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  • 3rd time's a charm?

  • I am having hostile c r a p coming at me too, but not from a stranger.......yet instead of feeling bad or hurt or any kind of usual intense response emotions I feel this very strange sense of calm if I needed this ......I feel I need to make a serious detachment and this was so over the top of my boundaries that it's not going to's an ending. I even pulled two cards that validated. Your Orca metaphor really intrigues me...... I have an Orca poem! It's titled ORCA POEM. It's old, probably at least from my early forties. The shape shifter days ; ) I even did an illustration for it.


    Some days I miss you

    And find things

    The old greeting card

    You sent

    The inside blank of course

    But the outside

    Still beautiful

    The Orca whale and his spirit brother

    The more colorful one

    Sailing above

    The artist says

    The Haida believed

    The large-mouthed whale

    With many teeth

    Could sink a whole canoe full

    And those drowned

    Would be captured to live forever

    Under the sea

    Brother whales

    Circling at night

    Unable to speak

    But still calling

    For the ones they love

    Their soulful cry

  • PS....there is something in San Francisco for you. It could be a hook-up.....whether personal, spiritual or even job related. It's a strong vibe.

  • Interesting - your comment on the hostility coming your way. I was calm as well, but it stuck with me a lot longer than I would have wanted. I think because he got into my personal space - even put his hand on me in an aggressive manner - and I couldn’t shake his energy off of me afterward. I hope your ending is a good one - sounds like it’s a relief to you to let go of it after too much time.

    Love your Orca poem! It is sad, but one line made me laugh - the inside of the card being blank. Must be a man thing!! Well, not an every man thing, just the narcissistic ones. Unable to pull focus off of themselves long enough to write a thoughtful line or two inside the card. 🙂

    I think the strong vibe from San Fran may be about tying up a few loose ends. If there was to be a hook-up wouldn’t it have happened while I was there? I need to talk to them about some back-pay issues and I also need to send them back their laptop.

    Someone on the inside told me last night that I would be receiving an offer from my old company. I tossed the ball out there about working for both properties and they went for it. However, I will still need to negotiate salary, bonus structure, benefits, etc.

    Also yesterday I received a call from another company (I had applied back in mid-December!) for an interview today. Interview went well. I like the vibe of the people so far, but the job sounds like a glorified hostess instead of national sales. They do offer the one day a week working from home so I can use that in my negotiations with Company A. I asked about base salary, etc. and she said I needed to talk to someone else about that - she wasn’t authorized as it is based on experience, etc. BUT they would have me come in for FOUR HOURS to shadow some people first - to see how they operate - and THEN I would meet with her. Four hours??? That’s like going through training before getting the job! I told them that I had an offer coming over from Company A so they would need to move quickly. She said the person I would be replacing is gone after this week so they are ready to move forward now.

    We’ll see what happens!

  • Update: Company B just called back - we're skipping over the 4 hour "shadowing" and going straight to the meeting with the Corporate Director tomorrow at 4pm 🙂

  • HAHAHA! Funny ....your update...because when I came to the part about the four hour shadowing I got a loud oh hell no! You probably already had the meeting but despite my big headache I get the vibe that you found yourself conflicted. First, you hate being "handled" are too smart and intuitive for that and will get distracted when you know they are hard selling you on some points. Of course negotiations are what they are BUT on a Spiritual level you truly HAVE reached a level of divine cooperation. Things are meant to be easier for you and transparency should be part of that. You are not desperate so red flags will stand out. Spirit says if you stay indifferent long enough and use your gift you will tune into why exactly the last person left and to trust all your hunches. I am getting that you can trust your intuitions strongly right now. They are very desperate to fill the job. But you already know that. I don't want to interfere with your own vibe on the last employee but they felt promises were broken and got too much wait and see. They felt their contribution was tied up.....that person had excellent leadership qualities and a winning attitude but someone or just plain policy kept dragging them down. will get the picture!

  • So updates now on both. FIRST, the San Francisco vibe is now revealed 🙂 I have been working San Fran all year so was trying to get the West coast as my territory (I prefer it for a number of reasons). However, Company A already has people working that market at both properties so I decided to give up control on the territory and let the Universe bring me another territory I would like just as much. Last night, my friend at Company A called and said they would be giving me Northern California so I would have San Francisco 🙂 She also said my salary demand, although would take some jumping through hoops on their end, is entirely possible.

    So the 2nd interview with Company B was "blech" I really enjoyed my conversation with the woman yesterday and she would be my boss but her two superiors were there today. One was okay, but the other - the top dog - I did not get a good vibe from. Also, I really detest being asked typical interview questions that are really more for young inexperienced people which I am definitely not. It was also clear that their process will take some time and I wouldn't pass up the other offer for the POSSIBILITY of this one. Besides, I don't think the top dog liked me much either so an offer probably will not occur. I had the impression of a large assembly line at a factory when I was there - like I would just be another cog in the wheel and got lost in the crowd. Also, the job description is a bit different than I'm used to and I think I would find it boring and unchallenging.

    I think both are desperate to hire someone. I think Company A is the devil I know versus the devil I don't know in Company B. Also, one is much more solid as far as an actual offer so that makes the decision a no-brainer. Plus, I think there's a reason you got the San Fran vibe...

    Hope your headache is better!!

