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    No lotto money...just two free tickets which I played yesterday and haven't checked yet. I did get excited about a job post last night. Teaching guitar and music appreciation at the school I worked in the past. Actually, a few months ago I was sure I would get a job there again but like you this time I would be in a lot better position of personal power. This position posted on a job site I check every day is part time, one semester and the pay is VERY good. Actually, I had already taught guitar there in the past now and then. I had met up with both my old bosses few months back feeling the urge to make peace with that past and move on. My ego was not excited but I do follow spirit suggestions and it did feel good. The female boss is battling cancer again and even though we had no contact her mom who I was close to, who is passed, came to me with messages for her and picked out items to give her. I had no idea why but I followed that golden rule and my old boss responded that all the items and messages where very meaning full. I felt at peace to get back to WHAT I truly do and how our relationship was in the early days when she respected and appreciated my gift. Before business agenda jaded it all. I was impressed to see that my Mr. bean counter had changed his thinking and started paying for jobs that he used to pile on me or other teachers trying to save a buck. I felt good that after I left something good eventually did change. Although not right away! Things got worse there before better. But maybe that's how change happens. Anyway, I e-mailed him last night and if it's meant to be it will happen. The hourly pay is more than twice my old pay! Which it should be for that skill. In the past, he took full advantage of my jack of all trades potential and got a bargain the times I did guitar or art or poetry there outside my regular position. I'm too close to wanting the job to get a vibe. Other than that what a horrible week emotionally! No moon is low enough but I literally had a complete nervous breakdown on Tuesday! Lord, what was that? I'm better now. Last night I could see that green car vividly. I'm very curious myself as I agree despite second guessing the happy vibe that it was my first impression that was true. That's what I would tell others. First impressions are more telling than over thinking.Anyway, just the possibility of getting a job with perfect hours and pay last night, whether this is it or not, was enough to raise my energy! Saturday is the new moon and I have an invite to a Poetry party at the home of a retired educator and poet who was part of my early days. She invited many other poets I haven't seen in a long while. I have no idea what surprises wait. Today, I'm making my writing space and returning to my manuscript. My psychic poet man friend recently mentioned the title of my manuscript and I had not told him that info, he gave me the message that I did need to follow through on that. I was sure all the July drama was gone as August has always been a positive time of new beginnings so hoping the Tuesday breakdown was just a cosmic glitch!

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    PS....just checked my e-mail and I have a meet-up for the job!

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    That job sounds amazing and perfect for you! That green car was a new path with money, haha! I’m super excited for you…you deserve this! There was another eclipse this week (or is it tonight?) so your emotional day on Tuesday was not abnormal. Mine was Thursday…work drama of course and complete BS. Funny how I just keep ignoring all the nonsense going on, just trying to keep my head down and work, and yet that somehow has resulted in me having a target on my back. I did lash back a bit this time and probably should not have, but felt the need to draw a boundary line. Quite sure there will be political repercussions. I did get that Friday call yesterday - detective on my case sent me pics of some jewelry and after I identified it he brought it to me. It was just a few items, but it’s better than nothing. I do need to sage it and myself - haven’t gotten around to that yet this morning. I will pull some cards about your job after I do. I’m now thinking maybe my nephew was not involved. The detective said they arrested three men in the 25-30 age group. However, he told me where they live and it is directly behind my nephew’s high school. Maybe that was the connection. But that doesn’t explain the strong messages I was getting to intervene with my nephew. Could I have imagined all of it? Have fun with your fellow poets tonight!

    Oh! How did the meet-up for the job go???

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    The meet up is Monday. The teacher interviewing was a good friend and we really work well together. She did not want me to leave when I did. My concern is the same advice I gave you. NOT to undersell yourself this time or agree to more than you really are happy with. Because they posted on a job site I already know what their top pay offer is and I want it! I know I need to really take stock of my self worth. I'm going to write it out tomorrow. This is redo time and I must be ready to back up my request just in case Mr. Bean counter trys to get cheap on me. Glad you got back some jewelry. Weird they still had it. Usually it goes straight to the pawn or the places that melt it down. Don't be too hard on yourself about your nephew. You are more in tune than you think! Let it play out a little more. I'd love a any vibe you get about the job thing.

