Mistress of 4 years

  • are there any females out there that are in a long term relationship with a married man? not just a physical relationship i mean you love this man and he loves you. if you have a negative response do not waste your time or mine please. i am looking for women that need emotional support and someone to talk to too.

  • I met my "boyfriend" and his wife when i moved across the street. HIs wife and i became good friends fast. I started hanging out over there a lot when I separated from my husband because he had an affiar w/ a coworker and i kicked him out. My friend is bi-sexual. she said she and her husband used to have 3somes b4 they got married and had not had once since. she wanted to know if i was up for it. I am a 32 year old who had only been with 2 people. I said no that i did not like females. One nite we were drinking and i let things go to far with both of them. In the middle of it i freaked out and told her not to touch me. She ended up just watching me and her husband have sex. Afterwards she said it looked like we were making love instead of f***ing so we were never going to do that again. Well, her hubby and I never stopped. We have been sneaking around right under her nose across the street. i feel shame since i just had this happen to me and would never wish it on anyone, Thing is... I love him more than I have ever loved anyone and he says he loves me the same. We complete each other on every level. he says that he came from a broken home and does not want to do that 2 his 18 month old daughter. I am so lost and confused. His wife and i are friends but i am her only one. she is so mean to everyone and pushes everyone away. her hubby said i am the longest friendship that she has had b/c of it. The only reason i put up with her crap is to keep a connection to her hubby. I love his little girl so much and she loves me. my kids love him and vise versa. On top of all of this DRAMA, i let my hubby (separated) move into my boys playroom with his g/f cause they got evicted!! I have lost my mind!!! Any advice? yes, I know Im a homewrecker so please no bashing. thanks all!!

  • I dated a married man years ago. It did me and him no good. I closed my eyes to meeting someone who could have really been the one. I was just something that fed his ego. While his wife was home cleaning his house and taking care of his children, I was the one he was taking out. He never saw me in a bathrobe and taking out the garbage!

    Years later, my husband was seduced by a "sparkler". She was dumped by her husband and needed to attract mine to see if she still had it. I knew she had no interest in him and it was purely selfish reasons she broke up my family. He realized that too when he was free and she was no longer interested.

    We all make mistakes in life, but using the excuse "I was drunk" or "in love" just doesn't cut it. Sometimes just puting it on paper helps you see the right way to go.

  • Try for over ten years. I loved this man with all of my heart,body,soul! He was so very different,from anyone I ever had been involved with. I thought god created him just for me.

    I thought if you looked up the word man, you would see his picture. I thought he was my soulmate. Whenever, we're around one another, it's just us. Nothing or noone else mattered. Even at work, at a crowded store or mall, any where. When he looked at me, i would loose my train of thought. We're over now. I don't no what to do!

  • Giving up on love!

    I feel this is chapter 3 of my life and I want it all to myself. I don't feel there are any real,sincere men out there. They all just want to play games and are incapable of anything real. I feel like there's no reason to even waste time looking or talking to them. I don't understand why it's so hard to simply meet someone who can be themselves. I'm simply looking for someone I have (FLRPTT) with. Just friendship,if it goes further and grow, good. Will I stick around to find out. I don't believe I'll ever take anyone serious again. FLRPTT means FRIENDSHIP,LOVE,RESPECT,TRUST,TRUTH.

  • Okay, this is not bashing on anyone so please don't anybody take it wrong. However, I have to say that ladies, you are the mistress, the one he goes to to have fun, take out, spend money on, and maybe vent to about the married life. However, that's all you might be to him. Of course you all say that they love you and you love them, however, if a man loved you, he wouldn't make you his mistress in the first place. He would make you his wife and he wouldn't cheat. So, with that being said, I just want you to all know that men are dogs in their own way, however if you all are unhappy because you are stuck in love with a man who refuses to divorce his wife to be with you, then maybe he's not worth your time anymore, no matter how long you have been with him on the side. I hope you didn't take this all wrong, just my opinion, but I believe you all deserve better and a man who is willing to cheat on his wife is just selfish, and if you end up with him in the end, married to him or not, he will hurt you too! Be aware!! Good luck to all!

  • It's hard to believe so many people make the same mistakes. I always though I'd never have an affair or be "on of those women". I've been in an affair for almost two years. I'm married to a great guy. Amazing father of my daughters. But somehow, I fell in lust/love with another man. And he is supposedly in love with me too. we are both married and have kids. It's a horrible situation because we have amazing passion and chemistry. it's undeniable physical chemistry and i've never felt this kind of attraction. We get along great, he's sweet and wonderful. But neither of us can justify breaking up our families and hurting so many people for our own selfish indulgence. It's so hard because I feel so bad but I also hate denying such passion. It's so weird how life tests us. Such a journey of emotions. I'm often told we aren't all entitled to love. And that as a society we can't just abandon our responsibilities and commitments to for a new or improved experiences. We need to keep our families in tact. But it's so hard to choose a soulmate at age 24 and expect that he's the one for the rest of your life. How can you possibly know that?

  • I can tell you well all of you that I know exactly what you are going through. True story. When I was 18 years old I had an affair with an married older man. But that's nothing yes that was wrong but thing that was really wrong was that it was my bff stepfather with whom I was having an affair with. To make a long story I thought that he was my true love just messed up timing but I didn't realize all that I did. Yeah I was young and I knew right from wrong but at the time it was so right. Well my bff and her mom found out that me and him (the stepdad) was sleeping together and in order to save her family and make thing right my bff(best friend forever) paid me $1000.00 dollars to leave town and to stop all communication with her and her family and her stepdad for the sake of her family what was I to do? If would have stayed things would have gotten worst because he was going to leave everything the family that he had leave it all to be with me but I realize if he could do that to his family what or whos to say that he wouldn't do that to me so I did the right thing and left with out saying a word to him or my bff and If I would have taken the money I wouldn't feel right about taking it so I moved away and made a new start and it is best thing. Because if I would have stayed I my soul wouldn't ever recover at least I can face my ex-bff and her family and say and admit that I was wrong and not be shame. This is not to judge or make feel bad this is real talk. when you look at your life can you see the person that you are having an affair with a long term relationship that can be true to you only?

  • Wow you sound like me 23 years ago. I had an amazing relationship with a really amazing man, yes an amazing married to some one else man. Crazy thing is he is my best friend to this day. We no longer have the physical part of the relationship, but what we have now is so much more. He is still married to the same woman and I married 13 years ago. I married a person I wasn't in love with, but we had a child together. The other day I ran into an old classmate I had strong feels for, but never told him, and we started talking. Crazy but those feelings came back and as we have been talking and haveing lunch together he is the first person that could ever block out my thoughts of my ex/now best friend. We are both married and now I feel like I am headed for touble.

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