it. It’s funny because the property I don’t want makes much more sense for me as it is closer to home and closer to my sister who watches my dog for me. However, I just can’t shake the feeling that the other property is definitely where I want to be in spite of the long commute.

    I think spiritual workshops are a great avenue for you. You can do the group energy reading - just doubting yourself because you have not yet tried. 🙂

  • Hi Blmoon,
    Well, not really sure I have more clarity after this week, but I did have an interview. I think I did ok, but hard to tell. I feel like she was trying to rattle me to see if I would lose my confidence. She did say a few things that would normally have gotten my gander up, but I was cool as a cucumber. I was very unemotional and even in my responses. I think she was also trying to point out my lack of so-called experience as a way to tee up a low ball offer. However, I also think she may want someone younger and spunkier. In my humble opinion, young and spunky is not what that office needs - they need a steady, grounded energy and someone who can cut through all the BS. At the very least, I went through the motions and hopefully have resolved something spiritually so I can move on one way or the other.
    Hope you are well and still enjoying your spiritual camp!

  • @watergirl18
    I have been so thinking about you! But resisted posting because I kept getting the number 5 and to wait a bit because you would have news soon. I'm assuming after the 5th. I agree with everything you said. It's all just business and yes the process for them of getting a feel for their possible advantage point. I don't think they really want younger and spunkier....but would like you to think that! As if at your age you should be feeling desperate or too grateful. When really, you are at a very appropriate age to offer years of maturity and emotional stability. Someone who doesn't need their hand held when it's problem solving time. Good for you! You are doing great. Regardless of their decision you will be stepping into your power somewhere, I'm sure of that. Right now the leap into the unknown is part of your growth. So I am excited myself to see where you land! I'm sure I will hear from you soon.

  • @blmoon I just saw a rerun of a movie - Where the Heart is. Did you ever see it? The girl in the movie hates the number 5...her mother abandoned her when she was 5, something else equally terrible happened on May 5th, etc. I started laughing when I saw it because I hate the number 5 now too! It always shows up during times of conflict or extreme stress or emotional upheaval for me. So your last message about 5 made my stomach clench! LOL.
    Nothing happened this week good or bad. I’m thinking maybe I’ve dodged a bullet (Rejection is God’s protection!). On the other hand, if I can’t make something happen for me now when there was so much opportunity then it will never happen. And that thought depresses me. Also because I feel the other changes that will be occurring are going to affect me negatively and frankly, I’m just sick of getting the sh*tty end of the stick.
    How’s life on your end of the country?

  • @watergirl18
    After I got that 5 again....I said later to myself....JEEZ is five her middle name? ! I never thought of any other possibility but I do know every number is symbolic. I used to get a lot of nines from my psychic back in the day. Nine is the number for change. Hang in there....the moon is disappearing and a lot is going on behind the scenes. A decision was made about you but waits till Friday or Monday. That's what they are saying. I had a few days like you are feeling. It's deceiving.....I felt off kilter like everything I was sure of maybe isn't! But it always turns out to be just my same old cycle of hating down time...or the lull...retreat time, whatever you call it I always act surprised! So, today I did a thorough card pull...not just light hearted Fairies but Saint Michael and he gave clarity and pretty much reminded me that I'm doing that toxic thing to myself again and to be kind and rest up. Something does not have to happen to be on path. AND jeeze when do I allow myself to be tired? I tend to think something is wrong to be tired or I just plain do not know when I'm tired! A lot of the last year for me was very focused on body mind spirit connection. Constant reminders to check in on my body needs. Whatever momentum was building for the last moon cycle is winding down. Nothing concrete is going to take off before the new moon. The Gemini new moon will pick up quick. Don't be surprised if your usual pattern of nothing then a lot all at once shows up again. The three folks you are dealing with right now are going to reveal something about themselves in a way that is meant to remind you just how intelligent and gifted you are. (could it be you are actually smarter than all three put together?) See it for what it is....not as a mistake you are even there but just a timely reminder your commitment to self confidence is back in motion. Once you decided you are qualified for more it didn't just settle in the present moment it expanded out into the universe so stop thinking of pushing. It's out there. You worked hard. Now you rest and have some fun. I had a playdate with my youngest grandaughter who is 11. Actualy, I kept her overnight. We had so much fun today treasure hunting at the Goodwill and it was such a needed break from being in that mindset of checking what condition my condition is in! I went to another Cassadaga (spiritual camp) group thing last Sunday and had fun but was still in checking in mode. What was I learning, what was I feeling? etc. Today I got out of my head and just had silly fun with my creative and very psychic granddaughter. It was just what I needed! I suggest you take a break . Patience is easier when you can allow yourself to goof off. OH, some older sweet looking man at the Goodwill made our day! He was checking out as we were coming in and we crossed his path to look at the jewelry case when he turned and handed my granddaughter money! She got nervous and quickly dropped it in my purse I started to tell him no thank you but he leaned in and looked me in the eye and said....It's from God!!! I said thank you may it come back to you double. Then we quickly headed to the back of the store and I told my granddaughter that I hope she knows that if that happens when she's ever alone to turn and run quick cos a girl has to be careful. She is always nervous if out of site from me so I was sure she wouldn't be alone but still had to say it. Honestly, when he looked me in the eye I felt he was safe and actually felt angelic but I'm the adult! Anyway, at the back of the store she immediately found something she wanted and I said you got that 5 bucks in my purse, buy it and she said Grandma he gave me a 20! I thought it was a five! It was very strange and a new one for me. I always treat her to whatever she mostly wants and she picked some fun stuff. She found this fake fur red hat with ears...called a Spirit hat made in Los Angeles. And a red velvet dress. She's sleeping in them right now. We found some fun stuff. I found a really neat fairy picture! Hope you treat yourself as well. Or at least take a long nap! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    the 5 for me is about change. 9 has always signified completion on the spiritual level....physical completion and then start of something new is the 10/1. The Friday or Monday news is tricky. Bad news is always given on a Fri so the person can have the weekend to have their emotional fit instead of disrupting the office all week, lol.
    I really feel like it’s “bad” news but also feel it’s a blessing in disguise. The longer she’s here the more I don’t like the new boss. I don’t think we are a good fit. She has judgments of me that aren’t favorable and frankly I don’t care to try to change her mind. I am, however, TIRED of being in this space of trying to find the right place for me. It’s been a long week so maybe I do just need some rest but I have been saying that for many weeks in a row now.
    Your shopping excursion sounded fun! At first I shuddered at her sleeping in her “finds” without sageing them first but then remembered you would certainly know if any negative energy had been attached.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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