Do people fear you power??

  • Has anyone had this problem? I am very intuitve and I do cards and I study all aspects of what some may call- majic i do not believe it that but many don't understand,,my rocks my sage sticks my feathers, things for the chakra I am a very spriritual person this is something I do not hide.. many times I have come across people who are intimidated by my senses. I don't have to dig deep to see thru out and know your fears, regretts or karma- And I many of times am sucked into telling someone something when they tell me they don't want to know- don't believe in it..think its voodoo or magic but try to get it out of me anyways and then when I see they get angry very angry cuz now I know..but they wanted me to see it..its confusing. and have actually almost been attacked recently because no matter what I do it's like I can see things in people and many of times I feel that some feel threatened by my skill -yet want to know of it, talk about it, even force power plays with me on it. I can see sometimes few who have gotten themselves into trouble or have secrets they never want to reveal. such as molestation and rape. but yet theyseek me out at the same time. If anyone understands this can you tell me how to fight those bad energy people and well, get some people not to fear me...I am a very nice Sag/cap cusp and it's in my eyes..I have tendency to look at you and just see..I face everyone in the eyes at all times..I think I lost a friend because of this..they don't believe but yet they know have that power- they call me the devil for it..i'm not the devil. help also with this I tend to almost take on the energy and the feelings people have like as if I am one with them and can feel their pain it drains me so much I have to find a quiet place alone and protected to retreat...I am a indigo child /adult I do realize this is there others like me out there i feel very alone sometimes

  • that could be what happened to me also. I was telling someone about dreams I had about certain people at work. some dreams I never got to know the meaning and some just happened to come true. I don't know if I'm psychic but I think everyone has certain degree psychic in them it's just a matter of nurturing and following guidance. the thing is I have shared many dreams to quite a few people and the only one that finds it interesting or can be useful, is my husband and he never cares much about his own spiritual life. I guess most people find me either weird, not from this world whatever and stayed away. I have never thought it this way until I read your experience. I just thought 'well they don't like me, who cares?' and that's it. So maybe next time if I share anything spiritual I will share it with a community that can accept it as it is, or at least my husband and my mentor. Everyone else I'll just skip them. I was a fanatic religious once, but even back then I never called anyone like you the devil. I know people who did and now I'm glad I didn't sound that narrow minded. you are an indigo child, how cool is that. it took me 3 years to open my 3rd eye chakra and even then the visions I received are not clear yet. so be happy with who you are and use your ability for greater good, even if you are cornered and laughed at. maybe try join paranormal organization, is there one in your area?

  • Hi, A lot of people don't like to be confronted with the truth. I must say tho, it sounds like you have some scary acquaintances so be careful. I wouldn't confuse power with a gift. Power is a strong word. I associate power w/ change. I don't feel that you have any power over these people. You do, however, seem to have a gift. A gift of the Holy Spirit is to be able to discern spirits and Knowledge. So, use these to the best of your ability. You may not want to tell someone face to face that they're a molestor. Maybe, problems of the flesh or deviations etc. Be careful how you word things and maybe offer a different path--you know.

  • Hi I encounter this from time to time but in a different way. When I start to feel close to someone I want to talk about my spiritual beliefs and it isnt usually recepted very well. I have premonition dreams, sometimes I just know things about people or I will say what they are thinking not on purpose though. If they didnt say anything I wouldnt even know I was doing it. Also I have to do strange things from time to time such as giving up red meat or alchohol even sex for periods of time. Try explaining that to your man without sounding like a freak! I had to tell my bf earlier bc all day he kept asking for sex and asking if I wanted to drink and even offered me steak wich is my fave. He thought he was doing something wrong. It was horrible. I had to tell him the truth that I was on a spiritual "diet" and I wasnt allowed to have those things for a few days. Ugh its difficult to be a freaky spiritual person I know. I figure tho hes my bf and there are much worse things to be so if he doesnt accept my kooky habits it will never work. I guess I will find out sooner or later if its acceptable to him.

  • I have had this all my life... I see what is in the person heart and has brought many intersting people into my path and also very crazy makers at the same time.... what I have does it scare them??? sometimes it does and sometimes it brings comfort to them.... I have had to learn to be very careful about what I tell people about my gift... and what I believe in... there have been times that I have felt like that some people have wanted to burn me at the stake..... other are like vampires and want to suck out everything they can from me and than toss me away when they are done.... yet for the most part it has brought me great joy and much learning about myself.... Enlighten my path..... i have been told that when I look at someone it is like I am looking through them..... many things come to me..... however I have learned to look at the heart and the soul to see really what their intentions are..... This can be differcult at times for I not only see i feel as well..... yet it has saved me many many times...... I enjoy my space yet I am not a hermit either..... I have few real friends yet the ones I have are accepting of me as well. If I am ask to tell them something about them or what it is that is coming to me ... I do it with as much tact as i can... If I see something that they are hidding..... i don't bring it up unless it is a nagging feeling and even than i try to use tack..... i have also found that if i am at ease with myself they are more at ease with me...... there are some people who come into my life that are in real need and I am willing to assist them... some just want to play a game... and are not willing to do anything except try to prove everything and everyone wrong.... these people i stay away from... why should I have to put myself through this and I have nothing to prove to anyone else ...... I am what I am and that is good enough for me......

