For Captain: Missing bag

  • Hi Captain,

    Wondering if you could help.

    There's a black bag that is missing from my office workstation. Just wondering who might have taken it.

    I leave it there everyday and use it as a lunch bag. Doesn't contain valuables but it does have personal items. Last used it on Thursday, and when I came back today, it was gone. Cleaning lady says she didn't throw it or take it. We do have other maintenance/cleaning staff that come through periodically. Doubt it's my colleagues...


  • I am doubting the cleaning lady...

  • I also feel she was very defensive when I asked her about it.

    But if she'd taken it, why didn't she just put it back since there are no valuables? No one would have seen her.

    Do you sense she has taken things from my other colleagues?

  • Yes.

  • That's not good.

    Thanks Captain.

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