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    I do think the white roses were part of her coming forward to be acknowledged . I also considered she is the same presence that feels older to psychics. She is an old soul with many incarnations. Isn't it interesting how the older the soul growth the more it as well returns to a childlike innocence. I also considered she may be your grandmother who passed before you were born and she came back as your friend but I didn't want to make your head spin with that one. Three of cups huh? You need some magic! The dark before the dawn is real. I had my low last week and honestly, what really gets me back on track is when I pick up my last card read...usual the fairy deck.....shuffle them well and get the same two cards!!! How is that possible? It is a faith boost for me definitely. I have my own way of picking cards.. I shuffle a few cuts then always pick the top card and the bottom. Don't know why but this works for me. The decks usually suggest layouts but also encourage you to find your own style. I agree. Mr. man child did go to work and it's only been 2 days and social security put money in our bank already! Wasn't expecting THAT. Go green car go! It was a weird amount so have no idea what time period it's for as it doesn't show up on the web account. It was about exactly what I needed this week! I'm trying not to think too hard about meeting up with my boss lady the 28th. I noticed they stopped posting the job. After a certain age I believe most women prefer the peaceful refuge of their home! And want things their way. That early domestic urge of being wifey and thinking of your mans needs shifts. There is a lot of sacrifice raising kids and being a wife but the kids leave and suddenly that young buck is shuffling around and growing old faster than you! I didn't get attached to having my home perfect because it's not going to happen when you have kids. And as teenagers they fill your house with sports and are rough on furniture. Boys will butter toast with a cleaver rather than wash a butter knife. I absolutely loved being a mother. Probably too much! But once you do get past the scary part of an empty nest you find the joy of having nice things and having things YOUR way. I love my solitude which is why if my man is home too much his vibe gets in my way. My older mentors all loved their husbands but outlived them and they all loved being alone. My ongoing goal is to have my home totally nurturing to my needs. Considering my man was catered to for most our marriage I believe it's my turn and I also think because he does nothing to make it a home and I do all the house work well....I have no problem telling him THIS IS MY HOUSE! He has excepted that for a long time. On occasion I will make him clean his bathroom but otherwise he doesn't do house work so he gets no say.What he did do was fix stuff like electrical or plumbing. We never had to call a repair man. In fact he could fix an old washer someone threw out to last us awhile. Now, I could fix one faster! It's hard to imagine how I survived those early years when he had to approve my paint colors! Or worse furniture! We never agreed on furniture so we would do a compromise which means I never really got what I wanted. Lord, I do have a lot to be grateful for now. Yes, a lot of compromise comes with family life so you do have a very accurate point. I don't think it has anything to do with loving someone. Being psychic and empathetic is hard to manage. We need our space! We need a break from other's energy. I was happy raising four boys but I was also crazy a lot! You get no sleep, you worry a lot. No peace at all. Once they were teenagers I started running and went to dance and weight lifted and went to college but I still took care of the home and family. So, vroom vroom green car....I'm ready. Hang in there you really are on path and you are moving ahead. Keep your energy up. I'm getting Tuesday brings some kind of news. An answer is what I'm hearing. It may be two something by Friday then followed up on Tuesday. I still get you will hear from the trade show connect. I see the full moon so either it is literal or something must be completed before you connect again and it's on her end. She's in the middle of wrapping something up. As for the desire thing...don't push it if you don't get his explanation. I'm like that. It was a Chopra meditation series that lit my light bulb. I have always found his explanations easier to understand than some others. I've tried reading best sellers and if the person's sentence rhythm does not please my ear I don't care how good the story is, I just can't read it! And I don't know what it means but your friend keeps showing me hats....hats off to you? Now she's saying it loud. HATS. ok. Hats...I said it. Now I'm going to bed. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon ,

    "Boys will butter toast with a cleaver rather than wash a butter knife.”

    That was the best laugh of the week for me!

    Been thinking about you and your meeting on the 28th. The job not being posted any longer is a good sign 🙂 Especially with all the other good things that are magically occurring for you (vroom vroom!). Can’t wait to hear how things go next week. If it drags out a while longer, don’t fret. Mars will take a week or so to get moving and Saturn is still retrograde for a week longer than Mars. Argh! So ready for this eclipse and retrograde season to be OVER.

