• This year has been very turbulent, I feel like I can't make headway with anything. Laid off twice and mortgage isn't paid, no job offers in sight. Not sure which way is up right now. I feel like it is going to change but something is in the way......I don't know what it is.

    My Birthday is 12/14/1970

    Any advice just throw it my way! 🙂



  • If you live in the United States 2 words: Econimical Crisis

  • Well that is very true! LOL!

  • My advice is do what the presidents do and rack up a bunch of unessasary debt then when people ask for money negotiate the problem by going to dinner with them and making a complete jerk out of yourself. Then borrow money from somewhere else to pay them back. or you can just file bankruptcy live in an govt asst house and collect welfare, I hear it pays great these days. Heck you can get everything for free after spending yrs of paying rediculous amts of tax money while everyone else lived off your paychecks. ( :

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