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  • How are you? Fine I hope! When ever you have time I know you are very busy and can you let me know if things are going to get better soon. I have plans to change for the better and get more focused on things I need to do and or accomplish. I pray for the strength to make wise decisions. Seems as soon as I get good news sometimes negative happens. I do believe everything we go through is a part of Spritual growth. I know I need to have faith in the "most high" too. I also know sometimes I am my own worst enemy. Light and Love C.C.

  • Hello Ahliyah:

    I am in total understanding of wanting others to make the decisions for you to live your life, however enlighten yourself so that you can become more of whom you are, I have a few websites for you so that you can better understand you, after all this is your life that you must control, not others that are looking into you. Spiritual growth, www., use it like a dictionary or better to keep you intuitive on you. Also try, www. this gives you insight on " how to" learn your colors of your aura, all this helps as well as the psychics, this can get very expensive too, and you still don't get the calmness or answers you really need to cope with the real world. Also, learn to live, be your own boss, this gives you character. Okay I pray all things work out for you.

    God Bless You and an Abundance of Blessings too.


  • Thanks for the info.

  • Poetic, I just found this post!

    Do you still need something, or have we spoken to this already?

    Love and light,


  • Hi Ahiyah.....If you have some time could you perhaps shed some light on my career path....I believe I am heading in the right direction...any help I can get would be welcomed......I know how busy you must be so I will understand if you are not able to...Love and light

  • Ahiliyah I know you are so busy, my question is this now, my husband's job has come to a standstill so I have to be the bread winner now for awhile, will everything be o.k.? I'm going to do the best I can. Thanks for your time and my Prayers to you and yours. Namaste!

  • Namaste Poetic. How wonderful to see your pixels again!

    First, let's take a look at the language you're using. Every thought - and word - is a prayer.

    Knowing this, please note that you said, your husband's job has come to a standstill, and that you "have to be" the breadwinner for a while. I know it's just convenient language, but here your reply from the Universe:

    "Oh Goody, standstill. I can handle that for Poetic's hubby. Lovingly yours, the Universe."


    "Nifty, Poetic feels forced to bear a burden of economic recovery; let's send her some force to reinforce that."

    Suddenly, you're at the mercy of the evildoers at the cable company. : )

    So please make your new and cheerful mantra, Every day and in every way I am getting better and better!

    Loosen up; let your guard down; be flexible; recognize the importance of small victories; ask for help. It's all okay.

    You don't have to hold the fort alone. Allow yourself the emotional fulfillment that comes with supporting the ones you love. Be determined to advance in your own work, for its sake and yours, and demonstrate the careful attention to detail that makes others perk up and take notice. Whether it's a job you love or don't love, commit your efforts to the ambition and skill needed for the recognition you desire. There are no quick fixes, only the steady application of Will and Power.

    Don't let yourself be sidetracked by temptation; an attitude of compromise will serve you and those around you very well.

    Embrace all that you are through what you have to give. Opportunities like these are precious and rare, and they afford us the ability to shine in ways we never imagined we could do.

    Three Archangels have been assigned to you for the duration; they are guiding, loving, and encouraging you to step forward and step into these challenges like trooper! Trust your love for hubby and your love for your career; pay attention to ideas that come to you, because they are answers to your prayers. Above all, breathe!

    In love and light love and light love and light,



  • What encouraging words, I know, I know, manifestation. Discipline. I LOVE THAT "Opportunities like these are precious and rare, and they afford us the ability to shine in ways we never imagined we could do. I will take that to heart for ever. I'm putting it in my daily calendar to recite everyday. Thanks for sharing your insight and profound wisdom. "You give hope to the hopeless." I know you are going to say it's not you but through the grace of the Lord. Thanks so much for your time. My prayers to you! Love n Light!

  • : )

  • P.S. tried meditation last night again, for some reasons, tears were running down my face, don't think I saw anything will keep trying to open my third eye. 🙂

  • Well done, Poetic. Sometimes when we connect with the Sacred we shed a few tears, whether of relief, release, or joy. Next time you feel that energy again, the energy to cry, give this a try. Let the emotions flow, and just feel it out. Then, focus on the area of your body that seems to contain or to be experiencing the emotion most. See if it has a color or a particular energy to it; then see if it wants to move, or change in some way. Let it do this.

    For example, it may feel like an ashy blob in your tummy; see if it moves somewhere, up or down, and if it changes to say, green. When we allow the energy to shift and move of its own, it often carries the rebalancing necessary for our energy bodies to achieve new harmony.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Love and light and much encouragement,


  • Poetic and Ahliyah,

    I do cry all the time when I pray from the heart. I wonder How do you see colors though. I can't perceive that far and I would love to practice this??

    Love and light,


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  • I know you are very busy... but if you have time I was wondering if you could help me answer a pressing question. I am very receptive to my intuition...but am currently unable to find the answer with in myself.

    I am a soul that is always changing. Not only does change come tto me but i have a odd way of attracting people who are about to go thru their own tide of change. I am always cautious of this.