    I do need some magic but things haven’t quite lifted for me yet. The 3 of Cups I believe was about my family and sisters/nieces. It was my great niece’s birthday yesterday. She and I have a pretty close bond. I went to see my parents this morning at the coffee place they normally go and they weren’t there so I sent my mother a text. She replied asking if I was going to the birthday party today. I told her I didn’t know about it. I thought it was strange but my niece is super busy and school just started (she’s a teacher) so I thought it was an oversight. I proceeded to another coffee place - in a dog friendly outdoor shopping area. All the shops have doggie water dishes outside their entrances and some even have treats. The coffee place has a nice outdoor patio under trees. I was standing in line inside to get my coffee with my pup on a short leash so he would stay near me. A man was seated at a table with two very young boys. The boys were pointing at my pup and excitedly saying “puppy!” This excited my boy so he took a step toward them, but once again, I had him on a short leash. The man got upset and started yelling at me that I was scaring his boys and my being in there was a health code violation. I calmly stated that the boys clearly weren’t scared, the dog wasn’t near them and I was just in line for coffee and then leaving. He kept ranting and I finally said “why are you being such an ass?” He continued to rant and then went up to the counter to complain about the “health code violation”. The manager came over and sheepishly asked if he was a service dog so I smiled and said, yes he is. She said ok and walked back to the counter. Totally ticked of the jerk father. After getting my coffee I went outside to sit and the father was now outside and very perturbed that I was too and took his kids and walked off. I was sitting quietly and then my phone blew up with texts from my niece. Apparently my mother called my sister and said something about me not being invited to the party…then my sister called my niece to yell at her…now she was texting me all upset and telling me why. Apparently my other sister (the one with the nephew I thought was involved in my robbery) won’t be in the same room with me so that is why I wasn’t invited. I called my niece to tell her it was ok - she was crying and very upset. I told her not to worry, it wasn’t a big deal and I wasn’t mad at ANYONE. But it did hurt! Just as I was fighting back tears the man with the kids walked by, got in my face and said YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON. I looked right back at him and said you should probably look in the mirror when you say those words. I have been a wreck all day. I feel awful that my poor little 6 yr old great niece won’t understand why her favorite aunt wasn’t at her party. I feel awful that I have created such drama in my family. I feel awful that my sweet niece is so upset and she did nothing wrong. Maybe I am a terrible person. It’s really the only explanation for attracting such hostility all the time (there have been other things that have happened, I just have not posted about them).

    I was so busy at work this week - trying to juggle a bunch of contracts and get them closed by end of quarter so I can hit my quota - so I have not yet asked for my Senior title. I’m feeling so defeated with everything else in life right now that I almost don’t have the energy to ask for it. I still will, but I’m feeling like it’s a pointless ask. But I’ve had a rough week and a very hard day today. So I hope it’s this Friday and next Tuesday that you were speaking of!

    And, HATS. Not sure what that is about, but hope I figure that one out soon too 🙂 I did go to the hostess stand of our steakhouse last night and there was a vase of all white flowers in it. One a big white rose - I smiled and said hi to my friend in spirit...

