Startimg new job I really really need some insight

  • I am starting a new job. Something i am very excited about and also quite nervous. This is my second time posting because although I appreciated the responses I feel unsatisfied with the info I recieved. i need to understand if this is really a good thing for me and my 3 lil ones or if this is just pie in the sky. Anyone get any good vibes from this?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Even psychics are not mind readers. We need to know more details.

    Aries tends to be spontaneous and impulsive, often regretting their hasty decisions and blame others for their lack of foresight. Pull back on the reins of impulse and make a list before coming online. We would all love to help you if only we knew more about your situation.

  • the job is working for a childrens book author I am calling schools country wide to get him in the door and give a presentation. I am nervous about the terms as it is commision based. I already work part time I have y own cleaning business. I havent done this kinda work in a long time. I just hope I am not dreaming that this job will anwer some prayers bc I am really struggling raising my kids by myself. I am hoping that I can do this job well and it wont create more problems but relieve some financial strain and bring some kind of fulfillment as I am excited to be doing something else besides cleaning someone elses house day after day while trying to manage my own house. I am concerned about being taken advantage of and spreading myself too thin. On the other hand I feel that this job may lead to doing something more fulfilling, working with children and seeing into the world of writers bc I have a love for writing myself. Thank you for asking.

  • firefly you just gave me good advice about the ex. Can I pick your brain about this too?

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