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  • Hi Everyone.

    I'm learning how to read tarot cards. This morning I did a timeline reading with my own cards, using the timeline layout here on

    My question was regarding my current relationship. I asked for some insight into the future potential of the relationship. There were no reversals. Here's my spread:

    History: Lovers

    Recent Past: 2 Cups

    Present: The Hermit

    Near Future: Death

    Far Future:10 Cups

    My interpretation is:

    We both decided to pursue this relationship and became lovers. With the Two of Cups we both started to feel love toward each other very quickly. In the present the Hermit reminds us both to take time and grow ourselves both spiritually and mentally so our relationship can transform (Death) into something we both can support and nurture to fulfillment in all respects (10 Cups).

    Am I far off?


  • Yeah yeah, I agree with everything!

    I don't know if you're having problems on your relationship right now, but if you're having, The Hermit says that this distance between you both is positive, because it'll make you grow. In the near future you can face some boring problems, but I think you can deal very well with it in the end. That 10 of Cups oficialize you both together in the best relationship, that kind everyone wants to have. 😃

  • It's eerie how this spread really is the relationship in a nutshell.

    I met P at a time when I had to make a conscious decision to let an old relationship, one I was very deeply involved in, go. So indeed there was a choice at what path to take made. We were both instantly and very strongly attracted to each other, we still are. We don't have any problems in the relationship, so to speak. Right now though, he is away for a year due to his job so he was a little afraid of emotional attachment before he left. So the universe is giving each of us time to grow now. Of course the future remains to be seen, but on my end it's looking pretty positive.

    I just thought it was very interesting, how parallel the timeline was.

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