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    Good Morning! Hope you had fun with your fellow poets last night 🙂
    I pulled cards for you and don't have too much to add on what you already said. Your interview will have an air of seduction - she will be doing her best to make it sound attractive to lure you in. Not that it would be a bad thing for you, just that this is the energy surrounding the meet-up. Your past issues that will come to the front are of self-reliance and protection of self. Yes, you need to negotiate for yourself the best possible deal and not fall into the trap of feeling like you shouldn't be greedy or consider others' feelings more than your own. This is a time to be selfish and feel a little entitled (for once!). You can have a selfless devotion to helping others so keep that in check. Do not surrender your power or allow yourself to be taken advantage of. You will have a wonderful mentoring affect on the children and you will enjoy it immensely, however you still will have to deal with Mr. Bean Counter - he really hasn't changed. Soooo you will need to defend yourself and your rights from time to time and use your sense of humor to laugh at the hypocrisy or just plain absurdity of his behavior/ways. He will always have his own personal agenda that you will have to skillfully navigate through.

    I did get some of the older more pricey jewelry items back so I am grateful I did not get back the items I most wanted back though. The detective said that when they caught them they had items from two other houses in the car. He found the pawn tickets and put a freeze on all the items while they tried to tie them to the other cases. So the jewelry was pawned and they were stupid enough to still have the pawn tickets in their possession. They have them for 5 robberies in my area now. They were basically knocking on doors and when nobody answered kicked the doors in. If someone answered the door, they pretended like they were looking for someone and just at the wrong house. That's how they got caught. A woman answered the door and they played dumb - she called her husband and he chased them off and then got in his car and followed them while calling the police. Another house where they kicked the door in there was actually a 15 yr old girl in the house - they got startled and ran when they saw her (thank goodness!).

    There is a job available in Los Angeles. Not sure it's really the right thing for me, but with the events of the past couple weeks at work I am wondering if I should apply. It is tied to me ex-boss so I would have an "in" but would still have to interview with the GM on property so it's not a guarantee. LA is so expensive and congested. It's a property on the beach so I wouldn't have to go into the city, but would not be able to afford living close by. I mostly worry about my pup and the change in lifestyle. I don't know...

    Anyway, good luck tomorrow and let me know how it goes!

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    thanks for the input. I'm feeling drained today so trying to gather energy for the meet up tomorrow. The poetry thing was great yet not as I got messed up google map directions and ended up going in stressful circles! My friend meeting me there didn't make it because her GPS did the same thing...sending her in crazy circles until she just gave up. Now I'm sorry I went as sometimes I give out more than I receive in group situations. My friend would have been my buffer. And, despite the apology and google map screw up the host was not very forgiving! She was nice yet expressed little digs about my lateness. I hate when folks are wishy washy about their feelings. Everyone else was fine and I got there before readings started but missed the before hand introductions and chit chat which was not a crime seeing I knew more than half the group and HELLO I'm psychic. The host tried to get me to read before I was calmed down so I had to say a big NO I need more time so move on. I did a lot of meditative prayers! Finally got the vibe of the group and could choose my selection as I just grabbed a folder full to choose from. When I left the host walked me out and again I apologized was weird the mix of smiling hugs and then this chastising tone from her that she wished I wasn't late because I missed some very good conversations! I felt like a child in the principles office. AND oh F me if I didn't go home and realized I left my folder of poetry at her house! So now I get to go back at some point to retrieve it. When I turned on my phone going home I saw all the frantic texts from my friend! Funny part is we decided we probably passed each other by going around in the same damn circles and both ended up in some very seedy places! My psychic impression of the host is that she has a bit of a grudge she still holds from 25 years ago. I was early in my career and she approached me at a college reading and invited me into her little club. She was a well known poet and taught at one of the colleges. I'm in an area surrounded by several big colleges. Well I was starry eyed at first and she is a good writer but after several meetups with her group I got that icky feeling I kept brushing off. At some point a very sweet black girl was sent over to us sitting at a college reading and she wanted to join our group. Of course I was open arms. BUT later my host leaned in and whispered....we really have to say no to her because you know...she's really not up to snuff!!! I felt sick and said to myself no way can I be part of this. When it comes to writers groups people who may not fit in will decide on their own. I just kinda disappeared from the group with car excuses or whatever. I hate the politics of the writing have to always be careful of burning bridges. It can be a small world. A lot of the educators can close doors on you or worse many end up as judges for literary magazines etc.She's been cordial any time we have met over the years but now I'm sure I am not paranoid. I did not get a direct invite from the host but she extended her guests to feel free to invite others. That's how I got invited. She just received a lifetime achievement award I attended and the psychic poet man who presented it to her is a good friend and he invited me and my friend who got lost.. Anyway, I bet the politics aren't much different in the corporate world! I bet a lot of forced smiles and ambiguous passive aggressive digs go around in your world as well. OH about your fear of the west coast costs....try and follow that energy rule of focusing on what you want. It may be a general reality the high cost of living but that does not mean there is not a possibility of a situation that is an exception. Avoid saying to yourself that would be nice BUT. It doesn't hurt to change that thought to believing a golden exception is not possible. I'm thinking the phone call from the old connection was the one I saw for you. Make room for positive exceptions to a logical rule. I can be like that......not so much cynical but too focused on the reality of how things logically work. Also, I know the knock on your door thing. I have had that happen. I know when it's bogus. A dim lit guy knocks on your door then when you answer they say...oh do you need yard work? It is something for parents to consider when they tell their kids not to answer the door when home alone. They should open a window and say my dads in the shower . As for your nephew...I feel there is a connection to those thieves world and his dabbling. The drug world is a small world as well. Avoid any more comments with family but give it awhile. You picked up on something hidden that needs dealing with and it will surface.