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    I wanted to cry for you. You are being BULLIED. I'm trying to pick up why or what is the purpose. The father of the boys I picked up as having a chip on his shoulder and he's stuck in a position he is not cut out for but can't own that. The boys were normal boys yet he has no patience or skills for children. Why he would act like he was concerned and protective was really a form of "projection". Projecting what he is not. I think you caught that intuition when he said YOU were a terrible person and you told him to look in the mirror! That's exactly it. His shadow side silently thinks he's a terrible person because the truth is he doesn't really get or like the whole kid thing. But he can't own it so he's walking around with very misdirected irritation. You are too hurt to see that that.. We have the doggie debate here in Florida because many places allow dogs but there's always some jerk who doesn't like it. And your sister!! She BULLIED you too!! That is F'd up. Even if I was ticked at a family member I would NEVER use my children to hurt them. Your sister has a big problem. I almost asked you about your little niece recently because I remember what a soul sister she has always been. How selfish for a mother to hurt her own daughter to hurt you. Having known people like that I have seen how eventually it really bites them in the ass later in life in a way they can't repair. Her instant gratification at a innocent child's expense does have a consequence. Of course that doesn't fix your hurt. I'm very sorry that happened to you. I can only repeat the original advice to step back and let this play out. You were not wrong picking up something hidden about your nephew. He was hiding something. He was nervous around you. The vibe was real. He does have a drug habit and he can't afford it. It's a very predictable future that will be outed. I'm glad that other family members were upset for you....don't feel bad as you deserved their being upset. You did not cause this. Family members get ticked but that is not how it is handled. You were being bullied. If other things have happened you should connect the dots. Sounds like you need to be clear about the difference between being a bad person and being bullied. Often just being a Psychic empath can attract hidden hostilities in others who are not capable of owning it. I can't explain why but it happens to me....just as much as folks tend to want to come to me with their troubles I as well will attract on occasion misdirected emotions in others. It's as if part of them senses I'm safe. You know how partners will take liberties that they would never inflict on others. It's the safety factor. Specially folks who are secretly bad but can't own it....they go around projecting bad on otherwise gentle souls. People who are jerks and own it are so easy to deal with for me because I can be in their face back at them with great energy. But those folks who pretend they are a good person and make you out to be bad. That's the stuff that really tests your self esteem. It does make you walk away thinking what the F? Why? God forbid you are feeling low when it happens because it will send you down the rabbit hole of self exile! This will blow over with your sister but you really need to keep it in mind who she is. The bond you have with your grand niece is special and will always be. No one can change that. Your sister will have a tough time with with any relationships because her ego is bigger than her heart. Sadly, your nephew knows about this and will get extra mileage out of it in a bad way. All he cares about is not getting caught so this event just makes it easier for him. Your sister is determined he's not on drugs. For a drug addict what a great place to hide! Drug addicts can't hide forever. She's actually speeding up the process. Instead of pulling back and laying low he's going to invest more into that lie addicts ALL tell themselves...."I'm not that bad, everything's cool" Believe in your intuition. And let it play out. And like I said for drug users it's a small world. If they live in the same area even if it's a couple towns apart they all know each other and they all know the same dealers. I understand not posting everything....I don't either! But I do find that there is a common theme when a bunch of crap from different directions comes at me. Sometimes it's a certain emotion a series of events is bringing up in me. Of course I have my emotional meltdown first before I can see the lesson and I ALWAYS get some kind of sweet meaningful Angel coincidence that turns things around and snaps me out of it. Also, your great niece is as intuitive as you were at her age. She doesn't know why, but she KNOWS something wrong happened and it wasn't your fault. You must shake this shit storm off and take care of yourself. The job hookup waiting for you is for a good person who believes it. BLESSINGS!

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    A BIG white rose PS. After meditating ready for bed I had to add this. Your post reminds me to remind myself often. It is the nature of a psychic healer to attract the TRUTH from people. They feel the safety and they are seeking healing in bringing something into the light, they want truth and making sense of it. It's is a wonderfully satisfying exchange! I LOVE THAT FEELING. But it has another side as most blissful things do. Bliss is measured by pain. You will endure the people who are fighting fiercely against the truth. You will be bad in their presence. Bad as the truth they are desperately escaping! They will hurt you.

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    Thank you. I knew it was his own stuff and he was projecting but his energy was so strongly vile that I had a hard time shaking it. It was like an encounter with Lord Voldemort. I wonder if he even heard me say to look in the mirror...even if he heard it, I'm sure it didn't register. Had I not had something so personal going on right at that exact time it would not have affected me as much, I'm sure. But I am growing tired of attracting these energies. Truly. It is wearing me down. In my youth I would meet their energy but all that would do is escalate the situation. And at work, it reflected poorly on me. So then I think I overcorrected and kept my mouth shut. But that just invited people to walk all over me and left me seething on the inside. So yesterday I did what I have learned to do. Stand my ground firmly but calmly and with a return gaze that let's them know I am not to be trifled with. I did not project anger. At work it is still tricky, though. I have had someone causing trouble for me - saying very nasty and snotty things - and I have felt that she is trying to get me to lose my cool. So I have ignored her and given her several "passes" on what was completely unacceptable behavior. I mentioned a short time ago that I was keeping my head down and trying to stay away from the drama, but that seems to have just escalated her behavior. I'm really tired of the childish antics. She is younger and addicted to attention - quite the little narcissist. She can't stand it if she's not the center of attention. I have been happy to let her have it so I'm not sure what her problem is with me. I wish I could connect the dots but I just don't see what I am missing. I wish I would get the lesson so it would all stop. Truth is I felt targeted at a job I had in 2004 and wound up getting fired for it. It truly bewildered me at the time. Then I had a job where the owner of the company started stealing money from my clients and I had to stand up to him for that so was targeted again. I quit that time. Then I got the job working for my current company and was persecuted beyond belief. I quit. The job I took to get out did not work out and before the end a new boss came in that targeted me as well. So the temporary job last year led to me coming back to this toxic company again. I see the cycle, but don''t know why it's happening.

