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  • 3rd time's a charm?

  • Sorry to hear it znl. My suggestion to you - based on my own experiences and past mistakes - is to shift your focus from "getting away from the horrible place" you are in to attracting what you do want. Whenever my focus was just to"get out" I attracted more of the same. Find a way to be happy anyway so you can keep your vibration high. If you are financially set and feel like you can go through a period of unemployment without slipping into anxiety and worry then leave first if you wish. However, I have found that unemployment sends people into a downward spiral. Don't look at the job search as something that is "hard." Think of it as fun - write down all the things you want, daydream about it, feel happy and good. Then it will come to you.

  • Absolutely, thanks for the good advice. Of course, happy people with positive energy attract more positive things ! I just continue doing what I was doing before and try to ignore the other stuff. Your advice back then was to start looking and that is what I began doing as soon as the signs showed up. I would have left several months ago if I was able to financially.

    My wishes are very clear for my next situation in the same field, and also thinking what else I could do. I sure understand what you said about attracting same exact things in another place. Been there than that. Agh

    What is new with you, did you just accept a new position? Congrats if that is what you did.

  • Znl, I find it helpful to look at what is happening/what I am currently attracting as a barometer for how well I am keeping my vibration high. We have to get at what's underneath. We can act the part all we want but if there is an underlying belief or attitude that is contradictory then that is what we will see in our environment. It's really not as easy as it sounds. At least not at first. Old habits die hard. Momentum gets built in the wrong direction and it takes determination to reverse it.

    I was told yesterday that the background check and drug test are complete and I should be receiving the offer letter today. Thanks for asking 🙂

  • I think you mean to find good in the situation and believe me I have and hope for the best. I don't see this finding good and liking many things hard to do. I mean in terms of people, place, where it is at and my responsibilies. However, I totally get what you mean by getting away from one bad thing and landing the same or similar situation again. Agreed that to influence and change all that is hard todo.

    I don't know if I understand this "We have to get at what's underneath. We can act the part all we want but if there is an underlying belief or attitude that is contradictory then that is what we will see in our environment. At least not at first. Old habits die hard. Momentum gets built in the wrong direction and it takes determination to reverse it." ?

    Congratulations. I am excited for you. Not sure which job came through for you at the end but sounds like the best of the bunch. 🙂 hugs and thank you WG.

  • Blmoon,

    Yes, January and the eclipse energy was intense! And another eclipse next week!!

    i accepted the position at the place I worked from 2012 to 2015. I just didn’t get a good vibe from the other place I interviewed and for some reason, although it was a terrible experience when I worked there last, this place had a good vibe throughout the whole interview/negotiation process. Until now! I have been having intermittent anxiety attacks today. Probably just because there is so much up in the air and who knows where the dust will settle. Feels like I’m walking into chaos. However, it is possible that I can remain out of the fray - at least I’m hoping so. There’s an outside chance that all the change might open up something for me - but it could be a “be careful what you wish for” scenario 🙂 You said you don’t get a permanent vibe for me here - which is ok, but the problem is they want me to sign a 2-year non-compete which would keep me from working elsewhere for that timeframe. I guess that is a source of my anxiety. I plan on inserting a few caveats that will give me an out, but not sure they will accept it. Things like, if I receive a job offer that would be considered a promotion either in title or salary, etc. My point to them will be that I am an employee, not an indentured servant! They do not have the right to keep me from proceeding further on my career path or from making more money.

    The circle you see could be because I’m returning to the place I left 3 years ago. And, when I left the Director position was open - a position I was told I would be seriously considered for - but I left anyway. Now that spot just opened up again. That’s part of what is up in the air - who will take over. Starting a new job without knowing who your boss will be is a little nerve-racking. The other circle energy is with the ex shape-shifter. I heard news of him mid-month which came out of left field and knocked me off my rocker. I’m over it now, thank goodness. It’s funny because I no longer feel for him what I did and I would never take him back, but the news bothered me. I think it was just the thought of him giving to someone else what he never gave me. Silly really.

    The trickster energy may be that my somewhat friend who negotiated this deal for me, who was the Director until this week, never told me she was leaving. But that’s not exactly humorous so maybe some other trickster event will occur!

    Hang on next week - another eclipse. I've been feeling them more intensely - this one occurs in my sign.

  • I think you hit the nail on the head with what I am getting.......and you WILL not allow yourself to be trapped. The anxiety will subside once you refuse signing anything of that nature. It just is not in your best interest. And really their motives are suspect because otherwise it's not necessary. It's not like they are sharing some kind of proprietary knowledge with you or spending money on special education. Otherwise, you are right. They just want to own you stuck in a contract. The only time that would be a consideration is if they were investing in you. They are not. You will be a paid employee. Not knowing who your boss will be makes signing such a thing even more too much to ask. And oh my....what if this boss ends up being someone from the past you already dislike! Or a clone. The trickster reference does fit your "friend" maybe it hasn't played out or has a double event. Maybe that's why I got already happened or very soon. Still playing out. I think the emotions and anxiety will subside and your gift will kick in and will be strong so follow it.. I just got another strong nudge that who ever is taking over is someone very familiar to you.Maybe after all is revealed will be the laugh and feeling lucky you have very good instincts. I agree the circle vibe I got but wasnt sure if it was career event or relationship...was indeed both! I tend to do that....thinking it has to be one or other when it can be both! Bottom line is you can not go into a blind situation without an out. Some things are not negotiable. Your boundaries are strong. The moon influence can serve either way depending on your energy level. It can amp your psychic clarity or if you are under stress and energy low it could be challenging. You already know how that works!

