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  • @watergirl18 I don’t know your whole story. I empathize with how you are feeling. Just want to ask a question-When was the last time you focused on daydreaming? Indulged, in wasting time- just imagining all your dreams, focused on living out your wildest fantasies.... ?

  • @watergirl18
    I think you need a good laugh🤡

  • Maybe a night in a New Orleans karaoke bar. I heard it from a friend

  • @blmoon hello 🙂 I am not quite over this crud but am feeling much better than I was and my energy is slowly lifting. Sorry for being such a downer - it's amazing how fatalistic I become when I am running on empty. I am also feeling much more at ease with accepting where I am right now. January was indeed very tough! I do recognize the need for a job that better suits my energetic needs, but I think maybe I need to stop focusing on that and instead focusing on what that job would bring into my life - taking the macro versus the micro perspective. That being said, there is a LOT of drama going on at the workplace. Fortunately, I am not the brunt of it this time, but I am somehow involved - feels like a higher up is using me as a pawn in a political move against someone else. Anyway, thanks for putting up with me and I hope your February is going well 😘

  • @blmoon, eureka I found it LOL. Glad to hear from you. Please tell me how things are with you....

  • @watergirl18
    I have thought of you often! Is it Spring yet? You were in stasis last connection. But I felt you would find your way out. I had to get really conservative with my energy and focus for awhile. I did get a poem published...the reading was last week. I decided to keep going with the house changes and redid my room. It's very well putt together but has not changed in over fifteen years! So I stripped it down and realized why it's not changed. Holy chaos! My room is all over the house and being very energy flow affected it was wearing on me! Finally down to the last of it...put down new flooring. My room originally was my "Bohemian Paris apartment feel...right down to the plush red velvet drapes and gold walls filled with favorite Impression era Paris art. Now my windows are white and clean blinds with lots of light. Paris yellow gold walls are now a soft pink and cherry floors. AND to commit to my business and writing intention I bought myself a nice L shaped white desk...two for writing and a SEPARATE one for business because the two get blurred! I will have to repost to catch up on spiritual stuff! OH I think I told you Mr bean counter emailed me in DEC. asking if I would teach guitar in April. He presented it as a definite. i assumed it was because after term ended in Dec. parents were pressing him for more! Well I checked in for that meeting they promised and he thanked me and said he'd get back before April. End of March I get an e-mail saying they had a meeting (who is THEY?) and decided they met all requirements for that term and see me in August!!! I didn't even respond. I actually designed my business card and may teach on my own in fall....or do their gig and then hand out my card to parents. Since they decided to pay me as a private contractor it means I have no conflict restrictions! Of course if they knew my intentions they WOULD pull a contract on me. I have a few self employment ideas going and pretty positive that's where I'm headed. April has been "anxiety attack month" BUT it's not a bad thing. Great leaps usually follow a lot of PANIC. It's what keeps people in their safety zone. Fill me in on your highlights! PLEASE! Once I feel the connection I'll give you a read. Is your sister OK. I'm seeing a funny pic of someone doing the crazy thing with fingers flipping their lips and head spinning?

  • @blmoon I wish I had your energy for redecorating. I could really use it - my home needs some repairs that come with age as well as the redecorating. I keep trying to call a handyman over for the repairs but am not having any luck. My washing machine broke during the mercury retrograde - a replacement was only a little more than the repair so got a new one. And then my garbage disposal needed to be replaced. Since no handyman had been reliable I had to call a plumber and they charged me $600!! March was expensive and now in April I had car insurance due, home insurance due, and car registration renewal due. Another expensive month! With all the money going out I stood up for myself on a money issue at work but without success. In February I was told by an executive in another department that I was being "talked about" and that "good things were coming" my way. I think that might have been true but it was about replacing someone else they were going to get rid of and they have not done so. And now that I stood up for myself on a money issue i think the big man might be seeing me differently now. I was very logical and level-headed (non-emotional) about it but they want people to just be loyal to them and not expect to be treated fairly, lol. I think you absolutely should start teaching on your own and if they do call you back - for sure just use it to market yourself to the parents 🙂 My sister and I are talking again, but without ever clearing the air so it is a bit like a pink elephant hanging out in the room. I think the person you saw flipping their lips with their fingers and head spinning was me - HAHA! Congrats on the poem. Glad you popped back in - I knew you were retreating for your energy (and also a strange energy on this site) but felt like I had contributed to your need to retreat and I felt badly about it. Glad to hear you have been doing well!