    My sister's anger - I get it. She is just holding on to denial and not wanting to see the truth of what's going on with her child. So I am the scapegoat for now. She is not the mother of the niece I spoke to yesterday - she is the other Aunt. My niece is incredibly sweet and sensitive and she had heard there was a riff. She told me she didn't know what had happened because she said she didn't want to hear it. But she was torn about the party as she was told the two of us (my sister and I) were fighting and would not be in the same room together. My sister kept bugging her about the party so she broke down and told her and then did not know how to tell me. I'm not really sure if it's true that my sister won't be in the same room with me - that may be hearsay. I did forego the last party in July because not enough time had passed and I knew she was angry and I should steer clear for a while. So it may be assumption based on that.

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    happy full moon? Usually, the full moon really wires me up but I had a very off day. Very tired. Glad you've gotten past yesterday. As for a lesson, the truth energy thing won't stop. All we can do is get better at not letting it eat us. Random people bump into us. There he was doing the dad thing and having a hard time not swatting the little buggers for just being kids. He hated the out of control feeling that comes with kids. You can not control can only redirect. His kids got excited over your pup. And dammit he can't do kid excitement! So, in his mind you have been bad in his world and better you than him.. You and your pup brought the truth out. He does not enjoy being with the kids and he's really scared of his anger towards them BUT if he release that anger on an offending bad person then he can keep his secret. I think the connections to such events are a reminder of how hard you have to keep working to have tools to recover fast as possible. And release any fault for attracting that crap. You are not attracting it. I'm sure our guides mostly steer us around more than we know but then it's our turn. I think a lot of us are in this together. Unfortunately, the bullies, their energy is so intense. I feel for you having to do the workplace thing full time. It just raises the odds. The only pattern you need to look for is what works best for you in coping and what doesn't. Sometimes they want you to go off on them. I think you did the right thing. It's hard getting past just feeling hurt has been my challenge. Usually, if I'm not already low or beat up I will be in tune enough to say the right thing. Something spirit spits out that probably doesn't resonate with that person until later. My wound from childhood has to do with being psychic and being with a parent that had a boat load of hidden truth! Just my presence made them nervous and my light had to be dimmed. That has repeated itself most of of my life.. I think it got better after 50. NOW if someone close to me is insisting I am bad I call it out immediately. I will say, why is it so important to you that I be bad? I could be a real guilt gatherer in my younger days. Being psychic comes with great compassion because you see that person's pain and often life events. Anyway, I think you have as well made your way through that swamp. I thing your at a juncture now of trying to meet your needs. You can't hide from your own truth, you are psychic and it would be better for you to work less around others or in a place where you are subjected to people coming and going frequently. A small group would be nice. Or part time at home. You need a better environment to meet your needs.

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    PS....the writer in me cannot resist imagining that dad who you told he should look in the mirror . I can see him having a chiropractor appointment to deal with that tense pain in his neck and he's skimming through the magazines and we all know chiropractors only have health and spiritual wellness magazines. Of course he flips a page and reads that well known statement that insists what we dislike most in others is a reflection of ourselves and they are just a mirror. Maybe he will remember your face!

  • @blmoon, Hi. Thank you for the confirmation that I am not attracting these things. It just happens so much and recently so often that I had to wonder if maybe it was me. I agree that it would be better for me to work less around others. After applying for the leadership role earlier this summer I truly did feel a gut wrenching fear of how much I would hate it if it did occur. And the goings on at the office all summer have confirmed that I just need my own space. That is why I was so excited about that job posting in Napa. I don’t know if she will consider hiring someone to work from a remote office, but just the thought of there being a chance made me feel much lighter. I have not heard from her but she did view my online profile today. I hope she will want to talk. I need a chance to explain my history and what I am capable of. She really only worked with me for a month and I was in a different office than where she was sitting.

    I like your chiropractor office idea 🙂 He was so lost in it I find it hard to believe he will come to self-awareness though. I feel sorry for those boys. Btw, they were both eating a frosted sugar cookie from the coffee shop (for breakfast!) and he was wiping up the crumbs with a fierce anger on his face…

    Mars is now direct and Saturn will soon follow - thank goodness! Do you still have your meet up tomorrow about the job?

