Sense and understand others minds

  • Please help me understand what is happening to me!!!!

    When I meet people and talk to me I can understand when they lie to me or not. If they try to take advandage of people in general or not. If they have bad or good energy. I can read their minds (not always ) most of the time and when they talk I hear not the words they say but what they have in their minds.

    Please I need to understand what is happening to me and what to do because I loose my energy and I feel very tired all the time . I can't help it. It's just happening with everybody and if they are friends it gets worse.

  • I would suggest that you engage a psychc shield around yourself- could be as simple as a bubble around you- and establish some form of intent around your gift. Let's be totally honest, at first it is such a rush, and then can be overwhelming, but if you have a firm intention to control your mind, it will get easier. Best wishes.

  • Try not to concentrate too much on it. Some people can just sum-up situations really fast. Are you ever accused of doing stuff too fast etc. Also, people do things w/o thinking. A lot of the time it's not our responsiblity to hold the mirror up to them. If the want your opinion, they'll ask. Otherwise, alot of the time, we have to try and find the best way to navigate thru life. If someone is bothering you in general, I would avoid them. Don't discount your feelings. You were given them for a reason. I can be confrontational at times. Alot of the time I see people playing the "Parent" with me. Telling me do this, do that. If I approach them the same way, there's a conflict. A lot of the time you have to backup, try to figure out where they are coming from and calmly state your case. I get along w/the Adults and Kids of psychology, not the Parents.

  • Manosland, Congratulations! You have a real gift, although you may not think it's a gift right now! (smile) The reason it's so loud and uncontrollable is because you are resisting it and it's trying to be "in your face" so you'll acknowledge its existence. When we try to push away something that's calling out to us, it will only get louder. So, my advice is to first acknowledge that you have the gift. Have a conversation, either aloud or within and tell it that you know it's there and express any other emotions you have about it. Since you say it's interfering your life and interaction with people, ask it to quiet down and only come forward when you NEED to know something.

    For example, my housemate is a truly gifted psychic. When his friends and family found out about it, he would get tons of phone calls asking him about situations. Finally, he had to make an agreement with his psychic abilities because he felt that many times, if he told people the answers, they would not experience what their life wanted to teach them. So, rather than lie, he told his psychic self, don't tell me anything unless I NEED to know it. That way, when people ask, he really doesn't know and he's not lying. This has never failed him. When he needs to know something it will come to him without fail.

    The more you resist, the more it persists. So learn to work with it. Talk to that aspect of yourself and come to an agreement.

    That's my suggestion and I hope it helps.

    Namaste, Debbie

  • I do that, too. I have asked a similar question once...grounding and sheilding is essential. A word of brother who I love dearly...he is very intelligent, very rational and open minded usually at the same time...he often sends me...contrary messages...very clearly...and it confuses me...and then he calls and confirms he is thinking the very is always the exact opposite...I think that he knows me so well...he knows how I think...I think he does it on purpose...perhaps to prove a point not to take things so seriously...I can not change anything anyways...

  • I have to admit that's very special, goog for you!

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