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    Oh my goodness, that’s funny - you and your friend being sent around in circles. Spirit REALLY didn’t want you going to that soiree! And no, the politics aren’t much different in my world 🙂 I was just thinking about it this weekend - all week there was that lip service with the fake smiles and cheerleader-y type facade going on and I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one that sees through it. It’s nauseating. They act all RAH RAH TEAM but then turn around and treat someone like total crap. What happened? How do people think that this is the definition of leadership now? It’s so insincere and lacking in integrity. Who wants to follow THAT?

    I get what you’re saying about envisioning what I want with regard to the west coast job. I guess it’s that I was previously just thinking about further south (San Diego) where the culture is more laid-back (and VERY dog friendly!). The ex-boss did not contact me. I actually sent a note to her this weekend asking her a philosophical question and then she mentioned it “if I was interested” If I hadn’t reached out to her about the other thing she probably never would have asked. Twice before this has come up (but in San Diego) and both times it fell through. I think the issue is my resume (job hopping the past few years and no previous experience in this particular role) and I don’t think she really wants to stick her neck out that far for me. So she forwards my resume and that’s where it ends. Maybe there’s still another old friend/contact that will appear…

    Anyway, hope you rejuvenated yourself today and GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!

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    San Diego does feel good! Well I bit the bullet and pulled out my job and kudo history box to get stoked. It's as if just a basic resume, kind of like you were describing, was not going to sell me at all for top dollar. Even though they know my work ethic the point is that this is possibly a new start...a redo and I must go into this in full power and wearing my self worth because you are right bean counter will jump on any weak spot I give him. I was too thinking I should not have gone yesterday because my energy was so low today and my intention was to use today to pump up an education bio that advocated for me. I did not have to exaggerate anything. I had to listen to music for awhile to get my energy up. Once I went through my kudo box it helped. All the projects, honors, connections. All my volunteer efforts. Damn......I am an asset! And if anyone wants proof I got it. I figure my edge on this guitar position is they already know I can lead a class and deal with parents and I can problem solve on my own. A school's worst fear is hiring a teacher who looks good on paper but is a big bad liability in the classroom. I think you should think outside the box as well on your resume. Use real examples to prove how capable you are to learn and adapt to any new challenge. I am seeing that expand your thinking card. Before I got my ass typing this "sell myself letter" I pulled the advice card and got the one that said to make note of any unfinished thing I'm holding out on because THAT is where I'm leaking power. That clinched I sat at the computer agonizing where to start....the first few lines are hardest. Organizing some kind of order of a big box of info. Trying mostly not to say "I" too often. Anyway, I should of done this a long time ago! I took a dog walk break and now I'm going to edit. I pretty much ended with why I believe I deserve the top offer for this position. I will be calling all Angels with me tomorrow for sure! I will let you know. If you did not get that call then you probably still do have one may be connected to her though.......she may drop your name to someone by coincidence.

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    So how did it go yesterday???

