Lost Ring

  • Dear All

    I am in Hong Kong now.

    I lost my wedding ring (white gold with diamond) recently and I realized it when I left my office after work (coming out of the lift) at around 18:15 on 24 August 2009.

    I have been looking at the surveillance camera in my office yesterday and there no indication I ever drop my wedding ring.

    I believe there is a possibility that it is lost (at home?) between 23-24 August 2009, I have searched everywhere high and low but unfortunately I cannot find them.

    I don't usually take off my ring, but I only do it at my home if I need to do some handy work. But it always remain on my finger when I go out.

    I even traced all the way through the path I took that, talk to cleaners, etc..make police report, etc....now i am very upset.

    Please advise where should I focus?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Its at home, u took it off the night before work to do something.

  • You will find it.

  • I looked everywhere..i am just worried if i don't find it soon..someone will accidentally sweep it away..can you please advise where should i look?

  • I saw a large wooden double chair with apolstered backs and cushions possibly red silk brocade, not clear, and then someone with blue eyes putting on makeup in a bathroom mirror.

    If anything else comes I'll let you know, I've never done a long distance object location.

    My swears by the prayer to St. Chistapher whenever she loses something she pray to the patron saint of lost travelers and claims she always finds what she has lost. good luck.

  • Help.... almost one Year to this Day.... i misplaced my cards

    To those with insight & vision if you can SEE clearly where I putmy Cards ....

    I'm missing them badly

    Oracle Avalon Cards ....

    peace & LLL*L


  • Afalara: The only tip from you is that this points to my study room with a computer desktop. Is it possible it drop at the corners? Because it is not easy to locate it.


  • ramelec . . . I really can't say. After reading your dilema, I saw the items I mentioned. I'm assuming the double chair was a hit, but it maybe only the connection to you I was receiving.

    To tell you the truth the very first thing I saw was your ring in a drain trap below a sink, but I discounted it because it came too fast.

    Don't discount the pray to St. Christopher. If you pray for guidence to your destination ( your ring ) he may lead you there.

    Also, it would be helpful if I had a better idea of what it looks like, if you don't mind a more detailed discription, include size, carat weight band width, stone shape, inscription etc. anything you can tell me of it would be helpful.

  • P.S. Just a closing thought, Turn your keyboard over and give it a good shake.

  • I think you should check your drains.

  • I have asked my plumbers to open up all the drains including the sink but no ring is found yet.

    As for the wedding ring, it's a white gold with small raidant cut diamond stone with engraving of Jeff inside.

  • sorry..the engraving is "Annie & Jeff...

  • sigh..still unable to find the ring 😞

  • Hello,

    I don't have your date of birth but have tried "searching" with the Tarot. Do yu live in a tower block? If so, I believe it might be in your bedroom (possibly in the bed?) I do usually get the person's date of birth first - but maybe it will work without. Good luck.



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