  • Hi Watergirl, first, best wishes to you in all the exciting new opportunities!!

    I love reading your analogies/descriptions and your complete awesome intuition mixed with your very clever thought process and common sense. They have no idea who they have in front of them!!

    Regarding the dog park experience you had, smh. I think you had the presence of mind to not continue to apologize to them "after all in they don't speak English ;)" and also laugh when he acted stupidly when you were leaving instead of letting them take your joy. I can't understand why people would show up in the middle of a park when there is a big chance of dogs running around. Have you noticed how many people block traffic with such small traffic incidents to take pictures!

    To be honest, I too have been involved in so many of the similar situations when others negative energy or behavior just ruins my state of being especially those times when I have been working pretty hard to achieve some peacefulness and am minding my own business. Just like you I too wonder how and/or why that happens. Xx

  • I agree...just as Spirit said you got an excellent vibe on offer are right on about the assembly line my youth I've there on a real assembly goes nowhere! Someone either higher up notices your talents and plucks you out for something better or you remain just part of the machine. Unfortunately, when the top dog is a control freak nobody can help you . You been there! That's a revolving door position.......some hold out too long but the dynamics can not be changed. Thanks for the poem compliment.....I knew you'd appreciate that empty card line!! There was nothing funny about that place I was stuck at the time but thank God it makes me smile now and I'm not embarrassed at all. At the time my psychic used to tell me there was nothing wrong with me and he had the problem. You think? I learned valuable wisdom from that journey. Women get stuck when confused by the nice abuser. Yes abuse is not always in your face ugly...mean or direct. There is the passive smile in your face abuser who everyone seems to love....they shape shift to please. They do many nice things YET they also do seemingly innocent things that make you feel invisible. Mixed messages. Very narcissistic indeed. The need to be loved and admired yet they can not ever be vulnerable. You can not blossom with a nice man who sends you a beautiful artist signed card .....empty inside! I think the fact the drawing was of an Orca in two was impressionistic withe native design....the other was realistic....and the bottom line is....That beautiful Orca is a killer! He kills. And I choose to spiritually make beauty. And hopeful help other woman escape faster than I did! I'm picking up an important full moon....a blue moon is coming I believe. It may be for me but I think it has something for you as well. BLESSINGS!



  • Hi Znl,

    Maybe the people taking pictures at the traffic incidents is for insurance? So many of them now have apps where you submit a picture as part of the start of the claim (at least I think so!). I laughed because it was a funny thought – the man going to the nearest police station and proclaiming how there is a woman at large with an EXTREMELY FRIENDLY dog and she MUST be apprehended!!! LOLOL. At some level though I must have been doing something that attracted the situation.

    How goes it with you? What’s going on with your job?

  • Blmoon,

    Yes, I recognized a lot of the emotions you expressed in the poem. The nice abuser, indeed. It’s a more difficult narcissism to recognize and extricate yourself from, especially when clouded with your own emotions. Some of the Orca symbolism I looked up was about soul mates and sacred journey. But there was also stuff on leadership, strength and perseverance. I assumed the latter was the message that was meant for me since relationship is not even on my radar at the moment.

    Yes, the blue moon is at the end of the month and it is an eclipse as well…

  • I know sometimes in the past you have connected to outside trend predictions. I have my go to as well....was just wondering if you knew that right now the universal advice is to focus and listen closely to animal presence and messengers The trend that preceded this was a stay calm that explains getting past otherwise disturbing attacks or drama.....which we both went through.......successfully! Anyway, the trend to listen to animal messages has been building and is peaking right pay attention to any dreams or actual visual encounters with animals and listen for the message......a special message just for you! BLESSINGS!


  • Maybe I already got my animal message with the Orca....

    Had lunch this morning with an old friend and 3/4 of the way through she did this "Oh! Did you hear?" and it was about MY old shape shifter. It's funny because I did finally get to the place where I no longer wanted him in my life - in any way. And yet her news got under my skin a bit. Like she said, "hey, look at that old wound of yours - let me pick at the scab!!" She knows that we were involved, but has no idea the extent of it so her intentions were not unkind or malicious.

    Now it mostly bothers me that it bothers me! Will the grief this man caused me ever be over? LOL

  • So the ironic part is toward the end of 2017 I finally just got fed up with things and decided to concentrate on the Law of Attraction - the part about ignoring "what is" and focusing on the feeling of what you want...the "being happy where you are no matter what" thing. It seems as though the Universe heard me and I think 2018 is going to be about getting things thrown at me that are unpleasant and rising to the challenge of "being happy anyway."

  • Hi WG,

    Yes, I think so, but is it necessary to block everyone to take pics when insurance info is already exchanged. Is it worth it or is it just another thing we can do at a cost to everyone.

    Thanks for asking about my work. My work situation has gone from bad to worse. Funny you asked bec over a year ago you offered readings (with a deck of cards you wanted to use) and your reading for me was about horrible work problems and situation including deception, lies, unfairness and knife in the back etc. and at that time I was like "what"?? But, shortly after the whole thing was revealed to me. So, your reading was very accurate but w a slight delay in how things unfolded & changed.

    Current issue is to find new work and get away from the horrible place and I have not been successful yet. A few interviews have not been landing me a job and I am going to leave if something does not open up really soon for me. I have been looking very hard. Xo

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