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    sugar cookies for breakfast......yes, that's exactly a telling detail I would add to the story. All the years of sitting with kids at lunch and seeing what some parents pack was eye opening! The school hands out lunch guidelines but parents often ignore. Many times the most hyper kids had nothing but sweets in their lunch. No sandwich! And, sadly there would be that poor kid who would open their lunch and cry out loud......I hate salami! WHY DOES SHE DO THIS TO ME. I TELL HER. SHE NEVER LISTENS! Makes me wonder if mommy has wine for breakfast? Yes, my meet up is tomorrow. I'm sitting here with dye on my head. Also, I'm suspecting your guide may be not just speaking for you but is adding bits for me. Wondering about the hat thing. I'll know soon, because I had bought hats awhile back for my old boss. If it does make sense soon to ME I will have to ask your guide to be clear. I'm not used to that. Usually, spirits that come forward for others never direct anything to me. This last week was so draining and yesterday I looked it. I did not want to go into that meetup anything less than my top game. Luckily today the energy has really turned a page thank God. My man went to work so had the day to get some positive things done and listen to music. Music and solitude works wonders! I think you will feel lighter yourself. And you should focus more on getting what you need job wise. I understand how being psychic is often ignored to fit into a setting. And it's easy to forget that it is NOT the same for you and you are not a normal employee with normal challenges and needs. The first two years I worked at the school I kept that part of me hidden. We had one classroom then and my boss hired this woman who had such horrible energy it was painful . Soon as she came in she would just follow me around whining! Everyday, some new terrible tale happened to her. Her aches, her pains, her drama. The thing is I thought something was wrong with me because I was on the verge of tears so often. She also would disappear and leave me alone in the classroom. One day at dismissle she disappeared and I had to manage parents and getting kids out the door. After the kids left my boss came in and I had a full blown breakdown. I just cried and it was so embarrassing because I'm not that person! I thought for sure the boss saw me as over reacting. For a psychic empath I was being normal! Being stuck in a room all day with that woman's awful energy was torture. Eventually, she fired her. And eventually when I felt safe and got closer to my boss she was open to me being psychic and she is pretty psychic herself. The point is, I could have easily quit my job thinking I was a failure at my job when really I'm a top notch teacher. But being psychic and sensitive must enter the equation. I can not expect to be able to function in a healthy way being trapped in a room all day everyday with a very toxic person. Normal people can say, oh just ignore her but I would have to shut down in a unhealthy way. I guess that's why I've done a LOT of free lance all my life. I really pray you will find a place that is kind to your sensitive side so you can be the success you deserve. I believe you are getting close. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon SENDING POSITIVE VIBES YOUR WAY TODAY!!! Let me know how it goes...😊

  • @watergirl18 Hoping things went extremely well for you today! I was at a conference and a keynote speaker was a woman named Imaculee. She is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide and wrote a book "Left to Tell". Amazing speech. Amazing woman. I tried to buy the book for her to sign but they ran out. I will have to buy if from her website (Imaculee dot com).

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    I'm happy dancing! I got everything I dreamed of. I'm so excited. It's part time but it leaves so much room open for other free lance if I choose. My pay is twice my old pay! And no other responsibilities but teaching guitar. And they are paying me for lesson prep. No homework. OMG! but remember what I said about the hat thing? I just knew I'd find out today if it was for me instead of you. So, I'm sitting there with my boss and she's talking about all the progress they've made and how they have come a long way with employees solving their problems. We openly discussed how that was once my job and I told her I was so relieved that is fixed because I could not go back to that. And she said she makes sure her employees know what HAT they are wearing when they come to work!!!! Omg I almost bust out laughing and got goosebumps! She says......we all wear many hats and when you go to work you wear your work hat and leave your other hats at home! Not her exact words but close. FUNNY! That book sounds very inspiring. I love strong women. When I go to conferences or readings and like someone I always try to meet them. Often, I found they would give me their e-mail address or even home address. Most writers love to correspond and specially love to hear feedback about their book. Some publishers will forward a letter to them. And often if you mail them a book with return postage they will sign and send back. It has always been my rule that if someone truly touched me I always let them know. It does matter. After I do a reading it does feel good to have others approach you with comments. Buy the book and maybe you will cross paths again. My boss was so surprised I saw the add on the job sight. She said they've been through two guitar teachers and skipped last year. When she was writing the post with the teacher they said they were not hopeful of finding anyone! And here I answered the first day it posted. I'm so glad I held out but boy I had my days I almost lost patience and applied for other jobs. Now it's your turn!

  • @blmoon YEE-HA!!! I am so incredibly happy for you 😁. How great that you got everything you wanted PLUS the time to do other things!! That is fan-effing-tastic if you’ll pardon my French as they say 😊. And I’m glad the HATS mystery is also solved, lol. I truly can’t think of anyone more deserving blmoon. You should make your husband take you out to celebrate!