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    Well it went as expected except wasn't expecting the new and improved school..... the past version was gone.... what a lost cause that was, all I was trying hopelessly to accomplish foolishly on my own with no real budget or approved hours. I had greater gifts than building and maintaining gardens! Now someone comes in just to garden! And finally they have a cleaning service! Pissing in the wind I was. After I left, the place suffered for several years but eventually, recently bean counter surrendered and hired outside help and spent the needed money! Thank God because I knew if I went there and felt that same need to fix fix fix I would have to run. The whole place honestly looked like my original dream wish was granted. The interview with the teacher whose class I'd be teaching was as I said....just going through the motions. We worked together for years and have a perfect vibe together so not much to brainstorm about. We agree very easily. And we both genuinely like each other with great respect. Bean counter was in a busy tizzy as expected week before classes so I didn't try to visit him but so glad I wrote my education and intent bio because it occurred to me that I was there before him and he's never seen my resume! He did not come aboard until the business started growing and his wife felt he could help with the business end so he quit his job as a recruiter for a big college. Her mother who has passed hired me and was wowed by my resume and always made sure I was using my artist gifts and said she could not every accept the school keeping me from using my talents. I adored her! SHE visits me still and I do deliver messages for her when it's dire. That's how I knew her daughter the owner was battling skin cancer's been on going and I knew when I left what was ahead. This last recent surgery was a big surprise and I think bean counter was more driven to lighten her load because the things I was doing in the end like purging and organizing the chaos fell on her and it was a very big job. Of course, as the owner she just threw stuff out and let the teachers wail! She was not a gardener and my push for gardens on campus was a personal belief...for one thing Marie Montessori firmly believed in nurturing the bond between nature and children and how important it is to our health....spiritually, to be around nature is a must. That was my weakness....bean counter got the best of my core beliefs. I lost myself...crap I had no business wasting my own energy on just pulled me further and further away from what my true self and purpose. Everyday became so filled with work that there was no room for stepping back. I felt it going down and did speak up but a fix never came because the real fix was it was just time to surrender, let go, and let bean counter take responsibility that was his. My responsibility at some point was loyalty to ME. Your vision of SEDUCTION is very accurate. On both sides. The school was looking very seductive! And I as well in this negotiation process am being equally seductive in advocating and selling myself for top dollar. I did make it clear in my letter I was seeking the top pay being offered. So glad that I listened to spirit. So many times I was impatiently tempted to ask them first if they were hiring but spirit told me that NO....they had to come to me. We have had contact so I know they figured if I was looking I would have asked so bean counter listed the position on a job site with the pay scale! Otherwise, they definitely would have pushed for my past wage! Now it's out exactly what the job is worth. I got an email back that was ambiguous of course. For a future meet up with his wife. Same game you went through. They never let a hire know right away you are gets dragged out a few meetings. My teacher friend told me I was the only interview for the job. I'm confident where ever I land it will be good because I AM GOOD. Even bean counter remarked on seeing me in June how good I looked and his wife emailed me that he remarked to her as well. YEP, I have truly, like you been on a healthy selfish growth spurt of empowerment. And you were very right about bean counter still being who he is and how to deal with him. That was exactly my kryptonite over him in the years before I lost myself. I always had a sense of self entertaining humor I enjoyed with his annoying obsessions. I know he is not malicious...just very self absorbed. He makes others cry but not me. I know exactly what his thought process is and I could tie his brain in a distracted knot in a heart beat and walk away leaving him confused and befuddled and forgetting what he was harping about. When all the teachers saw me they were excited and yes.....they bean counter vented! It's still there and I know they were all hoping I would return because I was the bean counter medicine. Unfortunately, THAT bit me in the ass when his wife as well slowly put me in between herself and his nitpicking binges. But all THIS is lesson learned! All I know is teaching guitar there at a pay I deserve would indeed be my bliss so having my boundary set in stone first and not being desperate is key. Like you I can't afford to not be in full power. I also need that top pay for teaching a disciplined course because it will automatically keep them from thinking twice about doing crap chores because it would be expensive for bean counter. I'm willing at the most to negotiate a different but still top pay for other hours like substituting but otherwise I'm putting my focus on that top number! We will see. She is recovering from surgery still so our appointment is not until l the 28th. Fine with me....just gives me more time to pump up! Like I said, I live my best advice. Be your best self in power and you will leap and land on that spiral with your like energy!

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    oh Angel card for the day was REDO! A time for a big cosmic REDO! Love it.

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    That's awesome! Waiting until the 28th actually works in your favor. It gives Mercury time to get back to speed in forward motion and I think Mars will be direct as well. I am just sooo happy for you...WELL DESERVED and about time is all I can say!

    My week was more of the same except they are now indeed forcing me to one property instead of doing both. I would have put up a fight but I am so sick of the snaky guy (the temp #1 that got himself promoted) that I really don't care anymore. Weary of the fight as well. I am wondering if I can manipulate a different title for myself though - adding "Senior" in front of my current title.. I am going to try. My new boss at the other property (when she was trying to manipulate me into this change) kept saying how she needed me full time there because she needs my experience and leadership. So I will use that statement against them 🙂 My resume - to use your phrase - there's no putting a bow on that turd, LOL. I just don't know how to change it to overcome the issue of my hopping around the past few years. It is a big deal in this industry. Problem is I left the industry twice and I just don't know enough people anymore to get around it.

