Help understanding this spread

  • So I asked this question "should I quit my job" and this is the spread i got (it just a 5 card spread)

    Situation - Five of Cups

    Advice- King of swords

    Near Future - Four of Swords

    challenges/opportunities- Nine of Swords

    Daily Lesson - The Emperor

    I wasn't to sure what to make of it, it seems "indecisive" Typical Libra response huh? LOL Thanks any extra insight would help tremondously I'm having a lot of problems at my current work. And I'm not really into it, but it pays well. I'm a Trainer, I train people on state mandated things, and have alot of certifications but, mnah ... well again any insight would help me out tremoundsly 😄 thanks

  • I prefer spreads with one major and one minor, because it makes the reading more specific, but I'm going to try:

    ps.: i'm brazilian, maybe I can write something wrong, be prepared..xD

    Situation - Five of Cups

    It shows you're really willing to leave this job, maybe because it isn't really what you thought it would be, you're tired of it.

    Advice- King of swords

    You must think very well before making your choice. The king tells you to be balanced, think more with your head than your heart, in what would be the best to do. Mental strategy.

    Near Future - Four of Swords

    I can't see here you acting, just reflecting very hard about it.

    Challenges/opportunities- Nine of Swords

    This 9 of Swords can talk about your fear of leaving this job and don't knowing how to proceed cause you can't see another opportunities of job forward, feeling you're still chained to your last job (mentally), OR about you leaving this job and repenting, because you'll cannot make a step back, and don't have a ready new path to follow.

    Daily Lesson - The Emperor

    The emperor likes control and stability, and we had a king of swords on the advice, so I think now it's not the right time to leave this job.

    And you said you're getting a good money with it, and kings dislike risking what's their, their conquests, unless they already have a better situation right in front of them.

    I think you must think more about it (4 of Swords), and don't risk to leave it if you don't have another job offer waiting for you.

    In whole, I think now it's not the right time to do it.

  • Wow that' amazing, it's pretty much what I was thinking afterwards as well. I'm staying at my current job right now, it's not what I like. I'm not much of a risk taker either I HAVE to know there is something better first before I move on. I like to get things done in the "right" way.

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help on this. Sometimes I just mis-interpret thigns easily because I want it to be that way, but sometimes my pre-judgements cloud my critical thinking.

    You were a great help Lity, and your english is really good 😄

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