  • @blmoon Hi there - so glad it's a 3-day weekend as I am exhausted! I am fighting the clock to Sept 28 to close these contracts and every second counts. I think I may be losing one as my superiors will not bend on a couple sticking points so unless something miraculous happens I will not be meeting my quota this quarter. Still doing everything I can to get the others in though and it is very stressful. I have had some weird dreams (not good ones!) and I think I've been grinding my teeth - at least once because my jaw is sore.
    When do you start your new job? Can't wait to hear about it 🙂

  • @watergirl18
    well I see the website got hacked!!! But I saw your post yesterday so knew it was there at least...just too tired to answer. I do have something to say to you. First to answer your question, my work day will be Mondays...yuck. That's the only down side. I am not a Monday person but considering the other blessings I can live with it. I know some folks feel fresh on Monday, but they probably live ALONE! Today's the holiday so I'm working tomorrow instead. I'm going to spend the full day with the students in their regular class to get acquainted and will give them a music appreciation lesson near end of the day. Today I will be planning that. Otherwise, my work day will be one full day of teaching groups of five or six at a time guitar. At some point I will be doing music appreciation in between that. The class teacher let me know that they have already in the past had 3 lessons in parts of an orchestra! Really? I assured her my first appreciation lesson would be MUCH simpler and with a good balance of show and tell. These are 4th and 5th graders! I love music but if I had to sit through a speech about orchestra parts I'd be miserable! I'm bringing in my African djembe drum that has three basic hand slaps and anyone can play it and I have a metal drum....with that Disney Caribbean sound that has designated notes. Again, instant fun. In other words lets have some fun with our lesson! I also, already know the key to keeping a classes attention is to ask THEM a lot of questions. Anyway....been out of a classroom awhile but told myself it will kick in once I'm there so just have to write my plan out so the boss has something to look at and I need to organize my time. My man is home today! I was hoping for solitude. He promised to be invisible today. I just started answering you and he yells from the kitchen asking if we have tin foil. I answer yes. Then I decide I will have another cup of coffee and see he's cooking without in the toaster oven. I say something and he tin foil. Apparently, it's not in it's designated basket BUT in my very small kitchen it's on the counter right behind him where my grandson left it. I picked it it up and wacked his ass with it a few times. He says it's MY fault not his I get upset. I say so true because I should be living alone. Anyway, about the recent funk your feeling, I have been feeling it too and almost didn't go to the meetup in Cassadaga Sat. in the temple...the topic was self healing. I am glad I got there because I met a woman I really hit t off with. I ended up inviting her to have dinner at the hotel there and we ended up later sitting and talking a long time. I usually do not get THAT chummy right off with strangers but this felt right. My dreams last week where weird as well...not sure if that's a good description but they were not restful. Or even at least memorable. I have been going to bed with my headphones and tablet and scrolling through youtube sleep meditations every night and it helped. I am tired as well. My allergies were really bad all last week so I think I was battling a sinus infection. Was snorting salt water to get it under control. My whole right side of my face was throbbing...teeth and all. OK, enough of me. I do pick up some things for you. I get you have three energies coming at you that are affecting you. First I get poison arrows. Someone close to you, I'm guessing family because this is a strong energy that has permission from you, which is usually loved ones. Someone is angry and just plain talking about you to others in an intense way. The anger part is their own frustration and you are just in the line of fire and the easy target Not 24/7 but just enough that it is felt by you. So, at night or in the morning put up your poison arrow shield and pray all poison arrows deflect and return to sender. Pray that nothing negative touches you. It will stop. As you know initiating bad intentions towards others is not ethical but protecting yourself is. It is the law of intention so it is acceptable that others who go too far with their verbal vendettas can expect karma. Since I already know your sister story my guess it's related to that. The emotion is strong! It needs to stop. Also, to make your discomfort more complicated you have discussions behind your back at the work place. Which of course is normal and everyday, BUT this is two or three...I'd say 3 people are discussing your future and it is NOT anything you would feel good about so psychically you are picking up a dread feeling. And rightly so. Just keep in mind the tension your body is absorbing is ALL coming AT you. Not within you. And beside the three higher ups that have the power to plan for you there are two employees who are gossiping. They are not overly malicious but they are in the same boat as you in ways as the job atmosphere there in general keeps everyone guessing. They don't get "your story" and wonder where you are going to land. The bosses plant seeds you don't know about. The higher ups want employees to feel they are racing against some kind of competition breathing down their necks. A race not only are you having your own feelings but you are picking up the collective energy! Also, the low downs that robbed you are thinking and discussing you, their rude awakening is intense right now and not all about you but they are connected to you .......I'm picking up they had their first sit down last week with their legal reps. In other words....this is a time for sorting and protecting from OUTSIDE crap you can pick up. It will often be on an unconscious level you will feel it. You need to address this because what you want most right now is the GOOD stuff to get through. So now more than ever be on DEFENSE mode so you can receive the good stuff. Because the power of three is no joke and that's too much shit storm around you. So, clean it up and visualize all the good stuff coming to your door and you say....yes yes yes come on in I've been waiting! And visualize all the crap energy not getting past he curb. Once you identify this reality I think you will see the change. The point are psychic. You pick up stuff and sometimes when you are very focused on work quotas and assignments you are not getting a clear message but you WILL feel it in your body and dreams. There is opportunity out there but it needs to be able to get across this outside shit storm. Hope this helps! BLESSINGS!