    On another note, my brother-in-law has a sister that had her tongue removed due to cancer a few months ago. My sister just told me today that they found a lesion on HIS tongue and he had a biopsy today. He of course is freaking out. My sister is trying to remain calm. It's very scary. Puts things into perspective.

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on your potential new DREAM JOB!!!

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    Thanks for reminding me about the planetary change! Definitely, glad to hear that as I forgot it did have an end coming. Lord, that was a real ride! I read your post and been waiting for the right words as I felt very urged to help you understand something important for you. I prayed on it. OH first, by the way your friend who guides loves the white rose you decided to carry with you! You know, not to get off track, but she's in my energy field at the moment and is such a yummy energy. These are the moments I am blessed to be a medium. There is a childlike innocence about her yet her wisdom is that of very old folks who have mastered life. Her "trophy" she calls it was to come out of all earthly assaults without bitterness. She is non-cynical she says. I feel she has had many lifetimes that give her that old sage vibe yet her spiritual advancement is the return to innocence that comes with a soul freshly born. A childlike innocence. She will always be your advocate for playtime when you most need it and as well she is the WAND carrier that interjects magic glitter over the most limiting ADULT predictions of logical thinking. That being said, perhaps it is she who is listening to my prayer for you! The issue of your resume, black and white as it is in facts does not have the weight you give it. DESIRE is the lesson. It's a confusing concept "desire". We think of it as an internal energy in the wish department but as we enter a more enlightened stage we understand desire is an action! AND that it often gets a bad rap for being kin to manipulation! Manipulation has a negative connotation mostly.. We cringe when we feel it in others or we draw back in our own desire to make things happen. When really, desire only manifests by many small preparations of putting out there bits and pieces of a future result. It is specially under a scrutinizing eye when we are psychic or just plain very visionary. Desire can be a very abstract concept and I only attempt this knowing you are very intelligent AND well read when in comes to your interest in spirituality. My guess you have already read from a master you admired about desire but perhaps it didn't resonate at the time because you were not there. Now more than ever this understanding will serve you. I think we both have a very intense aversion to being "handled". If I think for a moment I'm being "handled" I shut off and that handler has a hard time ever being taken seriously again. Because of that, I am much more inclined to sensor any hint of manipulation in myself. And that has a valid side BUT nothing is without two sides. AND I am seeing the shadow card. The one with a very lovely lady belly dancing arms raised seductively and there is a bit of a shadow...the card's message is that something we may consider as negative in ourselves is actually our gift! So, what we may see as manipulative in ourselves CAN be desire just manifesting in all it's positive necessary little bits of listening to spirit advice and acting on it. Part of us sees the possible results miles ahead and under censorship may say no, that would mean I am being manipulative. Like following spirits urge to connect with my old bosses despite having to push my ego aside. I was in job hunt mode. My censure side wanted to say wait a minute your just trying to chummy up a job. BUT really, my desire was manifesting in perfect tandem with a timely possibility. I put out what Spirit asked AND I aligned my vision as something that would come to me. It's something I am mastering myself....knowing the difference between action by spiritual advice versus desperate PUSH. This is were manipulation becomes a much more positive action. BY INTENTION. I had to trust my intention...even though my psychic side could see me reaping something from my was only positive because it was spiritually called for. I was being my true self. Another abstract state of being! We hear it over and over but what does that really look like? I really did not want to suddenly deliver psychic messages and gifts picked by her mother. In my mind all I knew was the past The reality at that time was not anything I would return to. So my ego was like WTF am I doing but my True self took over because what I was asked to do by Spirit is the trusted part of my true self. What got in the way of feeling good about the sudden feeling something good would result...not out of manipulation but by desire joining spiritual guidance and it really had a timing I could not imagine. But honestly, the thought I was being possibly manipulating really is an issue I must keep in check or I will be out of the flow of manifestation that comes with desire and being in my truth. I think you got a taste the day you went into work and three times you were the spiritual servant and your true self. You had no agenda to not be a fool. You just were yourself. Your post does reflect you are in a good place to benefit from true self positive manipulation. Your resume does not have to be so black and white. Part of the resume is only facts with the pre-determined questions. The front of that resume is your direct connection and representation of yourself. THIS is your sales pitch and it as well answers any possible questions your fact page presents. I did a lot of reflection on where my power holes where in relationship to allowing an employer to undersell me to their financial advantage. In their defense, they are only feeling my energy low points and reacting accordingly. What is YOUR TRUTH regarding your job changes? Were you dippy?undisciplined? flighty? unable to work with others? a problem employee? There is a very positive spin to this you can offer and you have the communication skills to pull it off. First you start from the truth that your job changes do not exist as holding you back or some how out trump all you really are. Oh my God....just realized there's that trump ace! HAHAHA! My resume black stain of my own making was the lack of the usual degree title. Almost all my job desires seemed to require one. So in my education intent bio I addressed that right off . I have over 65 credit hours in mostly honors and selective studys with a 3.9 grade point. Only because I dropped a class before knowing the hit. I highlighted all the positions I held at the college with no usually required degree. My truth is that when others witness your ability they will find away to skirt the degree rule and will employ you.I got those positions by being my true self. I am an excellent teacher and quick learner and gifted enough to go beyond any class I took. I highlighted my other educational kudos. My history of learning outside the college. You did not ,master ALL your skills from college so I know your Senior title has a lot of merit. I can't write that page for you but pray that you put your desire to action and see your progression , job hopping and all, as having a very positive purpose. I know this s a lot to absorb but you have a lot of outside help! That outside help is your ace. It puts you in a position to having a reputation for great insight. You are the corporate world's HUNCH advantage. AND you want to be picked out by an organization that values that. So continue to be the fool who comes in and spreads psychic bits of magical synchronicity so the right people will know your true self. The usual, professional decorum that dominates the workplace must not hold your Hunch power back. BLESSINGS!

