Compatable signs with Capricorn women?

  • Ive always loved to be in long term relationships. When I'm with a guy,I'm in it for keeps,and usually want it to lead to marriage. Pretty much when I fall in love (and it takes some time),I really fall in love. I have been it two major long term relationships. First with an aries,second with a libra. The aries and I had amazing chemistry,but he could never make up his mind if he really wanted to be with me. Then I met the libra. And we both had very intense feelings for each other. I thought he was my soul mate,and I his. Then we broke up because he had some issues with certain circumstances we were in,which lead to many fights since he refused to agree to disagree,and insisted that if i didnt think like him,then I was wrong. I've been pretty heartbroken about it, its been a month. I keep meeting a lot of gemini's and they are great friends,i get along with most of them,but im just never attracted to them. Soo i was wondering if anyone knew or if they're are any capricorn women,which sign have you found to be compatible with? btw Im a capricorn,with virgo ascendant and pisces in moon. Thanks!

  • I would say scorpios. though it depends on your moon sign, rising sign etc. My best friend is a capricorn and she seems to attract scorpios. they seem to fit well with capricorn women.

  • I've known a few Caps women that married to Taurus males. they seemed ok together. so maybe you can go with both taurus and scorpio. I've known one lady married to a Scorp, they seem ok together also. They don't live nearby so I rarely see them, I can't say if they really are happy or not. also you might want to try Leo. maybe money issues you won't get along with, but other things they are probably not bad for you. I am leo and my hubby is cap and I couldn't wish for a better hubby.

  • Capricorn's most compatible signs are usually Virgo, Taurus, Pisces and sometimes Cancer, Capricorn's opposite sign. For you, I would suggest Cancers, who are caring and aren't usually afraid of commitment, and they don't mind if you want to take things slow at first, since they can be that way themselves. Good luck!

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