Tarot myth?

  • A phycic lady i know said i have to be careful reading tarot because it can bring bad luck, is this true? Because its almost frightened me off reading, as my life has greatly improved this year and i dont want anything to go wrong.

  • Dear TrickyVicki:

    Your psychic lady friend only told you that because she doesn't want you to go elsewhere to find out the same questions you've been asking to others .. It is a way to control you. Bad luck exists everywhere, not just in the questions you are asking her.. If you worry or become sick with worry, then people say its bad luck, low self esteem it is caused by bad luck, come on now, sometimes what we don't want to go wrong does, its not bad luck, its our LORD CHRIST JESUS, giving the insight to change our ways, to HIM.. Buy a affirmation book, read your BIBLE, within time you will get your answers that not even a psychic saw... also to enlighten you try www.aura. com and www.starchildglobal.com Abundance of Blessings and God Bless you...

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