  • I saw a book called The secret, and the message in the book was very similar to the quote you mentioned that the unviverse will help you gain your dreams. I’m in two minds about this because in one way I see it as we are all on separate paths and journeys and I believe life is fated, or “mapped out” so to put it, but if this is the case then the universe will help you gain your dreams ect, but then in the other hand I think its almost selfish in a way because it’s like wishing on the world to become rich beyond your wildest dreams or corrupted, and should we just be humble?

  • @blmoon I have lots to say in reply to your last but had to take a quick break from my desk to tell you this...
    She did not reach out to me directly, but one of the people I worked for in SFO posted that she has positions available. Two BEAUTIFUL properties in Napa Ca. I am going to send her a note tonight asking if she is open to hiring remote. She was totally OK with remote when we were in SFO together so I hope so. Also, I was at a trade show 3 weeks ago - last minute filling in for someone else. One of the sales people I worked with in SFO walked by my booth and we chatted. She brought up that this person had left. I liked her so sent her an invitation to connect on linked in which she accepted. That’s how I saw her post today. I got the chills so hoping that’s a good sign. What do you think??

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    they both feel good! I know goosebumps for a psychic is always the truth meter and it means an Angel is involved. Napa California definitely plays into that west coast calling. But any kind of skin tingle is an Angel present. I know other psychics who get that so assume you know that experience. I do remember the original prediction was you would have more than one choice. And the change in the planets is good timing for a partnership. I will let you know what I get, although I feel you are going to get a followup very soon. By the end of the week. My lucky green car is manifesting! Went to social security today found out that if I retired now with my husband I would get half his amount. Plus....we get a retro check from when he was manic months ago and filed early...he's 66 in Nov. It ended up being a good thing! I am still going to work as long as I get that top pay as it won't effect our income cap that much. So suddenly we are making more retired than not! I feel like a big weight has been lifted off me. I am so happy that you may be about to receive your happy dance as well! You deserve it!

  • @blmoon - it's actually just one opportunity - sorry I was in a rush and didn't communicate well! I sent her a note asking if she would consider hiring remote and if so would love to talk to her. It seems like things aligned - having to go to the trade show at the last minute, seeing the old colleague which prompted me to send an invitation to this woman, which then allowed me to see her post. It would also make my short stint in SFO make more sense. The tingling and chills was STRONG. I normally get them while I am doing readings. I thought it was a very good sign that I was on the right path with this, but then remembered that I used to get those same tingles at the top of my head when my ex-shapeshifter would arrive on the scene. So in that case they were WARNINGS, hahaha. So now when I get them I wonder if it means YES or NO, GOOD or BAD, etc.. 🙂

    WOO-HOO on the retirement income!! So that green car was indeed a HAPPY thing :). Can't wait to hear what happens with the job next week. Mars goes direct on Monday...