  • Hey there,

    I read your post and was moved by the confidence you have in your own power. To know you intimidate others is truly a gift. To understand how uncomfortable it make you feel leads me to understand you are truly humble and the feelings that come from this are disturbing you. Accept your gift as it is from the universe and you have it as you are ment to. It is yours, own it. For protection from the projection of fear suround yourself with white light every day, night and morning. When you are going to be in the company of other people for awhile imagine three circles of amethyst light surounding your body. Your house if you need to sleep. This will stop you picking up on the energy you currentl are and be able to just be yourself.

    Love and light.

    Mirs : >

  • It is majic.. and will create a balance. U are a healer.

  • Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

  • People that feel intimidated by others fear the weakness within themselves. Others that are open to change embrace the messages that people like us bring to them. I always ask if they are really open to the truth--before imparting information. If they are not--maybe the timing isn't right or they are not strong enough to listen and hear--I tell them to come back to me when they are ready. I learned as a child to shield myself from others who would try to smother me with their out of control emotions--I'm also an empath and will wear everyone I come into contact with. People instinctively trust me (even perfect strangers) and the information that passes between us--they feel the calmness and knowledge of years of personal self-acceptance. They instinctively know that I am at peace (some find that hard to believe of a Scorpio/Aries/Cancer). I just believe that imparting truth is important--no matter what that truth is.

    Believe in yourself and keep your personal peace...never hide from your gifts...there is a reason they have been given to YOU...accept that truth completely.

  • I thought I would mention this because this is what I run into. I have a problem w/Hell. I am an active Catholic--I love my religion. I go to a lot of retreats. I am also a visionary. From what I have seen, God is a merciful God. I think we do Him a dis-service by tossing people in the Hell category and judging. I don't think churches should be used as a political forum, either. Rather, I think that we're put here as a test to help one another. I believe in evil and know it exists. I can warn people of the consequences but still the ultimate judge is not me.

  • That was H*ll.

  • Isn't your name an interesting thing here, too?

  • thank you sooo much that brought tears to my eyes ...understood. Wow! iam not alone!!lol

  • karrionwalker was a name given to me...from a friend during a long secret trip that I had to go on. it means Carry on..Walker.

  • Ok i will yeah I guesse your right, no one wants anyone to be able to see the wrong they have done..I defended myself with God I have Always been rightous-grew up in a babtist Church. At seven I got the floor and asked God to use me the way he used the diciples in the bible to help people, I got my answer from the lord that day..and it's been this way ever since. I have kept people from danger, and can see when my kids may even be in's a gift not a power and I'm grateful for matter what anyone says. I have a right to believe God is using me..I feel the devil was in Him and he knew it..that why he was so combative.

  • yes a Boyfriend of mine simply says he's not into that..but that same boyfriend as found courage in my visions and even again will tell me things hoping I can give him insight I work gently with him. But I have a scorpian friend whom I can tell everything too and he is not afraid. He is a big wig on the Hill to and he understands that even presidents have looked for guidance from time to time. I tell him about my rocksk and crystals and he is ok with gotta find someone who can be at ease with that. you will don't hide yourself..hang in there and thank you hearing from all of you has helped so much today. I have a onxy and my pink quartz sending warm vibes and protecting me from negative energy..I had to take time out to recover. The man threatened my life..and he was a good friend. I ddn't have my cards with me..he tried to test me without them and when he knew I saw what I saw he flipped one young lady grabbed her purse and left after he screamed and yelled at me..I got out of there too but I was not afraid I am a fighter and I was not afraid. I stood by my convictions quoting the bible and explaining how god used prophets in the bible and just because the world has changed God is still the same and he vices he uses because sometimes he needs to relay a message- you may not hear it the right way so he sends a way to make you listen. God is good, God is the power and for that I know he is my sheild.

  • Amen!! wow others like me..awsome.

  • ok I will when I was walking home it was one in the morning , long walk but I wanted to I imagine a white light I felt like my angels where following me..sometimes at night alone in the world is where i find most solice. u described me to a T..I'm getting tuffer and tuffer by the minute. I always use the lords prayer also has a sheild it has worked many of times..again thank you- maybe today i will come out of my shell and breath again..

  • i am a vibrant Sag/cap that ls thirtysix but looks twenty five..yikes/!!! lol

  • I have looked for an organization there was one but she felt it was time for her to move on she had a store in a small college town and I believe eventually it caught up with her..the fear. so she closed. I went on the internet losing it trying just to find someone to relate to. my family some of them also have the gift, my sons, my mom. My sons call it DeJavu cuz they are just children. My mom called it premonitions but she never truly indulged. my gift was they strongest during hard and scary times. it was that time I was showed Tarot and started to indulge in the study. I met someone else who wanted to utilize her talent too. She was very gifted twenty something. I told her that she would have a child in one of our meetings she laughed saying she was gay and had no intentiions of having a kid let alone a little boy...last I heard she was a new mommie..and straight lol!!

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