Could someone do a reading for me please?

  • I met an older man that I've been texting and talking to on the phone for a little over 7 months. The first 3 months was wonderful, there seemed to be a strong connection between the two of us. We could finish each others sentences, had the same likes and dislikes, I felt as if I had found what I had been searching years for to make my life whole. He also seemed extremely happy to have me in his life as well. In April however things started changing for the worst, his work relocated him, he moved residence, then a month later his dad passed away. The sweet man I knew became very distant, difficult to talk to, and emotionally detached. As of lately it seems he no longer wants much to do with me, I try to talk to him about any issues he may be experiencing, but he refuses and quickly becomes angered. He once told me that he was married yrs ago, his wife left him with their baby to raise. I'm wondering if he is afraid of intimacy because of past hurts, or if there is something else entirely different going on. I dearly care for this man, he has told me that he cares for me as well, is there any hope for us? Whats going on with him? I appreciate anyone who can give me a little insight into this relationship. My DOB is: 09-08-76, his is: 12-27-60. Thank you in advance!

  • Namast, SherryBlossom,

    I am being guided to offer you the following messages:

    Every creature on Mother Earth shares sacred space. Human, animal, even the air we breathe is shared with every other living thing. The moment we step out of our sacred space, we enter into that of another. We are all asked to view our lives as being the only one we will ever have and to honor this chance to the utmost, and it is up to us to honor the space we inhabit while we are here. You are being asked to address your sense of sacred space and the way in which you treat the sacred space of others. Our home, and everything associated with it --possessions, values, beliefs, -- is our territory and we have the right to feel safe within it. So then, the issue is one of respect; if we honor and respect our own space others will learn to respect theirs, and if we honor the space of others they will learn to respect ours.

    I feel part of this message is that this man simply needs his 'space', and at the same time you are being asked to grow a deeper appreciation for your own.

    Hope this helps.

    In love and light love and light love and light


  • Its all lies hun, he is married and has been all the way. I really am not willing to tell you all as its not good for your health. He is just not worth it and has been playing you. He was board, you have gotten too close and now he needs to make excuses and get rid of the problem. You are so much better than that. Lift your head, there is someone around you now who is right for you and you have not seen him. I really feel he is a friend already.

  • Ahliyah and Tiger63 --- Thank you so much for your insight. It is greatly appreciated!

    Tiger63 -- I must admit I'm a little shocked...he's married? The past couple months I kept having recurring feelings like some things just werent adding up, like things just felt 'off '. And although I have grown to deeply care about this man, there is something about him that invokes fear in me. I'm so confused by the mix of emotions I'm feeling for there anything else you can tell me? Even now, I still feel so reluctant to tell him goodbye and move on..though I know it would probably be in my best interest to do so.

  • Hey sherry,

    I cannot remember the information earlier as it passes through and does not stay. The words from Ahilyah are very much true for you.

    Please ask yourself.. if someone wanted a true and normal relationship would they not put themselves forward.

    You have.. has he?

    Fear is not a good emotion to feel about someone. Its is negative and controlling. Keeps one in their box... so to speak.

    Be mindful of the emotions you are letting out.

    No matter what his emotional status and state is, the most important thing to you must be your own well being. You are no good to anyone unless YOU are happy.

  • Family is ultra important to Capricorns, and his grief is deeper than you can imagine. Bring him food to eat, be there for him, but make no demands. He is not ready.

    Everyone grieves in different ways, and this particular man has withdrawn in order to heal. Respect his decision, please. When he is ready, he will return.

  • Thanks for the insight firefly. Today this man opened up to me a bit, said he is just living life the way he likes it. But I am still slightly confused by his minute he says he cares, the next he doesnt show it at all. Now he's saying he doesnt want anything special with me, other times he hints around that maybe he does want something more than a friendship. Does this man have feelings for me? Or is this just a matter of 'wait and see'? Thank you for your time.

  • If he's confused, then you get confused. Just play the waiting game. No demands.

    You should go ahead and live your life while he sorts out his life. You need the pay attention to your needs, too.

  • It sounds he has feelings for you but right now he is overwhelmed with other things. I am just saying this because I married a Cap, like the man you are talking about. If his mind is preoccupied he will not be able to care about anything else. a Cap is not a multi tasker, if there is any then I have never met one. They are very good at focusing to one thing at one time, but if you present them with a lot of things to solve in one time, they won't be able to even if they try. This is probably because they try to remember every thing all the time and really they don't have to. In this case you need to be ultra patient. Send him texts or e-cards to show you care, but don't say anything about commitment because right now he is committed to his work, new place and still in grief. Give him a month or two, before you pop the question again. He will not forget how thoughtful you are in his difficult moments, you can be sure of that.

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