The Alchemist

  • @blmoon The fish tank sounds lovely!! I can just see the deep blue moonlight you described 🙂 Sounds very relaxing and peaceful...
    And the mattress - I doubled over with laughter!! The thought of him leaning up against it because it's too much work to hop on is just hilarious 🤣
    I'm glad your boys joined you for the holiday and that you enjoyed your day ❤

  • @blmoon Hi again 🙂
    So today is the last of 5 days off for the holiday and it has been strange. First, it was great to rest and not deal with family chaos. But then I went into unrest, haha! Being away from the office has made me realize how miserable the environment makes me - it took me 3 days just to recover my energy. I just need my own space instead of sitting in that room of drama queens. Yet there is nothing I can do about it which makes me frustrated. I'm tired of this seemingly never-ending cycle of going in and out of jobs that don't work for me. May I ask - do you see me staying put for a while or getting out of there? And if the latter, something I can be happy with and stay put for a while?

  • @watergirl18
    I'm very tired from class today and felt sick all day! Give me some time to rest up and I need to reread that reading you got that took you through Dec. You definitely are in the lull. I will get back to you. I get your challenge. You know what you need and you are aware of the energy cost of being trapped in an office with others. Right now I see the trap of complaint without the needed energy state of solving your complaint. I'm sure Spirit will not leave you hanging on this one.

  • @blmoon you're right, I'm sorry. I was just having a bad moment. Having some time off made it painfully clear how bad it is there. I believe you said things would be happening in November, but maybe it's just not the things I was hoping for 🙂 December was a lull and a time to enjoy the rewards of my work this year. Honestly, the first part of my life I stayed too long and/or took on too much work. Then I kept leaving when I was being treated well but the things I went to wound up being more of the same. I think that's why I'm in that space of complaining but not knowing what to do. I just need to toughen back up.

  • @watergirl18
    No sorry needed! I recognize the energy you had posting felt just like I did that last day of putting in the extra "daily" time doing that favor for the school. And calling off the last day! As if I needed that reminder( NOT) that the reality is I will never be able to be ME and .survive being trapped in a room everyday with people. It would force me to be on battle mode, defensive mode, surviving mode! And if I had done one more day it would truly compromised my guitar class for Monday. I do acknowledge my limit where fulfillment gets compromised. You were too wiped out to even enjoy the fulfillment of time off! Instead you felt no dream spark left. I went through our posts and wow...I had forgotten my own Chicago dream! I hope I put that one in my journal! AND I read your dream and you should revisit that one as I feel it was your dream spark still alive. The one where you are driven to a winter wonderland? And rereading that three month reading it does still ring true but yes I can see where November's hard work would be something you'd hope for as brand new and rewarding when really on the surface you felt like you were just trying to stay ahead of the chaos and remain empowered. The December prediction sounds about where you are at. I also sensed reading it that this IS an end to something. Not a loss just the end of a journey. Here's were in the past you may have PUSHED hard to make something happen but this time is different and I read the line that Spirit said you just don't care. A surrender but a good surrender and not anything like past feelings of defeat or failure or all that comes with feeling trapped by a repeated complaint. Also that image of the little Charlie brown xmas tree! Says a lot. When a full reading rolls out fast I do not engage my mind so looking back it is interesting! So I'm getting that needing something big to happen to feel like you are getting somewhere will shift and it may seem subtle and hidden but this shift is very BIG. The simplicity of just being your own good company with your furry best friend and all that UNCONDITIONAL love, and the company of your guides and Spiritual realities will have a purpose. I'm assuming the chaos at work will shift accordingly as well. So it looks like January is your a metaphorical Spring and if you read your dream you will see that you got that prediction! You had a insightful judgement about why winter would be not winter. Anyway., I hate the lull myself so hang in there. I'm signed up for a vision board making event tomorrow in Cassadaga and my inner child is excited! BLESSINGS!