How to find which tarot card I am?

  • I don't really know much about Tarot. I was told my personal card is Wheel of Fortune. I'm not sure how and I don't know how to read Tarot cards. FengShui is another area I'm confused about but that one just have to wait LOL I can't learn too many things at once.

    What info do you need to determine someone's personal tarot card? and how do you apply the meaning of the card to a situation, because they all seem too general to me.

    Any help is appreciated. thanks

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  • I didn't know you had a personal tarot card. How do I find my card

  • Dear Brownsugar162:

    Don't go by a card to find out whom you are. Find out whom you are in the living world.

    I mean you should have a general idea of whom you are already, so why are you seeking a card to help you out? Go out in your every day world and live, talk to others, look into your family tree, ask questions in the living world, or better yet, pray to GOD, he will give you the answers you seek..Trust in the LORD...

  • thanks HighP09! Tarot is really interesting. I can get daily tarot from this website but applying it to actual situation could be confusing. i'm going to check out your blog right away!

  • by the way a friend gave me this link

    what do you think, HighP09?

  • Hi;

    I did follow your link. It looks like a lot of fun.. but is it valid? I did the test I came with the same card I am under my chart- the SUN. I think is by coincidence.

    I generally use the Court Cards to represent people on a reading. That way you leave the major arcana cards free to fall into the reading. Then when they show in a reading you know exactly who they represent.

  • High: not sure if it's valid. I came up with Wheel of fortune for me, but this card is not mentioned on your blog. maybe coincidence or I didn't do it right at first.

    but how do you apply the cards to a situation? does it go exactly as described or to each situation, one card can have different meaning?

  • Hi All, you can find your personal Tarot card by using our here:

  • thanks Admin

    apparently it isn't wheel of fortune 🙂

  • Hmm.... just did mine... my card is the lovers and the motto is 'may commitment bring out your best'.... strange for a gemini but makes sense to me and my life.

  • daisyfairy

    my Gem friend ScarsandStars also gets the same card

    unless I'm mistaken

    Mine is the chariot

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