    I have gone thru a great tide of change and am now a single mother of two working on my Masters degree in Medical School. I have a great bond and relationship with my ex-husband. I have a small support system and have difficulties finding a supplement for mommy while I in school. It has been suggested that they live with thier father for awhile. I know my heart would be torn but is one parent better than 1/2 of a parent. I have struggled with this decision and the alternative which is to give up on my own dreams to practice medicine (my true calling). If I continue, I'm afraid the girls won't get the quality of parenting they need. I easily away from them 60 hours a week.

    I realize this is alot of info. I just need guidance as to whether I am currently on the right path or which one is the true path I should be on. I love my family... and the choice between family and career .... I cant seem to find a clear head to answer.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Namaste arsia. You may not perceive colors yet, but as you practice breathing and focus they may begin to come to you. Sometimes we are alternatively gifted, meaning that we could try a whole lifetime to see colors this way, but instead our strength is describing emotions (or anything) energetically in a different way.

    When I read anything, clairvoyance is not my strength. Most people consider clairvoyance to be the pinnacle of spiritual gifts, but again, my strengths are clairsentience and clairaudiance.

    I just don't see in pictures. So, what I recommend is for you to sit and breathe, focus on the energy or location of an emotion, and simply wait for what does come to you.

    Another consideration is that your ability to perceive colors may simply come to you through practice labeling. Meaning, you feel a positive or not-so-positive emotion, focus on the area, and then say to yourself, Well that feels like muddy yellow. Just give it a color. As you do this, you are programming yourself to interpret energy. Later on, you may recognize that the muddy yellow you always feel is actually a dull green. Does that make sense?

    Go with what works, and never force. : )



  • Namaste Quenkath. Interesting. I just wrote about this.

    It sounds as if this person is sensing the 'Mystery' within you. Some people have the most fascinating eyes, don't you think? It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, and an in a way I agree. There is perception and then there is Perception, with a capital P. Some people are able to see far beyond what others bother to notice, and it sounds like this man is one of those people. You have a great deal of soft steady light that shines from you, and it shines from your eyes too; this is a very compelling component (IMHO) of chemistry. Our levels of light attract similar levels in others. He likely recognizes - to his mind - an unknown quantity in you that he'd like to figure out.

    On the other hand, he could be an unstable nutbag. Just saying.

    Seriously though, nutbag or not, the ability to recognize Divinity in others - tho we are all divine - is something that anyone can achieve but which most people fail to do unless sexually attracted at the same time. I think it's a blessing to hear such a thing, including I love you too, but would not ascribe any additonal meaning unless additional proof is given.

    Most women would give their eyeteeth (no pun intended) to have a man recognize their divinity before the fellow checks out what's below the chin. Ahem.

    I wonder if you are a mystic or lightworker.

    Hope this helps.



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  • Namaste Challen. Oh my dear, head vs heart. Let's talk awhile.

    People are drawn to you because you resonate a healing vibration. Those who have undergone the great storms of life and have surmounted every wave attract those who have been dumped on the shore - as you once were - and who need the healing. You needn't be cautious of it - just more and more familiar with its nuances. It's part of your essence, and you learn to work with it in such a way that you don't let it drown you, because that's not your job. The caution you feel is likely the concern that you will be swamped or victimized if you lend your energy (love), but you needn't solve anyone's problems, nor take their energy on yourself. You simply radiate what you are, offer what you can when you feel you can, and don't worry about the rest. Just by being on the planet you have already fulfilled your mission. Everything more you do now is just a cherry on the sundae.

    You've found your purpose and are pursuing it. Mazel tov! (Congratulations!)

    And now you feel like traitor-mommy because you feel forced to choose, in an imperfect world. And the truth is, you wrote in because underneath you would like someone to tell you it's okay to pursue your calling. That it's okay to make this choice and it doesn't mean you're a bad parent.

    And the truth is, you're a marvelous parent, with a huge heart, foresight, clarity, vision & wisdom. If you didn't consider your children's lives and future I'd say there was a real problem at home. But you are considering them and my guess is you'd rip the jugular out of anyone that dared look sideways at your darlings). And by the Grace of G-d you have continued to pursue an opportunity to serve in even greater ways. That's strength, Challen.

    But, it doesn't make it feel any better to have to choose, does it? So I'm going to give you permission to do what you need to do in your heart of hearts. And by making the choice you know you have to make, you will be showing your children what a strong, wise, self-realized woman looks like, so that they will know and not forget. Your children deserve the world, it's true. And you're going to give it to them by being who you are, and making the adjustments necessary to accomodate your self. Because anything less just won't do.

    You deserve praise for seeking feedback. You deserve praise for having the courage to wrestle with these two very important choices. And you deserve celebration for taking the steps toward your own happiness.

    The world will remain an imperfect place no matter what you do. So take "oh crap this sucks" off your list of stuff you are willing to let bug you.

    Have confidence in your choices and in your future. I believe in you. Now you believe you have what it takes to make this worthwhile endeavor work for you, and your babies. Yes you can.

    In love and light love and light


    ps: you have been added as an Honorary member of the Circle of Gold for bravery in the face of 'oh crap this world sucks'. One day there will be a framable certificate to go with it, but right now I'm out of printer paper and it's raining outside. In the meantime, I'm praying that you find the clarity you need to say Yes to your future.

  • Quenkath, please don't tell me he's an eye doctor.




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