The Alchemist

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    PS......I just opened an e-mail that comes once a month from Nina Roe. I laughed at this one part! Just for you I pasted it below.

    When we trust and accept that there's a higher power in the driver's seat and that we may not always (often don't) know all the stops along the way, we are far more powerful than if we think we can drive the bus on our own.

    If something happens that you don't expect and may not even like, trust that it's your angels redirecting you because they have your back. Something better is in store.

  • @blmoon WOW very timely message from Nina 🙂
    Yes, my dream was timely as this week I have felt so very depleted and nearing the end of my strength. The office energy is difficult enough for me to deal with and this week two friends who were going through things were coming to me to dump. One is just struggling with having being passed over for a promotion and gets angry with the person who got the job she wanted. On the one hand, she is oversensitive and overcritical because of the missed promotion. On the other hand, the person who did get the job is trying too hard and over-asserting authority. The 2nd friend is going through something very difficult - something I have been through - and I wanted to help her as best I could. But it left me feeling so drained that I became physically ill. All of that on top of the stress of trying to get these 5 contracts completed by 9/28. I am starting to go into victim mode - lamenting why I have not gotten myself above this fray. Trying to hold onto the dream, but it feels very distant now. I truly hope you are right that something good will be happening for me soon.
    We had an event on property yesterday - our police department has an annual banquet to honor outstanding officers - videos of going above and beyond and how they have helped, etc. I was walking a client through the space last night and felt so much presence from beyond - lots of tingles. I think they may have been honoring those who have fallen as well. Or maybe just others they tried to help who died anyway? Or I am just crazy, haha. The mediumship thing seems to come up a lot for me but all I ever feel is the tingling of their presence - no communication. For instance I'll get in a cab and the driver will tell me how his mother just passed a few days earlier and woosh! I feel the energy surround me. Or a co-worker will talk of her deceased father/grandfather and woosh! I feel both energies around me. What is the point if I can't communicate any messages? And so this sensitivity doesn't seem to have a reason - all it does is drain me to the point where I have to spend all weekend recovering and restoring my energy for the next week...

  • Oh, and I also found out this week that they will be moving our office assignments around next week. I will be going into an office that is even LOUDER and has two people in it that completely drain me. One is technically a friend, but she is needy. The other is aggressive and says nasty things to me all the time as if trying to provoke me. It's upsetting. I know despite what they say they are just trying to break up me and my 2 other cohorts that get along really well. All three of us are doing our job and making our goal so I don't understand why it's an issue that we are friends. Just more BS for no reason...

  • @blmoon, I hope you had a good week. How is the teaching going? I was able to get myself out of victim mode and get used to the office change - at least mentally. The physical move will be after the end of the month. The challenge is to find a way to create an energetic boundary without insulting those around me. It's a chaotic room so this is a masters course! Send good thoughts my way - one final week before the end of the quarter and I am SOOOO close to reaching my goal. Hope you are having a lovely weekend - weather is starting to cool down here so I will be able to enjoy the outdoors with my pup again 🙂

  • @blmoon, hello again - how are you?? End of quarter was yesterday but did not make my quota. 2 of my contracts that were supposed to be back yesterday did not come in. Oh well...I'm tired, but c'est la vie 🙂 Trying to recharge and gather my focus for the remainder of the year. Hope your new job is going well!!

  • @blmoon,
    Hi. Well you were right about October. I have been going through an internal visit of past events. I have to admit it has me feeling a little low. Next week is a big trade show here in town and I may be bumping into people from the past as well. One possibility is my shapeshifter...I would rather not run into him, but some of the internal visits have included him so maybe I will. Ugh. I will be having dinner with one of the people I worked with when I went to San Francisco which should be nice 😊.
    Outside of the shapeshifter I have also been going through a review of my career. This also has me feeling a little low. Why does everything from the past have to be so dang depressing??
    Still curious about the suddenly busy November - it will be here soon enough!
    Hope you are doing well...

  • @watergirl18
    Was just so thinking of you! I remember spirit gave you a pretty definite reading for three months and wondering if you were getting through October . I'm going through something similar with odd dreams that put me in the past! Usually my dreams connect with something recent so they make sense but lately they had me stumped as it was as if I was in that emotional state from a past trauma. You know when you wake up heart pounding it's so real. AND oddly since it was so far back in the past (Chicago years) my interaction with the people in the dream was like it was THEN. THAT really had me stumped because my mother in law was in one bad dream last week and it made no sense why because later in life we had a very good relationship and she apologized for early crap. We had a very loving bond later and I loved her very much. So WTF. I remember Spirits advice to you that any revisits may feel like the past but not to worry that it was not at all a real repeat. I had some other instances as well where I felt a worrisome "is this a possible mistake repeat about to happen? But so far it's not and I actually end up realizing just how much I have changed. I prayed and meditated a lot. So far the response I've gotten is I'm getting traumatic revisits as part of my determinations to really heal. I was told that at a Cassadaga service awhile back that I was healing down to a DNA level. I can see were when you are thick in the middle of traumas or wounds that when you are surviving and moving forward you don't spend much time dwelling on it. Anyway, I sure can't wait for November to get here! So far my description for October is "uncomfortable". Last night I dreamed again I was in Chicago, my husband was there and I was wandering the ghetto! Just weird. I was in nasty houses, I met nasty people...just moving a lot and wandering. Sometimes it was scary, sometimes I was looking for my husband who seemed to have been lost somewhere. And at the end of the dream I find my way out of the ghetto and near the train that separates the side of Chicago that faces the huge Lake Michigan I was trying to tell someone why I didn't get off the train and just walk to the lake instead of taking a left and wandering into the Ghetto. I said if I walked towards the lake I was afraid I'd be trapped. HOW odd of a thing to say!!!l? Have no idea why I was in the freakin ghetto. And it was very real. Although, I have been listening to a lot of Everlast lately.....I love Whitey Ford...his music is so gritty. It's very poetic. Very real. A lot of my writing gives a voice to people without a voice. Oppression is a complicated thing. Anyway, I almost dread going to sleep! I am still going to sleep healing music. My best advice for you is to not believe any of it is real. Luckily, I had a friend I could vent with after I had that dream. I calmed down and it passed but I can see how you would feel low. Maybe you are doing some residual pain cleansing yourself and if you just hold on and let it pass there is a payday at the end of this UNCOMFORTABLE month! I will check in if you just need to talk. Otherwise forget the message boards here right now. Lord, too much desperate for a man problems for me! Hang in there!