The Alchemist

  • @blmoon, How was your week? Any news on the ACA application? I was crazy busy trying to catch up on what piled up in my absence. Also scrambling to get quite a few buns in the oven fully cooked for end of month. Only 3 weeks left!!!

  • @watergirl18
    been playing catch up myself! Was thinking about you! My friend already found another job, better pay, super benefits. I knew she would. No word from the ACA and have no vibe on it. It's not easy to get in. They only choose 8 per Genre so when I have gotten in I assume it's meant to be or not. I keep pulling the bunny prints Angel card! You know, how we want to know the next step but it's meant to be left in trust to the unknown. Yep.

  • @blmoon,
    Glad your friend landed so quickly! I knew she would wind up somewhere better too 🙂 Had a weird dream last night and then woke up with song lyrics in my head which seemingly contradict the dream message - confused!

    In the dream, my sister contacted me with two houses that had been model homes (that's the business she is in) and urging me to buy one as she could get me a great deal of $119k for either one. A house for $119k??? Unheard of - at least where I live. And they were nice houses! So I chose one because it had a larger back yard and an unobstructed view. But then, after making the choice, I realized the other yard was completely landscaped and mine was not - saw people in the other yard and felt the first twinge of making a wrong choice. In my larger yard there were several lampposts - like gas lamps - that gave the yard some charm. But I realized that one of them had an eroded footing and was about to fall over....then it did! Then, inside the house, I realized that I had not thoroughly checked things out and my kitchen was upstairs where the bedrooms were. Yuck!

    Later on, I was (I think) at work and the VP was there and I felt a shift in her treatment of me. She has been a supporter and ally but I also have seen her turn on people. Not out of overt hostility but just changing with the flow of where the leadership is leaning IF it doesn't make a difference to her.

    So I woke up and pondered it and thought the choice of two houses was similar to my choice on two jobs at the moment. Maybe the one that looks better at first will turn out not to be. But I am not clear on which one looks better!!! The only clue was the scene where the ally at work suddenly felt like she wasn't one.

    I woke up with the song lyrics, "If it's meant to be, it'll be, it'll be; baby just let it be."


    Anyway, earlier this week I suddenly felt like some things were going on behind the scene that were a shift for me and maybe not a good, one. The new snake man boss I feel is trying to find someone from the outside even though my boss has chosen me for the position. She reports to him. Things have been delayed and she is no longer giving me weekly updates of "she's just waiting on approval", etc. Not sure if it it an intuitive hit or if I'm just being paranoid!

    I was super busy catching up this week so did not have time to reach out to the guy at the other job. He was on vacation the same week as I so I'm sure he was busy too. Still, it's making me wonder since I have not heard from him.

    So snake man and not hearing from the other guy I guess are making me a bit anxious. Maybe that's what the song lyrics were for. But the dream cautioning me against a wrong choice troubles me...

  • @watergirl18
    love the dream! In other words psychics will get their messages even when they are mentally somewhere else! Weird, because I was under the impression all this was coming last month but then I have learned not to argue with a message because sometimes there is a reason regardless of time and dates specially if it's just a leg up from Spirit to redirect our energy thoughts for the moment. Although Spirit just said, remember back a few messages it was suggested there was a variable that could go either way and hanging on a key person's power to change the whole direction of things and I think this person has been back and forth for 3 weeks now and leaving a lot hanging behind the scenes. And ooooh I got that nasty pissed off feeling hanging again on your end as I read your intuition about skipping over you and going outside for a new hire. You are not being paranoid. I think with your vacation and your busy schedule you have just the right distance for picking up vibes. Being detached from the situation kept your mind from it. You are not paranoid and lots has been going on last 3 weeks, I think a decision was seemingly made but really wasn't set in stone and no, all involved were not on the same page. I think the place you are at consistently has a big issue with teamwork, everybody nods and smiles but goes rogue under the table. I see the snake man as taking his decision personal because he has such a fat ego and somebody poked him there although really his embarrassment was mostly imagined as nobody really cared but his worst fear is being made a joke or laughed at. Kind of ironic because he is a joke by anyone worth respecting! The two houses are the job choices and pretty much says it all, the more you dig the more you will see as red flags that just makes the right decision impossible! Which is why Spirit led you away from trying to get the answer and a sure bet choice. And the song! I laughed! You got my bunny prints in the snow, if it's meant to be it will be and no I am not going to get a reveal yet. I think your lady boss who reports to the snake is the one who secretly irked the snake and now he's been FN with her in way that he feels reminds her every day he's the man who says jump and she will say, yes sir, how high? And that is pretty much how it will always play out over here as we discussed when too much reorganizing goes on in a company everyone lives on edge for their jobs and it cause a lot of brown nosing or worse, just plain job security sabotaging. The new offer and the guy on vacation, I still see him as not really vested in caring one way or another about you but it's his job. I feel there is a third unknown person that you would be important to. I think tomorrow will be interesting!

  • @blmoon ,
    The intuitive hit irked me because he is such a snake and I just dislike him so much. It is just like him to assert his authority where it really doesn't belong just to show her "who's boss."!! I'm not angry in a sense of losing the opportunity as I have been ambivalent about it from the start. What does concern me is losing out on both opportunities and being left where I am. I am sending a follow-up note to the other guy today...

  • @watergirl18
    FUNNY! That was my thought. A follow up with the new guy. I figured you may get a timely urge so left it to you because I still get you are really meant to speak with someone else. But maybe your dream WAS the hint hint! It's time.

  • @blmoon Hello my friend! Just checking in on you....nothing new on my end. I have been SOOO busy with the end of quarter looming. This is the last week, thank goodness. Whether I am successful or not I know for sure that I have done everything possible on my end. It will be nice to breathe a little easier again - too much stress this month!

  • @watergirl18
    UHG! Slow going here too on GOOD NEWS! And pulled the bunny tracks again today with that annoying message how we want to know the next step but for now it's in our divine plan and let it be. My grandson came, 33 hours of labor, I was up two nights at the hospital! It was intense and I have aged this week. And my man was manic two weeks before last and had blood tests due by coincidence, yes they were very fkd. His manic adventure included leaving the bed and going out in insane 100 heat and doing the go go go like bipolars do when they go off track. And I got an MRI tomorrow. I avoid doctors as most injuries heal on their own but this shoulder pain hurts worse laying down and without sleep I was ready to start biting people! So went to the orthopedic walk in and they suspect a torn rotator. And they will suggest surgery but I will be consulting my gift on that one. Sparky has doctor appointments. Let's see if the Scorpio rises from the ashes one more time. oh and just when I thought I can stand the wait on the ACA it is announced the poet I applied for not only won an 65,000 award of honor, Holy Shit she is the new Poet Laureate of the United States! You don't read news so I'm sure you didn't see it. Yes, Joy Harjo is now the first native american Poet Laureate! Is this my test? UHG! I was thinking of you and wondered if anything happened, I got the feeling the shark just wanted to torture your boss lady as long as he could but would still consider you if nothing else appealing changed his mind. Or maybe the decision was really made end of last month and you just sit and stare at those bunny tracks in the snow awhile....and smile.