Cancer zodiac sign woman

  • first of all, i am a foreigner, therefore my english may seem a lil bit vague. it`s my second language..


    well, three month ago i met a cancer zodiac sign woman from our university. everyday we hung out, got to know each other.. then i suddenly realized that i have fallen madly in love with this girl. i have told my feelings and future purposes about her directly since i wanted to show that i am serious about her. firstly, she behaved in a rude way. she rejected me. then we didnt communicate with each other for a week. i didnt show my love, affection and attention to her during that week because she behaved in a rude way when i expressed my feelings. and then she behaved as if she is ill, therefore i have tried to keep in touch with her again..

    then i have bought a gift. that was a necklace.. she accepted my gift by showing her pleasure.. then she wore that.. in short, her family acquainted with me.. and unfortunately there is another guy who is her ex.. and this guy also loves her till now.. she kept in touch with this guy again.. they were very happy. but she didnt want to lose me. i suspended that she also communicate with that guy. and i proved it. but i behaved in a rude way towards her, because i felt betrayed by her.. i insulted her because she didnt know whom to choose.. it is a lil bit ridiculous but maybe she wanted not only me but also her ex ... :DD

    then we broke up.. and i send her a message that dont ever disturb me blah blah... a few days ago she called me.. and then a sent a message what happened ? why do you need to call me ?

    what should i do in order to win her back ?

  • when she called me i couldnt answer and the i sent a message that what happened ? then she didnt send anything..

  • This girl only liked you when you gave her a gift. She is not really interested in you as a lover. She will never be your true love, so move on to someone who will truly like and respect you. And try not to fall so quickly for someone you don't really know well. You have fallen for an ideal or fantasy rather than a real person.

  • many thanks for your reply 🙂

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