  • Yes, the contracts are ridiculous, but they all have them now so anywhere I go this will be presented to me. I hate feeling trapped and I personally do not feel it's fair, but it is what it is. I called to make an appointment with an employment attorney to review it first - mostly to see if there are any holes that will give me an out if I need it. I did some research and in our state, if any portion of the agreement is deemed unreasonable then the entire thing is thrown out. If there aren't any loopholes then I will tell them I need to revise to let me out if I get another offer that is the promotion or pay increase, but not sure how they will respond to that. I am in the unfortunate position of needing a job so it gives me less power. I let them know this morning that I could not sign until I met with my attorney - left a voice mail for her - I'm sure they are going to be ticked off because they wanted me to start tomorrow. Oh well!


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  • smart GODDESS! Believe me, they may be disappointed you aren't an easy catch but the real honchos don't get trapped either. You know what your worth. Either they do and bend for you or they take a chance finding a more desperate but capable replacement At my last job the rule was...get caught telling your salary agreement to other employees and be fired. But my closest friends shared and my boss would try for extra demands in the contracts all the time. When refused often they did nothing but usually it was about the time a teacher didn't give a crap anymore that they got the nerve to say no. As if they secretly hoped they would get fired and end their misery. Nothing like the smell of desperation to tip the scales in their favor.If it had been three years ago when you were still in trapped mode you would have talked yourself lucky and jump in but right now that is not what you earned. You know I always tell it straight up and there is nothing to be desperate about. The universe is behind you. Remember the message about staying out of fear. Fear of not getting a job is indeed a reality but remember...when considering your spiritual path....there exists a kind of magic or faith or whatever you call it that defies logic. Advocate for yourself's not the easiest path BUT it sure is easier than extracting yourself from a steel clad trap. I mean how many legs can a careless starved otherwise smart fox afford to chew off. You got this Watergirl!

  • Argh! Spoke with the attorney and it's basically iron clad. The only thing that might be changed is the amount of time I cannot go work for any competitor. It says 12 months - she said 6 or 9 is more acceptable to the courts. Also, I noticed at the end there is a clause that covers them from the entire thing being thrown out if one thing is deemed unreasonable so I don't have that out either. It's going to be a game of chicken in the end. Historically, they do not budge on their contract. So I can go back with requested changes and then they will probably give me an emphatic no as the start of the chicken game.

  • know what to do. You can't get trapped. And the term competitor is pretty vague. Does that mean that industry in general? If you do sign and want out are you ok with finding work in a different field? If you consider this contract I feel you have to expect a 25% increase in pay offer. That's the number I'm hearing. Forget logic on this. I also get that you are close to getting another offer call soon...very soon. Spirit is confidently expecting you to handle this. What I'm getting is you just need to be reminded or validated as far as help. You already got the lesson and moved on. It's going to be close but I feel another opportunity on the table very very soon. I hear your name being discussed and a phone call coming. At least you can feel more confident with negotiations when this happens. Try and chill...yet be very tuned in.

  • Competitor as in another hotel/casino within a 30 mile radius. All the other hotels are on the Las Vegas Strip so the 30 miles covers it. I can work in a different field, but that inhibits my ability to earn a decent salary since I would be starting something new with no experience. I would have to move to continue working in my field. The attorney today confirmed that all the other hotels have almost identical contracts - some of it was verbatim, right down to 2 misplaced commas. So any other offer I might be receiving will come loaded with the same issues. Also, the only other place I interviewed was the assembly line one. I didn't follow up with them and vice versa. I'm not sure what the answer is. I definitely don't want to be trapped but it seems as though I would have to do something else entirely in order to escape the contract. So I guess the chicken game begins. I will get back to them tonight with my objections and we'll see what happens.

  • I'm feeling a bit trapped myself right now. A very old pattern. I will use all I have learned to move past this. It means God either has my back or I am terminally not safe. I can only suggest you avoid fatalistic there is no way out because this is a fixed situation so I have no choice thinking. Actually, now I know why Spirit had me ask you to define this contract restriction. 30 miles of strip is such a small small world!. Expand your thinking, that's your card today. I still see an option on the horizon. BE THERE! .

  • Ha! You nailed it. Either God has your back or you're terminally not safe. That is the big thing for me. I just don't feel like God, the Universe, whatever has my back. It's hard to trust that things will magically work out for me because they never have!

    Yes, I could move, but that's the position I was in last year and I didn't like it. Besides, I just don't think it's reasonable to restrict me from earning a living in my field and where I have lived for 37 years just because they are bullies. It's reasonable to ask that during the period of the contract - 2 or 3 years. It is NOT reasonable to restrict me from working for a year if the contract term expires and either one of us chooses not to extend it. So, I sent off my objections, asking for this to be removed. I think I presented a good argument. I took your advice and then said if they refuse to take that provision out then I would need a 25% increase in base salary and, if the contract term expires, then it should only be 3 months, not 12. It was actually pretty b-a-l-l-s-y! We'll see what happens...

    Thank you for the support and encouragement!!!

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