  • I believe this true, I believe in power of prayer, timing and His will. I also found what peace of mind and little rest most recently when I came to my own understanding of "letting go of the past" to include all of what is time expired, making ways for whatever is yet to be, not holding on or reminiscing about how things use to be or an image as to how I wish to remember them, but anything of my past that may or may not have any relevance to my future of that in which whatever it was I not possessing complete control. My example is in being courageous enough to accept rejection, however not be one to get to end of life and die with regret, nor if my bestie turned me down or wasn't meant to be then no love lost and no love found, but a friendship that forever shall remain and grow. I agree with this quote because what one thinks about the most, one becomes.

  • @Blmoon,

    Your stories about your husband make me laugh! It’s probably not funny to you, but you write with humor 🙂
    How was your first week with the kiddies?

    I would love to hear more about the self healing workshop. I had to go to my friend this week to help clear my energy - sometimes it’s just too intense and I need some major spiritual surgery performed by someone else. I do feel much better now.

    I do believe the birthday party I was not invited to last week kicked up some new negative energy coming at me from my sister as others were defending me so she had to kick into overdrive. And then she sent me a text this week asking if I was ever going to speak to her again. I told her I was NOT not talking to her and merely giving her her space as I was told she was hopping mad at me. She then asked if I was ever going to apologize. I haven’t responded. First, because I just had too much going on at work this week to scatter my energy with family drama. Second, because I’m not sure what to say. I was sorry that she was upset, not for what I said. But then she was being so vicious I wasn’t sorry any longer. I know I probably should apologize, but for some reason I am stalling.

    The two people at work gossiping - I know just who they are. They are not doing well this quarter and I could potentially go over my quota so there is jealousy. They are also the two who are favored by the boss so it’s kind of funny.

    Not sure what the 3 higher ups are planning, but UGH. I keep getting 3 as well - but when I ask about my path and what’s coming up for me. It’s coming through as a timeframe for me - March. I also was given an image of a tree with just the buds of leaves on it which would signify Spring. I am really trying to lay low until then so I hope they just leave me alone. Any thoughts on what they may be up to?