  • @watergirl18
    WOW. Never heard of bad tingles! Unless you are confusing the shape-shifter spark of attraction which is a whole different animal. Speaking of the subject, I used to get something similar that really annoyed me and I would ask my psychic at the time...are you SURE this is a positive relationship. Because it presented A LOT of conflicting emotions. In the end I was a lot ticked at how we parted ways after so many years, not that you ever truly part from your shape-shifter. But when you grow past the lesson and are standing their on your own going what the F? Takes a long while of distance to see that journey's purpose. Shape-shifters are a pretty strong spark of attraction or we would not stick around HAHAHA! Anyway, I think you can trust your vibe on that possible job hookup. Sounds like you were listening and you did put out the effort to show up. I know it's a real TRUTH that anything that came my way to really change my life for the good most always was preceded by a decision that almost didn't want to happen and I pushed through. The key is related to that desire thing and discerning what is impatient push and what is constructive participation with the Angels...and those tingles are a gift of validation. When I do direct sit down readings I get those a lot. I was too self absorbed in my own emotions yesterday to get a read for you. And despite the high of yesterday.....this morning started with the same frustration with my partner. In bed and not at work even though he has decided to continue working (that SS check is not going to come for awhile) and no check next week is a problem for me It's not the actual reality that you see coming but the insanity of his mood swings. Yesterday he was all pumped up and talking plans which by the way I keep my plans in my head but crazy folks are very narcissistic and self absorbed and insist on an audience . The insanity is yesterday he started with ambitious very sane plans and it cyclones into a jacked up mood that at some point demands something from me. Sounds like bean counter? Either I need to right now produce something NOW when it's not necessary and I am pretty calm yet vocal about his demand and I do not jump. Sometimes I do not know what to call him. Partner, husband, child, the person I care take. Mental illness is not easy to navigate. One day he's normal but then he's not. Last evening while I was centering myself after a full day he started demanding I get that check for him to take to work today or direct deposit wouldn't happen. His company is stopping paper checks. Bipolars find changes like that a trigger. Normal people are like what is your fear? This is nuts. When I don't put my yogurt down and stop watching the interesting program I'm watching, get up and do it now he starts talking out if he don't get that blank check for the office today we won't get a check.....yadayadayada. I refuse to argue. Eventually, I put the check on his dresser. So seeing his annoying ass in bed this morning is insane after he pecked about that check being so freakin important considering he didn't go to work! Day before our SS appointment was so annoying because he wanted me to right now put certain documents where he could see. I was busy and reminded him I have never failed yet. I told him I had the documents and they would be out in view later that day. He was agitated. Tough. I did meditations and have great Bose noise cancelling headphones. I asked him why I had to do it right then and of course it was so he felt better! Of course, how I feel must be considered. In fact, I reminded him that I have never dropped the ball but in fact it's usually him who forgets important stuff I assumed he had with him. Anyway, just saying, crazy can be a very bitter pill. On the positive side it definitely does present the OPPORTUNITY for me to pump up skills that go with Spiritual empowerment. He presents me with many ways to deal with outside distractions. And it curbs my pleaser nemeses urge. Some folks may think, oh just do what he asks, isn't it easier?. NO it never ends...once mental illness pops out it keeps rolling. It's never about the focused task they ask for it's about their own out of control need to feel all is in order and nothing satisfy s that because i is illusion. And a great lesson for others I can offer is my truth of knowing where our energy leaks. Everyone on a spiritual journey must confront where their energy leaks. Bipolars get relief from arguing. Empaths get depleted. So many "sensitive" women posting for help, facing hopeless depletion, failing health, spiritual doubt have lost themselves to some outside toxic dance with family members or jobs. It is real for us all and why we must be in awareness of where our power leaks so we can take actions to deal with it. Use our tools. All the toxic crap that crosses our path will Always be out there. So many people think they are somehow not on path because all is not smooth. We move along faster when we use our tools but we never get a bubble of immunity to crossing it's path. I know people follow our posts so just wanted throw in this public service announcement. As for your trade show lady, does fit in with that vision I had for you that the next opportunity would have a past connection element to it and a chance meeting of crossing paths with a stranger. I also, get a very strong surprise idea out of your current job. Not sure what to call it! So I used the word idea because that's the feeling I'm feeling about the vibe from your you are perplexed...a bit surprised....that maybe the idea is great on paper but you are hesitant to waste an energy thought. You are saying...right, that ain't going to happen. Here's the trail behind this "idea" . You have a lot of frustrated employees high and low around you. Most feel their hands tied so bursts of big ideas get born. The nervous for their job nellies want that big idea that says...yes see I'm working hard for you. And you have your too busy employees who have so much on their plate they just approve stuff to make another pile or pesky employee go way. And you are indeed that "in awareness" not a hostage employee that can see clearly the flaws in the big machine as a whole. That's your truth for now. The other side of your situation is that you are getting something out of it as it serves you to pump up that muscle that keeps you in personal power to be in the middle of dysfunction and not getting blinded by it. I also see that you are not alone. If you have not already crossed their will, there is a woman in your company that you can relate to. She is very aware of all the dysfunction and is immune. Her agenda is she has an end goal and for her it is very smart. I'm hearing that Senior title you mentioned and seeing a clever smile on this person. She is smart enough to keep her guard and not reveal too much and she has a tamed ego and doesn't mind playing dumb. You two have a lot in common! Oh, and I got last night to give you the heads up on the power of three's again. Like goosebumps of Angel presence...the power of three's is similar. The number three is a divine number in many religions and did you know in the writing world we are aware of the three rule in editing. To repeat yourself twice is considered sloppy and not polished worked. BUT say it in another way THREE times is accepted as a point of giving power by deliberate emphases. BLESSINGS! PS I considered that this other woman like you may be the stranger I'm picking up on as well.

