Paying it forward. I need some experience in reading for others.

  • I can "read" for the first three people who respond. Just need date of birth and first name or initials. Will do a general reading.

  • Sharelle. 7th May 1956

  • SC, april 8, 1985.

    thank you 😉

  • TheCaptain, I will work on yours first.

  • hll, you will be next. Thank you for allowing me to gain experience.

  • TheCaptain, I must say i was very nervous doing a reading for you. You are one of the most requested when it comes to readings. I will do my best:

    I did a simple past, present and future reading:

    In the past section, I see that you were always the one to stay positive while others around you became jaded.You always looked to the future and seemed to have invested well. You recently had two much going on in your life and were starting to feel overwhelmed. It seemed that you were starting to feel that you were not in control of your own situation. You felt your back was to the wall. This spilled over into your love life. It felt like it was in a rut. You had to take a long hard look at yourself and your situation. Presently you are surrounded by temptations and confusion. You are being given the opportunity to turn your "dreams" into a reality. Just beware of manipulative people who are trying to use your ideas for their personal gain. There is a man in your life, and he prides himself by his accomplishment in the business world. He will be a harsh critic, don't feel the need to please him - he is the type of person that will never be pleased. Now it is important to trust your psychic ability and go with it. You will be faced with a choice and it seems you will make the right decision. You will soon feel like the world is perfect around you. You will know extreme satisfaction in the material sense. In the near future i see that you will be given a great opportunity to change careers and even location.

    Thank you for allowing me to give you this reading. Please give me pointers on how to express myself in writing. Let me know what you think.

  • SC, april 8, 1985.

    Thank you for allowing me to read for you:

    I also did a past, present and future reading

    You seem to have always "needed to focus" You are easily distracted.. you seem to start one project then move on to the next without completing the first. With that being said, It has never held you back, it actually helped you reach a higher place in the world because of it. It appears that you are worried about a situation, understand that worrying will not help, just do the best that you can and you will get through it. It seems that you are carrying a burden or a hurt from the past. Please seek a way to release it as it may be blocking you from where you really need to be. You are working on a goal and with your hard work and extra time, you will meet that goal. Don't fall for get rich quick schemes or easy money. Those people who want you to join them in those ventures should not be trusted. You will reach your happiness soon. Always consider other's feelings when you act because you are soon going to be person that everyone comes to for advice or guidance. Lastly dont be afraid of changes. You will come into a large sum of money..connected to a partner. (can't figure out if its work or love) leaning more towards love.

    I hope you enjoyed your reading !

  • very accurate! pretty much relate to everything you said about me and my current situation. Glad I have something wonderful happening soon...i hope?. finger crossed. again, thanks for the reading! all the best.

  • Hi Bugatigirl,

    T, 25 October 1979


  • Thank you for the feedback hll!

  • Hi Danceur Will do your reading today!!!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  • BG, thank you for the reading. It was extremely accurate and it related well to my situation. It was very useful and made me feel quite uplifted about the future. I urge you to continue this work because it is very helpful and healing to others. You have a definite talent.

  • TheCaptain, thank you for your response and your kind words. That means alot to me. I will continue to work towards improving and sharing more. Thanks again.

  • Danceur, your reading seem to be the clearest to me. I hope that it is accurate.

    I got that in the present time you are being side tracked from what you originally set out to do. You must bring yourself back and avoid putting too much on your plate. You are always willing to help others and must learn to say "no" sometimes. You seem to be feeling as if you are suffering due to the actions of another. You feel that this is unjust. Be cautious of your current actions and do not let this matter block you from future success. Your current struggles will not be for nothing, they will benefit you in the long run. You seem to be searching for answers to get you past this situation, someone close to you has the answers that you need. Just ask for them. You need to get in tune with your emotions - make them work for you not against you. Be creative - you can do so much if you focus on your creativity. There is a strong business oriented man in your life, if he isnt there now, he will arrive shortly. He will lend a hand in business and finances. Get ready you will have much success and when you feel that you have "made it". Always put good karma out there because you will be going through a time where what you put out will come back.

    I hope that you can relate to the reading. Thanks for the opportunity to read for you.

  • Hi Bugatigirl,

    Thanks so much for your reading. It is very insightful and I can definitely relate. Trying my best to maintain emotional composure and strength through a tough period where there is no other way through but to bear the cross. Thanks for the advice too - it gives me some hope and light 🙂

  • Danceur , you are welcome. hang in there. It will get better.

  • Hi Bugatigirl, you have such a special way of interpreting the cards like a story that unfolds. very nice. I hope to be a part of your next set of readings. Blessings.

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