  • @watergirl18
    So glad to hear from you! I was worried and so relieved you did get the energy overload situation and you got help. Good for you. Glad you enjoy my humor....sometimes humor is the only medicine that keeps my head out of the oven! During really on my last nerve times with that man I have pulled the humor advice card! It's annoying at first but it is the truth. No one wants to be asked how they can see the humor in another otherwise angry day. I usually say uhg...F u to that card but then I do TRY to get my humor back. Humor for me is affected by how tired I am. I think exhaustion just wipes out the humor in everyone! I get your reluctance to say you are sorry to your sister because you are intuitively picking up her intentions. She wants to be right more than she wants you both to be closer. AND the worse thing she could have said was a demand like that if her intentions were noble. She should of said look I love you and I just want us to move on.....hugs. Also that text about are you ever going to speak to her? That was not her true intention either. You walked away from the confrontation when she wanted you to duke it out with her. She wanted some texts....some arguing...she wanted to shout at you. You denied her that satisfaction! That's how you ended up with serious poison arrows coming at you. I'm sure dealing with your sister has been a long time established routine . You would have solved nothing getting sucked into that drama. Specially now when you are close to finding your happy place. Any apology should be framed in the context of "I'm sorry you feel that way" or I'm sorry you are upset. Since you are not going around the family determined to convince everyone her son is in trouble you are not doing anything wrong. AND other family members are going to make their own judgments based on that. They will grow tired or her one sided angry attacks on you. Also, you know you are not the only one who has had an intuition about her son. Just leave it alone. File it under the being psychic side effect. Eventually, her son's problem will be in the wide open light of day. Then she will owe you an apology but don't hold your breath. But on a spiritual level as it stands now, you will have taken the high road and left an open space for true healing between you and her as that would be a time you could be true sisters and be there for each other. If you gave into a lot of harsh words now it would be harder for future healing. Egos would be too invested. As for the March thing....I got a big NO...then funny because you picked up on the Spring...or new growth image. Not to say March may not be eventful but I don't see March as your next important move. I see October as very eventful. I'm seeing a freeway! But a spiritual freeway. A lot of past people and events will revisit you....dreams and memories and a few chance encounters. Mostly, this is all internal if your past is connecting dots with your future. So the busy freeway is more internal. November will be an action month. Soon as October ends...bam...that quick you will shift gears with great energy. Spirit gives you the heads up on this because normally, you would resist strong impulsive bold urges. This message is to prepare you so you can go ahead and follow the flow during that time and trust it. It will not last too long so it will help you to see it coming. It will feel a bit scary and the energy will be as well big. But it's all good. I also pick up some kind of sad event or drama close to you in may not get full wind of it until middle of the month. This may be on your sister's end. Not getting a detail other than family or someone you consider family. The advice is to step aside on this. You have nothing to add to this's not in your power to change or help whatever it is. I do see a father figure involved as well in the mix. Just know that you have no responsibility to anyone in November. In would really, put a kink in your own timely power month to get distracted. But honestly, what I'm feeling is you will be VERY focused in November. So, looks like October will raise a lot of internal questions and yet solve a lot of confusions. You will have days you feel in the past but remember it's all illusion and by the end of October you will feel the reality of how far you've transformed....I see that tree budding. So, October is your beginning of fertile ground. Which is funny as it really is Fall! But on a spiritual timetable it is what it is. December I get is in the down side of such a big November. Dec. will have you feeling the opposite of November. You will want to be just left alone. Spirit shows me a funny charlie brown Christmas tree! You sitting alone with your smiling pup....sipping the most decadent hot chocolate you can your pjs robe and desire to get dressed at all and looking at your perfect little tree. A crooked branch and one big star. Presents for your pup under the tree. You will be in who cares cream for breakfast? why not? I'm getting time off work but I do not see you stressed about it so it feels like your mood will be no guilt but "I earned this!" You will have a very peaceful mind. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon
    Thank you! I have to share a dream I had last night before it disappears....
    I was in Minnesota (far across the country from where I live, but it is part of my territory at work) with a woman. She was showing me around town and introducing me to people. It was summer. She was driving - I know not a good sign, but it felt different - and I was in the back seat. She was pointing things out to me along the way. We got out and went to a shop and I remember being interested in buying something but now can't remember what. We then went somewhere else, got out of the car and were standing looking over this really beautiful building - great architecture. One of the buildings was domed. We were talking about having an event there. There was a third person there - like we were planning an event for her (event planning is closely connected to what I do for a living). The woman that had been showing me around told the other room we had asked Secora for help, but speaking of Secora as it was the city we were in. There was a BEAUTIFUL tree lined street - the summer sun was shimmering through these spectacular shade trees. The breeze was rustling the leaves. I don't know what kind of trees...Oak? Then I thought maybe Sycamore because of the Secora reference. It was very pleasant. I looked up Secora. It is a Polish/Jewish name. It means "one who offers help" Funny, right? The woman was guiding and helping me through the dream. I feel like it was a Spirit Guide or a reference to one OR just letting me know that I was going to be guided. I felt a benevolent energy from the woman, felt safe. The tree lined street was like a path. It's funny because even though it was a spiritual dream, my mind was still not shut off 🙂 I kept thinking how beautiful it was there and maybe I should move, but then thought Minnesota? Ugh, 6 month long winters! So then I thought maybe just live there in the summer, haha! My brain just never shuts off!!!

    I am hoping that the things from the past in October are just people and/or benign situations. I really don't want to relive ordeals from the past from the workplace! I am planning on spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas with just me and my pup and am looking forward to it so your vision feels good!

  • @watergirl18
    WOW great dream! It feels like my green car dream...UNTIL like you I just had to over think it!!! (as if too good to be true?) My first thought was the driver was YOU and as one entity your guided self. I immediately saw your guide at the wheel but the message was as a team you are ONE and yes very guided. And funny because as I read on you got that too. OH and don't see the worst in October it is not like that at all! More of "observing" from a safe distance....not at all a call to relive the past. Remember spirit emphasized INTERNAL visit. So, little reminders come at you but then it brings internal retrospect of the past from a safe new you. It's all good...meant as a reminder of how far you truly have's a see the forest for the trees time and the jumping off place for November. I felt the same big energy in your dream as I felt seeing your November forecast. You needed this dream....just like I needed mine because it was getting a bit down to the wire in the faith department! I'm happy for you! Hold onto the FEELING of this dream as September slowly zig zags along.! BLESSINGS!

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