  • @gracelovestarot
    yes, the person quoted does write about the Law of Attraction. Certain things in our lives may be "mapped out" as you say but remember that God gave us all Free Will so it's not as set in stone as you may think. I personally believe that what is "mapped out" are certain life lessons and we can learn these lessons in many ways, with many different people and in many different situations. AND, it is not selfish to wish for things...even money. The Universe is an abundant place and there is enough for everyone. Humility is too tightly connected in people's minds with poverty. There is nothing wrong with having money. It is not selfish. If you lie, cheat and steal to get it that's another issue!

  • @blmoon, Back to your original post about desire…

    I purchased a book by D.C. titled the spontaneous fulfillment of desire. It was a few years ago. I tried to read it a few times and never got very far. Not so much because of the subject matter, but because I find his writing style to be extremely boring 🙂 I guess I can try picking it up again and forcing my way through it, haha.

    I am hoping that the “coincidental” events were indeed the Universe lining up my desire. The tingles - the come from the top of my head and go down through my body - I hope were a good sign as well. BUT I have not yet received a reply from her so I am starting to think maybe I was just fantasizing again. Didn’t have to worry about rewriting my resume as it didn’t even get to that point. I would really love it if after all this time I could feel like something good has happened, some tiny reward finally. But I have had so many disappointments through the years that I wonder if it ever will. I see it happen for others all around me. Why is it that can’t seem to get the upswing in the cycle of the wheel? Maybe this latest hope is just another fantasy of escaping the reality of where I am. Sorry, I’m sounding very down in the dumps tonight - probably because I am feeling that way! This too shall pass...

    I KNOW the shapeshifter desire - it was STRONG and impossible to deny for a very long time. The tingles I spoke about were not the attraction kind. It wasn’t when he was around me. For instance, he came back around again (one of the many times) when I was still naive about his using ways. I would be pondering a future of us together and the crown of my head would start and then my entire body would be enveloped in the tingling. At the time I thought it was a sign that we would be together. But I think maybe it was them saying “We’re here with you and NO he’s not the one"

    Sounds like you’ve had a DOOZY of a week too! Most days I am now actually GRATEFUL that I am single and living alone. I suffer too many energy leaks at work - I need to come home to my sanctuary and not have to deal with compensating for a partner.

    I wonder what the surprise “idea” out of my current job will be. I am very curious! You are right about me being surrounded by very frustrated people - the ones who want to please as a way to save their skin and the ones who are loaded down with work and just want to get by under the radar so to speak. I wonder who you are speaking of - the one in my midst that I am akin to. My favorite person at the office sits in the same room with me. She works very hard and keeps her head down as they say. I try to do the same yet for some reason when I keep my head down it results in having a bullseye on my back, lol! Anyway, I really like her but don’t think she’s the one you are talking about. The new #1 I am unsure about. She looks like a deer caught in headlights, but I wonder how much of it is an act - to try getting people to let their guard down. When you talk about the agenda and the end game and the clever smile I think of the VP (aka snake lady, haha). She may not be as much of a snake as I thought, but I’m still not willing to trust her wholeheartedly for obvious reasons.

    I have been getting the 3 of Cups for a week or so now!!!

    Hope you had a better day today and that your husband got his butt out of bed and went to work 🙂

    P.S. So if my friend is happy about my white rose, does that mean the ones you saw were from her?

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