  • @blmoon
    If the lip flapper image is you than no wonder Spirit suggested I post that pic! I'm going to bed so will get back to you but I had to respond about that remark you made feeling you in any way drained me!!!! OH MY. Maybe your head IS spinning! STOP IT! I love our connection! I know spiritually you needed some brave bold self sufficient faith for a bit. The universe hands me that crap. In fact just went through some alone focus time myself. AND yes my energy became very tested but not by you at all. There is some strong energy pulls on board and I am grateful for this site yet Tarot is just mining the blog for business. I enjoy your intelligence and you are sharp and funny. You also have the gift. I will listen for a message. BLESSINGS.

  • Hello .... I instantly felt you "mind blowing" your own business into reality ....and soon. I could feel your talent screaming to be let loose ....

    Sounds like you need EXPOSURE! Yes, I am saying PROMOTE YOURSELF in any/all avenues you can think of. Where I live reporters LOVE to interview people in the local area contact every tv channel and radio program ....and tell them you would like to do an interview about your new business. It would be like a "community" type advertisement. And its FREE.

    Also ...some pubic libraries let you DISPLAY things of interest in their lobbies locked glass display cases ... don't know what you have to display from your business but whatever it is you can also display your business card,, etc. Usually on display for a month at a time.

  • @blmoon
    PS! You should frame this for your desk. I guess the ankle bracelet means no stinking House Arrest for him People may leave you alone.! You're welcome!!0_1555024250168_images (43).jpg

  • love this!!!!!!

  • @blmoon HA! That’s hilarious 🤣

  • @blmoon ohhhh, this made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

  • @watergirl18
    peed myself!!!! I watch him all the time for a laugh break. OMG! They looked more shocked than laughing! 0_1555209687009_LAUGH.jpg OH Watergirl my crazy man did shit like that in his young days!

  • @blmoon - I thought you would appreciate it :). Who do you watch for a laugh - Graham Norton or Paul Rudd? I love Paul Rudd’s movies but Graham Norton is my go-to guy for a good laugh when I need a spirit lift!

  • @watergirl18
    When I need a laugh break I just go to YouTube or facebook comedy posts and start scrolling so I do Steve Harvey and Ellen have good clips and of course comedy centrals THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. They had a funny clip of Chong telling his story about when he got busted for making bongs! I just keep scrolling clips that make me laugh out loud. Specially on a dull day. Laughter is like medicine. I wish we lived close. I love a friend with a sharp sense of humor. Sardonic, twisted satire is hard to find! What is going on with your job? Speaking of Satire. I get NOTHING around you connected to work. It's like you exist there in your own little padded room?

  • @blmoon
    I wished we lived close as well! Not many people get my humor anymore. I am constantly being misunderstood at work so I have learned to keep my mouth shut mostly. But it takes all the fun out of the day! More people "got" me when I was younger. I was thinking about it and when I was younger I worked with a lot more men than women....!! Bit of trivia... "sardonic" comes from the Greek adjective "Sardonios" which actually describes a plant from Sardinia that supposedly made your face contort into a horrible grin....right before you died from its poison. 😂 🤣 Nothing going on at work. I feel like I am in some sort of void. Ever since I asked them to do what was right with regard to a money issue I have been in Siberia. I have been contemplating what my next step should be. I know I have a history of staying places too long, but I also feel like every time I have moved on maybe I should have stayed because things changed and opportunities for advancement arose after I left. I just don't want to keep making the same mistake over and over and over. I am under contract, but feel like I have an "out" based on the things they reneged on or changed after I signed. There is another place that is hiring, but once again, not sure if I should be looking to make a move just yet.

