The Alchemist

  • @blmoon
    TAKE A NAP INDEED! Looks like Dorian did change course 🙂 Hallelujah and Amen.

  • @blmoon
    It's been busy here....I'm feeling the same is true for you. What has been going on? Let me know how you and yours are doing!

  • @watergirl18
    so, did anything come up with the 15th date? I was supposed to touch base with bean counter on the 15th but took a pass. He knows my number. Beside's I'd rather do next semester instead as this one is too short now. I would be pushing my shoulder and I'm just now getting much better. That CBD oil works! Pricey if you want to be guaranteed it passed an independent outside inspections as it is not regulated yet. Boy, big pharma is going to push back on this stuff. I had to take more than the lower dose but it is not toxic so you have to find your dose. I use the drops. It is a feel good without the hi. I can see it helping anxiety for some. It has been proven for seizures and a list of things including helping addicts get off of opiates. I've been using it for PAIN. It's been about 3 weeks and today has been the best. I am still taking supplements for inflammation as well.Turmeric curcumin, billbery, etc. What's new on the job? I see an accident or serious health issue with a female over you. Spirit shows me this woman dressed in business suit style, navy blue, skirt and matching jacket and hose! So, either it's literally how she dresses or it just symbolizes someone of authority or old school. Someone is going to have to carry more load. I don't see an immediate replacement as she has a contract that will cover her but there will be change and others filling her responsibilities under the promise of just a short shift but I don't see that being so short. This effects you whether it is in your current job or your next offer. Snake man should be less a problem right now. He has personal drama outside work and is in a low point for now. Can a snake get depressed?:😃 Have you heard from your sister? Something is going on with her but you may get that news second hand. Spirit is bombarding me with visuals! This does not feel like your girlfriend with the white roses. This is a male. I'm assuming you know him but may not know he passed. He's very energetic and talks fast, very animated and will talk to strangers. A fun guy yet will wear you out if you had to be with him too long. For some reason I get he knew you as a teen. He seems like a young persons energy. Wish I had some! I'm done for the day! Hugs.