Can anyone help me with tarot tips for beginners?

  • New to this site and am a beginner in reading my own tarot. can use all the help i can get!!!

  • I got a book from borders that came with a set of tarot cards and it was very helpful, still practicing myself and ready to move onto another book. Get all the info you can. Keep a journal too.

  • Well, I've been attempting to learn the Tarot for a few years, on and off. I say "attempting" as I feel it's a big job. I want to learn the meanings of all the cards in the deck, so that's my project at present (amongst other things).

    My tips for you would be to start with the Major Arcana first. Learn it, learn what order they are in, and what each one means. Then I'd just do a simple Celtic X spread or even three-card spreads (past - present - future) for yourself and see what comes up.

    Next, separate the remainder of the deck into its respective suits. Start with cups say, and try to learn each card in it (that's where I'm at believe it or not). Keep in your mind what star signs each suit is governed by as that's always helpful. My idea is simply to go thru the book I have with my cards (Rider-Waite) and memorise the meaning of each one. I'd say a week on each suit should be enough for you to feel comfortable with what you're doing.

    If you want to do readings for yourself, keep using the whole deck by all means, but if you really want to do this methodically, I'd stick to the Major Arcana to start with for your personal readings (a lot of Tarot readers only use the Major in their readings anyway). Then just keep increasing your card use until you're confident.

    Also, ask friends (preferably those you don't know all that well) if you could do practice readings on them at no cost! This is a fun way to feel comfy with the cards.

    Having said all this though, my psychic mentor is a great believer in the Tarot as a visual tool for the client's benefit mainly, while using your psychic/intuitive powers to guide the reading more than the card meanings.

    It really is a case of what you feel comfortable and/or ready for. As said, I've been reading Tarot for some years, but lately have felt it's important - for me - to learn the cards properly. I just know someone'll ask me what does such-n-such mean and I'll just sit there and say ... wait'll I get the book ... !!

    Good luck and don't forget to use any psychic/intuitive skills you have when doing readings. And don't get disheartened if things don't sink in, or you feel unsure. Just keep pluggin away and make use of those friends/acquaintances who are willing to be read by a novice to start with. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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