  • @watergirl18
    That's funny! Dorothy Parker's humor was often called Sardonic. I always felt the deepest belly laugh has a bit of painful truth attached. And how many people do you run into that know that bit of Trivia? That's exactly one of the reasons I enjoy you. You are TOO intelligent for your own happiness...hahaha. When are you going to find your people? Your equals? Or are you a lone wolf and future CEO of your own company? I need to walk my dogs! Talk later.

  • @watergirl18 well that explains the void I get. Usually, we have a good connection. When I get nothing it's either I'm tired, or you are on your own for good reason. OR you are closed off willingly . When you find yourself in a forced environment (too long) that takes more than gives it's pretty much autopilot and tuning out that gets you through. Not a good place to be. You either need to cope with this situation DIFFERENTLY or get out. Interesting your choice of words "SIBERIA". Lots of snow there, lots of winter. You've been there so many times now maybe you should run for Mayor? (sorry, sardonic slip) Yes your job has decided "whatever" on what to do with you. They are not budging the bottom line for any one. You can wait it out as positions bring in new positive energy but they too will end up in defense mode to just survive. Wake up. Spirit just laid a big bunch of white roses in my lap! Like thank you Jesus. Alright, now the door opens. Explains all the blackbird visits around you. Wake up your wild! Your sharp humor has not dulled but the caliber of COMPANY you endure has. A healthy sense of dark humor shared with ones own kind is the medicine that keeps you out of cynical paralyses. SIBERIA. Last we truly connected you were going strong but taking a beating. At some point, short of being physically rescued. you just went into survival mode and walls up. Juggling walls up against harsh situations but keeping the Spirit door open, keeping the vibes coming is not easy. This is not failure... this is , for psychics, a constant exercise. Your job struggles are not just the normal politics of success. You cannot deny being psychic. It never goes well when we ignore that and try to go NORMAL. What I'm getting is this is not the time to lay low. If you start feeling antsy, inappropriate, mouthy, aggressive......not yourself? Listen to it. PECK AWAY! You go into work with that blackbird on your shoulder and you listen to all he has to say. Speak up. Even if it is for no other reason than to be ALIVE. Look around your office and really look at everyone that comes through your space. READ them ALL in your clever gifted head. Let them feel naked in your presence. Picture a black bird sitting on every employees head! Walk around smiling in a way that makes anyone not your kind want to move out of YOUR way. A much warmer place than self survival Siberia. Time for action. You need your energy to match where your going next. I know once you get hard ass cynical it's hard for you to shift but if you don't it will be forced on you. April is your crossroads. I see the 20th and the 23. I see a chance meeting that may be connected or part of a synchronicity with events. Looks like the spiral is about to line up for opportunity so keep your SENSITIVE cap on full radar. The 28th as well could be good for you. Right now I'm hearing WAKE up. This is the time to pump up your VIBE. You are melting into your circumstance at the moment but you should have been feeling something lately that validates this message. I see two roads in May, depending on events the rest of April. Before May ends you will make a choice between two opportunities. There are a few things out of your control with this as a person that can affect or offer a new path is also feeling a similar challenge with change and is making some hard choices. This person is resistant to hurting or leaving someone. It's not working but theirs a loyalty issue. Together you two would compliment each other. There is a chance this person does not make the timely change yet but it IS were guidance is directing. Try not to go looking for this just concentrate on YOUR shift into Putting yourself ENERGETICALLY out there. .You will know you are shifting when you start bumping into and crossing paths with interesting funny intelligent people.who just talk to you in random places. I just saw you opening mail that surprises you. Looks like a card. It's a happy moment. I also see new neighbors close by. Something funny that keeps you laughing. OH and that contract will not be a problem! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    Thank you Blmoon. I will be back to comment - just too tired tonight!

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